Chapter 363: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 363 He Finally Found Her (the whole chapter)

Yiyao Duan felt dizzy on her way and the cart handle also slipped from her hand. She felt a buzzing in her ears and then fainted on the road.

Mrs. Li saw her faint and anxiously walked towards her. She asked for help from cars driving by on the side of the road, but no one would stop to help them.

Mrs. Li did not have a cell phone and searched Yiyao’s pockets for it, but she did not find her cell phone either.

She was so anxious that she ran to stand in the middle of the road with her arms spread wide to intercept the passing cars.


Jingyan picked up Yiyao’s cell phone at the intersection. He knew that the woman in the hat he had just seen was Yiyao. So he ran back to the villa quickly to find a car.

“Brother, where are you going?” Yuqi also ran back after him. Seeing Jingyan get into the driver’s seat, he immediately stopped in front of the car.

“Get out of the way!” Jingyan didn’t explain and said angrily. He didn’t hesitate to step on the gas.

Yuqi hurriedly avoided the car. When he looked back, the car had already driven away from the place quickly.

The road by the sea was wide and flat. Jingyan drove fast all the way. Midway he saw an old woman and a young woman pulling a cart down the road. Then he braked sharply and blocked in front of them.

“Yiyao?” He called out.

The woman looked up in shock, saw Jingyan’s handsome face, and hastily lowered her head, “Sir, you’ve got the wrong person.”

Jingyan was disappointed. He didn’t realize that in his anxiety he had mistaken someone else for Yiyao. He said sorry to her, and then turned back to the car.

He lit a cigarette, started the car, and continued driving forward in search of Yiyao. At a sharp turn, he clearly saw a woman lying on the ground. Another aged woman was anxiously pleading for help, but no one stopped to help them. Then Jingyan stopped the car next to them.

Opening the car door, he saw Mrs. Li’s tear-stained face. He ran quickly to the one lying on the ground. Although her face was covered with mud, he recognized her at once.

“What happened to her?” Jingyan picked up Yiyao while asking Mrs. Li who was following him.

Mrs. Li wiped her tears. “I don’t know. She fainted while she was walking. Maybe pulling the cart made her too tired.”

Then he put Yiyao in the back of the car. Mrs. Li also followed him into the car.

He drove the car so fast that Mrs. Li only felt dizzy. By the time she reacted, they had arrived at the hospital.

Jingyan hugged Yiyao and ran inside the hospital.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with her?” He asked eagerly.

Then Yiyao was taken to the ward. A doctor was notified and hurriedly came. He told the nurse to push her into the emergency room for examination.

After a short while, the doctor came out of the ward. He frowned. “She is pregnant and she is a little weak. It may be due to this that she fainted.”

“She’s pregnant?” Jingyan was shocked. “She already has a child. But why hasn’t she told me?” he thought.

“Her uterine wall is thin and she’s malnourished. She might have a miscarriage.”

“What do you say?” Jingyan stared at him grimly. “No matter what you do, you can’t make her miscarry.”

“I’ll try my best.” The doctor said. Then he went into the emergency room with some nurses.

Mrs. Li also arrived at that moment. Seeing Jingyan sitting there sad, she knew that Yiyao’s situation was not good and she stood aside crying.

Jingya waited outside the door for a long time before the door of the emergency room opened. Then the hospital bed was pushed out from inside by the nurse.

He heard the movement and got up in a hurry. He went to the bed and asked the doctor anxiously, “How is she?”

“She’s out of danger now. Her baby is saved.” The doctor let out a long breath.

“When will she wake up?”

“She’ll wake up soon. You don’t have to worry too much about her.” The doctor said.

Jingyan finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing him.

Then the nurse pushed Yiyao’s hospital bed back to the ward.

In the ward, Jingyan reached out to touch Yiyao’s forehead. Her sleeping face made his heart soften. He blamed her for leaving without saying goodbye before. Now he just wanted her to wake up quickly.

“Yiyao, if you do not wake up. I’m going to kiss you.” Jingyan tenderly whispered in her ear.

Yiyao did not respond to him, but he was not discouraged and continued, “I mean it.”

Then he lowered his head to give her a kiss on her forehead.

If he hadn’t gotten her permission to kiss her, she would have been too shy to let him kiss her, but now she was lying quietly on the hospital bed.

Jingyan lowered his head in disappointment. His eyes were moist.

In fact, Yiyao had regained consciousness. But his voice was so small that she couldn’t hear what he was saying. It was not until he kissed her forehead that she knew there was someone next to her. Slowly Yiyao opened her eyes.

“Yiyao, you’re finally awake. How do you feel?” Jingyan eagerly shook her hand.

Yiyao tried her best to make a sound. “How is my baby?” Her voice was low.

She couldn’t hear her own voice. She didn’t even know if she had made a vocal tone.

“The baby is fine.” Jingyan said in a hurry. His voice was very low, so Yiyao did not fully hear him. She felt that her hearing had become even worse than before due to this fainting.

She felt her ears and then her belly. She was slightly relieved when she felt that her belly was not painful.

Mrs. Li heard the conversation in the ward and rushed in. Seeing Yiyao wake up and her face was pale, she cried again.

“Yiyao, are you feeling better?” Mrs. Li stepped forward and held her hand. “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have let you pull the cart with me.”

Yiyao didn’t respond to what she said. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Li looked at her with tears running down the corners of her eyes.

She didn’t know why Yiyao didn’t react at all to her words. She looked at Jingyan in confusion. Jingyan also thought she was strange, as if she couldn’t hear what others were saying. Then he ran to ask the doctor, but the doctor couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. Finally the doctor suggested that she should have a full body checkup.

Soon the results came back and the doctor told him that she had some hearing problems. She was going to lose her hearing.

Jingyan was frozen. He didn’t want to believe the doctor’s words. They had only been separated for a few months, but when they saw each other again, she was going deaf.

“Her hearing in one ear has deteriorated, and the hearing in the other ear is gradually getting worse.”

Jingyan was blaming himself. “How can we cure her hearing?”

“You can take her to the best ear hospital. Maybe their newly developed hearing aids can help her.”

“Will that make her hearing better?”

“There are too many uncertainties in her condition, so I’m not sure if her hearing will get better, but at least it will help her hear what we say.”

The doctor finished speaking and then left the ward. He was more afraid of the uncertainty of Yiyao’s emotions than the uncertainty of her condition.

Mrs. Li blamed herself when she learned that something was wrong with Yiyao’s hearing. She believed that Yiyao’s hearing damage was caused by helping her pull the cart. She rubbed Yiyao’s head and took her into her arms, “I’m sorry.”

Yiyao was touched. She had only known Mrs. Li for only a few days and Mrs. Li was treated like her own daughter.

After staying in the hospital for a few days, Jingyan and Yiyao said goodbye to Mrs. Li. He had to take her to the best hospital for her ears to help her recover her hearing.

Mrs. Li held Yiyao’s hand. “Take care of yourself and remember to visit me later. I will miss you.”

Yiyao cried very sadly. She wanted to say something, but in the end she only nodded her head.

Jingyan looked at his wristwatch. It was already ten o’clock. He made an appointment to meet with the doctor there at 2:00 p.m. Then he hurriedly took Yiyao and left the hospital.

Yiyao followed Jingyan to the car. From the window, she saw Mrs. Li, who was far away from her, waving goodbye to them.

The corners of her eyes were moist. Jingyan patted the back of her hand with his other hand. “When you get better, we will come back to see Mrs. Li.”

After saying that, he remembered that Yiyao couldn’t hear what he said clearly. He let out a helpless sigh.

Soon they arrived at the airport. During the few hours of waiting for the plane, Yiyao was silent. Jingyan kept trying to talk to her, but she always ignored him.

When boarding the plane, Jingyan held Yiyao’s hand tightly for fear of losing her again.

Yiyao knew how worried he was about her, but she chose to ignore him. Before she met him at the beach party, she might have been touched by his care. However, at the beach party, she saw him interacting intimately with Ziying Duan, which made her a little disappointed in Jingyan.

The plane kept moving forward smoothly. Suddenly, the plane lurched halfway, shaking them awake.

Jingyan opened his eyes, turned to Yiyao and said, “Don’t be nervous. It’s okay.”

But Yiyao’s hands were trembling uncontrollably.

Jingyan took her into his arms, his hand gently patting her back. He did not speak. He knew that whatever he said now, she could not hear him and would only make her more upset

The plane was again deflected at this time, and Yiyao finally couldn’t help but shake a little. Her hands tightly wrapped around the waist of Jingyan.

“Yiyao, don’t be afraid.” Jingyan patted her back and comforted her.

Soon, Yiyao felt the fuselage swoop down. She closed her eyes and thought, “Is this the end of my life?

The roar of the plane stopped and Yiyao did not feel any pain in her body. She felt strange.

“Yiyao, Yiyao?” Jingyan called her name.

Yiyao slowly opened her eyes and met Jingyan’s gaze.

“Time to get off the plane.” Jingyan laughed.

Yiyao froze. She actually heard him. Then she asked in a hoarse voice, “Are we in heaven yet?”

Jingyan didn’t expect her to speak. When he understood what she meant, he laughed.

“We have landed safely.”

Yiyao was bewildered until someone came. “Sir, the plane has reached its destination. Have a good trip.”

Jingyan nodded, then unbuckled Yiyao’s seat belt for her. “Let’s get off the plane!”

Jingyan took her hand and they walked out of the first class cabin.

When she stepped on the ground, Yiyao still had a sense of unreality. If Jingyan had not held her, she might have fallen to the ground.

Seeing so many unfamiliar faces in front of her, Yiyao felt a little uneasy. Since her hearing had become worse, she was always afraid of the way people looked at her. No matter how kind they were, she thought they were laughing at her.

She took a step back and broke away from Jingyan’s arm, but didn’t pay attention to her feet. A stone tripped her to the ground.

Yiyao looked up sharply and saw that there were already many people coming towards her. She couldn’t hear what they were saying and thought they were laughing at her.

“Yiyao!” Jingyan called her name.

She did not respond to him.

Jingyan saw her dull gaze and picked her up by her waist.

“Get out of the way.” He shouted at the person next to him as if he had lost his mind.

The people around him wanted to help him, but when they heard his rant, they gave him a way out.

Someone was kind and helped him stop a cab. Jingyan thanked him and got into the car with Yiyao in his arms.

The driver was about to ask him where he was going when Jingyan told the driver his destination in fluent English.

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