“You are not qualified to know!” The principal is indifferent, Logan has already stated clearly, don’t let the students know Chuck’s identity!

“I’m not qualified?” Ouyang Fei sneered, feeling insulted by a great deal of insult. Chuck had to ask the whole school to drink milk tea on his credit. Is he qualified to compare herself?

As long as she hooks his finger, how many men will kneel in front of her?

What do you want, what do you have!

What does Chuck have? Not at all, capable? Looks? background? Everything is rubbish!

“Yes, you are not qualified! If you collect the money, you dare to pretend this matter before others, and you are at your own risk!” the principal said indifferently.

Ouyang Fei was so angry that she was breathing fire, “Who is Chuck? Don’t you tell me, I will immediately go out and tell other students that he is a thief!”

The headmaster’s eyes were narrowed like a leopard, “Say, at your own risk!”

Ouyang Fei was annoyed and went out with her mobile phone, and was slapped by the principal? This is something she cannot bear!

“Wait!” the principal scolded!

Ouyang Fei stopped the car, she sneered and turned her head, “Principal, I didn’t expect you to be that kind of person, you…”


The principal slapped it out and hit Ouyang Fei heavily.

Ouyang Fei was stunned, her face was red again and hot, and there were aggrieved tears in Ouyang Fei’s eyes, and she was slapped twice!

“Be smarter, let me tell you that the money in Chuck’s home is something you won’t make back in a hundred lifetimes,” the principal also felt strange. Chuck has people like Logan, why would he steal money? What?

Is this a special hobby?

Stealing money to find excitement? The principal thinks so.

Some also like to take pictures of women secretly. This is a hobby.

“To make it clear to you, Chuck’s relatives bought this school, okay? I’m an employee of Chuck. Do you dare to let me expel him? Do I have the guts to expel him?” The principal felt necessary and revealed a little to Ouyang Fei. Otherwise, thanks to the shameless woman, she will definitely go out and talk nonsense, then she will be out of control at that time!

“Principal, what are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei’s voice trembled in shock.

Is it possible? impossible! Yes, the school is a private school, you can buy and sell at will, but will this be the school of Chuck’s relatives?

Ouyang Fei doesn’t believe it? I don’t believe it at all, it must be rhetoric made up by the principal!

There is a relative in the school, how could Chuck be so poor? Do you want to go around on credit??

This is too unreasonable. What’s more, Chuck’s kind of hanging silk does not have the temperament of the rich second generation!

The principal thinks too, Logan is a relative of Chuck, such as the elders. After all, Logan is gentle when it comes to Chuck. This clearly means the gentleness of the elders.

“Be smart and forget what happened today,” the principal reminded. “That’s all I can say. Also, if you let other people know about this matter, then you will be finished because Chuck’s relative bought the school. When I got down, less than ten minutes before and after, the school had 1 billion of bare land. You can think about how rich the relative of Chuck is. Are you qualified to compare with him?”

Ouyang Fei was shocked, is this true? Is it true that my best friend Lin Daner said that Chuck paid Du Xinye 2.5 billion that day?

how can that be?

Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded.

She walked out of the office blankly. She thought of what she had said before. Lin Daner said, Chuck has a square, a sports car, and a BMW. Is it really there?

The square, is it the city square next to the school?

Ouyang Fei went out blankly, but what she didn’t hear was that the passing classmates laughed at her because her face was beaten and she was still hot red. Ouyang Fei had no time to take care of it. She drove and unknowingly arrived at this city square. , Is this Chuck’s? Ouyang Fei got off the car and walked in the square. The square was rubbish, but if Chuck really belonged to it, his net worth would be over 100 million.

But why buy milk tea on credit?

She walked to the entrance of Lara’s milk tea shop. Lara was inside. Ouyang Fei asked, “Did Chuck transfer the money to you?”

Lara was a little upset, “What does it matter to you?”

“He didn’t transfer, did he? He took credit, right.” Ouyang Fei was at a loss.

“Account on credit, which idiot did you listen to?” Lara was unhappy. Chuck clearly transferred the money to herself, okay?

“Du Xinye said.”

“Does he really know? How can Chuck take credit? He is all in the square…” Lara hurriedly shut up, but she remembered what Chuck said, but she wanted to send her photo, although Lara felt Chuck Cannon will not do that, after all, the relationship between the two people has eased!

Seeing it for himself, shouldn’t he be willing to let others see his body?

Lara felt embarrassed.

“It’s all his?”

“Don’t tell me, Chuck won’t let me tell!” Lara hurriedly covered Ouyang Fei’s mouth.

Ouyang Fei was shocked, is it really his?

At this time, someone came over and took a car key, “Lara right?”

“Yes. I am. Something?” Lara was surprised. The man was holding the sports car key.

“Your friend Chuck asked me to put this key here first. He will come and pick it up by himself tomorrow, so please help him to put it away…” This man is a Porsche after-sales service, and Chuck’s car has been repaired long ago.

But Chuck never came to mention it. Of course, these employees called Chuck. After all, the manager ordered him. Chuck is a VIP! Must serve well.

How can Chuck have time on his way to the hotel? Just let these employees drive their cars to the square, which also saves a lot of time.

Originally, Chuck wanted this employee to give Yolanda the car key, but Chuck called Yolanda. Yolanda was on the other side of the land, not in the square, so Chuck thought about going there and thought that Lara should take it. .

Anyway, he will come to the square tomorrow.

“Okay,” Lara remembered. This is the key to Chuck’s sports car.

Lara carefully put it away, Chuck actually believed in herself? Lara was happy.

“That’s troublesome.” The man breathed a sigh of relief. The task is complete. I hope Chuck is satisfied!

He was about to leave, but Ouyang Fei stopped him, “Is this really Chuck’s car?”

“Yes, this is, Mr. Cannon bought in our store more than a month ago, but it was scratched beforehand, so I took it to our store for repair,” the man said.

Ouyang Fei was shocked that Chuck really had a sports car!

“This Mr. Cannon is so impressed. When he went to our store to pick up the car, we heard from our manager later that he bought a BMW 7 series for a total of more than two million yuan, and it only took a few days for him and he bought a sports car from our shop for the full price, and this Mr. Cannon hides it deeply! “This man envy!

“Bought a BMW in full?” Ouyang Fei was shocked again. Chuck really has a BMW? And still seven series?

“Yes! He bought it in full, this Mr. Chuck is really rich! By the way, you ask this, do you know Mr. Chuck, right?” The man is curious, otherwise, how could this beauty ask so clearly?

“Acknowledge, I know.” Ouyang Fei was at a loss.

“Hehe, I envy you. If you can have such a rich friend, Mr. Chuck is generous. We can drive a sports car without worry. Also, when I called Mr. Chuck just now, he seemed to want to buy it. Car, he asked me what kind of car is good, I introduced it, beauty, you can go with your friend Mr. Chuck next time! “This man is even more envious.

However, Chuck really asked casually, there are still more Porsche models, and Chuck thought it would be good to buy a Porsche!

Go with him? Ouyang Fei was shocked.

“Stop talking, I’m going back.” The man left.

Ouyang Fei stayed where she was, Lara curled her lips unwillingly, “What are you asking about Chuck?”

Lara thinks Ouyang Fei likes Chuck? Otherwise, why do you ask so many things? Of course, Lara didn’t want to have another opponent. How could Ouyang Fei be the best beauty, more beautiful than Lara, but because of her figure, Lara felt that she would not lose anyone.

“It’s nothing.” Ouyang Fei’s soul does not guard her home. Chuck is so rich, she really is not qualified to compare with him, but why does Chuck not have the temperament of the rich second generation at all? This is something that Ouyang Fei didn’t understand.

“Don’t wait, Chuck is going to the Night Hotel,” Lara was unwilling. She took Chuck’s car, heard the dialogue between Betty and Chuck, and learned that Chuck had recently stayed at the Night Hotel.

“What is he doing in the Night hotel?” Ouyang Fei was stunned.

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