“How do I know? Why are you asking so much?”

Lara was not happy, she definitely didn’t want to tell Ouyang Fei so many things! What’s more, when she was only in the car, she heard the conversation between Betty and Chuck and mentioned the night hotel.

Lara has thought that Chuck is so rich, so is the night hotel Chuck’s? Lara wanted to ask but didn’t dare to ask.

If so, Chuck has so much money that Lara can’t even think of it, too much!

“Tell me, Chuck is the owner of this plaza. There are sports cars and BMWs. He wants to buy other cars. Is the night hotel his own?”

This absurd idea appeared in Ouyang Fei’s mind. Chuck was so rich, so he went to the night hotel… Ouyang Fei thought about it. The manager was talking about Master Cannon!

Isn’t this Chuck Cannon?

Even if Ouyang Fei couldn’t believe it, she didn’t want to be like this, but the last name matches…

The young master of the night hotel may be Chuck!

But why did Chuck let employees arrange to live in the presidential suite after he fainted?

This is why Ouyang Fei can’t be sure of all!

“How do I know?” Lara was impatient, could it be that Chuck also owns the hotel?

Lara feels unimaginable, Chuck, you are too good!

“Whether if you want to drink milk tea? Just order it, and don’t delay my business if you don’t drink it!” Lara said.

Ouyang Fei left blankly, Lara stared at her for a few moments, and unwillingly took out Chuck’s car key. She sent a photo to Chuck via WeChat, saying that she had obtained the car key.

But Chuck didn’t reply, he must be busy.

Lara put her hand on her chin, wondering if she had a chance? She regretted that she had known that Lara and Chuck would sit together on the first day Chuck was in college. Oh, why did she look down on Chuck at that time?

Lara’s intestines are all regretful. If she didn’t bother Chuck at that time, would she already be Chuck’s girlfriend? After all… at that time, he often peeked in front of her, he was very lustful…

Ouyang Fei turned around in her own square. At night, she got in the car and felt that she was going to the night hotel to ask for more information.

If the young master of the hotel is really Chuck, then Ouyang Fei has to ask why Chuck opened the presidential suite for her? And let the waiter take care of herself?

Is it??

A normal thought appeared in Ouyang Fei’s mind, that is, he like her! !

Chuck saw her at first sight and was attracted to her, so he did so many things that attracted her attention, such as asking the whole school to drink milk tea. He definitely wanted me to drink it by myself, but He must be particularly disappointed if I didn’t go, so he followed himself to the place where she lived and ran into…

I also met him buying a car, all of which was arranged by him. He liked himself, so he did it!

Ouyang Fei analyzed it and found it reasonable!

All because of being beautiful!

What Chuck does is to attract her attention, so when she faints, he let someone take care of herself, hum, I don’t know if you did anything to me when I fainted!

Ouyang Fei coldly snorted, “Your liking really makes me speechless! Why do you do so many things that attract my attention?”

Ouyang Fei thinks to ask clearly, huh, do you like me? But I don’t like you!!

Ouyang Fei drove to the night hotel, she went directly to the front desk and asked, “Where is your master?”

“Our young master just went upstairs.” The beauty at the front desk said, she saw Chuck and Betty upstairs!

“Is your Young Master named Chuck?” Ouyang Fei continued to ask!

“I’m not sure about this,” she certainly wouldn’t say it!

Ouyang Fei glanced at her, walked to the elevator, and pressed the top floor!

Chuck is the young master, so he must live on top! No matter how bad it is, those floors of the Presidential Suite!

However, Ouyang Fei suddenly felt that she actually asked him? Are you wrong? Obviously, he likes her, so why should she take the initiative to find him? Isn’t this what he wants?

Ouyang Fei felt that she couldn’t do this. The man just needed to hook her fingers, gouging her fingers, Chuck would kneel in front of her.

Chuck should be asked to come and find her!

If he can continue to do things that attract her attention, Ouyang Fei feels that she can force Chuck to add his WeChat!

Ouyang Fei hummed, turned around and shook her long legs to leave. She never took the initiative, and asked questions, too. Chuck couldn’t bear it, and would come to find herself!

This is how it should be when you play with men.

However, at this time, Ouyang Fei just turned and left, Ding! The elevator door opened!

Chuck and Betty came out. Chuck was worried. As expected, Yvette left. However, Yvette called Chuck. Just now, she said that her mother wanted to leave. She had no choice but to leave. Up.

Yan Li really couldn’t stay here.

The endless shame made Yan Li unable to see Chuck at all. After all, Yan Li was able to bear the sight of the yellow-mouthed man, but Chuck was actually able to see it. Yan Li was so ashamed. Want to commit suicide!

But she didn’t know that Chuck didn’t have any random thoughts. He was innocent, but innocence was useless. Yan Li’s personality was arrogant, so why would she stay here again?

Fortunately, Yvette told Chuck where she was. Chuck wanted to sneak over to see her. If Yvette disappeared again, Chuck really didn’t want to continue studying.

Chuck was thinking of finding a safe place for Yvette, and by the way, helping Yvette solve her cousin. How can I say that Chuck is absolutely unbearable? Yvette was stared at, in case it happened again next time. How about an anaesthesia needle? Is someone else taking off Yvette next time?

Chuck can’t let this happen!

After Chuck came out, they walked outside with Betty, Ouyang Fei hummed, it really was you that young master!

Okay, I’ve caught your eye, and it actually led me here!

Everything you did, the purpose was achieved. Ouyang Fei is upset!

Are you coming over and telling yourself that you like me? Ouyang Fei was not happy in her heart. She would definitely not agree. After all, Chuck has a square and a sports car. What about the son of the owner of the night hotel?

Do you have Du Xinye richness? Do those things that attract my attention, it is better to be practical, buy me something, spend for me five million, I can consider you.

However, at this stage, Ouyang Fei wants to fight Chuck in the face! Ruthlessly reject Chuck!

She was not played by someone!

She had already thought about her refusal, but Chuck went out without even looking at her.

Ouyang Fei was stunned, he was playing with me in a desperate manner? ?

it is good!

Ouyang Fei was angry and just watched Chuck go out. Chuck didn’t turn her head. Ouyang Fei was angry and kept going, I want to slap you in the face! I also deserve to be your favourite?

“Stop!” Ouyang Fei couldn’t help it!

Chuck actually saw Ouyang Fei, what is this wicked woman doing? Still, want to say that you are a thief? ?

Of course, Chuck is too lazy to care about her, Chuck is going to see Yvette, and Chuck wants to see Yan Li to ease the relationship, after all, Yan Li is his own mother-in-law!

To make her accept herself, then she can be with Yvette! It’s best to make sure that Yan Li knows that Chuck really didn’t see anything.

“I want you to stop!” Ouyang Fei chased it out, Betty frowned!

Chuck stopped and turned to look at her, “What are you doing?”

“Chuck, you are the first time I have met such a scheming man!” Ouyang Fei stared at Chuck, “You do so many things just to attract my attention, aren’t you tired?”

Betty was stunned, what? What did the master do?

“What are you talking about?” Chuck frowned, what did he say? When did you do something that caught her attention?

“Do you want me to tell you the truth?” Ouyang Fei sneered. “You invite the whole school to drink milk tea to get my attention. When you go to the place where I live, you also get my attention. You go to buy a car and you deliberately hit Du Xinye, right? Get my attention…”

“So what do you want to say?” Chuck asked.

“There is only one reason why you do so many things, and that is that you like me!!!” Ouyang Fei sneered!

Betty is a little confused. Master likes Ouyang Fei? This is impossible!

Chuck was shocked, “You said I like you?”

“Still pretending, you got pierced by me? Humph, your trick is not good, so I refuse you!!” Ouyang Fei said in disgust.

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