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Chapter 364: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 364 I Want to Be with You Forever (the whole chapter)

The taxi sped along the road, but Jingyan Ye still kept urging the driver to drive faster. Now Yiyao Duan’s condition was stabilized, but she hadn’t said anything, so he still worried about her.

When they arrived at the hospital, Jingyan held Yiyao to walk in without saying a word. As they had a doctor’s appointment, they didn’t need to wait in the long line like others.

In the office sat an old man with a bushy beard. When he looked up and saw Jingyan push the door open and enter, there was a slight smile at the corners of his mouth.

“Hello!” The old man said in broken Chinese.

Jingyan is accustomed to this scene. He helped Yiyao sit on the stool and said, “Louis, look at her ears first.”

Louis stared doubtfully at Yiyao for a moment before he nodded and held out his hand to give a sign to let Yiyao come closer to him.

Louis looked at her ears intently for a moment, wearing grave facial expressions. “Her ears, which are already very badly injured, have just been stimulated and it will be very difficult to cure them completely.” Louis said.

Jingyan thought of Yiyao’s condition at the airport and said, “She could hear me a moment ago, but now she can’t. Why is it happen?”

“Stimulation of the outside world may restore some bodily functions. She have been frightened twice, so that her hearing is almost completely closed.” Louis said.

“So how do you cure her?” Jingyan asked.

Louis shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

“But with our new hearing aid, she should be able to hear some voice, but you have to talk to her by yelling.” Louis said.

Jingyan took a look at the confused Yiyao and said, “Let’s try it out first.”

Louis nodded politely at Jingyan and left the office alone. As Yiyao didn’t know what they talked, she looked at Jingyan worriedly.

Jingyan smoothed Yiyao’s hair and said to himself, “I will make you well, Yiyao…”

Yiyao nodded but she didn’t really understand what Jingyan said. She had prepared for the worst for her illness, but she was worried about her unborn baby…

“Will I not even hear the baby cry when it is born? Will I have no way to accompany the baby to learn to talk?” Yiyao thought.

After they looked at each other for a moment, Louis came in with a box. Then both Jingyan and Yiyao turned their attention to Louis.

Louis didn’t speak. He opened the box in their presence, and a small, transparent machine appeared in his hand.

“Try it on her.” Louis said.

Jingyan took the hearing aid and carefully put it on for Yiyao. “Can you hear me?” Jingyan asked.

There was a quiver in Jingyan’s voice, mixed with nervousness that he didn’t even recognize.

Even though Yiyao wore the hearing aid, she couldn’t hear anything. Yiyao looked into Jingyan’s expectant eyes and shook her head blankly.

Jingyan lowered his head in frustration. “Sure enough, it still doesn’t work. How could this be?” Jingyan thought.

Louis waved his hands and said, “That’s not the way to talk to her. You must speak loud! The hearing aid just helps her get a little hearing back. You have to speak a little louder for her to really hear you.”

Jingyan nodded his head and said louder, “Yiyao!”

Yiyao only felt there was a tiny voice around her ears calling her and she nodded slightly. When she looked up, she saw Jingyan smiling excitedly at her.

When Yiyao came to her sense, she was in Jingyan’s thick arms. She moved her fingers and finally reached out and patted Jingyan on the back.

The man in front of her, for her sake, had to endure sadness. After experiencing desperation for several times, Yiyao finally got back a bit of hearing.

Yiyao felt the clothes on her shoulders wet. She could find no words to comfort Jingyan. At that moment, Jingyan didn’t want anyone to know about his vulnerability.

It took a long time for Jingyan to calm down. Louis stopped read the document and looked up at Jingyan, saying, “The hearing aid will only improve her condition for a while. She needs an operation as soon as possible.”

“No!” Yiyao waved her hands in horror and said.

“If I have the operation now, will it affect the baby in my tummy? My body is weak, and will the child be fine if I have the operation?” Yiyao thought.

Jingyan knew Yiyao’s concerns and asked Louis, “Does she have to have the operation as soon as possible? Can the operation be delayed for some time? Maybe a year later…”

“One year later?” Louis shook his head and said, “No,No!Waiting another year will make her worse, and the operation will only make her in a more dangerous condition.”

Jingyan looked at Yiyao vacillatingly. He saw that she was shaking her head at him and her lips were pressed.

“Yiyao, are you tired?” Jingyan said.

After hearing that, Yiyao was stunned, because she didn’t expect Jingyan to give in so soon. After most of a day’s flight and the scare, Yiyao was really a little tired, so Yiyao nodded at Jingyan honestly.

“Let me take you to rest.” Jingyan said with great force and a sincere facial expression. Jingyan looked at Yiyao to make her let her guard down.

Then Yiyao nodded and said, “OK.”

Jingyan breathed a sigh of relief and helped Yiyao to her feet. When they reached the door, Jingyan looked back at Louis.

Louis understood what Jingyan meant. He gave a reassuring smile to Jingyan and looked down at the documents.

They didn’t go very far. There happened to be a vacant ward next to Louis’s office. Jingyan took Yiyao into the ward.

Pressing the quilt beside Yiyao, Jingyan whispered in her ear in a voice full of magnetism, “Just sleep for a while. I’ll go to buy something for you to eat.”

Yiyao nodded and closed her eyes obediently. Then Yiyao’s even breathing hit Jingyan on the back of his hand.

Jingyan touched Yiyao’s forehead tentatively. Seeing no response from her, he took his hands off and turned to leave.

At the moment when the door of the ward was closed, Yiyao opened her eyes. She got out of bed quickly and opened the door.

The view of Jingyan’s back went far gradually and he finally entered the elevator.

Seeing Jingyan don’t cheat her, Yiyao felt relieved and closed the door, and then she went back to the bed.

Unbeknownst to Yiyao, the elevator opened again the moment she closed the door of the ward. Jingyan stepped out of the elevator calmly.

When Jingyan went out, he was aware that there was a slight movement on the bed. As Yiyao’s ears were not sensitive, she thought she had concealed her movement well enough.

Jingyan knew what Yiyao thought and he walked into the elevator on purpose. After Yiyao confirmed he went into the elevator and was relieved, Jingyan returned by the way he came.

Jingyan shook his head helplessly. It’s like they’re in a spy movie. They played tricks on each other to hide something from each other.

Jingyan went back to Louis’s office and locked the door behind him.

Louis looked up and saw Jingyan look nervous. “Don’t worry. My office is well insulated. Besides, her ears are not very sensitive.” Louis said.

After hearing that, Jingyan was relieved to return to his seat. “Louis, I want to ask you a question.” Jingyan said.

“Go ahead.” Louis looked that he was all ears and said.

Louis had expected Jingyan to come back and ask him, so when Louis saw Jingyan turned his head, Louis nodded at Jingyan understandingly, and he stayed in the office waiting for Jingyan.

“Is the operation risky?” Jingyan asked.

Louis crossed his fingers and faced Jingyan. “There are risks in any operation, and we are trusted because we minimize the risk.” Louis said.

“Yiyao is pregnant.” Jingyan said uncertainly.

“This has been mentioned in the information you sent me before. But the wall of her womb is too thin and it’s not good for her to bear a child.” Louis said.

Louis was hesitant when he saw the data. It must be a miracle to conceive a child with Yiyao’s constitution. But there is a risk that the baby will grow out of shape because of Yiyao’s womb. Louis didn’t tell Jingyan that the baby might be deformed.

“What?” Jingyan looked at Louis in surprise and said.

No one told Jingyan that.

“I mean, she’s very weak now, and the baby will take her nutrients and make her weaker and worse.” Louis said.

Louis found an excuse that he thought is reasonable.

However, Jingyan was hesitant.

Jingyan is the baby’s the father, and of course he was reluctant to give up the child. But if Jingyan had to choose between the child and Yiyao, he would choose Yiyao without hesitation.

“What do you think about it?” Louis raised his eyebrows and said.

Jingyan said nothing.

Louis fell silent. His beard quivered with his breath, and he looked very lovely.

“If she has to wait until the baby is born, she might miss the best time for treatment.” Louis said.

Louis didn’t say it directly, he just gave Jingyan a choice. Louis knew Jingyan had a plan in his mind, but for a moment Jingyan dared not face it.

“I’ll think about it again.” Jingyan said.

Then Jingyan stood up and Louis stopped him. “If she doesn’t have the operation within five months, her chances of recovery are almost gone.” Louis said.

Jingyan nodded in silent. He trudged out the door. Although he was still straight, perhaps he did not notice that his footsteps were in disorder.

Louis shook his head and sighed. Nothing in this world has the best of both worlds. Once given a choice, the outcome is bound to be bloody cruel.

Jingyan walked alone in the street. His brain was in a mess. “Why is it that I am always given such tricky choices that I have to choose one every time?” Jingyan thought.

“Sweet dumplings! Delicious sweet dumplings!”

Suddenly, a few friendly words of Chinese came to Jingyan’s ears. He looked up and wondered how could there be the Chinese vendor’s hawking in the foreign street.

A cart moved slowly toward Jingyan, followed by a girl in thin clothes. After seeing that, Jingyan was more curious.

Jingyan walked up to the girl and asked, “How much are the sweet dumplings?”

“Ten yuan.” The girl said.

The little girl looked up, wondering what kind of person has such a beautiful voice. After seeing the appearance of Jingyan, she froze in place.

She has never seen a man with such perfect features in real life. She prefers Chinese looks, even though all the foreigners are handsome with high nose bridge and big eyes.

After seeing the girl is stunned, Jingyan couldn’t help frown, saying, “Give me a bowl of sweet dumplings.”

“Oh… OK.” The girl said.

The girl filled a bowl of sweet dumplings quickly and said, “Sir, here you are.”

Jingyan took the bowl of sweet dumplings over and gave the girl ten yuan. He was about to leave when two or three black people appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the cart.

“What do you want to do?” The girl said. The girl was afraid, but she did not beg for mercy.

As the girl spoke Chinese, the black people couldn’t understand what she was saying. The black people just surrounded her with smile on their faces and ignored Jingyan.

The girl backed away timidly. She looked up at Jingyan piteously, hoping he could help her

But Jingyan didn’t want to get involved in this trouble. He just wanted to take the sweet dumplings back and let Yiyao have a taste.

The black people, one covering the mouth of the girl and others yanking the girl at her arms, subdued the girl quickly.

The girl struggled and bit the hand of the black man who covered her mouth. The black man felt the pain on his hand and let go of the girl.

“Help!” The girl shouted.

After hearing that, Jingyan, who was walking, was stunned. When he came to his senses, he saw a black man swearing and raising his hand to slap the little girl.

Jingyan frowned. He can put up with women being abused behind his back, but when he sees it with his eyes, he can’t just stand by.

He walked back to the cart carrying the sweet dumplings. Under the gaze of the several black men, he put down the sweet dumplings.

Jingyan asked the black men in fluent English what they were going to do, but the black men mistook that for provocation. Glancing at each other, the black men abandoned the siege of the girl and walked up to Jingyan instead.

“What are you doing here?” Asked a black man who understands Chinese.

Jingyan laughed and said, “What am I doing here? I am here to buy sweet dumplings.” Then Jingyan waved the packed sweet dumplings at them.

The black man who understands Chinese still thought Jingyan was trying to pick a fight. He snorted and beckoned other black men to go closer to Jingyan.

Jingyan stepped back half a step. He asked the black man who understands Chinese, “Why are you bullying this girl?”

The black man thought Jingyan was frightened. He didn’t want to fight with Jingyan and said casually, “We haven’t touched a woman in a long time. Bro, how about you joining us?”

Jingyan frowned and saw the girl hiding behind the cart. She was staring at him with her pitiful eyes.

“I can promise you that.” Jingyan said.

Then Jingyan said after a few minutes of silence, “But I have to be the first one to do that.”

When the black men heard what Jingyan said, they knew Jingyan’s guard was down. They looked at Jingyan understandingly and smiled, saying, “OK. It’s up to you.”

Jingyan just sat by until the girl kept looking at him for help.

After the black men who understands Chinese explained what Jingyan said to his companions, they walked away from Jingyan and continued to pin the girl down.

“No! Help me!” The girl said. The girl placed all her hopes on Jingyan, but Jingyan turned to leave with a straight face.

The burning flame in the eyes of the girl was extinguished in an instant. She dropped to the ground with her eyes looking dully ahead.

After hearing that hysterical cries of the girl, Jingyan couldn’t stand it anymore. He ran back and punched the nearest black man.

The black man was angry and asked, “What on earth do you want to do?”

“I just don’t like what you do.” Jingyan shrugged and said. Then Jingyan hit the black man again when he wasn’t looking.

At that moment, the two black men who have a short fuse couldn’t stand it and surrounded Jingyan.

The two men looked at each other and simultaneously punched Jingyan.

Jingyan dodged their punches. He stepped back to avoid being struck by their fists and picked up a man by his side and put him in front of him.

The black men were dazzled by Jingyan’s movements. They have great strength, but their brains don’t function well. They just thought that Jingyan would be attacked by their punches or hit the one who hits him.

They did not expect that Jingyan would pull out the one people around him. Jingyan was not hurt at all.

“You..” The black man said. He was too angry to speak a complete sentence. Pointing to Jingyan, he spoke a few words in English to his companions. Then the black men braced themselves up.

After the black man saying a few more words to his companions, all the black men began to revenge.

Seeing no one pay attention to her, the girl ducked and began dialing 911.

Jingyan dealt with two black men. He caught them by one of their arms in each hand. Then the two black men looked at each other and turned to hold Jingyan’s arms with both their hands.

Jingyan struggled for a moment and was about to lift his foot to kick the nearest black man away, but he felt a cool wind behind him. Turning around, Jingyan saw another black man approaching him with a broken beer bottle.

“Be careful!” The girl said. Her heart was in her throat and she fixed her eyes on Jingyan.

Jingyan hands were under control and he could not get out of the way, and the bottle was coming straight at his head.

Jingyan knew his situation clearly, so he stood where he was. When the bottle was only a fist away from him, he turned his head abruptly and moved with all his might to the left.

When the bottle dropped, the glass fragments sunk into Jingyan’s arm, and blood trickled out in an instant.

When the black man saw he don’t hit Jingyan on the head, he pulled out the bottle and wanted to hit him again. But he heard the siren in the distance and dropped the bottle immediately.

The rest of the black men also saw the situation and fled. Jingyan lost so much blood that he fell in a pool of blood as soon as the two black men let go of his arms.

“Sir? Sir?” The girl who sells sweet dumplings said. She hurried over to support Jingyan, but she could not hold him by her strength.

Jingyan barely managed to get to his feet and everything round him looked blurred. He vaguely saw the crowd around him and then he was carried to the hospital bed.

“Sweet dumplings…Yiyao…” Jingyan said.

Jingyan kept thinking about that Yiyao had not eaten yet. “What should Yiyao do if I am sent to the hospital like this?” Jingyan thought.

“Sweet dumplings? When you get well, I will send them to you every day.” The girl said.

As Jingyan’s voice was blurry, the girl only heard Jingyan say sweet dumplings. The girl was moved and she promised Jingyan that.

Jingyan shook his head, because the girl misunderstood him. But his dizziness was terrible, and though he tried to resist drowsiness, he could think of nothing and he fell into a coma.


When Yiyao woke up, Jingyan didn’t sit by her side as she expected. Her heart beat fast and she had an uneasy feeling.

Finally Yiyao lost patience and went out to look for Jingyan. As soon as she was in the street, there was a strong smell of blood

She looked around vacantly and saw a cart selling sweet dumplings lying unclaimed on the side of the street.

There was a slight noise in her ears, but she could not tell which direction it was from. She looked around blankly and saw a car with a sickbed.

She wondered if there was people who injured seriously. No wonder there was a smell of blood in the air.

After standing for some time, she decided not to waste any more time. “Maybe I will see Jingyan standing in my ward when I go back.” Yiyao thought.

With this thought, Yiyao turned and entered the lift. There was a girl in the lift, her hands covered with blood, who watched Yiyao vacantly as Yiyao got into the lift.

Yiyao was taken aback and she took a defensive stance. As the girl’s hands were covered with blood, but she wasn’t hurt, she must have done something.

The lift stopped at the floor where the girl was about to go and she walked out of the lift in a trance. Inattentively, the girl bumped to Yiyao next to her.

Yiyao’s white short sleeves were instantly stained with blood.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” The girl said.

Before Yiyao got angry at the girl, the girl apologized. At that moment, the door of the elevator was about to close.

Yiyao waved her hands and said, “It’s doesn’t matter.”

The girl gave Yiyao a gentle smile. Through the crack between the doors of the lift, Yiyao saw the “emergency room” written in English, and her heart skipped a beat.

When Yiyao returned to the ward, Jingyan was not there. She sat on the edge of the bed for a while, and the words “emergency room” were always in her head.

She had a sense of premonition and her eyelids had been beating irregularly.

She felt restless. A bold idea popped into her head. Did something bad happen to Jingyan?

“That’s impossible!” Yiyao shook her head and thought, “How could something bad happen to him as he went out to buy something to eat?”


She contradicted herself again in her mind. As there was a rush of traffic on the road, it’s possible that he got hit if he was careless.

Yiyao was helpless. “Why I always think something bad happened to him? Do I hate him so much?” Yiyao thought.

The more Yiyao thought, the more she felt something’s wrong. She decided to ask Louis next door. Judging by the relationship of Louis and Jingyan, they should have known each other long ago,

Louis was busy with his work in the office. Hearing the footsteps, Louis looked up and saw Yiyao smiling at him warmly.

“Jingyan hasn’t come back yet. Where did he go?” Yiyao came straight to the point and asked.

Louis shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

This is the answer Yiyao expected. She had no great mood swings, because she had thought of that before she came.

She wanted Louis to help her check on new patients, or her heart would be in a state of uneasiness. The words “emergency room” kept emerging in her head.

“Louis, I need you to check on the new emergency patient for me.” Yiyao was uncharacteristically calm and said.

“What are you checking this for?” Louis said in surprise.

“I suspect the new patient in the emergency room may be Jingyan.” Yiyao said.

She didn’t hesitate to tell Louis what she thought.

What Yiyao made Louis feel at a loss. Louis took a look at Yiyao seriously. Seeing that she did not seem to be joking, he repressed what he was going to say.

Then Louis stood up and said, “I will go to have a check.”

Although he had agreed, he still found it inconceivable. “A few minutes ago Jingyan was standing in front of me. How could he suddenly enter the emergency room?” Louis thought.

Louis went to the place where the emergency room patients’ records were kept. “Show me the list of the most recent patient admitted to the emergency room.” Louis said.

The man who was sorting the list turned to look at Louis in surprise. Seeing Louis, the dean, the man hesitated for a moment and handed Louis the list in his hand.

As soon as Louis took it and opened it, a familiar name came into his view.

Jingyan Ye!

Louis felt it’s unbelievable that Jingyan’s name was really on the list. “We were separated for less than an hour. How did he end up in the emergency room?” Louis thought.

Louis closed the notebook and turned around, finding himself face to face with Yiyao. Louis had no idea when Yiyao had stood behind him. Her expression was as calm as ever.

But Louis knew she must have seen the list.

With a sad facial expression, Yiyao asked calmly, “Which ward is he in?”

Louis cleared his throat and said to Yiyao loudly, “He’s still in the emergency room. I’ll tell you about it when he gets transferred to the ward.”

“Where is Jingyan?” Yiyao asked as if she hadn’t heard what Louis said.

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