Chapter 365 – 366: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 365: Going through the Judgement

Why Kris would swallow that Magic Pill was unknown; clearly it was not something he could eat.

The Magic Pills made of tens of thousands of valuable medical materials were so extraordinary that even Gu couldn’t take it.

The pill that Kris had taken was just a drop in the bucket.

Even Kris had no idea how long it would take to consume its efficacy.

He might be dead either because of spiritual breakdown or the strong force of the pill before he could make a breakthrough.

Then the images of Mary Su, Quan Mu, Lan Yu and some other women, flashed quickly in his brain; then he thought of his parents and kids…How sad would they be if he died!

“I can’t give in! I can’t die!”

Kris bit his tongue until it bled, and tried his best to operate the Tianmo Body and Magic Refining Method to wash off the idea of giving up.

He slowed down the frequency of breathing; and a great deal of aura of heaven and earth was taken in every time he breathed.

Above the Isolation Room, there was a stream of huge dragon-like spirit.

When the dragon-like spirit was floating up high, hurricane started to rise above sea. Large amounts of spirit from heaven and earth flooded to the Ice and Fire Island and joined the dragon-like spirit.

The people on the Ice and Fire Island all looked at the Isolation Room, wondering how he could make such a big scene.

Was that caused by human power?

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially those of the Holy Dragon Cult and The Sun. They were all kneeling on the ground.

Apparently their leader had exceeded the common lives and advanced to a higher level.

The ancient had records about this form of life, which was known as the ‘god’ or the Land Authentic Immortal.

They couldn’t help thinking of the stories in the Classic of Mountains and Rivers, and how gods controlled the forces of nature.

Kris, at the moment, was breaking through his limit as a human and reaching to a higher level.

And the whole process kept going. Many people tried to take in some holy aura for themselves, only to find they got nothing.

Inside the Isolation Room, Kris had already become messy with blood all over his body. His body seemed to break down; his flesh and blood began to melt, as well as his bones.

His consciousness had shattered then gathered; this cycle went around and around like this.

He felt numb, even started to lose his consciousness.

But he held on to his last consciousness inside his heart.

Then a steady flow of holy aura flooded into Kris’s body continuously and started to heal his broken body as well as his bones, inner organs and blood, with the help of the Magic Pill.

Thus in pain, Kris had discovered the secret to rebuilding his body. Every time his body was built, his body grew stronger, his bones more endurable and his blood more active. He became so powerful that even a single drop of blood could be corrosive.

As his consciousness became clear, he saw the people sitting outside of the Isolation Room.

The holy aura in the sky grew stronger and stronger, and the aura of a hundred miles was attracted to him. His consciousness continued to rise. He went through the clouds, saw the hot sun, and felt the sun’s extremely hot brilliance.

However, the consciousness continued to grow, becoming tougher and stronger in the constant reorganization and collapse.

He could easily use his consciousness to lift a thousand-pound boulders.

At this moment, he became aware of everything he had wanted to know. So he withdrew the power of his conscience. And in the Mud Pill Palace, a tiny person composed of his consciousness was sitting cross-legged.

On a closer look, the tiny person looked almost the same as Kris.

At the same time, in the location of his navel, the golden Magic Pill was covered with small cracks, as if there was something trying to break out of the shell.

“Break apart!”

The Magic Pill broke. Kris felt that his power was rapidly fading and his body was getting empty.



Outside the Isolation Room, there were dark clouds in the sky, and lightning snakes shuttled through the clouds. Kris was blessed with his soul. He knew what he was going to face.

With a wave of his hand, a crack showed up directly above the Isolation Room, and Kris soared into the sky.

“Oh, my God, look, that’s … our leader!”

Someone exclaimed.

They all looked up into the sky. When they saw Kris standing in the hollow space, everyone was stunned.

The leader could fly!

God, he’s a god!

The monk Zhen Yuan, Wudi Geng and the people of Holy Dragon Cult all knelt down and cried.

They were lucky enough to serve the Land Authentic Immortal.

This scene would be recorded in history, and they would be the witnesses of history.

“Honey, come on!”

“Father, come on!”

Kris’s wife and children were cheering Kris on so excitedly and nervously.

Kris’s parents were nervous, too. They wanted nothing but the safety of their son.


A dazzling flash of lightning fell and hit Kris directly.


Everyone below was startled.

The leader got struck by lightning!

Everyone was stunned. At this time, someone yelled, “I know, this is the legendary Thunder-lightning Judgement. As long as he passes the judgement successfully, he can become an immortal.”

What? The Thunder-lightning Judgement!

In the ancient Chinese mythology, anyone who wants to become immortal, whether human or other creatures, must go through thunder-lightening judgement.

But how can a man really endure the power of thunder and lightning?

After the first lightning strike, Kris’s whole body and his black hair was directly burned.

The whole body was bloody. Fortunately, there was a steady stream of medical force from the Magical Pill repairing his body.

In his atrium, little Gu was scared and shivered, and curled itself up into a ball.

Inside the Mud Pill Palace, the tiny person composed of consciousness had a weak breath, looking a little depressed.

It was only the first thunder-lightning strike with two more to follow. Kris just knew it, as if there was a voice in his heart telling him.

Dark clouds were surging in the sky for a moment.


Another thigh-thick lightning fell, and the energy it contained was several times bigger than that of the first one.

Before it actually came down, Kris had felt its power and there were goose bumps all over his body.

“The dagger: kill Qin!”

The dagger: kill Qin then immediately appeared in his hand as he read.

The dagger: kill Qin had killed so many strong men and absorbed so much resentment over the years. In terms of grade, it’s just a inferior tool.

“Come on, strike me to death if you can!”

With the dagger in his hand, Kris rushed directly at the thunder.


Countless white lights were split by the dagger, but more lightning fell on Kris.


The powerful lightning almost burned Kris to ashes.

People below didn’t know what kind of pain Kris was suffering. They only saw Kris fighting against the thunder bravely.


A mouthful of blood was spat from the mouth. But it was soon evaporated by thunder and lightning.

By the time when the power of the thunder and lightning was completely absorbed and consumed, Kris’s body would have already turned into ashes.

However, the power of Magical Pill was still constantly generating fresh tender meat, which could cause terrible pain.

Bang, bang, bang!

Countless burned flesh fell from the air.

The tiny person in the Mud Pill Palace had shrunk to two thirds of its size, but its body became stronger. Kris had no idea if it’s his illusion.

There was no time to think about it. The third thunder was just around the corner.

The dagger: kill Qin, with the soul of Jing Ke on its body, is a kind of spiritual weapon. However, the thunder and lightning contained great power, which could easily defeat this kind of ghost spirit.

But who was Jing Ke before his death? Jing Ke had attempted to kill the Emperor of Qin. Though he failed and got killed, his fearlessness lived.

There was no consciousness, but the bravery implanted into the dagger remained unchanged.

The dagger: kill Qin had been crushed hard, however, it still hoped that Kris would continue to use it to fight the thunder.

With a sigh, Kris took the dagger back into his body. He looked up at the sky,then at the lightning flashing thunder cloud, and roared, “come on, let me see the strength of the last thunder.”


In an instant, a bucket-thick thunder came down, containing extremely terrifying energy, and instantly shrouded Kris.


Mary Su screamed at the top of her voice, and she was scared to the extreme.

The moment this mythical thunder fell on Kris, her soul almost broke down.

The other women felt the same way like her. Quan, the eldest among all the girls, tried to cheer up everyone around her, and then ran to her mother-in-law to help her stand steady.

Kris’s parents were already in tears, but she needed to stay tough for them.

“Dad, mom, it’s OK. Kris will be OK. We have to believe him!”

Quan’s voice was very firm. “He can do what no one has done since ancient times, because he is Kris, the most powerful man in the world.”

Her words encouraged a lot of people, and her worry and tension were reduced a lot.

“Father, you will be all right!”

Xiu Chen, the eldest son, clenched his fist, with great confidence in his heart.

He turned to his brothers and sisters, “Don’t cry, father will be OK. Second younger sister, coax little sixteen; tell him not to cry!”

As the eldest son of Chen Family, Xiu took great care of her younger brothers and sisters, and he was very dignified.

Even the little sixteen, who was three years old, listened and looked up to him.

“Damn, little insect, if you don’t help me, I’m going to be dead!”

Kris yelled. Little insect was such a coward. If it refused to help Kris, could it survive after Kris died?

The eight-winged insect heard the voice of Kris, whined, and shook its eight golden wings. A pure force was released from its body, constantly repairing the skin tissue and organs damaged by the thunder and lightning.

Which one’s faster, the destruction of the thunder, or the repair of the Magical Pill and the holy aura?

The last Thunder-Lightning Judgement lasted for ten minutes. When it finally died down, everyone held their breath and looked at it.

Chapter 366: Break into the void

There he was, Kris Chen, standing in the air, exuding a soft and sacred white light, which seemed so untrue.

In fact, Kris was repairing his body. A huge amount of holy aura was pouring into his body.

The power of Magical Pill had been consumed, and there was not much left at the moment.

In his atrium, the eight-winged poisonous insect was dispirited. It curled up into a ball and turned into a cocoon pupa.

In the Mud Pill Palace, the tiny person became crystal clear, the body was solid, and the expression on the face was vivid.

It took only one thought to get a panoramic view of the land hundreds of miles away, including a crawling ant.

In his naval part, there sat a golden tiny person who looked like Kris. The golden elixir was broken and replaced by Primordial Spirit.

He could clearly perceive his life span, which had increased by 800 years. That was to say, Kris could easily live through a thousand years.

A thousand years. It’s terrible.

He withdrew his magic charm and picked up a suit from his bedroom.

At present, he had great power in every move, and even the world could not accommodate him.

And then the unspeakable pressure came from all directions, as if it’s trying to squeeze him out of the world.

Kris was shocked and did not understand why.

He clenched his fist and swung it into the void.


A sound of glass breaking came, and the space in front of him was cracked.

Kris stood there in a daze.

Even the space was broken by him, how powerful he was!

Just when he was confused, an unpredictable voice sounded in his heart.

Listening to the voice, Kris looked serious.

He’s beyond the limits of the world, wasn’t he?

So he must break the void then the boundary, otherwise, the world would be destroyed by him!

The pressure of the whole body was increasing. There were countless tiny cracks in the air, and countless auras were swallowed up by the void.

“Can I come back again?”

Asked Kris.

After getting a positive answer, he nodded, “Well then, I’m leaving now.”

He pointed at the crowd, and passed all his spiritual thoughts to his eldest son Xiu Chen, and then passed a small stream of pure energy into Mary Su’s body.

This energy could subtly improve the ability of Mary Su.

After seeing all these, people were filled with doubts, and then Kris said, “I have successfully broken my limit; this world has been too small to accommodate me, so I shall leave. Ten years later, let’s meet at the Tao’s Summit, goodbye. “

After that, Kris took a deep breath and gathered all his strength. With one blow, the concussion force shattered the void and a passage appeared.

He looked down sentimentally, his eyes swept the whole scene in an instant, and then he flew into the hollow space without looking back.





The crowd yelled at the sky, but the cracks in the sky gradually healed. Before it completely disappeared, there was a voice from Kris, “Goodbye, see you in ten years!”

As the clouds dispersed, the holy aura gradually disappeared. Kris left in everyone’s eyes.

Being incomparably shocked, Wudi Geng and others knelt on the ground, with their eyes fanatical to the extreme.

The leader would come back in ten years. When he did, how strong could he be? Could they follow him to the “fairyland” by then?


Yinyin Yao found something wrong with Mary and yelled. Xi Lan came over and said, “come on, bring Mary into the room.”

“And here, my mother-in-law also…”

Quan Mu helped her mother-in-law who was so anxious as if she had lost her soul.

All the other women in the Chen Family were sad and they were in chaos for quite a while.

Xiu’s eyes were full of brilliance. His father taught him all he had learned in his life, including his personal understandings during the period of breaking through.

Being such a talented boy, he had reached the Fulfilled Period of The innate-power stage. Given ten more years, he might be able to break through the Heaven-Human-Oneness stage.

When his father returned ten years later, he must be greatly surprised.

“Brother, is father not coming back?”

Fifth younger brother Ning Chen said with red swollen eyes.

“Father said that he would come back for the Tao’s Summit ten years later.”


The land of Gods and Demons, North Luzhou State, Wuwei City of Yelang Country.

It was the day for the Yuan Family of Wuwei City to compete for marriage. Who didn’t want to be the son-in-law of this famous House of Practitioners?

Although it’s said that Miss Yuan was ugly and rude, with a big face, a thick waist, short legs and short hands.

No one cared.

The Yuan Family was rich and powerful, but it lacked an heir. Being their son in-law could save ten years of hard work.

Therefore, there were thousands of people in the competition group, and all of them fought for three days and nights before they finally reached the final competition.

Wei Qi, the second young master of Qi Family in Wuwei City, was born with great power.

After three days’ fighting, he defeated hundreds of martial experts. He was also a famous master in the Middle Period of The return-to-nature stage.

Qi Family was also a first-class practitioner family of Wuwei city. In people’s eyes, the second young master had no need to lower his status to fight this competition.

However, it was also puzzling that the Di Family, which was also a first-class Practitioner Family, had also sent a master in the early stage of the The return-to-nature stage, Jun Di.

“Miss, it’s the final. Who do you think will win, Mr Qi or Mr Di?”

Little maid Yujie stood on the third floor and looked down.

“No matter who wins, I won’t marry either of them.”

The fairy lady’s face was soft like water, and her voice is cold and clear. Her plain white veil covered her jade-like face, so people couldn’t see how she looked like.

She walked to the window and looked at the arena through the gap. She saw Wei and Jun standing on the challenging stage. She was very annoyed.

Both of them were filthy rats and had no skills. They were all drug addicts.

Xuefei Yuan knew exactly what they were up to.

But they were wrong, even her father was wrong. The man she had been wanting should be a real man of brave bones, even if he’s just an ordinary guy.

She had no heart for these mobs.

The reason why she wanted to make people think that Miss Yuan’s a vulgar and ugly woman was that she didn’t like to be surrounded by these dirty flies.

The people were fighting fiercely down there in the arena. Wei looked at Jun breathlessly, “Mr Di, do me a favor. You withdraw from this duel, and our friendship remains.”

Jun laughed and gasped, “Mr Qi, are you dreaming? I’m going to be a good son-in-law of the Yuan Family. I’m going to make it! “

In this competition, all the people who came to the contest were martial artists with low accomplishments, because those with advanced accomplishments would not surrender their status to be a live-in son in-law.

These two people were despised by their families and there would be no great future for them.

So they were sent here by the family.

As long as they could inherit the Yuan Family, it would be absolutely a great support for the family.

At that time, the world would only envy them for their foresight.

Hearing Jun’s words, Wei showed a sullen face. “In this case, let’s fight and see.”

Then Wei shook his hand, a copper hammer of a hundred grams appeared in the hand. It was a top-grade treasure Gold-Crushing Hammer.

“You are not the only one with weapon.”

Jun hummed coldly and read something in his heart, then a knife appeared in his hands.

It’s an inferior Divine Weapon called Fierce Tiger Knife.

He sneered, “Wei, I am reminding you now; What I have in my hand is an inferior Divine Weapon. The knife has no eyes. It’s still not late for you to quit now!”

“Just shut up and fight!”

Wei, holding the Gold-Crushing Hammer in his hand, rushed directly over, lifted the double hammers and smashed it down.


A big hole appeared in the arena, and Jun had already dodged to one side.

“Fierce Tiger Knife, tiger down the mountain!”

A white tiger with hanging eyes was sealed in the blade. When the knife went down, a white tiger appeared out of thin air. With a roar, it poured at Wei.

“Damn! This guy’s move is so deadly; he is even using the Divine Weapon.”

Wei was angry, because his family was so mean that he didn’t even have a Divine Weapon.

The crowd around the stage also repeatedly exclaimed.

The horrible white tiger, even if it’s an artifact, was also frightening.


Wei stirred up all his strength to smash the white tiger.


Right after the flying white tiger was gone, Jun cut down in the air with a sharp angle. If not for Wei’s quick reaction, this knife would have cut off his hand.

“Despicable thing! What kind of hero are you, using a weapon?”

“Ha ha, everyone knows Wei Qi is born with great power; why are you even using a weapon?”

Jun grinned grimly and cut down, aiming to cut off Wei’s palm directly.

Wei was very angry, but he had to retreat. He quickly released the other hammer.

Bang bang! The hammer fell on the stage.

At this time, Wei became unarmed and had no chance of winning.

“Do you admit yourself beaten or not?”

Jun snapped, with a white tiger at his side.

Wei’s face turned red. It was really shameful!

“I… I give up!”

With that, he jumped off the stage, even without the hammers.

Seeing Wei’s dismal departure, Jun burst out laughing, “Who else will challenge me?”

Looking around, no one dared to fight.

What he had was a Divine Weapon. Anyone who owned the weapon could even challenge the strong people in the early stage of Back-to-self stage.

At this time, the housekeeper of the Yuan Family came onto the stage and called out to the crowd, “Is there anyone else wanting to challenge? I’ll count to ten. If no one answers, I’ll announce the victory of Mr Di!”

“One, two… Seven, eight, nine…”

Just as the housekeeper was about to shout out the last number, a sudden cry came out, “Ah… The people below, get out of my way… I can’t stop it!”

Everyone looked left and right and saw no one.

At this time, someone couldn’t help looking up at the sky, and immediately widened his eyes, “Look, there’s someone in the sky!”

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