Chapter 365: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 365 A Game of Cat And Mouse (the whole chapter)

Louis sighed and walked ahead, saying: “Follow me.”

Yiyao Duan walked behind him, who was quite weak and faltered several times. But when she thought that Jingyan Ye was waiting for her in the emergency room, she gritted her teeth and held the wall and kept walking.

The floor of the hospital was actually very flat, but Yiyao felt like she had been walking for years. The light in the emergency room was still on, and she was standing opposite the emergency room and did not move at all, as if she had become a statue.

“Miss Duan?” Louis was behind her, being quite worried.

Yiyao turned around and raised her right hand to touch her forehead, then she said after being stunned for a second, “I’m fine.”

She looked so pale that Louis was quite worried for her and he tried to persuade her to leave after holding back a few times.

But Yiyao had already known that Jingyan was in the emergency room, so there was no way she could just leave at ease.

Louis shook his head and sat down in a waiting chair beside her. An hour later, the light in the emergency room went out.

Yiyao immediately stared at the room, and then the door opened and the doctor pushed the hospital bed out from inside.

The man sleeping on the hospital bed was clearly the one who Yiyao had been thinking about day and night. His masculine facial features were fascinating, but at the moment, his eyes were tightly closed.

“Jingyan Ye!”

Yiyao felt that she could no longer stand and she reached out to hold the wall beside her. Then Louis stood up from his chair, feeling incredulous as well when he saw the familiar man.

Before he saw Jingyan, he had been thinking that maybe their names just happened to be the same, and it wasn’t until the moment the hospital bed was rolled out that he truly believed the record.

“What’s wrong with him?” Louis glanced at Yiyao and repeated the words in English, being afraid that the attending doctor would say something that she could not understand.

The doctor froze and replied, “He was attacked with a beer bottle and had a huge wound, and I gave him a dozen of stitches for his wound.”

Though Yiyao knew that they were talking to each other, she could not understand the content of their talking. Besides, because she was hard of hearing and she could only hear faint sounds, she had no idea what they were saying at all.

She then came closer to the hospital bed and became quite panic after seeing that Jingyan was immobile, asking, “Doctor, what’s……what’s wrong with him?”

The doctor in front of Louis turned to Yiyao and was quite bewildered after seeing that Yiyao was looking at him anxiously. And he had to shrug his shoulder and shake his head at her since he could not understand what she was saying.

But Yiyao mistook his meaning and thought that Jingyan was beyond remedy and had to wait for death. Then she was so sad that she was about cry, and she touched Jingyan’s arm with quivering fingers.

Louis didn’t understand her sudden sadness and didn’t know how to explain to her, so he called the nurse to push Jingyan into the ward.

“No …… don’t!” Yiyao stopped them, shouting hysterically.

Jingyan was lying on the bed, and it seemed that he was not going to wake up, so Yiyao thought she knew where they were going to push him now.

“You have much time later, now please let me say goodbye to him!”

Then Louis was even more bewildered, who looked at Yiyao questioningly and was waving his hand to hint them not to go for the moment.

Why did she have to say goodbye to him now that they were only pushing him into the ward? Did she already know that Jingyan had talked to him later?

However, Yiyao, being careless about those people who looked at her with strange expression, couldn’t stop crying, “It’s only been an hour, and you’ve become like this, what the hell happened?”

Her hand were put on Jingyan’s side as she cried even more helplessly.

“He should have his difficulties, and he will tell you when he……”

Before Louis finished saying his words, he was interrupted by Yiyao, “What are the difficulties? Do you want me to forgive you just by lying in a hospital bed like this?”

Her voice was so harsh that Louis did not know what to say at all after hearing that, who was poor at speech originally, so he had to stop talking.

Yiyao lay on top of Jingyan and said more words, while the doctors and nurses beside them looked at her inexplicably, looking a little impatient.

There were also several patients gathered around, and when they saw this petite girl crying hysterically, they all thought something had happened and watched her.

After a long time, Jingyan opened his eyes after feeling a cold drop of liquid on his face.

What he saw at once was the crying Yiyao. And before he realized what happened, he reached out his hand to gently wipe away her tears.

“What’s wrong?”

When Yiyao saw that Jingyan had woken up, she was stunned for a while before she asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine! Well……” Jingyan lifted his other hand to rub her hair, and then a burst of pain came through.

He frowned and checked his arm, which was cradled in gauze and the blood was seeping out, he then remembered that he seemed to have gotten into a fight outside earlier.

“I’m fine, Yiyao.”

Although he was still painful, he forced himself to pretend to be okay and comforted Yiyao.

Yiyao then broke into tears and reached out her hands to hit his chest, “Then why did you lie to me, I thought ……”

I thought you were dead……

Jingyan smiled tenderly and held back the pain to place his palm on top of her head.

Neither of them knew what had happened and they both looked up at Louis, who had an innocent expression, and then Louis explained to them at once.

It turned out that Jingyan was not seriously hurt. They sent him to the emergency ward because someone called their emergency number and they found that Jingyan had collapsed in a pool of blood after they arrived, so they thought Jingyan was badly hurt.

After being sent out of the emergency room, he did not wake up because of the anesthetic, causing Yiyao to mistakenly believe that he was seriously injured or even…… dead.


A startled cry interrupted their thinking, and Jingyan and Yiyao both looked at the direction of the voice.

Jingyan only felt that the girl was familiar, but he didn’t know how to call her, so he just said: “You …… called me just now?”

“Yes, thank you for saving me!” The girl selling the sweet dumplings hurriedly came closer to Jingyan and Yiyao, and shook the food in her hands at them, “These are the sweet dumplings I just cooked, hurry up and eat them!”

“Well ……” Before Jingyan say anything, he was fed a sweet dumpling by her, stopping him from saying, and all he could do was just chewing it.

“Sir, thank you very much, if it wasn’t for you, I ……”

With the sweet dumpling in his mouth, Jingyan could not speak, so he had to wave his hand repeatedly, indicating that it was no big deal.

The girl selling the sweet dumplings shook her head, saying: “No, no, sir, you were even badly hurt because of me, so I must repay you!”

Her words surprised Jingyan so much that he didn’t know how to reply, so he had to turn his head tentatively, and he really saw that Yiyao was staring at him angrily.

Jingyan immediately turned his head around and glanced at Louis, then he blinked at him for help.

Louis immediately understood what he meant and he stroked his white beard, saying: “Everyone, please go! Don’t block the aisle.”

And then, he asked the nurse to push Jingyan’s hospital bed away, which gave the three people to have enough room to ease the tension.

In the ward, they looked at each other, but none of them spoke first.

Finally, Jingyan, who couldn’t stand Yiyao’s sharp gaze, was the first to break the silence by saying, “Well, Yiyao ……”

“Give me an explanation.”

Yiyao held her arms and the noise coming from her hearing aid made her frown slightly, which made Jingyan think that she was angry with him.

So he said at once: “On my way to buy you food, I met……ah? What’s your name?” Then he asked the name of the girl selling the sweet dumplings.

“Annan Xia.”

“Yes, I met Annan, who was surrounded by a group of black people. Of course I couldn’t just walk away and not save her, so I went up to help her, unfortunately…… I alone could not beat those people, so I just became like this now.”

He talked very loudly with great momentum because he was worried that Yiyao could not hear him.

Yiyao was still skeptical, asking:“Really?”

“Of course, you can ask her if you don’t believe me!”

Then Yiyao looked at Annan, who nodded timidly and then looked at Jingyan again.

Her subtle movement made Yiyao feel very uncomfortable, so she was again full of suspicion and alarm though she had just dropped her guard.

Jingyan knew it would be difficult for him to be believed without making some actions, so he turned to Annan and said, “I really just did what was righteous at that time, and you don’t have to return the favor. You can go back now.”

“Sir……” Annan was full of grievance and did not move at all.

Seeing that Yiyao was about to leave, Jingyan hurriedly sat up from the hospital bed and tugged her hand.

“Yiyao, don’t go.”

They had gone through so much, and he didn’t want to waste time because of this little misunderstanding. Then he said: “You are Annan Xia, right? Let me state it to you once again: I only saved you out of my conscience, and if I had known that I would been badly hurt, I probably wouldn’t have saved you at that time.”

Annan felt his words quite unbelievable, “But you were injured for that ……”

“That was because of my own lack of caution, but not you.”

He said the words so decisively that he believed that Annan would not misunderstand him anymore. Therefore, he did not say anything but turn to stare at Yiyao.

The two looked at each other and both saw themselves through each other’s pupils, and for a moment, all of Yiyao’s dissatisfaction vanished into thin air.

Annan watched them for a while, realizing that she really had no chance before she left angrily.

While neither Jingyan nor Yiyao had time to care about her, because they were still staring at each other and they only treated Annan as a trivial event.

“Yiyao, I’m hungry.”

Jingyan looked at Yiyao pitifully, who had been already hungry when he went to buy food for her. And after all he had gone through, he was really starving to death, especially after he took a bite of a delicious sweet dumpling.

However, after he said the words, Yiyao’s stomach started to growl and she realized that she was quite hungry as well because she hadn’t eaten anything since she entered the hospital.

And when she learned that Jingyan was in the emergency room, she was too worried to have time to eat.

“I’ll go to the hospital canteen and see if there’s any food left.”

As soon as she turned around, Jingyan pulled her hand, saying: “I’m not eating.”

He didn’t want Yiyao to leave for fear that something unpredictable would happen again, so he would rather be hungry than let her leave.

But Yiyao turned around helplessly, saying: “I still have to eat even if you don’t.”

“Indeed, you haven’t eaten either, I’ll go help you……” Jingyan then jumped up from the bed and accidentally moved his arm, so he grimaced in pain, “Ouch ……”

Yiyao held his arm and helped him to lie down, saying: “Just calm down and lie down, I’ll go buy you food.”

“Be back soon…….”

Jingyan reluctantly watched her leave and lied on the bed, staring at the ceiling in boredom.

Yiyao walked to the door and looked back at him, and could not help but laugh after seeing him lying on the bed, like a dissatisfied housewife.

Then she shook her head helplessly and walked towards the elevator. The moment she just entered the elevator, a woman came out at the staircase, who was Annan.

She carried the sweet dumplings and glared at the elevator which Yiyao just took, then she calmed herself down and stepped into Jingyan’s ward.

Jingyan was lying on the bed when he heard the sound at the door, and he thought it was Yiyao who just returned, so he immediately turned his head with a joyful smile, saying: “Yiyao, you’re back ……?”

“Sir.” Annan showed an innocent expression deliberately and timidly looked at him.

Jingyan became frustrated at once: “Why are you here?”

“I thought you might be hungry, so I came back to bring you this.”

Annan held the vacuum cup in her hand, which made Jingyan feel quite familiar, and after a few seconds, he began to realize that inside the vacuum cup were the sweet dumplings she had asked him to eat before.

“I’m not hungry, take it away!”

But Annan walked in as if she hadn’t hear him, and then she opened the vacuum cup, and the smell inside the cup immediately made Jingyan feel even more hungry.

He had really been hungry for too long and he could hardly restrain himself from eating that, but once he thought that Yiyao had already gone downstairs to buy him food, he forced himself to turn his head, saying: “I have told you to take it away.”

“Sir, why are you seeking trouble for oneself?”

At the moment, Jingyan felt like a Tang-Monk(A character from Journey to the West, one of the four great Classical Novels of China), and a demon spirit was making every effort to force him to break his religious precept.

He then turned his head to face the wall, not turning his head to her no matter how she tempted him.


Jingyan heard a startled cry from Annan behind him and hurriedly turned his head, asking: “What happened?”

“I’m sorry, sir, the juice of the sweet dumplings is spilled.”

Annan looked at Jingyan in embarrassment. There was a small patch of moist on the bed sheet and a trace of juice on her hand.

Although the sweet dumplings had been kept for a long time, the juice inside was still quite hot because the sweet dumplings were kept in the vacuum cup. Then Jingyan helplessly took the cup and let her draw some tissues to wipe the juice.

“Just eat some, consider it as my way of thanking you for saving my life.”

“It’s not that serious!” Jingyan was quite awkward.

“Of course it is, if I were raped by those bastards today…… I would ……I would not live anymore!”

Jingyan looked at her hesitantly, thinking that it was indeed very serious for a girl to encounter such a thing, so he accepted her food, lest she came back to badger with him later.

“Okay, don’t cry, I’ll eat.”

Jingyan held the vacuum cup in one hand and tried to use a spoon to scoop the sweet dumplings with the other, but his hand could not exert any strength though he had tried to scoop for a long time.

“Let me do it.”

Annan then took the spoon and stopped Jingyan from trying to refuse her, “You are injured now, what kind of repayment do I have if I don’t even have this sincerity in repaying my kindness?”

Jingyan knew that if he didn’t give her a chance, she would haunt him for a long time, besides, the thought that Yiyao might return at any moment made him fearful.

“Alright, then hurry up!”

Annan smiled without saying anything and used a spoon to scoop up a sweet dumpling and held it to Jingyan’s mouth.

Jingyan glanced at her and uncomfortably opened his mouth, but the sweet dumpling was still so hot that even tears came out of the corners of his eyes.

“Ah! Sir, I’m sorry! I’ll definitely pay attention!”

Annan was full of panic, which made Jingyan feel a little awkward, then he said: “It’s alright, it’s not very hot.”

Annan was still suspicious with Jingyan’s words, because he still had tears hanging on the corners of his eyes, and she paid more attention when she scooped the sweet dumpling this time, and she even blew on it herself to cool it down before feeding it into his mouth.

This made Jingyan feel even more embarrassed, and he hesitated for a long time before opening his mouth to eat it. However, he still couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

After all, she wasn’t Yiyao, and he felt very guilty to being treated so intimately by a strange woman.

But he didn’t know that all this had been seen by Yiyao, who was now outside the ward with the food she had bought in the hospital canteen in her hand, and through the glass in the middle of the door, she just saw this scene that Annan blew the sweet dumplings and fed them to him.

They were talking in a low voice, so Yiyao could not hear their conversation, but she could still see Jingyan’s smiling face.

She couldn’t help but clench her hands, wanting to rush in and ask him what was going on, but she was also afraid he would tell her the truth that she didn’t want to hear.

While the two people inside still did not know that Yiyao was staring at them, and Annan was still feeding the sweet dumplings to Jingyan one by one. But Jingyan felt something was wrong after checking the time.

He thought: Could something have happened to her now that Yiyao still does not come back after such a long time?

As he thought this, she again fed a sweet dumpling to him, and Jingyan really could not force himself to swallow it this time.

His head slightly stepped back and he smiled gently, “I can’t eat anymore, I’m really full, thank you!”

“How……, it’s only the fifth……”

“The fifth……”

Jingyan felt quite speechless, wondering whether he would be stuffed or not now that he had swallowed so many.

“I guess the sweet dumplings have satiety, and I’m really quite full now.”

Jingyan looked at her sincerely, showing that he was not lying to her.

“Sir, do you dislike me?”

“No, no!”Jingyan hurriedly waved his hands, explaining: “I don’t dislike you, it’s just that I already have a girlfriend and I’m going to marry her in the future, so I think we should keep a little distance so that she can also feel rest assured and not have unnecessary misunderstandings.”

“Do you love her?” Annan continued to ask.

“I love her!” This time, Jingyan replied seriously instead of kidding.

He loved her so much that he even wanted the people in the whole world to know, so how could he hide it?

“How?” It seemed that Annan had suffered a big blow after hearing his words: “If you love her, why are you so afraid of her?”

“I’m not afraid…….”

Jingyan was helpless. He then thought: She looks like a young girl, who perhaps still goes to college. And she might sell the sweet dumplings as a way of part-time-work and part-time-study.

So he said: “Little girl, loving a person is not being afraid of her, but is that you are willing to be controlled by her, and you will make an explanation to her if there is a misunderstanding, because you do not want her to feel aggrieved.”

“I still don’t understand ……”

Annan bowed her head, who felt quite sad, as if a blender was stirring in her heart haphazardly.

“You will understand my words later.”

Jingyan sat against the wall, “I won’t eat the sweet dumplings, you should better find someone you love and feed them to him later.”

Annan didn’t say anything, and a dull ache appeared in her chest with every breath she took.

Jingyan closed his eyes, who did not intend to continue to spend any more time with her, with a look of estrangement.

Then they were at a standstill for a while, but Annan finally couldn’t stand it anymore, who was still in the stage of the first awakening of love. And she felt quite frustrated when she endured such indifference of Jingyan.

She turned around and put the vacuum cap away. But then she saw the figure at the door and a thought suddenly came to her mind.


“Hmm?” Jingyan opened his eyes, wondering what else she wanted to ask him.

“You’ve got dirt on your face, come closer to me for a second, and I’ll clean it up for you.”

Jingyan touched his face, “Dirt?”

He then thought of the black sesame seeds in the sweet dumplings……

He didn’t suspect and moved a little closer to Annan, then asked her to help him wipe it off because he was afraid that Yiyao would see it on his face and be unhappy when she came back.

Annan held a napkin and moved closer to him. When the two were less than a fist’s length apart, she suddenly kissed his lips.

Jingyan was incomparably shocked and immediately moved backward, asking:“What are you doing?”

“Consider this as the last step for me to repay your kindness, and I won’t owe you anything after that!”

Annan clapped her hands with a strange and bright smile.

Jingyan was speechless and did not know whether to laugh or cry after hearing her explanation, but he still had to be quite serious and educated her until she repeatedly promised that it would not happen again, and then he let her go.

Inside the ward, they got along happily, but outside, Yiyao was not calm and quite angry because she saw her man being taken advantage, who was still quite happy instead of being angry.

This ……this……

She thought: What else can not be tolerated, if this can be?

Then she pushed the door open and went in, breaking the delightful atmosphere in the ward, and her tall shadow cast onto his bed.

“Yi…… Yiyao ……?”

“It’s me.” Yiyao said seriously, “I have bought you what you wanted to eat, but unfortunately, it seems that you are quite full and can’t eat it now.”

She then walked over to the bin and threw all the several portions of packed food in it.

“Yiyao!” Jingyan wanted to stop her, but he was far away from her and there was Annan in the way in front of the bed, so he just watched that all the food was thrown into the bin and could not do anything.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Huh?” Yiyao sneered, who was quite sad in her heart, “You are very happy with your flirting, right? But I went to buy you food hungrily and saw the scene of you two being intensely affectionate as soon as I came back!”

“What can I do?”

Jingyan knew that she had misunderstood him, but how could he explain to her about their kiss now that it did happen?

“Yiyao, listen to my explanation!”

But Yiyao didn’t give him a chance, who turned around and went straight to the door to leave, because she did not want to see their intimacy!

Jingyan immediately understood her intention and he lifted the quilt to get out of bed, but Annan wouldn’t let him go.

“Sir, your arm isn’t healed yet and you can’t get out of bed!”

“Get out of the way!”


“I have told you to get out of the way, do you hear me!” Jingyan growled at her.

If he let Yiyao leave this time, he didn’t know where he could find her again. Because of his luck, the first few times he had been able to find her, but this time he didn’t want to rely on luck, and he wanted to keep her before she left!

Annan had never seen him lose his temper, who felt very scared, as if the cold air had poured from her head to her feet, so she hesitantly moved her position to let him go. And Jingyan got out of bed at once without even looking at her.

When he left the ward, there was no one in the hallway. And Jingyan felt desperate as he looked around to find her, thinking: She left again……

Am I going to find her again?

It was like they were playing a game of cat and mouse, never knowing when they would be tired. But what if he got tired one day……

Or she got tired one day……

Wouldn’t they be disconnected from each other and live their own lives in different places?


Jingyan shook his head, thinking: I have to find her, I must find her!

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