Chapter 366: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 366 I Want to Be with You (the whole chapter)

A loud noise came from the elevator, wrenching Jingyan Ye away from his grief. He immediately had hope, stood up and ran out.

The number above showed the first floor, which meant that Yiyao had also just gotten off the elevator. He didn’t think much, turned around and went into the safe passage.

Since there were no windows in the elevator, he couldn’t see where Yiyao was, so he ran for the stairs. There were windows there so he could see which way she was downstairs.

The hospital stairs were steep, and Jingyan didn’t have the patience to go down the stairs one step at a time. He ran down the stairs as fast as he could.

His hand started to bleed again due to the violent swing. He frowned at it and left it alone.

Through the window of the building, Jingyan saw Yiyao stopped at the intersection which happened to have a red light. Then Jingyan sighed with relief.

He walked faster and faster, while the blood from his arm began to drip non-stop. The pain was so intense that he gritted his teeth, but when he thought of Yiyao down there, he cared less about the pain in his arm.

The red light at the intersection had turned green and Yiyao was walking across the intersection, Jingyan tried to call out to her, but he was too far away for her. She may not be able to hear his shout.

Finally Jingyan reached the first floor. He hurriedly ran across the intersection, but was surrounded by crowds of people. He couldn’t find where Yiyao was at all.

“Yiyao!” Jingyan shouted loudly.

Then he followed the direction of the crowd and moved his steps. There were people all in front of him. He didn’t know where the person he was looking for was, so he could only walk and shout all the way. Then he squatted on the ground, head down, hiding his sorrow. At this point the wound on his arm was completely split open, but at the moment he seemed to feel no pain.

He crouched on the ground for a while before he calmed down and stood up.

He looked up against the flow of people and suddenly saw Yiyao who was standing at a distance of one meter looking at him.

He hurriedly ran over and embraced her. “Yiyao, you’re back.”

Yiyao put her hand slowly on his arm. “Your arm is bleeding. Doesn’t it hurt you?”

“As long as you don’t leave me, it doesn’t hurt.” Jingyan said.

“You let go of me first. Come back to the hospital with me to dress the wound.”

“No, I want to hold you a little longer.”

Yiyao patted his back and then said, “Are you still a child? Why don’t you take care of your body?”

“It hurts!” Jingyan screamed. In fact, he didn’t feel his back hurt. He just wanted to say it to get Yiyao’s attention .

“Sorry, I hit your wound.” Yiyao immediately looked at his wound with concern. The gauze on his arm was already soaked with blood.

“Your wound is very severe now. We have to hurry back to the hospital.” Yiyao said seriously. She pulled Jingyan and headed back the way she came.

Jingyan followed behind her. He was very happy that Yiyao was not angry with him anymore.

Pushing open the door of the ward, Yiyao saw that Annan Xia was still inside. She stopped at the door.

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you go in?” Jingyan asked. Then he saw Annan sitting on the edge of the hospital bed.

“Your lover is still waiting for you. I should leave.” said Yiyao. She turned around and was ready to leave. Jingyan pulled her wrist in time.

“Yiyao …she is not my lover. I only like you.”

Yiyao sneered, “She just fed you. You were so intimate. And you still don’t admit that she is your lover?”

“You know that was not my intention.I…”

Yiyao interrupted him. “You mean she forced you? I see that you are enjoying it.”

Jingyan had nothing to say. He had indeed been forced, but he didn’t want to explain it in front of Annan.

“Why are you silent?” Yiyao said, and then prepared to leave. But Jingyan held her wrist firmly.

“Sorry, I …… I shouldn’t stay here. I’ll leave.” Annan suddenly said.

“Please don’t go now.” Jingyan stopped her.

If she left now, he was really unable to explain this matter clearly. He wanted Annan to leave after she made this matter clear. However, Yiyao mistook Jingyan for not being able to let her go. She snorted coldly and turned her head not wanting to see his face.

“Mr. Ye, is there anything else?” Annan asked suspiciously.

“Please help me explain this.” Jingyan said.

“Explain what?” Anan didn’t understand.

Jingyan didn’t know whether she was saying that on purpose or not

“Don’t force her to explain it for you. It’s nothing to explain at all.” Yiyao held back her anger.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Say something.” Jingyan said to Annan anxiously. He was a little angry.

“I …… I ……,” Annan stammered. She had never encountered anything like this. She was going to cry straight away.

Jingyan didn’t know what to do. He was afraid that she would cry out, and he was also afraid that Yiyao would leave. So they all stood at the door.

He felt the pain in his arm. Suddenly he got an idea. He planned to pretend to faint due to blood loss. Then all problems would be solved.

Suddenly Jingyan let go of Yiyao’s hand. He touched his forehead and collapsed down the wall.

“Jingyan, are you okay?” Yiyao wanted to leave, but seeing him faint, she was anxious.

“What should …… we do?” Annan also panicked.

“Go get a doctor!” said Yiyao.

Then Annan hurriedly ran to the corridor.

Yiyao used all her strength to help him up and walk to the hospital bed.

When Jingyan was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, he moved his body slightly. He let the mattress cover his eyes, and then he looked around through a gap.

At this moment Yiyao’s back was turned to him. She was fiddling with something on the table, as if she had completely forgotten him. A moment later, Yiyao approached the hospital bed with a bottle of medicine.

“It is mixed with several kinds of medicine for fainting. Hope it works for fainting.” Yiyao murmured.

Jingyan trembled. “Several kinds of medicine for fainting mix together? Is this medicine okay to take?” he thought.

He wanted to refuse the medicine she handed him, but he was faking fainting and couldn’t move at all.

Yiyao slowly approached him with the medicine. Suddenly the door was opened and the doctor came in. Jingyan finally calmed down. Thank goodness, the doctor came.

The doctor hurried in with his stethoscope. As soon as he approached the bed, Yiyao moved a few steps out of the way.

He looked all over Jingyan’s body while Jingyan opened his eyes and blinked at him. The doctor then understood what he meant.

“He lost too much blood. That’s why he fainted. He needs a blood transfusion.” said he.

“Then give him a blood transfusion.” Yiyao was relieved to hear that he was okay.

The doctor gave Jingyan a glance. “There’s no blood bag here. I’ll go out and prepare it.”

Yiyao waited in the same place. The medicine in her hand had been put somewhere, which was exactly what Jingyan expected. He didn’t want to take Yiyao’s medicine lest he would really faint after taking it.

For a long time, he did not hear any movement. He was curious about what she was doing. Through the cover of the blanket, Jingyan opened his eyes and peeked around the ward. At this moment, Annan and Yiyao were standing face to face.

“Girl, I think you should leave here now.” Yiyao said coldly.

Hearing her words, Annan, who originally had a smile on her face, immediately became serious.

“What do I have to leave here?” Annan asked, “You have no right to kick me out.”

Yiyao laughed. “Then who have the right to let you go?”

“No one can order me!” Annan said.

“This is not the place for you to stay. Mr. Ye told me that he doesn’t love you. He’s only with you for fun.” Annan continued.

Yiyao snickered, “I won’t believe your words.”

“Why? Everything I said is true!”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I know him.”

“The person he likes is me!” Annan suddenly said.

Jingyan, who was lying on the bed, was angry. He had never said those words.

“Whoever he likes has nothing to do with me. I will leave when he wakes up.” Yiyao smiled.

Jingyan felt sad. She said she knew him, but actually she still didn’t believe him.

“Then why don’t you leave now?” Annan looked at her warily.

“I will leave, but I won’t be driven away by you.” Yiyao said coldly.

Her tone was sarcastic, but Annan didn’t care. As long as Yiyao could leave, she would have a chance to be with him.

Yiyao stopped talking to her and turned back to Jingyan. Then Jingyan hastily closed his eyes.

However, Annan still said, “If you leave now, he won’t find you again. When he wakes up, you may not have a chance to leave”

“So what?”

“Don’t you want to leave him?”

“I don’t want to leave just yet.”” said Yiyao.

“You …… lied!”

“Why would I lie to you? I have legs. I can leave when I want to. It has nothing to do with you.”

Annan looked at Yiyao with indignant look.

Yiyao pulled the quilt toward Jingyan. “Don’t pretend to be dizzy. Do you like watching people fight for fun?”

Jingyan had to open his eyes. He smiled, “Yiyao, you are so smart.”

“A fainted person won’t pull at the quilt.” Yiyao said. Then she sat down and looked at Annan, as if she was saying, “I’ll see how you explain. Jingyany has woken up, how can you continue to lie?”

“Mr. Ye, you’re awake, I …….” said Annan awkwardly.

Annan did not expect Jingyan to pretend to be dizzy. She knew what she just said should all be heard by him.

“Shut your mouth. Just leave here!” Jingyan said to Annan. Then he looked at Yiyao with love in his eyes.

Now as soon as he heard Annan speak, he got a headache. He didn’t expect that she was so calculating that she cheated his girlfriend.

Annan stood there and did not leave. In the past, her pitiful appearance made Jingyan could not bear to be cold to her, but now he knew her true nature and had no pity for her.

“Mr. Ye, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I just said.” Annan explained. “I …… just wanted to test her love for you.”

“You are simply ridiculous.” Yiyao said coldly.

Jingyan would no longer believe such a skimpy excuse. “Just leave here.”

But Annan bowed her head or didn’t move.

“Yiyao, my wound hurts.” Jingyan said deliberately in order to divert attention.

“Now you’re feeling the pain. How did you hold back the pain when you pretended to be dizzy just now?” Yiyao teased.

Yiyao and Jingyan no longer paid attention to Annan who was standing aside. Their actions made Annan very embarrassed, but she was not willing to leave now. She was standing there, making Yiyao and Jingyan a little uncomfortable as well.

“Miss Xia, I am very sorry for making you misunderstand my relationship with you. But the truth is what I have explained to you.” Jingyan said it bluntly.

Hearing him, Annan ran out of the door. But she bumped into the doctor with the blood bags.

“I’m sorry!” Annan hurriedly apologized, then ran away.

The doctor pushed open the door of the ward and saw Jingyan happily talking to Yiyao.

“Madam, please move over.”

Yiyao did not hear the doctor’s words too well, but she hurriedly stepped aside a little.

The doctor disinfected the syringe and inserted it into Jingyan’s vein. Yiyao only blinked once and he had done everything.

“Mr. Ye, your arm is still bleeding. It needs to be stopped and then re-bandaged.”

Jingyan nodded. “Just stop the bleeding here.”

The doctor did not say anything. He looked at Yiyao. Girls usually scream or faint when they see a bloody scene. If she fainted, it was really hard for him to take care of her alone.

“It’s okay. Just remove the stitches.” Jingyan could see his hesitation. He glanced at Yiyao and said.

Hearing his words, the doctor picked up the scissors and began to remove the stitches. The gauze on his wound was attached to the flesh. Every slight movement of the doctor intensified the pain of his wound, making him frown constantly.

After the gauze was half removed, Jingyan’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

Yiyao watched the wound and felt it was a little scary. Even if a soldier had such a wound, they would have moaned from the pain, but Jingyan did not make a sound from the beginning to the end.

Since the gauze in the middle was attached to the flesh, the doctor applied iodine around it before proceeding to remove the stitches. The iodine irritated the wound, which made Jingyan feel more pain.

Jingyan gritted his teeth to keep himself from making a sound, his face covered in sweat.

After ten minutes, the gauze was finally removed. Jingyan leaned back against the wall behind him, weak.

When Yiyao saw this, she hurriedly went over to him, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Jingyan barely smiled. His face was pale.

The wound on his arm was deep, and the bones inside were clearly visible.

The doctor wiped a handful of sweat and looked up to see Yiyao’s calm expression. He was curious that she was so calm and still staring at the wound.

After the gauze was removed from his wound, the next steps were much easier. The doctor only needed to sterilize his wound, sprinkle it with medicine to stop the bleeding, and then wrap him in gauze.

His wound was originally stitched with a dozen stitches, but he ran to find Yiyao, causing the wound to have split open.

“You need to rest more. You can’t do any more strenuous exercise.” The doctor instructed.

Yiyao also said to Jingyan seriously, “If you don’t take care of your body, I won’t come back after I leave.”

Hearing that she was leaving, Jingyan hurriedly assured, “I promise I will take care of myself.”

Looking at both of them with only each other in their eyes, the doctor awkwardly touched his nose, and then silently left the ward.

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