“Husband, do you like her?” Yvette looked at Chuck Cannon.

“I don’t like her.” Chuck Cannon shrugged, he didn’t like it at first!

This woman is too self-conscious, thinking that when people look at her, they just like her? Are you about to kneel down and pursue her?

How could there be such a woman?

Ouyang Fei was annoyed, “Do you still say you don’t like it? I’m a school bachelor, you actually said no…”

“What about the school flower? I have been a school flower since I started studying. What’s the point? When I arrive at university, I am a teacher. It’s interesting? You are a school flower. My husband should like you? Why do you make my husband like you? , Are you prettier than me?” Yvette said.

“You…” Ouyang Fei felt hot and was beaten.

If Yvette didn’t have plastic surgery, then Ouyang Fei felt that she could not compare to a woman for the first time because Yvette’s eyes and nose were so good that she lost a little bit of her head.

“You have my figure?” Yvette couldn’t say anymore. She thought that her figure was OK, but every time Chuck Cannon stared at her back, Yvette knew that she was in good shape.

“I, I.” Ouyang Fei’s face was even hotter, Yvette’s figure made her ashamed, why is she so warped?

“No, then why does my husband like you?” Yvette asked.

Chuck Cannon heard when his wife said something like this, Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but look at it. Yvette felt Chuck Cannon’s gaze and turned around, “Husband, you want to see it. I’ll show it to you later, just look at it.”

Chuck Cannon is excited, Yvette is too empathetic, but will he and Yvette eventually be together?

When Chuck Cannon thinks of this, he has no thoughts.

“Say, why does my husband like you?” Yvette continued to ask.

Ouyang Fei was speechless, “I’m younger than you, he likes younger ones!”

Ouyang Fei has found self-confidence, what if she is better than her body and more beautiful than herself? Age is your fatal injury!!

“Well, you are younger than me, but my husband likes to be with older than him.” Yvette looked at Chuck Cannon. This is what Yvette felt. How can Chuck Cannon be confused with Zelda Maine?

Is this like a less, woman? Yvette thinks, she shouldn’t count it.

Chuck Cannon laughed. Yvette really understands himself. Chuck Cannon really likes being with a little older than him. Maybe he has lived with Yvette who is a few years older than him since he was a child and gave it to Zelda Maine for the first time. , So Chuck Cannon has a different feeling towards more mature women.

Ouyang Fei was shocked to blush and her heartbeat, she was angry, “Even if he doesn’t like me, can you guarantee that he won’t like other people?”

“Why should I make him promise? He just likes me, and my husband won’t like you!” Yvette’s eyes narrowed.

Ouyang Fei is hot and ashamed to find a hole to drill, Chuck Cannon actually doesn’t like herself?

Well, you will regret it, Ouyang Fei is so charming, you will like me, then I will refuse you and refuse to slap you in the face!!

Ouyang Fei couldn’t stay any longer, Yvette hit her, she was ready to leave with a cold snort, but Yvette walked over and slapped her, and Ouyang Fei stunned her cheek.

“Why are you hitting me?” Ouyang Fei was angry, with aggrieved tears in her eyes.

“Stay away from my husband! Also, do you understand?” Yvette said.

Ouyang Fei shed tears, Yvette’s aura was too strong, she felt suffocated, she ran out crying.

Chuck Cannon feels happy. This horrible woman just has to fight. Ouyang Fei ran out aggrieved. She turned her head back and stared inside, “Chuck Cannon, you wait for me, one day I will let you like me. , Let you kneel in front of me forever!”

“Husband, did you lie to me?” Yvette looked back at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon stunned, “What lie to you?”

“You really don’t like her?”

Chuck Cannon collapsed and told about Ouyang Fei that how she looked down on him. Yvette was angry, “I should slap her a few more times. she dares to say that my husband is a thief.”

“Wife, please comfort me,” Chuck Cannon leaned over.

Yvette was embarrassed, she bit her lip, “How can I comfort you?”

Is Chuck Cannon thinking about it? It’s okay to think about it, Yvette will agree.

Chuck Cannon said in Yvette’s ear, Yvette’s face was red, “Don’t think about it, I don’t want you to help me.”

“Then you just said let me watch it casually, my wife…” Chuck Cannon was wronged.

“Wait, okay?” Yvette collapsed, really can’t help Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon wanted to talk more, and Betty came down with a bag.

Yvette came here especially for this. Yvette came next. Chuck Cannon said to take her back. How can Yvette now have no car? Yvette hesitated to agree, but she saw that Betty was driving. , She was a little surprised, seeing that Betty had been looking at Chuck Cannon. Is this protection right?

Betty’s eyes are wary. Has her husband encountered something?

Yvette was worried.

When I drove to the new place Yvette was looking for, it was a residential area on the outskirts. In fact, it is better to have more people, so you can better hide yourself.

Betty was waiting in the car.

“Wife, I’ll go see the auntie,” Chuck Cannon felt that he still had to ease the relationship with Yan Li.

“This, my mother won’t agree.” Yvette was rather helpless, why after this incident, his mother Yan Li became even more resistant to Chuck Cannon?

Yvette didn’t understand!

She came over just now, and when she mentioned Chuck Cannon, Yan Li didn’t look good.

“All right,” Chuck Cannon said. But Yvette suddenly heard something broken. She was shocked and rushed upstairs. Of course, Chuck Cannon followed!

“Mom!” Yvette opened the door and went in and found Yan Li was washing the dishes. She had broken a bowl just now.

When Yan Li saw Chuck Cannon, the endless shame in her heart made her face ugly immediately, “What did you ask him to do?”

Chuck Cannon muttered, did Yan Li misunderstand something? I didn’t do anything that day. It can be said that Chuck Cannon didn’t remember what Yan Li looked like, because Chuck Cannon was in a daze at the time.

Yvette was wronged, “Mom, my husband, Chuck Cannon…”

Chuck Cannon felt that he had to chat with Yan Li alone, “Wife, if you will go out for a while, I will chat with auntie alone.”

“Husband, are you sure?” Yvette worried that Yan Li couldn’t help but shot Chuck Cannon, and that regret was useless.


“Okay, Mom, you have a chat with Chuck Cannon.” Yvette went to call Yan Li’s bodyguard to go out with him.

Soon, Chuck Cannon and Yan Li were in the house.

Surrounded by shame in Yan Li’s heart, she wanted to kill Chuck Cannon, or she would commit suicide in front of Chuck Cannon because Chuck Cannon saw a scene that shouldn’t be seen, and both of them knew it well.

“Auntie, I think you are too dangerous now. Yvette hasn’t learned much about fighting. It’s just as dangerous when you encounter something. I think you should stay in my mother’s hotel,” Chuck Cannon suggested.

This is the best.

“Do you think I will go? I want to kill you, do you know?” Yan Li was annoyed.

Chuck Cannon asked, “Why would Auntie kill me?”

“You are still pretending, you saw me that day…” Yan Li stopped speaking suddenly. She couldn’t speak such words, she would rather die and didn’t want to say it.

“Auntie, you have thought about it a lot. I didn’t see anything. I just want to be with Yvette.” Chuck Cannon is very serious. You can’t expose that kind of thing, but Chuck Cannon understands why Yan Li said so, Or because she saw that she was looking at her body before she went into a coma, but Chuck Cannon didn’t remember.

Yan Li stared at Chuck Cannon, her shame made her want to kill.

“It’s better you didn’t see anything. If my daughter knows about this, I will kill you myself!” Yan Li scolded!

Chuck Cannon was relieved, “Auntie, then between me and Yvette…”

“It’s impossible, never!” Yan Li snorted coldly. She couldn’t pass this hurdle, and Yvette would definitely not pass.

Two people are destined to be together!


“Unless…” Yan Li narrowed her beautiful eyes.

“Auntie, unless what?” Chuck Cannon was surprised, this is a chance? Great.

“Unless your mother Karen Lee is dead!” Yan Li said coldly. If this is done, then Yan Li thinks that Yvette can be with him! But can it be done?

Chuck Cannon was stunned, would he let his mother die?

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