Chapter 367 – 368: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 367: Get married

Jun Di looked up and saw a man descending from the sky. “Is he ready to challenge me?” Just as this thought flashed through his mind, he was directly knocked into a coma by a huge impact!

Boom! A loud sound was heard.

The huge battle ring was directly smashed into pieces. After the ground shook, the battle ring was covered with dust, which made people around keep coughing violently.

“I’m choked to death.”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was confused, because the butler of Yuan family was also knocked flying.

After a while, when the dust dissipated, a big pit several meters deep appeared in the center of the battle ring.

A man in rags and bare headed was sitting at the bottom of the pit. Jun Di went down beneath him.

Jun Di sank into the ground. No one knew whether he was dead or alive.

Where did the monk come from?

Why did he come here to compete for marriage?

Everyone was confused.

“Where… Where am I?” The man was confused and looked at the people around him in surprise.

After a long while, he came to his senses and muttered, “I’m Kris Chen. Not long ago, I broke through my level and passed the thunder Punishment, but my strength was too strong, so I broke the void and extended through space and time to here!”

As he spoke, his eyes lit up.

He began to observe his own situation.

The fairy Aura was was exhausted and dried up, his body meridians was heavily injured

The primordial spirit in his belly was going to collapse.

Kris felt a headache. How long would it take to recover?

“Young Master!”

At this time, several servants of Di family shouted, “Bald bastard, move your buttocks away from my Young Master!”

Bald? Were they calling me?

Kris touched his head. The smooth touch stunned him.

Damn it! Where was my hair?

He rubbed his head with his hands over and over again. There was nothing, not even a hair!

Seeing that Kris didn’t say anything, a tall servant of Di family walked towards him with a mace in his hand. “Bald bastard, I’m going to smash your head!”

Kris was forced to come to this strange world by the will of the world. He lost his beautiful hair and was called a bald bastard by a group of people.

He was furious.

With his observation, these people shout at him were in fulfilled period of the acquired stage ?

Although he was weak, his strong body was not weak!

Kris was so angry that he wanted to stand up, but found that he seemed to have shouldered a heavy burden and could not stand up at all.

Damn… What the hell was going on?


With a whistling wind, the thick mace directly smashed into Kris’s head. Many surrounding women were so scared that they closed their eyes.

They thought the young monk’s head would definitely be smashed.

Of course, there were also many people who couldn’t wait to see the scene that the servant of Di family smashed the monk’s head.


Dozens of pounds of mace hit Kris’s head. Sparks flew in all directions.

A great force of vibration was transmitted back through the mace, making servants of Di family couldn’t even hold the mace.


The servant widened his eyes in shock.

How… How could it be possible?

The monk’s head was too hard. It was a mace weighing dozens of pounds.

The onlookers were also stunned. Those women who were so scared that they closed their eyes, did not hear the cry of the crowd for a long time, and all opened their eyes.

The noisy scene instantly fell into silence.

“I see. This monk must have practiced iron head skill!”

At this time, someone in the crowd shouted, “hit him somewhere else, don’t hit his head!”

“It’s useless. We’d better take sword. This little monk is young. No matter how powerful he is, he can’t resist the knife!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the servant winked at the back and a broadsword was thrown at him.

The servant picked up the broadsword, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. “Bald bastard, I ask you for the last time, will you move your buttock or not?”

Kris was also furious. He wanted to move away, but he couldn’t!

Seeing that Kris still didn’t move, the servant sneered, “Okay, go to hell!”

As he spoke, he strode over, lifted his broadsword and hacked down directly.

“Miss… That monk is dying!” Jie Yu was so frightened that she covered her eyes and didn’t dare to look.

A gleam flashed through Xuefei Yue’s eyes. She came up with a good idea!

She picked up a silver needle and flicked it lightly. The silver needle turned into a blade of silver light and flew towards the servant.

With a whoosh, it split the air and pierced the blade and the body of the servant.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The servant of Di family took a few steps back, and the broadsword in his hand broke into pieces. He spat out a large mouthful of blood.

She looked around in horror. “Who is it? Come out to fight with me!”

“Who gave you the guts to hurt my husband?”

At this time, a rough and angry voice sounded.

Hearing the voice, the servant instantly lowered his head. He knew that it was the ugly and rough Miss of the yuan clan.

It was said that her arms were thicker than men’s legs, her voice was rough, and she had a beard!

“I… I was wrong!”

The servant didn’t dare to say anything and stepped aside.

Hearing this voice, everyone wanted to laugh but dared not. It was not a woman’s voice. It was clearly a rough man.

“Butler Mei, why don’t you announce the result?” The Miss snorted.

The Butler ran out of the crowd in a hurry. “Hurry up, go and inform master.”

The Butler couldn’t make a decision on this matter, so he immediately asked a servant to inform the master of Yuan family, Tiangang Yuan.

Standing in the ruins, Carter looked around and said, “is there anyone else who wants to challenge him?”

There was a dead silence. No one stepped forward.

If the Miss Yuan hadn’t said anything, someone might have stood out.

But after Miss yuan’s words, those who were eager to move gave up the chance to become rich overnight.

Who the hell wanted to sleep with a woman who was more manly than him?

Butler was a little embarrassed, “Ask again. Is there anyone else coming to challenge? If no one comes up again, this bald man is Yuan family’s son-in-law!”

Kris gnashed his teeth in hatred, “Well, there’s a misunderstanding. I’m just passing by. I’m not here to compete for a marriage!”

Kris shouted at the butler, “I’m really just passing by. Don’t make a mistake!”

However, no matter how hard he shouted, no one paid attention to him.

People around looked at him gloatingly.

Just then, a servant of Yuan family rushed over and whispered in the ear of the butler.

The Butler nodded. The Master let the Miss make decision herself.

The Yuan Miss seemed to have a crush on this little monk.

“Now I declare that the contest is over. This bald man is the son-in-law of our Yuan family.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and eight servants rushed over and lifted Kris up. “Take him back, getting married now!”

Kris was dumbfounded, and the people around him were all stunned. It was too fast and in haste.

“Hey, put me down. I’m really passing by. I’m married and I have a wife and children!”

Hearing this, the servant burst into laughter, “Sir, stop kidding. You are just a monk. What family do you have?”

“Don’t worry. Our Miss is very gentle. Don’t listen to others.”

While comforting Kris, the servants carried him and left quickly.

The onlookers followed the butler to Yuan family’s mansion. They played gongs and drums all the way. The news spread quickly in Wuwei City.

“Hey, have you heard that Miss yuan’s contest for marriage is over? The groom is a monk!”

“No kidding? That breaks monk’s vows!”

I’ve heard that Miss yuan has a strong body. She will eat three bulls, four sheep and ten ducks in a meal!”

“Really? Wasn’t that a monster? Can the little monk stand it? “

“Let’s go. I heard Yuan family is going to hold a wedding ceremony today. Let’s go and see it!”

In all the streets and alleys, small merchants and peddlers stopped doing business and rushed into Yuan family’s big house one after another!

Chapter 368: Kris Was Sent to Bridal Chamber

The villa of Yuan Family was decorated with lanterns and streamers. It looked splendid and loud music filled the air.

A continuous stream of visitors came to Yuan Family.

And numerous children came to ask for luck money. And the servants of Yuan Family carried out money one gunny sack after another. They even stood at the door to give out money.

Kris Chen was humiliated. It was okay to be a live-in son-in-law when he first got married on earth.

But it was so merciful to be live-in son-in-law again when he came to cracked and void foreign world.

The most important thing was he was forced to be the bride.

He was forced to wear bright red wedding clothes, and it was a woman’s clothes. He was given make up, even lipstick.

Shame, what a shame.

He already left if he could adapt the gravity, fairy aura and rules of this world.

Well, it’s not he didn’t want to leave, but he couldn’t.

He estimated before, the gravity here was ten times that of the earth. And the fairy aura here was many times stronger than earth. But what made him upset was he could not absorb the fairy aura here, which made him crazy.

“How handsome he is. He has rosy lips and pretty white teeth.”

Two matchmakers smiled and prized Kris “His body is strong. So surely he could have a fat baby with our lady soon.”

Kris let himself be touched by two fat matchmakers, he felt disgusting.

Then quick footsteps came from outside, a servant pushed the door open and asked “Are you ready, the propitious time came. Don’t let our master wait too long.”

“Yes, ready. Don’t rush us.”

One of the matchmakers put her hands on her hips and said “We will go out when we cover the red veil.”

As her words fell, she put a red veil on the head of Kris.

They were marrying Kris.

Followingly, another matchmaker carried Kris on her back. Then she said “Sir, it’s the best time now. Let’s go.”

Soon three of them came to the hall.

“Bring the cock here.”

Butler Mei waved to a servant then he carried a bright colored cock here. There was a sachet on the cock’s neck, the date of the birthday of the young lady of Yuan Family was put inside.

“Let me go.”

Kris wanted to struggle but he found he could not get rid of them at all.

“Sir, it will be finished soon.”

Two servants detained him and comforted him in low voice.

“Let me go. I…”

Someone packed a piece of cloth into his mouth before he finished his words.

Kris couldn’t speak out. So that he let his Spiritual Power out, the scene in the hall was printed in his brain.

Then a forty or fifty years old man sat on the superior seat imperatorially. He was the master of Yuan Family, Tiangang Yuan.

And Butler Mei shouted beside him “Bow to Heaven and Earth firstly.”

Two servants forced Kris to bow, and it was a cock to get married with him.


Kris was furious. He could accept that he was forced to get married, but they humiliated him so much to let Kris marry a cock.

On earth, he was the supreme master of Kungfu. No one dared to say anything if he gave an order.

But he was reduced to this after he came here.

“Bow to your parents then.”

“Bow to your husband or wife.”

Even though Kris was angry, he still finished the ceremony with a cock forced by the servants.

At last the butler Mei shouted “send them to the bridal chamber.”

As her words fell, two servants held unwilling Kris to the bridal chamber.

It’s over. Could not Kris get rid of it today?

Before on the arena, he was too far away from that voice, so he could not see the appearance of the one who was talking clearly.

But judged from the rough voice, it must be a rugged person.

He heard clearly the voice of others gossip and their laugh.

Kris was thrown to the bed by two servants after they pushed in. Then the servants left.

Kris gave out his idea to see if it could carry him to get out of here.

But what made him desperate was he could not. His Spiritual Power was damaged seriously.

He could move hundred miles on earth, but he could not even move ten meters here. The difference was more than thousand times.

“Why can’t I absorb the fairy aura?

Kris could feel fairy aura was around him, but it just could not be absorbed. It was like you went to a mountain full of treasures but you came back with nothing.

There must be some causes, just Kris didn’t know now.

When Kris was in deep thought, a servant girl Yujie said from a room not far away “Lady, it’s time to go there. Otherwise master will be furious if he know this.”

She could not understand everything the lady did. She was as pretty as a fairy lady, but she dressed herself an ugly and rugged woman.

Neither did she understand why she fell in love with a little monk. Though he was handsome, but she remembered her lady before liked heroes.

“Don’t rush. We will see when it’s dark.”

Xuefei Yuan stayed on the bed. She was reading Devil Anecdotes carefully. She was clam like today’s wedding had nothing to do with her.

Yujie know her lady’s temper so she didn’t urge her. She was just worried.

“You can go there if you can’t wait. Just don’t hinder me here.”

Xuefei said slightly.

“Lady, I…”

Yujie felt wronged.

“Get out.”


Yujie wiped her tears and went out the door.

Xuefei sighed when Yuejie left.

Kris waited his bride until it was dark. He only felt hungry.

He didn’t know how long it past when he was waiting. He felt starving though he didn’t have to eat for years.

It was lucky there was some deserts in the room. So Kris used his thought to catch the cakes and try to fetch them.

Unexpectedly it was successful.

And the red veil was pulled.

Starving, Kris felt each cell of him was calling food.

One cake after another cake were eaten, but they didn’t stop his hunger. The food Kris took had to be with fairy aura or super nutrition after he broke through Nirvana period.

There were some dishes on the table, and some were emitting adorable fairy aura.

Ate, I had to finish them.

Soon, he finished all the dishes. His hunger was slightly relieved, but he was still hungry.

Kris guessed that the dishes with fairy aura might contain some fairy plant. But it was too little. He might be half full if he was offered another twenty dishes.

His strong digestion function made the cakes and dishes he had just now became the nutrition his body needed.

Then did his emptiness became better.

Fairy aura began to be absorbed by Kris, though it was nothing for a dried vein. It was meaningful to Kris.

Though Kris could not absorb the fairy aura in air, he could gain it by having food.

Kris’ fingers could move when fairy aura was injected into his body.


Kris was glad. As long as he could recover his movement, he could adapt the world soon or later. Then could he leave here.

At this time, slight footprint came. Kris was smart on six senses, immediately did Kris deduce it was a woman.

He hurried to cover the red veil on his head and thought in mind “Is she the lady of Yuan Family?”

The door was open, and the footprint was getting closer. Then she stopped not far away from him.

Kris smelled it, a weak smell came and it was good smelling.

He didn’t give out his idea for he was afraid he might see something dirty.

The girl thought for a moment then she came to Kris, at last she stopped in front of Kris.

Kris bent his head. The light was on so that person’s shadow was long.

And the smell was strong than just now.

Suddenly a hand came to uncover the red veil.

Kris was shocked when he lifted his head.

It was a woman with big eyes, heavy brow and long beard.

Yes, she was a woman.

She had long hair, there was a pretty jade at the end of her hair. She was in a white long dress, and her chests were plump.

But her waist was even thicker than Kris’. and her arms were bigger than Kris’ legs.

She smiled to Kris and her yellow teeth came out. Then she said “Sorry dear, let you wait for so long.”


Kris just felt a churning stomach. He could not hold it anymore, so he began to vomit.

Fortunately his digestion ability was great, what he ate just now turned into nutrition now. He vomited nothing except some sour water.

“What do you mean?”

Lady of Yuan Family changed her face, she put her fat and short palm on Kris’ shoulder. “You think I am disgusting?”

“Brother, let’s talk peacefully.”

Kris got goose bumps all over. He said “Don’t touch me.”

“Who is your brother?”

Her voice became cold, she came closer to Kris and said “I’m your wife, call me honey.”

Why there was such disgusting woman in the world? Kris would find no place to hide himself. He really didn’t want to face reality.

“I beg you, please let me go. I just walked by.”

Kris said while controlling his vomiting.

“Why you sat on the second master of Di Family so he fell down if you just walked by? Why you came from nowhere? Why you didn’t leave when Butler Mei announced you my husband?”

Kris was panic-stricken by her three questions.

He couldn’t tell her he just came from the earth or tell her he was suppressed by the world so he could not walk nor move.

It’s his biggest secret. He could tell no one in this strange world. Or it might bring him fatal disaster.

Xuefei sneered him and said “I know you just covet the wealth of Yuan Family. I know no man is good.”

“I told you that I just walked by.”

Kris smiled bitterly. Then he said “I don’t even know who you are, what can I covet from you?”

“No, you are lying. You are just playing cat and mouse with me.”

Xuefei said “I didn’t detest you are a monk. You hate me for I am not pretty.”

A bald-headed man was a monk?

Kris hauled deeply and said “let me tell you again. I am not a monk. I got married and I have a baby.”

“It was just coincidence that I walked by. I really don’t want to be your husband.”

Xuefei looked at him, she wanted to find some clue from his face. But nothing was found.

“No wonder they say monks’ faces were thick. I think so now.”

She sneered and said “You just want my pretty face. And you dare not to admit it now.”

“Dream on if you want to go. I will not let you go.”

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