Chapter 367: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 367 Let’s Go on a Trip (the whole chapter)

To ease the awkward atmosphere between the two, Jingyan let out a laugh. “I want to eat an apple. Yiyao, can you feed me?”

“Here you go.” Yiyao took an apple and gave it to him.

“But my hand ……” Jingyan raised his arm and looked at her.

She had to pick up the fruit knife and began to peel it.

“Yiyao, do you like it here?” Jingyan suddenly asked.


“This city.”

Yiyao recalled the coldness of the city and their cold look when she was helpless.

She shook her head. “I don’t like it.”

“I don’t like it either.” Jingyan said. “When my arm gets better, let’s leave here!”

“I’ll take you on a trip.” He continued.

Yiyao was concentrating on peeling an apple, nodding casually.

They came here to buy hearing aids. Now they got it. There was something unhappy that happened after that, which made her want to leave here early.

Jingyan closed his eyes in satisfaction with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

He wanted to take her out of the city in a hurry, not because he didn’t like the place, but because he wanted Louis to prepare for the surgery.

Louis had clearly told him that if she underwent surgery after the baby was born, she might lose her hearing, whereas her hearing could be cured if the surgery was adequately prepared now.

While he was thinking, Yiyao had already peeled an apple. She peeled half of it from the middle, removed the core, and handed it to Jingyan.

Jingyan only took a piece, “Please eat some, otherwise I feel unhappy to eat alone.”

Yiyao took back the other half and put it in her mouth.

“This blood bag is running out of blood. After you finish eating the apple, I’ll go call the doctor.”

Jingyan’s attention was obviously not on this. He stared at Yiyao, surprised, “Are you wearing makeup?”

Yiyao turned her head. She chose the lightest lipstick and foundation, but she didn’t expect him to find out that she was wearing makeup anyway.

When she saw Annan Xia feeding Jingyan, she was angry inside. She thought Jingyan liked Annan because of the delicate makeup on her face. So she took out all the cosmetics she had been carrying in her bag but hadn’t used. Then she carefully applied her lipstick in the bathroom.

Earlier, Jingyan had been busy explaining to her, so he hadn’t paid attention to the makeup on her face. Now he could see at once that her face was different from the usual.

Jingyan stared at Yiyao and finally said, “I think it’s better for you not to wear makeup.”

What he meant was that Yiyao’s makeup technique was bad, but Yiyao thought he was complimenting her for looking good without it.

Then she held her head high and said, “I also just wanted to know how good this makeup technique is. But I found it just so-so.”

“Maybe other people make themselves look good through makeup, but the makeup you’re wearing is simply disfiguring.”

Her makeup skills were bad, and then she was sweating and didn’t touch up her makeup in time. Now the makeup on her face was smudged.

Yiyao finally knew that Jingyan was saying that her makeup technique was bad. She angrily picked up her phone and looked at her face in the phone, and then she took her bag and ran outside.

In the restroom, she immediately felt much fresher after she removed all her foundation.

Facing the makeup scattered on the washstand, Yiyao was instantly angry. Others could use cosmetics to make themselves look better, while she made herself look so ugly with makeup. When she thought of this, she decided to put on her makeup again.

“Give it up. Some skills are natural.”

Yiyao heard a voice that was familiar. When she turned her head, she found Annan standing at the restroom exit, looking at her.

“Are you talking to me?” Yiyao asked. She didn’t want to ask her why she hadn’t left the hospital yet.

“Is your hearing already so bad? You can’t even hear my words anymore.” Annan snickered

Yiyao ignored her. She collected her things, adjusted her hair in the mirror, and left with her bag.

The moment she passed Annan, Annan pulled her arm, “I’m talking to you.”

Yiyao frowned, “Stay away from me.”

Annan was angry. She raised her other hand and tried to slap Yiyao with all her strength.

But Annan underestimated Yiyao. No one dared to hit her except her father who had hit her.

Yiyao did not even look at her. She directly reached out and clutched her wrist.

“Remember whenever you want to hit someone, you have to know that person’s background first.”

Annan’s wrist was held by Yiyao. She panicked, “What do you …… you want to do?”

“Don’t worry. Now I won’t hit you. You’re too weak.”

Yiyao let go of her hand and walked straight past her.

Annan rubbed her wrist and called out, “Wait, I have something to tell you.”

Yiyao already knew her nature well. No matter what she said, Yiyao would not believe her. The reason she waited for her to finish was to give her a final respect.

Seeing her stop, Annan walked up to her.

“Just now I saw your attending doctor and Mr. Ye’s attending doctor talking. I vaguely heard them talking about surgery. Maybe Mr. Ye’s injury isn’t recovering as well as you think.”

Seeing Yiyao’s impatient look, Annan was afraid she would interrupt her, so she said it all. To her surprise, Yiyao acted calmly.

“Mr. Ye loves you so much, but you are so calm when you hear this news.”

“It’s none of your business.” Yiyao said and walked out of the restroom.

However, she was not so calm. She wouldn’t be as stupid as Annan who thought Jingyan’s arm still needed surgery. All she could think of was her ears. Since it was Louis who was talking about the surgery, the surgery might be related to her.

Yiyao pushed open the door, and saw Jingyan crossing his legs and whistling. When he saw her, he turned his head and looked at her with a smirk.

“You look pretty without makeup.”

“Tell me, why do you want to leave here suddenly?” Yiyao asked directly.

“I’ve always wanted to take you out on a trip.” Jingyan explained

“Why don’t you wait until the baby is born?”

“The hospital environment is too depressing .I don’t want you to be unhappy.”

Yiyao smiled coldly. “You have someone prepare the surgery for me, right?”

“No. Who told you that?” Jingyan was apprehensive, but pretended to be calm. “Since I promised you, I certainly won’t go back on my word.”

His sincerity made Yiyao believe him somewhat. She said tentatively, “I overheard Louis talking to other doctors.”

Jingyan knew she was obviously testing him. Louis spoke English, and Yiyao could not have understood him completely.

“Louis may have been talking about someone else’s surgery. I’m really not lying to you.”

Yiyao saw that Jingyan was speaking seriously, and she couldn’t help but doubt Annan’s words.

“I’m sorry, I ……”

“Trust me!” Jingyan interrupted her.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have listened to other people’s words to question you.” Yiyao said guiltily.

“Who told you this?” Jingyan asked again. He knew with Yiyao’s hearing there was no way she could overhear someone’s conversation.

Yiyao rubbed her forehead. She was so agitated that she now had a headache.

“I met Annan Xia when I came out of the restroom just now. She told me this.” Yiyao replied.

She said it lightly, but Jingyan guessed that the two of them must have fought against each other, and then Annan deliberately told her about it. Thankfully, Annan might not have listened completely and only conveyed one-sided information. Otherwise he couldn’t have convinced Yiyao of his words so easily.

Yiyao, of course, did not know that he thought so much. She thought that her meeting with Annan had made him a little unhappy.

“I was wrong. What she said certainly can’t be believed.” she said apologetically.

“Thank you for believing in me.” Jingyan’s voice was low. At this moment, he had another thought. He can’t let Yiyao meet up with Annan again, otherwise Annan told her more, his plan would definitely be ruined.

Then the two fell silent.

Yiyao regretted that she shouldn’t have mentioned Annan. Otherwise the current atmosphere wouldn’t be so awkward.

Suddenly the phone rang, breaking the silence between the two.

Jingyan looked up and saw his phone vibrating on the table. Then Yiyao held the phone out to him. The caller shown on it was Chuxue Ye.

“Brother, where are you? We can’t even find you.” Chuxue asked.

He let out a sigh. “I’m in the hospital. Are you guys finished already?”

“Yeah, we’re just waiting for you to come back.” Chuxue said, and then she hurriedly shut her mouth. Now their vacation was over, and then she called him. It was obvious that they had exceeded their expenses in advance.

“How much do you want?” asked Jingyan.

“Brother …… I don’t mean that.” Chuxue explained.

“I know that’s what you mean. I just ask casually.” Jingyan said. “If there’s nothing, I’ll hang up now.”

Then Jingyan prepared to hang up the phone.

“Brother, please wait. We… we are still short of half a million.” said Chuxue.

Jingyan was not shocked by this figure.

“I’ll ask someone to go over and settle the bill later. I’m going to hang up now.”

“Wait a minute!” Chuxue said.

Jingyan frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“I ……” Chuxue hadn’t finished when Ziying Duan took her call, “Jingyan, where are you?”

Jingyan froze, “I’m abroad. You let Yuqi send you back.”

“No. I want to wait for you to come back!” Ziying said firmly.

“I won’t go back.” said Jingyan coldly. Then he hung up the phone. When he looked up, he saw Yiyao looking at him.

“Is this Ziying Duan calling?”

Hearing her ask, Jingyan stiffen. “No, Chuxue called me.”

Yiyao did not ask him again; otherwise the atmosphere just eased would become awkward again.


After a few days in the hospital, Jingyan’s arm had its stitches removed. The long wound had healed, but it still looked horrible.

Yiyao stroked his wound. “Your wound must hurt when you were injured.”

Jingyan shook his head “It doesn’t hurt.”

He tenderly rubbed her hair. As long as she could return to his side, he would not feel pain no matter what kind of wound.

Yiyao was silent. She had always thought she was self-reliant, but in front of Jingyan, she seemed a little too willful.

“I can be discharged from the hospital now. Let’s go out for a trip today. I’ve already planned it.”

Jingyan looked at her sad and deliberately changed the topic.

“Where are we going?” Yiyao asked..

“Saipan. It’s quiet there. It’s also good for your health and the baby.”

Thinking of the baby, Yiyao said happily. “Okay, then let’s go there.”

Jingyan smiled gently and looked down to hide his thoughtful look. It was easy to get her out of here, but bringing her back was another problem.

He chose to go to Saipan also because it was closer to here. If Yiyao did not want to come back, he would have to choose to get hurt again.

Yiyao was packing up her things in her room. In fact, they hadn’t brought anything here, so they didn’t need to take anything with them when they left. They were just packing up the trash in the room and bringing it downstairs by the way.

Seeing the spoiled meal in the garbage can, Yiyao covered her nose and frowned. She recalled her attitude that day, which was indeed particularly bad due to jealousy.

At this time Jingyan also changed his clothes and pulled open the curtain. He was a little surprised to see the garbage on the floor, “Why didn’t the cleaners come to clean it up?”

“You ordered others not to enter this room. Did you forget it?”

Jingyan thought for a moment and then remembered something. That day he had just kissed Yiyao on the lips when he was disturbed by the cleaners who came in to clean up, and then he angrily threw them out.

Jingyan didn’t think they really had to come in to clean up the trash.

The two stayed in the room for a while longer then went downstairs.

“Mr. Ye!”

Jingyan turned his head and saw that Louis was chasing after him from the building.

He couldn’t help but frown and subconsciously put his arm around Yiyao. “What’s up?”

“I forgot to tell you that this hearing aid is still in the experimental stage. You must be careful not to let it get into water and not to hit it hard, otherwise it will shorten the life of the hearing aid.”

Jingyan sighed with relief. He thought Louis was here to discuss the surgery with him.

“Thanks. We’ll take care of it.” Jingyan said.

After he finished, Louis hesitated to leave.

Jingyan soon understood him. He whispered to Yiyao in his arms, “Yiyao, I’m a little thirsty. Can you give …..?”

“Then I’ll go get you water!” Yiyao said promptly. She knew it was an excuse to get her to leave for a while. She also happened to use this as a reason to leave and then eavesdropped on what they were talking about.

She readily agreed, which surprised Jingyan a little.

Watching her go away, Louis said to Jingyan, “You can only go out for half a month. After half a month ……”

“Say it in English.” Jingyan interrupted him.

Louis froze slightly, and then understood his intention. He continued in English, “I will call you when the instruments arrive from headquarters.”

Jingyan nodded.

“Make sure to keep her in a good mood, otherwise the surgery will be troublesome.” Louis said as he left.

Not long after, Yiyao came out from the corner with two bottles of water.

“What did you say to him?” asked she casually.

She had tried to eavesdrop on their conversation, but they were communicating in English. This left her not fully understanding what they were talking about.

“He asked something about my parents.”

Jingyan took the mineral water, twisted it open and took a big sip. He answered naturally and casually.

“I hope you’re not lying to me!” Yiyao said.

“How can I lie to you?” Jingyan smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist, “Let’s start. If we’re late we’ll miss our flight.”

Raising her wrist, Yiyao glanced at the time and did not pursue the conversation he had just had.


This time the flight went very well. The sky was clear all the way. Two hours later, they arrived at their destination.

As soon as they stepped off the plane, a wave of heat hit them head-on. Yiyao covered her face and coughed.

“What’s wrong?” Jingyan frowned.

“Nothing, I guess I’m not quite used to the climate here.” said she. Then she gently stroked her belly.

Seeing her subconsciously covering her belly, Jingyan couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She loved this child so much, but he had to give up this child in order to cure her hearing. He was looking forward to the arrival of his child, but if he had to choose between the two, he would definitely choose Yiyao.

“The hotel has been arranged. Let’s go.” Jingyan said. Then he took Yiyao’s hand.

He had been worrying about the baby, but Louis told him not to worry too much about the baby. Right now he wanted to cherish the time with his beloved more than worrying about the future.

Soon they arrived at the hotel. It was a villa-like accommodation with the beach in front.

They lived on the second floor and could see the sea when they opened the window. The balcony was large and the bathtub was placed in the middle. The sun was not shining in at this time

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