Chapter 368: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 368 You’re Not Allowed to Think About Other Man

The sunshine here made people feel good. Jingyan opened the window and took a deep breath.

“Yiyao, let’s wait until the baby is born and then leave, what do you think?” asked him.

Yiyao was also very satisfied with this place and nodded happily.

Then Jingyan turned around and faced her with a smile. Behind him was the azure sky. In Yiyao’s eyes, he and the sky formed a beautiful picture.

It took them a little time to pack up. Then they walked out of the hotel hand in hand. Enjoying the exotic scenery, they were relaxed all over without the boredom in the hospital.

But soon Yiyao’s stomach rumbled, breaking the romantic atmosphere.

“You’re hungry?” Jingyan asked her gently.

Yiyao nodded her head. Ever since she got off the plane, she hadn’t eaten anything. Even if she was not hungry, her child should be hungry.

“I know a seafood restaurant. Let’s go there!” Jingyan said.

Seeing how happy he was, Yiyao didn’t say no. In fact, she would prefer to eat Chinese food, but they were now traveling overseas, she also knew that such a request seemed somewhat impossible.

When they arrived at the restaurant, to Yiyao’s surprise, the store was decorated in a Chinese style. On the walls were Chinese landscape paintings.

“Jingyan, are you sure this is the place for seafood?” asked she.

Jingyan smiled and patted her hand. “The owner of this restaurant is Chinese. He loves seafood, so he combines Chinese food with seafood.”.”

Seeing that Yiyao was surprised, Jingyan smiled. “Come on, there’s more to amaze you inside.”

Yiyao followed behind Jingyan and went inside. As soon as they entered, someone greeted them warmly.

“Mr. Ye, nice to see you again.” The waitress greeted. “Your private room is already reserved.”

Jingyan nodded, and then he led Yiyao upstairs.

The waitress led the way. They turned a few corners and finally stopped at a private room.

Yiyao found this room was modeled after an ancient architectural design.

Once inside, it was as if they had arrived at an ancient Chinese inn with carved window and seats, all of which made Yiyao feel like falling into a dream.

“May I ask what you would like to eat?” The waiter took out a menu and handed it to them. It was a bamboo slip used in ancient times.

Yiyao thought the menu was interesting, so she looked at it carefully. Jingyan also took the menu handed over by the waitress, but put it aside.

“Where’s your boss?” asked he.

“He went out for something. He should probably be back today. Do you need me to tell him you’re here?” The waitress replied.

Jingyan waved his hand, “No, thank you. Please serve the food quickly.”

The waitress didn’t say anything else. She was ready to leave the room, but Yiyao was still concentrating on the menu.

Jingyan turned his head, stared at her for a moment, and then said to the waitress, “Can we keep the menu longer?”

The waiter nodded, then went out.

“Does it appeal to you that much?” Jingyan asked with a smile.

Yiyao was quiet, as if she didn’t hear him.

He noticed that she had been looking at the first page of the menu, describing the origin of the restaurant.

“Did you find anything interesting?” Jingyan asked. He didn’t notice anything wrong with the menu.

Yiyao looked up, met Jingyan’s eyes, and smiled, “No …… nothing.”

But he still stared at her, puzzled.

Yiyao had to voice her doubts. “This sign is so peculiar.”

Jingyan followed where she pointed it. He saw a small sign in the bottom right corner of the menu. He didn’t expect that such a small logo would attract her to look at it for so long.

“The owner designed it himself.” Jingyan replied.

Yiyao could not help but have some curiosity about the owner whom she had never met. She was wondering what kind of person the owner would be.

“You’re not allowed to think about other man.” Jingyan teased suddenly.

“I’m not thinking about him. I’m just wondering what kind of man he is.” Yiyao explained.

“That’s not allowed either.” Jingyan emphasized. “I’ll get jealous.”

“Okay.” Yiyao said.

As the two were talking, there was a knock at the door and Jingyan looked up. “Please come in.”

The door opened from outside and a group of people entered with plates of dishes. All kinds of seafood were laid out in front of her.

“Yiyao, do you like crabs? I can help you peel them.” Jingyan picked up a crab and said with a smile. He quickly peeled a crab and then brought it to Yiyao’s bowl.

Yiyao picked up a piece of crab meat and put it into her mouth, and she immediately exclaimed, “Wow, it’s yummy.”

Jingyan was also happy to see her smile. He hoped that what he liked to eat would also be liked by her. That way, the delicious food would become even more delicious.

Then these seafood made Yiyao praise. In all her life, she had never eaten such delicious seafood.

Yiyao ate with gusto, making Jingyan, who was helping to shell it, also satisfied.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door again.

Jingyan looked at the table and found that the dishes he had ordered were already served. He didn’t know what the person outside the door was knocking for.

“Please come in.” said he.

The man outside did not come in so quickly, but stood there for a long time. He obviously knew Jingyan’s temper and waited until Jingyan was about to lose his patience before he pushed the door in.

Yiyao turned his head just in time to see him walk in.

“Jingyan, long time no see. I miss you so much.” the man said as he walked in outside the door. He was wearing the ancient robe.

“You’re always like that. Please don’t be so pretentious next time.” Jingyan said.

“If I don’t do so, how will I get this beautiful lady’s attention?” said he. Then he walked over to Yiyao and smiled gently at her, and pulled out a chair and sitting next to her.

“Tiancheng Yi, please stay away from her.” Jingyan was already upset, but was still trying his best to restrain himself.

Instead, Tiancheng Yi looked at Yiyao with interest and continued to ask Jingyan, “May I ask who this beautiful lady is? I’ve never seen her before.”

“She is my girlfriend.” Jingyan said seriously. At the same time, he put an arm around Yiyao’s shoulders.

Tiancheng laughed, “You still get angry easily. It’s much more fun to tease you than to do business.”

“You hang around all day. I don’t think you can sustain this restaurant for long.” Jingyan stared at him.

“Then you want to buy my restaurant?” Tiancheng asked suspiciously.

“I will consider it if it is necessary.”

“Mr. Ye, it’s really an honor for me that you like my restaurant.” Tiancheng teased again.

Then Jingyan sat between him and Yiyao.

Tiancheng liked to say something out of place on purpose. Jingyan had long been used to his style of doing things.

“I can’t breathe.” Yiya suddenly whispered to Jingyan.

Hearing her, Jingyan took his hand away from her shoulder.

At this time Tiancheng then began to look up Yiya. He found that she was very ordinary and did not understand why Jingyan liked her so much.

In the room, since Tiancheng came, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Yiyao was uncomfortable by his stare, turned her head to look at Jingyan.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you always staring at my girlfriend? If you don’t eat, get out.” Jingyan said to Tiancheng with displeasure.

“Aren’t you going to introduce this lady to me?” Tiancheng said casually.

Jingyan looked at him coldly and said, “This is Yiyao. We’re getting married.”

“Hello, my name is Tiancheng Yi. I am the owner of this restaurant.” Tiancheng extended his right hand in a friendly manner.

Yiyao also extended her own hand and shook his hands.

However, Tiancheng hesitated to let go of her hand, smiling at her with a special meaning.

Jingyan on the side was a little angry. “Tiancheng, what are you doing?”

“I just want to see what she looks like.”

“Then why haven’t you let go of her hand?”

“It’s etiquette.” Tiancheng said rightfully. “In China, friends meet with a handshake, while in foreign countries it’s cheek kissing. I’m pondering whether I should kiss her to show my greetings, but I’m also afraid you will cripple me if I kiss her.”

“Nonsense. If you don’t let go of her hand, I’ll get really angry.”

Jingyan stared at him. Tiancheng hurriedly let go of his hand. This made Yiyao breathe a sigh of relief. She immediately turned her head, but still smiled politely at Tiancheng.

“Where did you go just now?” Jingyan asked Tiancheng.

Hearing what he asked, Tiancheng suddenly became serious. “My dad’s company has a problem.”

“A problem that’s troublesome?” Jingyan asked.

“Yeah. My stepmother has transferred most of the company’s assets. Maybe the company is running out of cash soon.”

Hearing him, Jingyan couldn’t help but frown. The transfer of most of the assets could indeed make a company go bankrupt in an instant.

“My father also had a heart attack due to the angry. I come today just to consider whether to sell this restaurant or not.”

“If that’s the case, selling this restaurant is just a drop in the bucket. It won’t help you much.” Jingyan shook his head disapprovingly.

Tiancheng’s brow furrowed and he stopped joking like he did just now.

“If you’re really short of money, then it’s not without a solution.” said Jingyan.

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