Chapter 369 – 370: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 369: Kris’s Dignity Shall Never Be Destroyed

She didn’t believe Kris at all. If Kris really wanted to leave, he would have left when Chamberlain Mei announced that he would be the son-in-law of Yuan Family.

Kris’s face set in grim lines. He wanted to say something, but he felt a faint energy was racing through his body.

He looked at Xuefei Yuan and said: “What are you doing?”

Xuefei furrowed her brow and said: “How is it even possible? All your acupuncture points are closed. And all the channels in your body are damaged, either severely or slightly. Obviously the damages are caused by the practice of Henglian Martial Art. You can not practice Henglian Martial Art without practicing Inner Power Technique. It will only reduce your life expectancy! All the monks practice Inner Power Technique. Why no one told that? Did you offend someone”

“Inner Power Technique? Acupuncture Points? What the hell are you talking about??!!” Kris said. He then remembered something and said: “Oh, yeah. I remembered. My master asked me to practice Henglian Martial Art the moment I became a monk. But what is the Inner Power Technique you were talking about? Also, what are the acupuncture points? I never heard about it before.”

Xuefei looked at him and said: “Wait a minute. If you don’t know these things, how did you fall from sky and knocked Jun Di unconscious with your butt? You are lying!”

Kris thought to himself: “Damn! This woman looks like a man, but she is still so careful like a woman. How should I explain?”

He thought about it and lied: “I jumped off from the top of a building?.”

“Why did you get up there?”

“Because I was hiding.”

“From who?”

“From the people in the law-enforcement branch.”

“Why were they chasing you?”

“Because I went to a brothel!”

Kris made up this lie because he didn’t want to sleep with Xuefei. He knew women in general find men who go to the brothel disgusting.

Just like he expected, a look of displeasure flickered across her eyes. She said: “I never thought you are a monk who disobeys the rules of the temple.”

Kris laughed. He said: “What’s so good about being a monk? You eat vegetables all the time, and you can’t even look at a woman. Sooner or later, these monks will become gay, considering they are spending all the time with men.”

Xuefei found Kris even more disgusting after hearing what he said. But, at least he was honest, for telling her how he truly felt. Anyway, Xuefei wasn’t going to marry him for real. She decided to keep waiting for her Mr. Right, and when that man appears, she will find an excuse and kick him out. And by then, it wouldn’t matter whether he agrees or not. He is just a little monk who only practiced Henglian Martial Art, and whose channels and acupuncture points were all closed. What could he possibly do against her?

“You are so open-minded.” Xuefei withdrew her hand and said: “It’s okay if you want to marry into my Yuan Family. But I have three rules for you. First, you can’t touch me. Second, you must tell other people that we love each other. Third, you can not go to the brothel.”

Kris sighed with huge relief when he heard the first rule. Of course he wouldn’t touch her. He wouldn’t touch her even if she was the only woman on earth.

But he couldn’t move at all at that time. So it would be a good idea to stay in Yuan Family, and eat some food that contains Fairy Aura, so that he could recover.

“Fine. I agree.” Kris nodded.

“Go to sleep.” Xuefei said. And then she left.

Kris sighed with relief when she left. His clothes were soaked by his cold sweet.

If she really slept with him, he would be forever hunted by that experience.


The news that the daughter of Yuan Family got married with a monk had spread through the whole Wuwei City. And Yuan Family became a laughing stock.

Jun Di, the second son of Di Family, also became a laugh stock, for being knocked unconscious by a monk with his butt.

He was so angry, and he smashed everything in his room. He was laughed by his family members, by some strangers, and even the servants in his family were laughing at him secretly.

He was almost driven mad. He wanted to rush into Yuan Family and tear that monk apart!

“Master, you must talk with second young master.” the chamberlain of Di Family said to Yingxiong Di.

“This pathetic loser!! He brought shame to my Di Family!!” Yingxiong snorted and said.

Yingxiong was in the middle period of Back-to-self stage, and his presence was exceptionally commanding. The chamberlain felt his knees were weak when he was beside him.

“Lock him into the ancestral shrine and make him face the wall for seven days!! If he doesn’t acknowledge his mistake, he will never be allowed to come out.” Yingxiong said and left.

It was almost June, and the whole Wuwei City was put on alert, because every June, numerous beasts in Shiwan Mountain would leave their den and attack Wuwei City. So Yingxiong didn’t have time to mind his son’s business.

Yuan Family was anxious to find a son-in-law because that year it was Yuan Family’s turn to be the guardians of the city. The guardians of the city must take the responsibility to fight the beasts at the front line. Those guardians can hardly return alive once they are sent to the front line.

And that was also the reason why Yingxiong asked his son Jun Di to be Yuan Family’s son-in-law. Because Tiangang Yuan would be the guardian, and when he dies in the battle, the wealth of Yuan Family will have to be passed to the son-in-law of the family because Tiangang is the only son of Yuan Family. But unexpectedly, Jun lost his chance because of a monk. What a shame.

Yingxiong thought to himself: “It is okay. How can a little monk keep such a huge amount of wealth of Yuan Family’s.” He was determined to get a huge share of Yuan Family’s wealth, even though he couldn’t swallow the whole family.

Many families had similar thoughts, like Qi Family, Gao Family, and even the head of Wuwei City had this thought.

At that time, Tiangang Yuan was at Yuan Family’s ancestral shrine. He lit incense respectfully as a tribute for his forefathers.

The beasts will start their attack in another month, and now, more and more beasts could be noticed roaming outside the city.

Tiangang had already asked some people in Yuan Family to hunt the beasts, so that when the beasts began attacking, he could have a better chance of survival in the battle. But he knew what they were doing would not be very effective.

He couldn’t die. Yuan Family would be broken if he died.

“Sir, the lady and her husband have gone to sleep.” Chamberlain Mei said.

“Good, hopefully, Yuan Family can have a new generation when the beasts start their attack.” Tiangang sighed heavily. He looked at the plates on which his forefathers’ names were written, and sunk into deep thoughts……


The next morning, Kris was waken up by two old women. Kris recognized them. They were the matchmakers he saw yesterday.

“Sir, how was your sleep?”

A matchmaker held Kris up, looked at the bed, and saw there was a huge red stain on the white sheet.

Kris was numb with shock.

“Where did the blood come from?” He thought to himself. “Did that woman do something impeccable to me when I was sleeping? But, why didn’t I feel anything?”

Kris sat on the bed, and he was in a complete confused state of mind. He imagined what happened last night, and then his whole body shivered nonstop. He felt helpless, and he thought there was no hope for his life. Then, he felt his stomach was extremely uncomfortable, and he threw up violently.

“Sir, what’s the matter?”

The stout matchmaker patted on his back violently and said: “Water! Wash his mouth!”

Kris was on the verge of breaking down, and he paid no attention to the matchmaker.

“Sir, please, open your mouth. Drink some water.” The matchmaker said. But Kris didn’t respond. She then opened Kris’ mouth by force, and poured the water into his mouth. She said: “You are going to meet our master. You must put yourself together.”

After drinking the water, the feeling of nausea subsided a little bit.

Then the two matchmakers washed him, and dressed him, as if he was a doll. They also put a hat on him, to cover his bold head.

“Sir, please.” The matchmaker motioned Kris to move.

But Kris was motionless. The matchmaker’s face darkened. She said: “What? You want us to carry you to the master? You really think you are important, don’t you?”

“You are just a tool of Yuan Family’s!! You are brought here only to make our lady pregnant!! And that’s the only function of yours!”

“Move!!” The matchmaker said impatiently.

Kris looked at them with cold eyes. He never imagined he would be bullied by such a group of people. He was in a terrible condition, but still, his Spiritual Power was ten times more powerful than the average people’s.

He used his Spiritual Power against a matchmaker, and then, the matchmaker felt her head was about to explode. She grabbed her head and moaned.

“My head!!!” She screamed.

“Did you do this to her??!” Another matchmaker asked furiously.

“Shut your damn mouth and get the hell out of here.” Kris shouted.

“You……” The matchmaker pointed at Kris and shivered nonstop because of anger. She said: “Good, good. I will call some people! Just wait!”

She then held the other matchmaker up and left the room. She needed to make Kris realize what kind of position does he have in Yuan Family.

Soon, the matchmaker came back with a bunch of muscular men. She said: “Take him to the master!! This jerk has no respect for our master!”

These men rubbed their hands when they heard the matchmaker. They said: “You are not seriously thinking that you are the head of the family, are you? Today, we will teach you some manners!!”

Then they lifted their fists up and punched Kris violently.

“Get the hell out of here!!!” Kris shouted. He summoned up the only energy he had left, and used it against these people.

Then, they felt a powerful energy was sent out of his body, and the two men who were punching Kris felt something extremely heavy was placed upon their shoulders. They were pressed on to the ground in an instant, and they couldn’t even move their finger.

The matchmaker froze. Her legs were shaking violently. “Did…did you do that?” She asked in a shaking voice.

They felt they were surrounded by a terrifying energy, as if they were some little boats drifting on the surface of an endless ocean in a devastating storm.

“I warn you for the last time. Do not mess with me! Or I will never forgive you.”

Kris was in the Detachment Stage, and he couldn’t allow himself to be bullied by these average people.

The dignity of a man with exceptional power shall never be destroyed.

Chapter 370: Meet the father in-law

The strongest of them was at the Fulfilled Period of The acquired stage. How could they resist the overwhelming pressure of Kris.

Although Kris was seriously injured, the stage was still there.

“You… You wait! I’ll call the housekeeper, and you’ll be doomed!”

The matchmaker yelled at Kris and ran out. Soon, Mei came in.

Looking at the servants lying on the ground, Mei said with a sullen face, “What’s the matter with you? This is the lady’s boudoir. Who allowed you to come in?”

Housekeeper May’s words made the servants tremble. They were just fooled by the matchmaker and forgot that this was the lady’s boudoir.

The rules of the Yuan Family are strict. If the servants step into the boudoir without permission, they will be punished with at least one hundred sticks. They’ll end up dying or being paralyzed.

One of the servants said, “Mr Mei, Sir Kris refused to visit our Master. We are here to invite him.”

“That’s right. Sir Kris is arrogant. He doesn’t respect our Master. We are here to teach him a lesson!”

Before Mei came, the matchmaker had already told him about what happened, with extra details added.

When he looked into Kris’s eyes, he was shocked by the sight of Kris. What kind of eyes he had! They were so deep that Mei almost lost his mind.

He had planned to scold Kris, but at the moment, he held the words back.

“Even if I’m an ordinary man, I am your lady’s husband; I am your Sir!”

Kris glanced around and said in a deep voice, “What do you think you are? How dare you be so arrogant to me? Your family rules don’t count? Or, you don’t respect your lady at all?”

The words were so loud that the servants did not dare to respond.

In the Yuan Family, apart from Tiangang Yuan, Lady Yuan held the highest position, naturally.

The lady was the heart of the Master. Anyone who dared to offend her would be strictly punished.

Mei didn’t expect that this little monk to talk so swiftly and smartly, and made the whole situation good for him.

Yes, he was a live-in son-in-law, but so what?

In terms of status, he’s the lord and they were servants, and no one could deny that!

Seeing the crowd being silent, Kris sneered, “If you hold a right view about your position, we shall get along well. But if you want to prove something to me, I’m willing to play this game with you. See if it’s me or you that matter! “

The matchmaker and servants were terrified. They felt cold and were trembling.

How come this live-in son in-law was so different from those of the other families?

Standing there still, Kris caused great tension to people.

Mei took a deep look at Kris, turned his head and looked at matchmaker and the servants, and said in a sharp voice, “You dogs, you are bold and reckless. Kneel down and apologize to Sir Kris and beg for forgiveness! Master won’t be happy if he knows about this!”

The matchmaker and the housemaids were so scared that they knelt on the ground, shivering with fear.

“Sir, I am wrong. Please forgive me!”

Two matchmakers knelt on the ground and kowtowed hurriedly; they didn’t seem arrogant at all at the moment.

The servants did and said the same thing.

From this moment on, no one would dare to challenge Kris.

However, Kris remained silent.

“Sir, I failed to discipline my servants. My apologies!”

Mei arched his hand at Kris and gave him a look. If he’s smart enough, he would know what to do.

Otherwise, in the Yuan family, Mei got various ways to make Kris suffer.

Kris softened his face a lot and said, “Mr Mei, don’t take it personally. It was these reckless dogs who offended me, not you. I’ve heard from my wife that you are very loyal to Yuan Family, and even my father in-law had acknowledged your contribution. Today, I can see that it is true!”

It is necessary to get along well with Mei if he wished to stay in the Yuan Family.

After hearing the words of Kris, Mei was very happy. “Oh I am so flattered.”

Mei grew up in the Yuan Family, which meant that he had devoted his whole life to the Yuan Family. This time, he was so moved to hear Kris say so. His efforts over the years could finally pay off.

“Ah, Mei, don’t belittle yourself. My wife has never regarded you as a servant, but as an uncle.”

“Did she really say so?”

Mei’s eyes turned red in an instant. Recalling these years, the lady had indeed been calling him uncle Mei. She never despised him for his identity; she treated him with respect.

“Of course!”

“If you allow me, I’ll call you uncle Mei from now on” said Kris.

Kris was over forty. Mei’s hair was gray and he was sixty years old. It’s OK to call him uncle.

Mei wiped his tears from the corner of his eyes and quickly waved his hand, “Sir, I’m flattered…”

“Well, I’ve made up my mind, uncle Mei.”

Kris said categorically.

Mei felt very excited and looked at Kris with much gentleness. It wouldn’t matter if he’s a live-in son in-law, as long as he’s the husband of lady Yuan.

In the future, his children would be the inheritors of the Yuan Family. Why bother giving him a hard time?

What’s more, the Yuan Family was not prosperous as it seemed, lady Yuan was the only child of Master.

Thinking of this, Mei said to the matchmakers and housemaids, “If something like this happens again, I’ll peel off your skin!”

A group of servants were kneeling on the ground, not dare to lift their heads.

Master and lady Yuan were kind-hearted and may not impose heavy punishment, but Mei would. Every servant in Yuan Family was afraid of him.

After scolding the servants, Mei came forward with a smile, “Sir, it’s the first day you are here, officially, it’s a rule that you should go to visit the Master.”

“I know.”

With a wry smile, Kris added, “Mei, come here… I have something to tell you!”

He lowered his voice and said, “Could you get me something to eat first? Last night it was too…”

On hearing this, Mei showed an understanding look, “Go, bring some food to Sir Kris!”


The housemaid nodded and ran away.

“Remember, the food with holy aura, or it’s useless!”

Kris added.

Mei nodded.

Soon, the servant brought over breakfast.

Deer antler, bird’s nest, tiger whip, ginseng and so on.

It contained a lot of holy aura, which was absolutely better than those dishes last night.

“Sir, is that enough?”

“Enough, enough!”

Kris said with a watering mouth, “Mei, why don’t you go to work first and come here when I’m finished!”

Mei nodded, “Well, Sir. Call me when you are done and I will take you to the Master.”

Then he walked away.


Kris took a deep breath. They finally left!

He hastily put put the ginseng and antler on the table into his mouth.

A steady stream of holy aura and nutrition was delivered throughout the body.

After a long period of drought, a steady stream of aura moistened his dry meridians, and the gravity exerted on the body was also gradually reduced.

The gravity of this world was really abnormal. Without aura, it was difficult to walk. If he was not physically strong, he would have been crushed by the gravity of the world the moment he landed.

After eating the nutritious meal, Kris recovered one tenth of his aura. Although he could not repair the injured meridians and vitality, he could at least walk, although he was still very slow.

If you want to understand the world, you need to understand the cultivation system and the history of the world.

But he decided to wait until he met his father-in-law.

Wearing a robe, Kris felt very twisted. As he walked, he felt the wind in his crotch. He was not comfortable at all.

He called a servant and asked where Mei was. Under the guidance of the servant, Kris found the housekeeper.

“Uncle Mei, please take me to the Master!”

Mei looked up and down at Kris. He saw that his lips were red and his teeth were white, his skin was smooth and delicate, and his eyes were beautiful. He was not a monk at all.

It’s clear that he was a modest and noble gentleman.

“Sir, follow me!”

Following Mei, Kris walked through so many corridors and turns then finally he came to a spacious courtyard.

On the imperial chair, a middle-aged man in silk and satin was sitting there. Beside him were young men with vigorous spirit. They were dressed in practicing clothes and were full of fierce spirit.

Walking in, Kris even smelled a strong smell of blood!

However, it’s not the taste of human blood, which Kris could easily tell.

“Master, Sir Kris is here.”

Mei bowed his hand and stood aside consciously.

While Kris was looking at Tiangang, Tiangang was also looking at Kris.

At the sight of Kris’s weak and white face, his face suddenly turned sullen and he was obviously very dissatisfied.

It seemed that he also liked to judge people by the appearance.

Without thinking too much, Kris stepped forward and said, “Master, I am Kris Chen!”

“Your name is Kris?”


Kris said lightly.

“Why didn’t you kneel down when you saw me?”

Tiangang patted the table, “Don’t you understand the rules?”

At the same time, the strong men behind him was staring at Kris angrily. A strong pressure came from them, as if they wanted to press Kris on the floor to make him kneel.

However, this idea was doomed to fail. Kris was a strong man of Detachment stage. Although he did not know how the stags were divided here, at least Kris didn’t feel threatened by them.

No threat; it meant they were not his match!

“You didn’t treat me as your son-in-law. Why should I kneel?”

Kris looked directly at Tiangang without fear.

“How dare you!”

“Kneel down to apologize to Master!”

The strong men all said angrily.

Mei looked at all this in astonishment and said to Kris, “Sir, how could you be so confused at this time? Kneel down to kowtow to the master and beg for forgiveness!”

In the Yuan Family, Tiangang’s words were the orders. No one dared to disobey him.

Kris did not move, putting his hands behind his back, fearlessly.

The expression on Tiangang’s face was angry at first, then surprised, but at the moment, there was a faint smile.

“Interesting, so interesting!”

Tiangang said with a smile, “I don’t know where your courage comes from, and how you resist the pressure, but people have their own secrets… I don’t care where you come from, and why did you appear at the scene of my daughter’s martial arts competition. But since you have entered the door of my Yuan Family, you must abide by the rules of the Yuan Family. Can you do this?”

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