Chapter 369: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 369 If Only This Moment Could Last Forever

“How?” Said Tiancheng as he rose to his feet, eyes blinked with hope again.

“Even the greatest dam in the world would have at lest one defect on it.”

“You mean…but I don’t think it’s possible.” Uttered Tiancheng, thinking that his stepmother wouldn’t be that careless to leave them anything that may drag her down.

“True it’s hard for us to catch her off-guard, but, the defect, we can create one.”

“We?” Tiancheng seemed shocked,”Are you serious?”

Jingyan nodded, and soon Tiancheng realized what Jingyan meant: his stepmother would surely be on alert and desperate to look for every opportunity to keep the money safe. Yiyao was listening all the time though hardly had her caught up with them while Jinyan never stopped handing her food on the table.

“Would you like some more?” Asked Jinyan as he cleaned his hand with a towel after nearly all the meals on the table was gone.

“Nah, thanks, I’m good.” Nodded Yiyao timidly.

“Let’s go then.” Said Jingyan as he rose to his feet and took Yiyao’s hand.

“Wait!” Said Tiancheng,”Could you help me with this? You came up with this idea!”

“Sure I did, but it’s better to let you take it from here.”

“Come on, man!” Moaned Tiancheng, he never had much confidence in himself.

“I’m here on a vacation, not a business trip to solve anyone’s problem.” Said Jingyan after which he left with Yiyao.

“Are you really not going to help him?” Murmured Yiyao as she turned around and glanced at Tiancheng, who seized the chance and kept nodding as hard as possible.


“What?” Exclaimed Jingyan, quite irritated since Yiyao called his name all because of another man.

“Let’s help him!”


“Sure!” Nodded Yiyao, thinking that Jingyan was the only one that could get Tiancheng out of his misery.

“What about our vacation?”

“We can make it up some other days, but he doesn’t have much time left to deal with the trouble.”

“Damn…”Murmured Jingyan after a long while of silence,”Fine!”

“Thank you, thank you so much, Yiyao!” Tiancheng jumped from the ground out of joy, sending his clothes waving in the air.

“You’re welcome.” Said Yiyao, timidly still.

“Man…it’s me that will help, okay?” Sneered Jingyan.

“Oh, my apology, Jingyan, thank you!” Tiancheng acted like like a domestic servant of Jingyan and Yiyao, well, of course he would.

“Let’s go, Yiyao.”

“Wait, Jingyan!” Tiancheng stopped them again,”Shouldn’t we be working on it today?”


“Yeah, soon as possible.”

“I just came up with this idea, and I’ve got no plan so far. Alright?”

“So when can we start?”

“Not today!”

Jingyan quickly walked away without leaving Yiyao any chance of begging for Tiancheng, who was both confused and irritated since he knew that Jingyan held a grudge to him after what Tiancheng did to Yiyao. Well, what happened stays happened, Tiancheng could only wait.

“Where are we going?” Asked Yiyao, she was also quite confused.

“A walk on the beach.” Said Jingyan, he stopped as he noticed that Yiyao still got Tiancheng on her mind,”And kick that man out of your mind, understand?”


Clearly Jingyan was not okay with such answer, they just stayed there in the middle of the road, until Yiyao heard a car coming near and grabbed Jingyan to the side of the road.

“What are you doing? This is dangerous!” Shouted Yiyao as she shook Jingyan’s hand off her.

“I said, kick that man out of your mind!”

“I wasn’t…okay.” Yiyao’s anger immediately dispersed.

“That’s my girl.” Smiled Jingyan, though Yiyao didn’t know that he was crying inside. Jingyan would have to take Yiyao back for her surgery a month later, and she would definitely blame everything on him no matter how the surgery would go. He just wanted to spend every day as it it was his last when Yiyao was still around him, but Yiyao had no idea of all of theses things.

No more grudge between them, soon they made to the beach. The setting sun set the ocean on fire and everything was covered with a shinning golden blanket. There were quite many people around, visitors and food stalls owners. Yiyao got tired and quickly, then she felt the baby inside kicking her belly.

“Let’s take a break.” Said Jingyan, then they both said down on the beach, leaving their feet being greeted by the waves of ocean.

“We were still in the hospital this morning, and now here we are…” Uttered Yiyao, looking lost.

“Back into reality now, is it?” Said Jingyan. He threw his arm around Yiyao and had her leaned on his shoulder, a place of warmth and soothe to Yiyao wherever they are. The wind came and sent shivers down Yiyao’s spine, she cuddled herself closer to Jingyan.

“What’s up?” Asked Jingyan.

“Kinda cold here.”

“Let’s head back then.” Said Jingyan as he took his coat off and put it on Yiyao.

“Sure…” Yiyao nodded, as much as she wanted to stay with Jingyan, she had a baby in her belly to take care of. And soon they got back to the hotel.

“You look sleepy, Yiyao.” Said Jingyan, who still seemed to be quite energetic.

“Yeah…” Uttered Yiyao, but soon she noticed the subtle look on Jingyan’s face, “What’s up, Jingyan?”

“Actually I have a surprise for you…well, it’s not in a hurry anyway, just go to sleep now.” Said Jingyan as the joy in his eyes faded away.

“Really? I want to see it now!” Yiyao looked up to him, trying her best to look lively.

“It’s okay, Yiyao, just got to bed.” Said Jingyan calmly, though his heart was quite broken.

“Okay then…” Said Yiyao as she took a yawn and laid down on the only bed in the room.

He watched her fell down on the bed, cuddled herself under the quilt and eventually fell asleep, at which moment the smile on his face was gone as well. He took a ring out of his pocket and fixed his eyes on the diamond he chose by by himself: the Heart of Stars. He could’ve placed it on her finger had her noticed what he wanted.

Jingyan shook his head and smiled, wondering what was really going on in Yiyao’s mind. There was only one Heart of Stars in the world, just like his only love to Yiyao. Meanwhile, Yiyao wasn’t asleep as well, she could feel how Jingyan stared at her, she just didn’t know how to react and chose to ignore it eventually until she really fell asleep.

Well, Jingyan would have to keep the ring on him for a few more days.

The next day morning when Yiyao and Jingyan stepped outside the hotel, Tiancheng was already there waiting.


Jinyan just ignored him and asked Yiyao:”What would you like for breakfast?”

“Breakfast? I’ve got it prepared for you!” Exclaimed Tiacheng.

Jingyan just kept on staring at Yiyao until she sensed the awkwardness and said:”I’m fine with…anything.”

“We’ll just eat in the hotel, then.” Said Jingyan, and Yiyao nodded.

“Wait, guys, didn’t you hear me?” Said Tiancheng as he followed Yiyao, knowing that it was her that made all the decisions. But he didn’t know that Yiyao would always listen to Jingyan, and just as Yiyao and Jingyan were about to step into a restaurant, he grabbed Yiyao’s wrist and said:”Come on, I’ve been waiting all morning! You guys can have dinner in my place!”

“Hands off her, you fool!” Shouted Jingyan as he pushed Tiancheng way, which drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant.

“Let’s just listen to him, Jingyan.” Uttered Yiyao, begging for Tiancheng again. She felt quite sorry to Tiancheng, who acted like a stray dog waiting for them.

“That would be the end of our vacation, Yiyao.” Uttered Jingyan, but Yiyao just nodded, she had made up her mind.

“Fine, let’s go then.” Said Jingyan as he glanced over Tiancheng angrily, pissed that he had to delay his proposal because of Tiancheng again while Tiancheng and Yiyao were both happy then he eventually agree to lend a helping hand.

“This way, please!”

Soon they made to the restaurant Tiancheng ordered, where the first floor was already teemed with people.

“Seriously? Is this what you prepared for us?”

“Of course not! I’ve booked the second floor, just for us!”

Soon the waitress led the to the second floor, and finally Yiyao got the chance to take a look around and be amazed by all the fancy decorations, statues and work of calligraphy. They grabbed a seat near the window which provided them with a view of a perfect scene outside.

Tiancheng never stopped trying to start a conversation with Yiyao and Jingyan, but both of them seemed to be obsessed with their own thinking and completely ignored Tiancheng until he realized it as well and stayed silent.

Eventually, the meals came. The waitresses all dressed up in clothes of ancients servants of the emperors, after which they greeted everyone with a Bon Appetite.

“What’s going on here?” Yiyao was quite confused, everything made her feel like that she was dinning in a palace hundreds of years ago.

“I arranged everything, do you guys like it?” Smiled Tiancheng.

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