“Master, we may be in trouble!”

Betty’s alertness made her feel that something was wrong.

When she drove, she habitually looked at the rearview mirror. Although she hadn’t remembered it, she frequently found a car following far away, which was not right!

In fact, the two people had been chatting in the car just now.

Betty saw Chuck Cannon’s loss, and she also wanted to comfort her.

So she didn’t pay attention at first, but now she does.

When Chuck Cannon heard Betty’s words so solemnly, of course, he turned his head and looked. There were not many cars behind, so Chuck Cannon couldn’t see much.

“Master, that car.” Betty pointed.

Chuck Cannon stared.

“Master, you try to make a call,” Betty said.

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand why Betty did this, but he still took out his mobile phone and gave Yvette to him. All his thoughts at this time were Yvette.

But I can’t get out, what’s the situation?

Chuck Cannon tried again, and it was still the same, but he couldn’t make a call. Obviously, there was a signal. Chuck Cannon tried other people’s numbers and directly called Betty, but he still couldn’t make the call.

“Sister Li, I can’t fight,” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“Well, we are interfered by the lock signal,” Betty’s eyes are cold, so blatantly want to do it?

“My cousin, Li Shidao let someone do it?” Chuck Cannon analyzed it. Otherwise, who would do it?

Didn’t expect this Li Shidao to do it to himself so quickly?

“En.” Betty stared at the car behind.

“What should I do then?” Chuck Cannon has never encountered such a situation, but Chuck Cannon feels that he should speed up and go back to the night hotel.

In any case, there are many in the mom’s hotel.

“Don’t worry, young master, I will take good care of young master,” Betty is relatively calm. She has encountered too many situations like this, nothing terrible, but Betty is worried about Chuck Cannon.

Ordinary mobile phones will definitely be interfered, but Betty has satellite mobile phones, so you can call someone over.

If it is normal, Betty must have dragged the car alone, but Chuck Cannon is in the car, she must ensure Chuck Cannon’s safety!

Betty took out her cell phone and called the hotel to call everyone out. Chuck Cannon must be safe!

But as soon as she drove out, she noticed that the car behind it was leaving in a sharp turn, and Betty was stunned.

Chuck Cannon saw this scene and was surprised.

What are these people doing?

“Sister Li, they…” Chuck Cannon stunned.

“Master, Li Shidao is a very deep man in the city. Your mother’s evaluation is that this person has a very abnormal personality and he likes to play.” Betty was wary, and she speeded up.

“Like to play? What to play?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“Playing with people.”


“No, he thinks people are his toys, so in Li Shidao’s eyes, you too, Master…” Betty stopped, she couldn’t say anything more.

“I’m his toy too?” Chuck Cannon touched his nose. Is this man perverted? What’s interesting about him?

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand this.

“What’s fun for me?” Chuck Cannon didn’t understand.

“So Young Master, your thoughts remain unchanged. Mr. Li makes Young Master, your heart a little bit cruel, just to deal with these people.”

Chuck Cannon understands that this kind of people think that they are superior. Chuck Cannon can’t understand the thoughts of these people. Chuck Cannon thinks that playing with women is what a normal man thinks. Playing with men? This… Chuck Cannon tells the truth, his hair is terrifying!

“Then Li Shidao suddenly let people leave, is this playing me?” Chuck Cannon thought of this, is this scaring himself?

Chuck Cannon was not frightened.

“It’s possible, Master, I will take you back to the hotel first, and then you will take a good bath and sleep peacefully. It’s okay, I will protect Master,” Betty was very serious.

“Well, thank you, Sister Li,”

“It should be.”

Betty drove Chuck Cannon to the night hotel and went into the parking lot. Betty’s hanging heart was stable. She personally protected Chuck Cannon and went into the room where he usually lives. She took out her mobile phone to call, and soon there was a knock outside. The sound of the door, Betty went to open the door.

At the door were ten men in black suits.

Everyone is well trained!

“From today, all of you will begin to protect Young Master!” Betty said. She will still protect Chuck Cannon personally, but just in case, double protection is necessary.


Betty closed the door, the family’s elite road team, Karen Lee returned to China this time, and brought hundreds of people, all nearby! Hundreds of people can appear on one phone.

After finishing all these preparations, Betty felt relieved. She started to check the position of Li Shidao. He came to China, so where would he be?

Betty couldn’t figure out Li Shidao’s thoughts. She wanted to discuss with Chuck Cannon. When she reached the door of the room, she was about to knock on the door, only to find that Chuck Cannon’s door seemed not closed, and with a squeak, the door opened.

Betty was stunned, Chuck Cannon walked around the room naked, was he going to take a bath?

Betty’s face turned red, and she hurriedly closed the door, “I’m sorry, master!”

Chuck Cannon was stunned, he remembered that the door was closed!

This is also relatively speechless. He is a big man who actually let Betty look at it, but Chuck Cannon doesn’t care, “It’s okay, Sister Li, what are you going to say?”

“It’s nothing, Master, take a bath and sleep, and sleep at ease,” Betty blushed, this is the master!


Chuck Cannon didn’t care to take a bath, but when he took a bath, Chuck Cannon thought, he still had some thoughts, how to say, lonely man and window, so close protection, plus Chuck Cannon caught her twice before, plus Betty called herself Master.

Men are satisfied, and the woman is called Master, which means that this woman is very obedient.

Adding to the fact that Betty had accidentally rammed in just now, Chuck Cannon actually had the idea of doing something to Betty for a moment.

Then Betty will tell the young master to be obedient, or refuse?

Chuck Cannon is more curious. Men have some kind of stimulating thoughts. Chuck Cannon is no exception. It’s just that Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to act. In case Betty called her mother to complain, then. It’s over.

Chuck Cannon dispelled this stimulating thought and took a bath with peace of mind.

Betty calmed down and started calling to continue looking for Li Shidao’s location, but she didn’t have any clues. She was also more helpless. She sat on the sofa, closed her eyes, and was ready to take a break.

However, at this time, she received a call, and soon she stood up, “What? I’ll come right now!”

“Master, Master!” Betty opened the door again anxiously, she was stunned, because Chuck Cannon just walked out of the bathroom without wearing anything, and took a bath towel to wipe his hair.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed at this moment and was watched by Betty twice in succession. What happened?

But it’s okay, I went back to the last time Chuck Cannon caught her twice.

Betty, embarrassed, there was no expression on her face as much as possible, but she blushed and betrayed her, “Sorry, master, please get dressed, something happened.”
Betty turned her body.

Chuck Cannon heard Betty say this, of course, he quickly put on his clothes, no accident, Betty would never break in like this.

Chuck Cannon got dressed soon and walked over, “Sister Li, what happened?”

“The square is on fire,” Betty said solemnly.

Chuck Cannon’s face sank. The last time the Lara milk tea shop was poisoned, the impact was resolved. At this time, there was a fire?

Li Shidao! Li Shidao!!

Murder in Chuck Cannon’s eyes!

“Take me to the square.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, Master,” Betty and Chuck Cannon went out, but there were people standing at the door. Betty ordered, “Call everyone, bring fire-fighting tools, and go to Master’s Square!!”

“Yes!” The ten people ran down immediately!

When Chuck Cannon and Betty arrived at the parking lot, Betty drove, taking Chuck Cannon to the square at the fastest speed.

A minute later, twenty off-road vehicles went out from the hotel parking lot, all followed by Betty, so the spectacular scene amazed the people on the street!

Chuck Cannon is worried. The square is of great significance to Chuck Cannon. This is Chuck Cannon’s first entrepreneurial project. In the past few months, Chuck Cannon has spent too much effort on the square. This Li Shidao actually Dare to set fire!

“Master, Li Shidao won’t do it by himself, so I will try my best to find someone who sets fire, what should I do with this person?” Betty’s face was very cold!

“Kill!” Chuck Cannon said coldly, daring to move his square, no one can do it!

Soon, Chuck Cannon saw a place with black smoke rising into the sky from a distance, it was his square!

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