Chapter 37 – 38: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 37: I don’t need you to care my woman

“Was that you that night?” Venus asked subconsciously and she couldn’t help but clench her fists, somewhat angry.

Hao Nangong, was puzzled when he heard her words, then he smiled, “What? I’m a friend of Kerry. We met at the wedding of you two, remember?”

Venus froze for a while and recalled her church wedding. Although the wedding was grand, it was all planned and arranged by Kerry and not too many people were invited, not even Changrui Mu’ s family was invited. There were only his own few friends, pastor and of course some bodyguards in black suits.

Venus didn’t care too much about it at that time. Maybe she was in a bad mood that day and she had no memory of this Hao.

“Uh… “Venus was a little embarrassed and touched the back of her head, apologizing, “I don’t remember, sorry…”

Hao’s eyes flashed with disappointment, but it was fleeting. Then he laughed lightly, “It’s okay. We can know each other from now on. Don’t forget me next time!”

Venus waved her hand, “No, I won’t. Your surname is not common, so I’ll remember it!”

Saying so, Venus thought of something else. She handed the handkerchief back to him, but it was a little wet, which was her tears. she was embarrassed all of a sudden, so she withdrew her hand, “I’m sorry I messed up your handkerchief. I’ll give it back to you next time after cleaning it! “

“Alright!” Hao nodded his head and smiled.

Looking at him, Venus bit her lower lip, pondering. It seemed that he was not the man of that night. That Young Master Nangong… maybe they had the same surname. He couldn’t be the man for whose surname was Nangong.

Thinking so, Venus’s hands that were clenched into fists opened. However, once she moved, the wound on her back hurt, which caused her to take a deep breath.

The sweet Hao immediately noticed that something was wrong and asked, “Are you OK? Do you feel good?”

Then he suddenly thought of something else, “Oh, right. By the way, why are you here? A place like this… if I haven’t just looked out of the window when I was driving, I won’t spot you!”

“I… “Venus opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but the cold sweat on her head was getting more and more and she was no longer able to stand the pain.

Hao squatted down to look at her, finding that her back was stained red with blood and was shocked. He hurriedly picked her up and rushed to his car, “Damn it. Why don’t tell me? So much blood. Let me take you to the hospital!”

His voice was very impatient, mixed with regret and care.

However, just as he approached his car and opened the door of the back seat to put Venus inside, a Lamborghini parked next to his car.

Hao froze, holding Venus tighter. He knew this car and was familiar with and it was Kerry’s car.

As expected, Kerry got out of the car with a sullen face. When he saw that Hao was holding Venus, his expression was suddenly changed. He then said in a low Voice, “Hao, what are you doing? Give her to me!”

Hao subconsciously wanted to refuse and he spoke, “Kerry, her back is injured and I’ll take her to the hospital!”

Kerry suddenly remembered what he had just seen. The blood on the passenger seat of his car was really this woman’s… In fact, if he hadn’t seen the blood, he would never have turned back.

“She’s a woman I paid for; I don’t need you to care!” Kerry said, stepping forward to take her back.

“…” Hao paused and he was hesitant to give her back to him.

Chapter 38: So Possessive

Kerry Ye saw him without any no response, holding up Venus Mu who into his arms. His face look awful when his hands touched sticky blood on her back and he realized that she lost a lot of blood.

Immediately he opened the car door and put Venus in, and slipped into the driver’s seat, then he drove away without even saying goodbye to Hao Nangong, at the same time, he dialed the number in the villa.

“Hey, John, call Dr. Han and tell him to come to the villa within ten minutes!”

Without explaining too much, Kerry hung up the phone. From the rearview mirror, he glanced at Venus lying on the back seat, whose eyes were closed. The clothes on her back were all stained red.

“Venus, are you a fool? Not even tell me when you were injured?”Kerry said in a sharp tone as he was angry with her,”Why Tianye Mu has such a stupid sister? Why are you sibling so different in IQ?”

“You –” Suffering from pain, Venus lying on backseat didn’t want to say any word,but she couldn’t bear being provoked. This damnable man!How on this world have so abominable person?

“Kerry, I hate you!!” Venus endured the pain and said, gritting her teeth.

Hearing her words, Kerry said, with a half smile, “Ha ha, you’d better take good care of yourself first!”

“……” She turned her head angrily, stopping talking, and fainting after a while as the pain was unbearable.

Kerry drove wildly to Ye’s villa, immediately stoped the car and took Venus into the house.

John was uneasy after receiving a call from Kerry, calling family doctor hurriedly. They walked over instantly when they saw Kerry helding Venus into the house.

“What’s the matter, Young Master?” John asked in a hurry, glancing at the blood on Venus’s back. “Oh, my god, how did my lady get hurt? Doctor Han, get ready at once! Young lady was injured!”

John yelled hurriedly. Doctor Han saw what happened, immediately turning to get tools while Kerry held Venus to her room on the second floor.

When Venus was lying face down, Doctor Han entered the room. Kerry said hurriedly, “Her back was injured.Check up whether she is okay!”

“Fine!”nodded his head, Doctor Han took his tools out and was about to undress Venus’ clothes.

Looking what he was about to do aside, Kerry immediately frowned and talk harshly, “What are you trying to do?”

Doctor Han paused and looked up at Kerry. He realized something when Kerry was glowering at him and said awkwardly, “Young master, she hurt her back. I have to pull her clothes off to see if she’s all right, don’t I?”

“……” Doctor Han didn’t dare to move as Kerry frowned not to speak.

Kerry said the word when Doctor Han almost couldn’t stand his harsh gaze. “with scissors, don’t lift clothes!”

“Well……” his lips twitched,and then he nodded helplessly. He took scissors out, cut out her back’s clothes and saw the wound where glass shards had penetrated the flesh.

Kerry wrinkled his brows irritably as he realized these glass shards were from the photo frame of Tianye. “This damn woman is really stupid !”he thought.

“Cure her!”Kerry said and left the room sullenly.

Seeing him leave, Doctor Han was relieved and tweezed the shards of glass from Venus’s back… When Kerry was here just now, he didn’t dare to touch Venus as being afraid of enraging the young master.

Moreover, he didn’t lift her clothes on purpose , but she hurt her back… What a sick possessive!

Dr. Han shook his head and continued to tweeze the glass shards.

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