Chapter 37 – 38: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 37: Call me father

Doris nodded her head, “Sure.”

At this moment, deep in her heat, she could no longer remain calm, for this man disturbed the peace.

After they returned to the villa, Doris did not stay long before going to her company for work.

While Colin Ward received the text from the scarred face soon.

“It’s done.”

Colin smiled and texted him back, “The money has been transferred.”

“K.” The scarred face replied to him.

He then put the phone down. For ordinary people, they would avoid the gangster like the scarred face, but Colin was different.

As the chairman of the Marquis group, he needed people to handle some issues he could not deal with in person, and gangsters in the street could get some rare information.

Colin sat for a while and thought it was the day to pick up the car he had Nina White ordered for him.

Having been arrived at the car dealership, he went in but next second, someone stopped him, “Hey you, get your ass out here.”

It was a skinny, tall man who was seemingly graduated from college not for long, but the way he looked at Colin was disdainful.

“I’m here to take my car.” Colin replied to him calmly.

“You? ” That man was not convinced, “Man, take a look at the rag you wear, alright?”

“Come on, I know you’re here to see those fancy cars you can’t even afford. I’ve met plenty of people like you! Just, move your ass before you waste more time of mine.”

Colin smiled. He did not get to understand the logic behind this.

“I don’t want to waste my time either. So, please, move aside.”

“Do you even understand English? Just go away!”

“Why can you stop a customer coming in. Are you the boss here?”

“I…” That man did not know how to reply to him at that time because he was just an employee.

He grew up in a poor family, and then he found this job after graduation. He was used to those so-called rich people, so he thought he was one of them, too.

Colin shook his head. He did not want to say another word with him and walked inside directly.

The man was stunned for a while before he noticed it, “Hey! Stop! You hear me!?” He shouted in a hurry.

Because of this sound, most people in the shop looked over.

At this moment, the manager came out and saw this scene, “What are you doing? Stop yelling!”

The man hurriedly said to the manager: “Mr. Wang, that man over there came here to see the cars under the pretext of buying a car. I was going to drive him out, but he ran in first.”

The manager turned his head to Colin who also happened to look over. Colin thought that as a manager, this Mr. Wang should not be so snob.

As a result, Colin underestimated the snobbery of these people.

“You! Get the hell out of here!” Wang was short and fat.

Seeing this, the skinny man said: “You heard the man! Out!”

The manager glared at Colin with a pair of small eyes, “Mister, I know young people like you like luxury cars and beauties, but this is a 4S shop, and not anyone could come!”

Colin raised an eyebrow and looked at them, “Do you really want me to go out?”

“Out!” The skinny man looked pretentious.

The manager said unceremoniously: “Go on and leave!”

Colin nodded, “Okay, I’ll go, but don’t regret it.”

The manager and the skinny man looked disdainful.

“Ah, if I regret it, I’ll call you my father!”

Colin gave a chuckle, turned his head, and left.

The manager and the skinny man laughed at him, and the manager said, “Little punk!”

Colin called Nina White as soon as he left the shop, “I’m here to pick up the car, but they didn’t want me in. Call their general manager to see me.”

Nina was speechless for a moment.

After a while, a middle-aged man in his forties in a black suit came out. After seeing Colin, he could not believe it, “Mr. Ward? Mr. Colin Ward?”

Colin glanced at him and nodded, “Yeah, it’s me.”

The man was speechless because this man in front of him was really different. He then smiled and said, “Greetings, Mr. Ward, I’m the general manager of the 4S shop, You can call me Ye. Please come in.”

Seeing this, Wang and the skinny man who was following Ye were dumbfounded.

Just now, when Ye came out in a panic and said that he was going to meet an important man, they followed him out, but the important man turned out to be the one who was kicked out by them just now!

Colin glanced at Wang and the skinny man, “You just drove me out, and now you invite me in again. Are you playing with me?”

Hearing his words, Ye suddenly broke into a cold sweat, while Wang and the skinny man were even more frightened.

“You two, apologize to Mr. Ward! Now!” Ye really wanted to give both of them a slap.

The two of them approached Colin tremblingly.

“Mr. Ward, I’m sorry…”

“Please accept my apology, Mr. Ward…”

Colin asked faintly: “So, do you regret?”

Ye looked at them in confusion, wondering what to say, but Colin continued.

“Do you remember your words?”


The two were hesitating.

Should they call him father?

While seeing this, Ye said, “What did you say? If you said something wrong, just admit it and apologize to Mr. Ward!”

Colin laughed and said casually: “They said if they regret kicking me out, they need to call me father three times!”

Ye was stunned for a while!

These two fools!

Wang and the skinny man lowered their heads as if they were finding a place to hide.

Colin Ward looked at them and said, “Come on! Open your mouth.”

The skinny man glanced at Wang who asked: “For…for real?”

“For real.” Colin was not the same coward as before.

Ye did not say anything.

After all, it was their mistake, and as the general manager of the Marquis group, Colin was not the man they could offend.

“Father, father, father.” Wang almost buried his head into the chest and opened his mouth.

The skinny man followed Wang later.

After this, Wang and skinny man both buried their heads lower.

Colin was in a good mood after teaching these snobs a lesson, so Ye smiled and said: “Mr. Ward, please. This way.”

Colin gave a hum and said to the two people as they walked: “Next time, learn to be humble and honest, those you look down upon might be actually a thousand times better than you.”

Chapter 38: At your service!

Wang and the skinny man looked at the back of Colin Ward, thinking of what he just said to them.

Colin was just being kind and gave them a suggestion. It would only benefit them if they could learn from it, which as a man making it to the manager, Ye understood.

Leading the way in the front and together with Colin, Ye got to the car Nina White ordered. It was a BMW which was at the price of two million.

Colin was quite satisfied with it and when he was about to leave, he stopped to ask Ye, “How long will it take to give me one more car like this?”

He thought that flattery was a good way to have Doris Lee’s parents to accept him completely, and now was good timing.

“About ten days, but we have an Audi car right now, and it’s also at the price of two million.” Ye smiled and answered.

Hearing from him, Colin paused to think. The mother-in-law of him never drove the same car as him, so an Audi might even be better, “Alright, keep that for me. I’ll send people to pick it tomorrow.”

“You got it.” Ye smiled and nodded his head, while deep down, he was opening a bottle of champagne right now.

Having left the dealership with his brand new car, Colin got to his office where Nina White was waiting, “Mr. Ward, Flora Lewis is here again. She wants to express her gratitude to you.”

“Gratitude?” Colin blinked his eyes, “How?”

“Dinner.” Nina White glanced at him with a weird look before continuing, “And she might be going to talk about another partnership with you.”

Colin rubbed his chin meditatively. Flora Lewis was the best friend of Doris Lee, so she could not know that he was the chairman right now, “Pass the dinner, another partnership’s negotiable.”

“So…you’re going to meet her in person?” Nina asked hesitantly.

“Ask Lenard Wang to meet her. He’ll know what to do.” Colin answered with a wave of his hand.

“As you wish.” Nina nodded her head and left.

To avoid meeting Flora, Colin left to home on purpose in one hour later, while unexpectedly, the two of them still met.

“Colin Ward?” Flora Lewis looked at Colin Ward with wide-opened eyes, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh,” Colin sighed slightly, “I’m working here.”

“Here? At Marquis group?”

Colin nodded but knew Flora still did not believe him, “You can ask Doris about this.”

Flora looked at him doubtfully and then texted Doris Lee, “Girl, does Colin Ward work in Marquis group?”

While Doris was at a meeting and did not see the text.

Having no response, Flora stared at Colin and snorted lightly, “It doesn’t matter if you work here or not. Even if you do, you must be an ordinary employee.”

Rubbing the nose, Colin did not explain, “Alright, I’m going home, ciao.”

Flora rolled her eyes and was about to leave as well, but she saw the BMW car of Colin’s.

“Wait, that’s yours?” Flora knew that car.

“Yeah.” Colin turned around.

“You bought it?” Flora looked at him with astonished eyes.

That was a two-million BMW car, and Colin just bought a two-million Maserati and two villas!

“Yeah, I bought it. By the way, where’s your car?” Colin did not get the point of her question.

Colin remembered she had a Volkswagen car, but she did not seem to drive it here today.

“At the repair shop.” She was still in shock.

“Um…” Colin hesitated for a second before asking: “Do you need a ride?”

If it was not the best friend of his wife, he would never give a ride to another woman.

“Sure!” Flora did not even think because she could feel the brand new car.

They got in and Colin started the car.

“Where did you get the money? I mean, two cars and villas? That’s too much for an employee.” Flora could not hold her curiosity and finally asked.

“Thanks to the bonus from my supervisor for my hard work.” Colin answered calmly.

“You?” Flora still did not believe him.

Colin did not want to continue the subject and went silent.

Minutes later, Flora started to ask questions again, “Do you ever meet the chairman of yours? What’s he like? How old is he? Did he get married?”

Colin Ward: “…”

“Tell me! Or did you never meet him?” Flora was getting disappointed as she said because she was expecting to get some information of the chairman.

“Average appearance, twenty-five years old, married.”

“Married?” Flora then whispered to herself slightly, “Shit…”

“Yeah, and he loved his wife.”

Hearing the last sentence, Flora glared at Colin who did not even have a clue why she was upset.

For the rest of the road, the two of them never have another conversation.

After sending Flora Lewis home, Colin got back to his house as well, but he found Doris was not at home, so he called her out of worry.

“Doris? You still working?”

“Yeah, it’s the project. I need to fix it in time.” Doris sounded tired.

Colin frowned and asked, “Do you need help?”

“No, it’s okay, it should be done soon. You just grab something to eat, don’t wait for me.” Doris hung up after saying this.

Colin paused to think and then he texted Nina White, “Check on the project of Lishi company and report to me later.”

Half an hour later, he received an e-mail from Nina.

From it, Colin learned that the project was going well until today. Something happened to the material supplier and it caused the short on materials. To solve the problem, they must find a new supplier as soon as possible.

Knowing the general situation, Colin was not so worried.

As Doris said, it was not a big issue.

By the time Doris got home, it was almost late at night. Looking at the exhausted wife of his, Colin asked, “Did you eat yet? Noodle?”

Doris nodded her head with a light smile.

Fifteen minutes later, Colin came out from the kitchen with a bowl of steaming noodle, and for no reason, Doris found this life warm and sweet all of a sudden.

She finished it quickly and then felt both her stomach and heart warm.

“Alright, time for bed.” Colin said softly before taking the bowl to the kitchen and clearing up.

Doris just went to shower and then directly to the bedroom.

When Colin cleaned up, Doris was in her bedroom, ready to rest.

“Doris, you awake?” Colin hesitated before knocking the door.

In a minute, the door opened.

Doris was in a soft silk pajama which got the heart of Colin missed a beat.

“What’s up?” Doris did not notice the reaction of him.

“Um…” Colin was nervous, “Do you need a massage or something?”

Hearing his words, Doris was blushing at once, but on second thought, if she was going to accept Colin Ward as her husband, some physical contact was necessary, “Y…yeah, why not?”

Colin tried his best to remain calm and replied to her, “At your service!”

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