Chapter 37: Back Home – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Back to the office, Hong Shen said with a forced smile, “President Chen, how do you think about this contract …”

“I’ll sign it. Now call your legal specialist to see if there is any problem with the contract.” As Kris Chen spoke, he immediately switched the topic, “Anyway, we can enter into the contract, but there are some things you should bear in mind. Hereafter, Mary and you. . . “

“President Chen, I assure you I’ll keep the distance from Miss Su!” Hong said quickly.

“Well, that’s OK. Now ask your legal specialist to confirm the contract. If there is no problem, we could sign it now. There are a lot of things waiting for me in the company.”

“That will be fine! I’ll call the legal specialist right away. ” Hong swiftly called in the person. After checking the contract, he officially signed a contract with Huanyu Group on behalf of Mercedes-Benz.

After signing the contract, Kris discussed with Hong about advertising. Seeing Kris talking in confidence and composure, Hong was very ashamed.

He humiliated Kris in such a narrow way just now, but Kris was able to offer him an olive branch. He thought he was much less broad-minded than Kris.

After the two discussed the cooperation, Hong looked at Kris sincerely and said: “In order to thank Mr. Chen for trusting Mercedes-Benz, and to show my sincerity and apology, you could pick one car in my store without considering the price and I will send it to you. What do you think?”

“Is it?” Kris looked at Hong, who wore a flattering smile, probably understood his intention, and nodded: “So now I’ll forget my politeness.”

That was awesome! Who can refuse a car for free?

He walked out of the office and pointed to that Benz S350: “That one will be fine.”

Damn it! The completely imported Benz S350 will cost more than 300 thousand dollars. At this moment, Hong felt genuinely regretful.

“You wanna break your word now?”

Hong returned to reality and shook his head quickly. “How can I break my promise? I’m just thinking that this car was just shipped back from abroad yesterday. It is quite suiting President Chen’s temperament.”

Half an hour later, Kris drove the S350 and left the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop smartly.

Yingying Guo looked at Hong’s servile appearance and understood that the man who seemed to rely on his wife to make a living was actually a big person. She not only offended him but also let him run away. Her mood was very complicated. If she had a better attitude at that time, would she……

Unfortunately, time won’t go backward, and there is no regret medicine in life!

After reaching cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, Kris handled the rest of the things on the table. Then he was not so busy. On the third morning, Kris gave Mary a call.

Knowing that Kris was going home, Mary instantly felt better. Instead of working in the company today, she dressed up beautifully and waited for him at home.

In the living room, Jane Tang sat on the sofa and said to Mary, “What do you think about him? Why do you want that loser to come back? Don’t you like Hong Shen I introduced to you? Can’t he compare with your loser husband? “

Mary was silent for a moment and said, “Mom, I don’t want to divorce him now.”

“You are a soft-hearted woman.” Jane pointed to Mary: “Did you get touched because he exchanged as the hostage with you two days ago? I tell you, it’s nothing to be touching. That’s what he should do. Think about it, have you ever been happy in the two years of your marriage? Do you feel the happiness of being a wife? Anyway, I just despise him ……”

Before she finished speaking, she heard something outside the door. Jane subconsciously went to the window and looked outside. She was surprised.

A brand-new Mercedes-Benz limousine was parked in front of her house. She knew that this car was driven by one of her best friends’ husband. It was said that it was imported and cost more than 300 thousand dollars.

At that time, a person got off the car, and when seeing this person, Jane was shocked at that time!

This man wore the cheapest clothes up and down … If it was not that loser Kris, who can it be?

“I’m back!”

Open the door into the living room, Kris smiled and said to Mary.

He finally came back!

Mary couldn’t help smiling as well!

However, when she saw the Benz S350 parked outside, there was a trace of doubt in her eyes.

Kris noticed her doubts and explained: “This is the car I selected for my boss yesterday. My boss didn’t go to the shop today, so he asked me about running the engine first.”

Mary nodded. A new car needed to run the engine, but the boss was so careless that it allowed employees to drive a new limousine costing so much money. Was he not afraid of accidents?

“Oh, it turned out to be someone else’s car.” When Jane heard the conversation between the two, she sneered: “I thought you may bob up again like a cork.”

Kris replied in a smile. He was already accustomed to her ridicule and just ignored her.

Seeing that Kris was still indifferent to her, she was burning with anger. Jane looked at Mary and said: “Mary, listen to mom and divorce the loser quickly. Hong was much better. What a rich and handsome man he is! Isn’t he better than this loser?”

“Mom, you should stay out of my business.” Mary took a deep breath and said, “The children can take care of themselves when they grow up. I’ve grown up, and I’m able to select my husband. At least he was willing to work now. It was big progress…… I want to give him a chance! “

Jane was choked by her words since her daughter would never talk to herself in this way before. It must be this loser, Kris, who misled her daughter.

She gave Kris a harsh glance and said, “Jinx,” and then back to her room.

When Jane left, the whole room became quiet.

Kris looked at Mary with a smile and asked, “Don’t you really divorce me?”

“Don’t be happy so early, everything depends on your performance.”

Chen nodded, didn’t say a word, and then conveniently sat down on her side.

Looking at Mary’s enchanting face, he sighed in his heart. During the past two years that he was adopted into the bride’s family, Mary did bear a lot of pressure and received a lot of ridicule because of him.

Seeing that Mary was somewhat nervous, Kris knew that she had not adapted to the mode that they got along. He said: “I am a little tired. I’m going to go upstairs and have a rest.”

Mary looked at Kris’s back, and her mood was very tangled. Was it right or wrong to do so?

Could he really give himself a bright future if she gambles her future on him?

Mary lost in her thought.

At the same time, Jane angrily returned to the room, recalling what his daughter had just said, and becoming angrier and angrier.

“No, I can’t allow that the loser continues to stay in my home.” Thinking for a while, Jane took out her mobile phone and made a phone call.


Hong Shen was writing the details of this cooperation project with Huanyu Group in the office at this time. When he saw the phone vibrate, he stopped his work.

When he saw that it was Jane’s call, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed. If he didn’t answer it, she would definitely call again, but what should he say after answering it?

Thinking for a moment, he answered the phone: “Hello, Aunt Tang, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I want to ask you how did you talk with Mary these two days?” Jane said in a soft tone as if Hong really became his son-in-law.

Hong listened to her words and felt awkward. This phone call was really terrible. After thinking about it, Hong said: “Aunt Tang, I don’t think Mary and I are suitable for each other!”


“Oh, no reason. I feel that Mary and Kris are actually a wonderful couple. They are quite suitable for each other …… I will not intervene in them.” Hong wiped the sweat from his forehead and said.

Jane was stunned. She was surprised and said, “Hong, you didn’t say that the other days.”

“Hmmm……” Hong said with an embarrassing smile, “I didn’t know the actual situation two days ago, but now I know the reality. It is immoral to be a third party and get involved in other’s marriages. Oh, by the way, please tell Presi… Kris, May they two live together till old and grey! “

He was careless at the moment and almost exposed the real identity of President Chen. Fortunately, he stopped in time and changed his words.

If he disclosed Kris’ true identity, He would really get his ass kicked.

“You … Hong, you can’t do this …”

“I’m so sorry, Aunt Tang. There is a guest arriving at my shop. I should hang up the phone now.” Then he stopped talking.

Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Jane was trapped in chaos.

What happened today? First, her daughter openly contradicted her in front of the loser, and then Hong Shen changed his mind unpredictably. Before that, he promised himself that he would get Mary’s affection. It was only for two days, and things totally changed.

Just when Jane was puzzled, the downstairs door was knocked.

Jane came to her senses, opened the door, and found that the person standing outside was Mary’s best friend, Mina Li.

“Hi, Aunt!” Seeing Jane, Mina greeted her with a smile.

“Oh, hello, Mina.” Jane also said smilingly, “Come in, please.”

After arranging Mina to sit down, Jane suddenly shouted to the upstairs: “Kris, are you deaf?” Didn’t you find the guests at home? Come down! “

Hearing Jane’s voice, Kris, who was resting in his room, got up quickly from the floor and walked out of the room.

After seeing Kris, Mina froze the smile on her face. She looked at Mary in surprise: “Mary … Mary, is Kris at home?”

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