Chapter 370: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 370 Why Don’t You Try This on

Yiyao Duan touched her nose with an awkward smile and glanced at Jingyan Ye, who was quite serious, then she couldn’t help but tug on his sleeve.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Jingyan looked at Yiyao with a smile as if he had just come back to his senses.

“I’m hungry, can we start to eat now?”

“Of course!” Jingyan reached out to rub her the top of her head, thinking: There is no need to ask me about such things, it does not matter for you to eat when you are hungry!

Yiyao then picked up the chopsticks aside, thinking it was very awkward to tell them not to eat, but it also was very abrupt to put the chopsticks down.

So she bit the bullet to pick up the food which was the nearest to her.

“Hmm!” After putting it into her mouth and chewing it, Yiyao became delighted at once, thinking that the dishes here really didn’t disappoint her!

“It’s good if you like it!” Tiancheng Yi then smiled happily and secretly gave a wink to the waiter standing at the door.

The waiter waiting at the door immediately understood what he meant and hurriedly and quietly walked out, leaving only the one who had entered in the first.

Yiyao was so immersed in the delicious food that she had no attention to notice this matter, while Jingyan was so focused on Yiyao that he naturally didn’t pay much attention to other matters as well.

“It’s good that my sister-in-law likes it, because we are having breakfast, so the food prepared are all plain and light, I hope you don’t mind it!”

“No, no, no!” Yiyao waved her hand and said, “It’s already hearty enough!”

If the food here were light and plain enough, then the steamed stuffed buns that she usually ate were completely nothing compared to that!

Tiancheng smiled warmly and glanced at Jingyan, saying: “Brother, you should eat some too.”

Jingyan took a look at him calmly as he slowly picked up his chopsticks to take a bite of the dish that Yiyao had just eaten.

“How does it taste?”

Both Tiancheng and Yiyao looked at him expectantly.

Not wanting to disappoint Yiyao, he nodded slightly, “Not bad.”

This compliment made Tiancheng become quite proud in his heart, as if he had won hundreds of millions dollars in the lottery.

It wasn’t easy to get compliments from Jingyan. Although he would come over for dinner every time he came back before, he had never complimented the food here, and they just assumed that he was used to the food and was too lazy to change to another restaurant, but today they finally heard his compliment.


After breakfast, Jingyan and Tincheng made a discussion to go back immediately to see how the Yi family was doing, and then Yiyao stood up with them.

But she didn’t pay attention to the dishes placed in front of her, and her clothes tugged at them as she stood, then the dishes all fell to pieces at her feet, and her clothes were also soiled.

“What’s wrong?” Jingyan turned around and couldn’t help but frown after he saw that she stood in place at a loss.

“Why are you so careless, don’t move now!”

The ground was littered with glass scraps, then he strode over and picked up Yiyao, saying: “You go prepare the plane first, I’ll take Yiyao to change her clothes.”

After saying that, he directly carried Yiyao past Tiancheng without waiting for his response, and rushed towards the nearest clothes shop.

“Jingyan, put me down!”

People all along the way stared at them with a puzzled expression, making Yiyao a little embarrassed, she then uncomfortably twisted her body, wanting to get off of Jingyan’s arm, but she was also afraid of falling off, so she had to move slightly.

“Don’t move!” Jingyan couldn’t help but frown, thinking: She really is not afraid, if she keeps twisting like this, I might not really be able to hold her.

When Yiyao heard his heavy breath, she hurriedly kept her body unmoved, asking, “Are we there yet? How much further is it?”

“Almost there!” Jingyan answered irritably.

He then thought: Just how badly does this woman want to escape from me, now that she has already asked me this question for no less than ten times after we have just even taken a few steps!

“Oh ……”

But after she answered, they both became very silent, and Jingyan carried her for a long distance before he finally stopped at a clothing shop.

“Welcome!” The waitress said in English and Chinese at the same time.

“Go and pick one you like and put it on!” Jingyan took Yiyao to enter in and sat on a chair for resting.

“Okay.” Yiyao was still a little uncomfortable, who casually grabbed a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and went into the fitting room.

Jingyan casually picked up the magazine beside him and read it. Not long after, the door of the fitting room opened from the inside and she walked out of it.

He looked up with anticipation, but when he saw the clothes on her, he couldn’t help but frown again.

“Why are you wearing this?”

“Is there something wrong?” Yiyao turned around in front of the mirror, thinking: This is just my usual dressing style!

“Well, it doesn’t look good.” Jingyan put down the magazine and spoke seriously.

“But I …… I think it’s quite good!”

She fiddled with the hem of her dress, being a little confused, and the waitress beside her took a dress from the other side, who was very good at carefully watching the customers’ facial expressions.

“Madam, why don’t …… you try this on?”

“Skirt?” Yiyao was surprised, “No, no, I’m not fit to wear this!”

She was brought up to be a soldier, and wearing T-shirts and trousers were easier for her to move around.Therefore, if she wore a skirt, she might even not be able to walk.

“But this one is the most popular one this year, and a lot of people like it! Now that you have such a good figure, it must look beautiful on you.”

The waitress tried her best to sell the dress, while Jingyan held his chin and looked at the dress carefully, which was a sleeveless one with a fluffy snow white hem.

“Take it and try it on.” Jingyan said thoughtfully.

This dress had a quite conservative style within his acceptance range.

“Okay ……” Since Jingyan said so, Yiyao didn’t want to waste time and she took the dress and went into the fitting room at once.

Jingyan sat on the sofa, still patiently looking at the newspaper. But this time, it was obvious that she took a longer time to wear the dress.

He checked the time. Ten minutes had passed and Yiyao had not yet come out of the fitting room. It was reasonable to assume that wearing the dress would take much less time than wearing the trousers!

The waitress could see that he was impatient to wait, so she went to the door of the fitting room, asking after knocking on the door, “Madam, is there any problem?”

“No …… no problem.” Yiyao replied in a low voice inside.

“Since there’s no problem, then come out.” Jingyan walked to the fitting room and said.

Yiyao stayed inside for a long time before the door was opened from the inside and she walked out slowly, following a sound of “click”.

This was not the first time she wore a dress, but she was still a little uncomfortable as long as she stood in front of Jingyan.

At his wedding ceremony, Jinyi Bai had chosen a more revealing dress for her, which looked good on her, but now, the thought of standing in front of Jingyan with a dress on made her uncomfortable.

He knew her too well, so wearing the dress made her a little shy.

Jingyan saw Yiyao slowly appearing in front of him as the door opened. She was dressed in a white dress, being quite calm, as if she had been a extraordinary and refined fairy.

“Well?” Yiyao asked apprehensively when she saw that he did not say anything for a long time.


Jingyan tried his best to not be surprised, but he stared at Yiyao fixedly, which was clear to show that he was attracted by her.

The waitress was also stunned by Yiyao, though she had just said the compliment to please her and Jingyan, which was completely perfunctory, since she could not see her figure clearly now that Yiyao had worn a loose T-shirt and big jeans.


She seemed to a model, and the dress looked like being made for her, which completely revealed her good figure!

“I …… better go and change it!” Yiyao was so panic that she even did not know where to put her hands and feet, so she had to say what she was thinking in her mind.

But Jingyan yanked her hand, stopping her turning around, “That dress of yours is already dirty, don’t wear it.”

Then he pulled Yiyao to go towards the counter, asking: “How much is it?”

“Three thousand and five hundred dollars.

The waitress then took out a small pair of shears inside the counter, went behind Yiyao and inquired, “Madam, may I cut the price tag for you?”

“Ah! No ……”

Yiyao waved her hands, still being quite surprised with the high price of the dress, but Jingyan interrupted her, “Okay, cut it.”


Yiyao didn’t know what to say, how could she accept such an expensive dress, which looked quite normal and seemed to be made with a piece of fabric!

“Take it.” Jingyan helped her to smooth her hair and handed the waitress a black card.

The waitress, who had also seen many rich men before, was slightly shocked to see the black card of Jingyan, then she took another look at him before she began to collect the money.


After leaving the shop, Yiyao slowly walked beside Jingyan, “Jingyan, it’s not convenient for me to walk in this dress!”

“That is good, so you won’t be so careless anymore.” Jingyan pursed his lips and smiled lightly.

His words made Yiyao become so angry that she clenched her fist, thinking: Why don’t you tell me earlier now that you dislike me dressing like a tomboy!

“I do not despise your dressing style!” Jingyan explained, as if he could hear her thought.

“I just think you should not wrap yourself up in trousers and short sleeves now that you are so beautiful, and you should wear some colorful clothes once in a while. Yiyao, believe me, no matter what you look like, I will always love you!”

Yiyao was quite shy after listening to his confession now that he became quite serious, then she said: “Why are you talking about this all of a sudden!”

“Just want to tell you how I think and all that I haven’t say before.”

Yiyao then was a little puzzled, feeling something was wrong. And she thought his words sounded like a farewell.

They chatted and walked, and soon arrived at Tiancheng’s private airfield, where a plane was parked. And from afar, they saw Tiancheng waving to them at the bottom of the stairs of the plane.

As they walked closer to him, Tiancheng couldn’t help but sigh with relief, “Oh …… I thought you weren’t coming!”

Jingyan looked at him and said: “Since I promised you, of course I will come.”

But at this time, Tiancheng had already been attracted by Yiyao and he exclaimed: “Wow! My sister-in-law, you’re so beautiful!”

“Thanks!” Yiyao lowered her head shyly, trying not to look at his gaze.

“Hurry up and go.” Jingyan unhappily blocked between Yiyao and Tiancheng, whose voice was filled with anger.

“It won’t do anything to look.” Tiancheng curled his lips and smiled brightly at Yiyao, “Isn’t that right, my sister-in-law?”

Yiyao then said in a low voice, “Well ……”

“Now I think you don’t want my help!” Jingyan was so furious that he pulled Yiyao to turn around to leave.

“No, no, I’m wrong, Jingyan! I’m wrong, don’t get angry!”

Tiancheng rushed up and stopped Jingyan, then he guided them towards the plane, but he never dared to glance at Yiyao again.

The three of them got on the plane one by one. Then Jingyan picked a comfortable seat for Yiyao to sit beside him, and took off his suit to cover her good figure.

In his heart, however, he silently agreed with Yiyao’s thought, thinking: I indeed can not ask her to wear a skirt in the future, because I will be quite jealous now that she has such a high rate of second glance!

While Tiancheng saw all the things that Jingyan had done for Yiyao, knowing that Yiyao was Jingyan’s most treasured person, so he gradually became serious and did not kid her any more.

It was okay to joke around, but it would be a problem if he went too far, and if he made Jingyan angry, not only would he not help him anymore, but he might even cause him trouble.

But Yiyao was unaware that in just a few minutes, the two of them had already worked out how to deal with the situation. And she was just paying attention to the fact that her skirt was too short and she didn’t dare to move even if she sat down, making her very uncomfortable.

Just as she moved for the seventh time, Jingyan finally couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”


Yiyao unconsciously denied to pretend that she felt quite alright, but her movements had already betrayed her, and Jingyan knew that she did not feel comfortable .

“Take off your clothes.” Jingyan turned to look at Tiancheng.

Tiancheng, who had been closing his eyes and resting, was stunned for a moment after hearing his words,“Huh? That is not appropriate!”

He had a strange look in his eyes, thinking: Isn’t he just asking me to do him a favor, why does he ask me to take off my clothes now? And even in front of the woman he loves!

“Don’t talk nonsense and take off your clothes.”

Tiancheng stared at him blankly, being a little at a loss, “Can you wait?” He wasn’t even ready now!

“Are you taking it off or not?” Jingyan narrowed his eyes with a harsh expression.

“Fine, fine! I will take it off now!”

Tiancheng pursed his lips, took off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt, looking at Jingyan with complaint.

Jingyan frowned and asked: “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t you tell me to take my clothes off?” Tiancheng put his hands on the buttons and stared at this unpredictable man inexplicably.

“I told you to take off your jacket.”


Tiancheng was a little confused, “For what?”

“Just stop taking nonsense, give me your jacket.”

Jingyan impatiently reached out and took the jacket to put it over Yiyao’s legs, saying: “Now you can sleep rest assured!”

Only then did Tiancheng know Jingyan’s intention, and he then pointed at Jingyan, shivering at the same time, “Jingyan, you ……”

Tiancheng thought in his mind: This Jingyan Ye, he really wastes my feelings, I have had a hard time convincing myself, but I did not think that he just wants my jacket, he is …… he is really infuriating!

But Jingyan, who did not know at all what he had done wrong, was still quite calm, while Yiyao, who was aware of what happened just now, laughed out of the tears.

“What can I do? When I stay with you, I not only have to keep away women, but also have to pay attention to men, in case one day I am careless and will be taken advantage, then I ……”

“That…… that is so funny…… hahaha ……”

Yiyao could no longer hold back and laughed out loud, not finishing her words, and her laughter filled the whole plane.

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