Just after Yolanda got off work, she received a call from the security of the square, saying that there was a fire in the square. She was panicked and shocked.

She manages the square. She clearly knows the facilities in the entire square, and clearly allows people to check it every few days. Yolanda is afraid of this happening!

Her first reaction when she received this call was that others set fire!

She just got home and was about to take a bath and sleep. After receiving this call, she hurried out and drove to the square!

Because it was so close, she saw the thick black smoke rising from the sky, and she was stunned.

She got off the car and a woman ran inside!

This time is early morning!

There were no people on the street, but suddenly there was a fire. Someone immediately took photos and videos to share with friends!

Several of Lara’s classmates saw this amazing picture just after playing from other places.

A few of them laughed.

“Wow, it’s on fire!”

“Hurry up and like it in Moments!!”

Several classmates took photos, videos, and uploads to Moments! They gloated!

The title is shocked, the city square caught fire in the middle of the night! It’s dead!

Classmates comment soon

What is this?

The nickname is on fire!

The garbage plaza like the city square must be unsafe for facilities! It just caught fire, so don’t go anymore!

Fortunately, I think the city square is very good, the former school Hua Yolanda is still there as a manager!

Really! So Yolanda is going to be unemployed this time? ?

Haha, maybe she will be fired, let’s team up to comfort her!

Haha, well, count me!

“Cousin, where’s my pyjamas?” Lara came out of the bathroom and wiped her hair.

Charlotte enviously curled her lips and said, “Hey, can you put on clothes after taking a shower, what are you showing off?”

Lara is in such a good body. For a skinny beauty like Charlotte, she is really envious of vomiting blood. They are all relatives. Why is there such a big difference? Charlotte is depressed.

Lara grinned, “How can I show off?”

“Here you, put it on as soon as possible, I hate it.” Charlotte lost her pyjamas and came over, Lara giggled and put it on.

After blowing her hair, she lay on the sofa and clicked on WeChat to send a message to Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon didn’t reply for a long time, Lara curled her lips, “When will you care for me?”

Lara said he was disappointed, very disappointed because Chuck Cannon didn’t reply to the message, but he also had great expectations. What if Chuck Cannon returned?

She quit boringly and took a look at the circle of friends. Soon she saw someone who posted a piece of good news. The city square caught fire…

She widened her eyes, opened her eyes, and found that the square was on fire and smoke billowed…

“Cousin, cousin.” Lara was shocked.

“What are you doing, I’m going to sleep.” Charlotte lay on the bed with her eyes closed. She will go to work tomorrow, she is exhausted.

“The city square is on fire, Chuck Cannon’s square is on fire,” Lara jumped out of bed and hurriedly put on clothes.

Charlotte sat up in shock, “What did you say??”

Fire in the city square? What’s happening here?

“Quick, let’s go to the square!” Lara put on clothes, Charlotte was shocked, and hurriedly put on clothes. The two rushed out to stop the car.

“Will Chuck Cannon be inside? Chuck Cannon’s square burned,” Lara was anxious. She didn’t worry much about her shop, because it didn’t burn to that side, but the square belonged to Chuck Cannon!

“I don’t know either,” Charlotte said anxiously, “Master, please drive faster.”

Kristen was sleeping. She dreamed of a scene. She had a meeting in the office, and Chuck Cannon rushed in. In front of everyone, she turned herself in. She rebelled in the dream, but Chuck Cannon was like a beast and never stopped.

Kristen opened her beautiful eyes, she sat up angrily, “What are you doing?”

She rubbed her hair angrily. She can’t sleep anymore, tossing and turning, when will Chuck Cannon invite herself to eat?

Kristen was tangled, looking at the ceiling and wondering what to do.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and she glanced at it, not ready to pick it up, because what time was it? It was past two in the morning.

But Kristen snorted and answered, and there was a voice from inside, “President Kristen, something happened to the city square.”

Kristen immediately sat up, “Quickly tell, what happened?”

She got out of bed and put on clothes.

“It’s on fire,”

“It’s on fire? What’s the matter?” Kristen was anxious.

“I don’t know, it just caught fire suddenly.”

“Then you don’t help to put out the fire?”

Kristen hung up the phone, put on her clothes and ran out, “Chuck Cannon, what are you doing. There is a fire in your square!!!”

The same thing happened to Zelda Maine. She had insomnia. Her mother called and asked her to take her boyfriend Chuck Cannon back. Otherwise, she would come to find herself. Zelda Maine was in trouble and kept bothering Chuck. She can’t do it, she doesn’t know how to speak!

She simply sat up. Suddenly, her mobile phone rang, and she looked at it suspiciously and answered it. Three seconds later, she was stunned, “What? It’s a fire? I’ll come right now!”

Zelda Maine put on her clothes and ran out.

Betty drove Chuck Cannon to the square. Chuck Cannon got off the car and saw a raging fire on the first floor. About one-fifth of the area had been burned, and the loss was heavy!


Twenty off-road vehicles stopped behind the car, hundreds of people rushed over with fire-extinguishing tools, someone called the police, and firefighters were on their way.

Chuck Cannon held the fire extinguisher, Betty grabbed Chuck Cannon, “Master, don’t go, it’s too dangerous.”

“This is my hard work.” Chuck Cannon red eyes.

“Master, I know it’s your hard work, but it’s too dangerous. Lee will buy you ten, a hundred, and a thousand squares. She doesn’t want you to have trouble.” Betty is very serious.

It is true that in this situation, as long as Chuck Cannon said a word, there would be as many squares as needed.

Karen Lee will agree without hesitation.

Chuck Cannon heartache, Li Shidao! Chuck Cannon vowed that he must be found out!

“Master, don’t worry, I will find the person who set fire now!!” Betty’s expression was particularly cold, and she immediately began to mobilize satellite monitoring.

At the same time, in the large villa, Li Shidao was holding a red wine glass in his hand and looking at a picture on the screen. He smiled, “This is interesting, Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon, you will find out later, it’s your favourite Yvette. What kind of expression would you have when Yvette set off a fire? I guess you will turn your face with Yvette. Don’t let me down, because I like Yvette!”

Li Shidao watched the fire in the square grow bigger and bigger, he smiled happily.

On Chuck Cannon’s side, Yolanda ran over, “Chuck Cannon, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a good defence…”

Chuck Cannon saw Yolanda’s disgraced face. She went in to fight the fire. Chuck Cannon shook his head, “It’s not your cause.”

Yolanda knows, so someone else really set the fire? She felt distressed when she saw such a big fire.

Because of this square, she also used too much thought on it, and now it is going to be destroyed.

“Sister Li, have you found this person who set the fire?” Chuck Cannon asked Betty hasn’t found it yet. “Wait a minute, Master, I will catch this person who set the fire!”

Chuck Cannon is silent, his eyes were cold, this person is really looking for death!

At this time, the fire truck came, and many firefighters came down to fight the fire. The scene was particularly chaotic, but Yolanda said that there was no one at the scene and there should be no casualties.

Many people came to watch in the middle of the night.

Chuck Cannon just kept staring at him. He suddenly saw someone, and Chuck Cannon hurriedly walked over, “Wife, why are you here?”

It really surprised Chuck Cannon to see Yvette here. From where did Yvette get the message and came here especially?

Chuck Cannon was moved. Yvette was so kind. She was still caring about him so late. Chuck Cannon walked over and hugged her. Yvette’s body was shaking.

“Wife, wait for me or go back to rest, it’s okay,” Chuck Cannon felt Yvette’s trembling body, thinking she was cold.

“I…” Yvette swallowed. When she reached her mouth, she couldn’t say it, because Chuck Cannon would be angry, would break up with her, and would never call her wife again.

“What’s wrong with my wife?” Chuck Cannon worried, letting go of Yvette, and seeing tears in her eyes, Chuck Cannon felt distressed, “Wife, what’s wrong with you?”

“Husband, it’s me.” Yvette shed tears.

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