Chapter 371 – 372: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 371: The Devil Land

Tiangang Yuan’s eagle eyes plunged down into the hearts of people.

The timing of Kris Chen’s appearance was so strange in every respect, and he didn’t find any information about Kris, as if this person emerged out of the void.

In fact, his idea was completely right, Kris did really emerge out of the void.

There was an alternate meaning behind the words that Tiangang said, and Kris could tell that Tiangang didn’t care about his origin, or even if his secret, the only thing Tiangang cared about was his daughter’s safety.

“Of course. Now that I have become the son-in-law of the Yuan family, naturally I will abide by the rules of the Yuan family.”

Kris nodded.

“Do you dare to make a heart-devil vow?”

Tiangang said: “As long as you swear a heart-devil vow that you will never betray my daughter, our Yuan family and I will recognize you as my son-in-law!”

“I can swear a vow, but what if your daughter betrays me? If the Yuan family fails me first, then what? Should I wait for death without doing anything?”

Kris was very cautious. When the earth broke through the detachment, there was even something like the will of the world.

In this different world, the oath might really be fulfilled, so he had to be cautious.

“Xuefei Yuan would not do such a thing.”

Tiangang resolutely said: “As long as you live up to the Yuan family, our Yuan family will definitely live up to you! If one day, the Yuan family fail you, you can get revenge, and I will never say anything.”

It turned out that Miss Yuan’s name was Xuefei?

Her name was pretty nice, but her appearance was too abstract, completely inconsistent with the name!

Hearing Tiangang’s words, Kris had a relatively intuitive understanding of his father-in-law.

He was upright and reasonable, and it would be easy to get along with him.

“Well, such being the case, then I swear!”

Kris made the heart-devil vow as required.

Just after making the oath, there was a feeling that as if he broke the oath, he would really be killed by the heart-devil vow.

“Good, serve tea to me please.”

A smile appeared on Tiangang’s face.

Chamberlain Mei also breathed a sigh of relief and quickly winked. The maid on the side came over with tea. Kris took the tea, stepped forward and knelt on one knee, “Father-in-law, please have tea.”

Except for his own parents, it was absolutely impossible for him to kneel on his knees.

Tiangang didn’t pay attention to the details, so he took the tea and took a sip, “Well, from now on, you will be my son-in-law.”

“Stand up, please!”

“Thank you, father-in-law.”

Kris made a bow with hands folded in front and stood up.

“From now on, you should get along well with Xuefei.”

Tiangang glanced at him deeply, “Carry on the family line for our Yuan family early!”

“Yes, father-in-law.”

Kris felt a chill in his heart. He said in his heart that I was afraid that I didn’t have the luck to enjoy your daughter for my lifetime.

“Come on, bring the present.”

Tiangang beckoned, and the servant offered the brocade box with both hands.

“There are seven pills for activating blood and generating sperms, which will be very good for you. In addition to consolidating the foundation, they can also regenerate blood and improve the sperm viability.”

Consolidating the foundation, regenerating blood and improving the sperm viability?

Weren’t they hygienic pills?

Kris had nothing to say. That year, Tianba Li and Xuan Song had no children for a long time. He just made hygienic pills, and the two successfully created baby.

Can this be a greeting gift?

Tiangang seemed to see Kris’s dislike, and asked, “Why, don’t you like this gift?”

“No… no…”

Kris forced a smile, this was to train him as a stallion.

“If you like it, accept it. If it’s not enough, let Mr. Mei go to Seven-treasures House to buy it for you.”

“Sir, put away soon.”

Chamberlain Mei blinked at Kris.

Kris sighed in his heart, took the brocade box, “Thank you, father-in-law!”

“Well, if you need something, ask Mr. Mei for help directly.”

After finishing his words, Tiangang put down his teacup and signaled that Kris could leave.

Kris nodded, “I will leave now.”

After finishing his words, he left without looking back.

After Kris left, Tiangang said, “Mr. Mei, pay more attention to this kid. If there is anything wrong with him, tell me immediately!”

“Yes, Old Master!”

After arranging the matters, Tiangang stood up and said, “Let’s go to hunt wild animals outside the city, and I hope to hunt wild beasts today!”

The wild beast was a higher-level existence than the wild animal, comparable to the Practitioner in the return-to-nature stage.

There were fierce beasts above the wild beasts, which were comparable to the Practitioner in the Back-to-self stage!

Before the tide of beasts came, most of them were ordinary beasts. Although there were a large number, they were just cannon fodder. No matter how much they were killed, it would be useless!

The wild beasts were the real main force, and it was difficult to give birth to a beast out of a hundred wild animals.

Fierce beasts were even rarer, there was no one in a million.

Tiangang only hope that there would be no the king of beasts in this tide of beasts. Once the the king of beasts appeared, he would undoubtedly die!

That was comparable to human condensed pills, even the primordial spirit.

The king of beasts was wise, even being able to arrange troops, smarter than ordinary humans.

Once the king of beasts appeared, the Wuwei City was truly in jeopardy.

After finishing his words, Tiangang left with the top ten Buddhas cultivated by the strength of the clan.

Each of the top ten Buddhas was a master at the early period of the Back-to-self stage. They were the foundation of the Yuan family’s foothold, and were also the basis for Tiangang’s survival in this tide of beasts.

But it was not enough. Tiangang had already spent a lot of money to recruit masters. When the disaster struck, naturally the more masters, the better!

Not only the Yuan family, but other large and small families were also recruiting masters.

But the number of masters in the Castellan Official Residence was the largest!

Inside the scroll room, Yujie ran up panting heavily.

“Miss…Miss, he…he has already offered tea to the Old Master.”

“I get it.”

Xuefei leaned lazily by the window, and she had known everything that happened this morning.

He was a smart monk, good at taking advantage of the situation.

This would be fine, if Kris was too stupid, it would be difficult to do something.

“Miss… don’t you have any feeling at all?”

“What kind of feeling?”

Xuefei glanced at her.

“Sir…actually he looks pretty, with fine skin and tender flesh, and beautiful eyes. Although he was a monk, he was much better than the rough people in the mansion.”

The little maid took a peek at Kris from a distance today, and felt that if the Sir stood with the Miss, it would be a heaven-made match.

“What’s the use of looking pretty, the person I like must be a great hero!”

Xuefei stretched out her slender fingers and tapped Yujie’s head gently, “If you like it, I can match you up.”

“Miss… Yujie dare not!”

Yujie paled with fright, and quickly fell to her knees.

“What are you doing, get up quickly.”

Xuefei had a headache. This little girl was all right everywhere, but she was too simple.

“Yujie will serve you for a lifetime, and that’s Sir…”

Yujie’s tears were falling.

“Okay, get up.”

Xuefei said: “If you cry again, I will drive you away and make you marry to someone else!”

Upon hearing this, Yujie quickly stopped crying, her little head shaking like a rattle, “Miss, don’t drive me away, don’t betroth me to someone else…”

“Come on, supervise him, and report to me in time for any trends!”

Xuefei said.

“Yes, Miss!”

Yujie turned tears into smiles now.

On the other hand, Kris returned to the original place with his powerful memory and threw the brocade box aside. However, considering the fairy aura contained in the magical pills, he opened the box and swallowed it with tears.

Seven magical pills were full of fairy aura, and Kris started to run the Tianmo Trunk, absorbing these fairy aura, and began to repair the damaged meridians.

It didn’t take long for him to refine and absorb the power of the seven magical pills.

However, it was still a drop in the bucket.

He must find a way to absorb the fairy aura of heaven and earth independently, or it would be too slow.

Kris thought for a while and found chamberlain Mei, “Uncle Mei, I would like to ask whether there is a scroll room in the Yuan family.”

Kris didn’t believe that there was no scroll room in such a practitioner family.

“Would you like to read books?”

Chamberlain Mei looked at him in surprise.

“Yes, it’s too boring to be alone in the mansion. Reading books to pass the time and learning about the customs of Wuwei City by the way.”

Chamberlain Mei nodded, “Well then, follow me, please.”

The Scripture Pavilion of the Yuan family was one of the most important forbidden places, and it was difficult for ordinary people to approach it. It contained a lot of internal cultivation methods, which was the foundation of the Yuan family’s prosperity.

Kris had become the son-in-law of the Yuan family, and he had also been recognized by the Old Master, so he could naturally read it.

Bringing Kris to the Scripture Pavilion, Chamberlain Mei said, “Sir, go by yourself, I will not accompany you in.”

“There are a few points I need to tell you. First, you can’t light an open flame inside. Second, you can only read the book inside. You can’t take the book outside. Third, don’t go to the top floor!”

“Thank you, Uncle Mei, I took them all down.”

Kris opened the door and walked in. He was stunned by the collection of books inside. In those years on the earth, he was also considered as a well-read person. He had read all the classics of the six major schools, Holy Dragon Cult, and the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

But the Yuan family’s Scripture Pavilion could be described as a sea of books.

Kris suddenly had a feeling of having no way to start.

Gathering his wits together, Kris decided to start from the history of the world and he had to know about what kind of world he was in.

Then he need to figure out why he couldn’t absorb fairy aura.

Fortunately, Kris’s mental thoughts were dozens of times that of ordinary people. Even if he did not return to full prosperity, his speed of reading was far more quickly than that of ordinary people.

On the first floor, Kris searched for a long time and finally found a book similar to the chronicle of the world.

Looking through it, Kris had a preliminary understanding of the world.

On the Devil Land, hundreds of millions of years ago, the Gods and Demons created the heavens and the earth, and created humans with spiritual soil. The Sun-Moon Holy Cult established the ancient heaven…

Why were these so similar to the ancient myths of the earth?

Pangu(according to ancient folklore) created the world, Nüwa made people, and the Eastern Emperor established the heaven…

Kris Chen even saw the Buddha cutting meat to feed the eagle, and the saint riding a bull through Hangu Pass, as well as the purple light three thousand miles away.

This… this…

What kind of connection was there between this Devil Land and the earth?

Kris completely didn’t believe that the two were unrelated.

After reading the world chronicles, Kris could not calm down for a long time.

He thought that he was broken to another world, and these so-called myths might not really be myths.

Those people might be real, but his stage was too low to be qualified to contact them.

Chapter 372: Teach Him A Lesson!

The Devil Land was vast. How vast was it? It’s said that there were no borders. In the past, a devil wanted to travel across the Devil Land, but found that the land was too vast; the land was rooted in the void and constantly drawing nutrients from the void to expand.

In the end, the devil drank up a huge river, and finally died of exhaustion in the boundless desert and turned into a mountain of peach trees.

After hundreds of millions of years, no one knew how big the land was.

“Isn’t that the same as the universe?”

Kris Chen slapped his tongue for a surprise. Although he didn’t know whether it was the truth or not, he was still shocked.

Later, he found another book about the stage of Taoist practice.

The acquired stage, the innate-power stage, the return-to-nature stage, the back-to-self stage, pill formation, primal spirit, accumulated spirit, actualized spirit, whole eight huge stages

The first four stages were called mortal stages. From the fifth stage, the pill formation stage, people began to be otherworldly. The sixth realm, the seventh realm, and the eighth realm were not described in detail in the book, but people in these stages were omniscient and could fly in the sky and walk under the ground

According to his stage and the stage in the book, Kris confirmed that he should be in the sixth state, the primal spirit.

This book only roughly introduced the stages of Taoist practice, but Kris had the feeling that there must be other stages after the actualized spirit.

He started to search among the vast sea of books. Finally, he found another copy of “True Explanation of Taoist Practice”.

This book was more detailed than the previous book. Kris was like a sponge, learning knowledge tirelessly.

After reading this book, Kris finally found the reason why he could not absorb the aura.

That is the difference in practice methods. On the earth, they absorbed spiritual energy through the meridians, but in the Devil Land, the quality of the spiritual energy was very high, and the rules of the worlds were different. If he used the earth’s practice methods to practice, it will definitely not work.

It’s like, you are practice immortals in a magical world, which is simply impossible to achieve.

In this world, spiritual energy does not pass through meridians at all but passes through acupuncture points.

Breaking through the first acupuncture point makes it to the acquired stage, and breaking through the 72 acupuncture points means achieving the innate-power stage.

Breaking through one hundred and eighty acupuncture points is the return-to-nature stage, and breaking through three hundred and sixty acupuncture points is the back-to-self stage!

But the back-to-self stage must break through 1,080 acupuncture points before condensing a golden pill containing all the spiritual energy within a practitioner’s body.

Interesting. this is completely a different approach. Acupuncture points are inseparable from the golden core and the primal spirit.

He continued to read down. If one wants to level up to the primal spirit stage, he must continue to open the acupuncture orifices. As for the number needed, the book didn’t have further details anymore.

Maybe the person who wrote this book didn’t break through to this stage, or maybe he didn’t dare to write about it.

After putting back the “True Explanation of Taoist Practice”, Kris continued to read the book of the Scripture Pavilion.

What he didn’t know was that everything he did was seen by one person.

On the top floor of the Scripture Pavilion, Xuefei Yuan saw Kris constantly flipping through books, and she became a little curious. Why did this guy run into the Scripture Pavilion? Just thinking about whether to kick him out, she saw Kris picking up a book with joy, and reading it as having a treasure.

She fixed her eyes and saw that it was an explanatory scripture of acupuncture points. This was just the most common internal power technique in the Devil Land. It could only get through the common acupuncture point and use the lowest-level flame energy. This common internal power technique didn’t have much power at all.

Xuefei’s practice was the Nine Heavens Magic Ice Technique, a middle-class one in the heaven level internal cultivation technique. It was enough for her to cultivate the Pill formation and to break through first-class acupoints in the second stage. It also produced the extremely lethal magic ice spiritual energy.

“The little monk is just a little monk, and he has no eyesight.”

Xuefei shook her head. A young monk who only practiced Henglian Martial Art of course never read much inner power technique.

Even the commonest internal power technique however is not available to ordinary people.

In Seven-treasures House, a famous store for practitioners, a copy of the lowest level of internal power technique costs thousands of spiritual stones.

However, what she didn’t expect was that Kris picked up that low-level explanatory scripture of acupuncture points and looked at it for a while, then put it back, and then picked up another copy of True Sun Scripture and read it.

This True Sun Scripture is a middle-class internal power technique in the human level(lower than the heaven level), enough to cultivate to the middle period of the innate-power stage, but the acupuncture points that could be broken through are no more than eight class.

There are inner power techniques of different levels. There are Heaven, Earth, and Human. In each level, there are three classes: high, middle, and low. The strongest is the high class in Heaven level.

Legend has it that there are god-level techniques above the heavenly ranks, and these techniques are in the family’s sect and are the root of the sect’s prosperity.

Naturally, the first-class acupuncture points are created by the god-level techniques. The acupuncture points are also divided into nine classes, with the first-class the highest and the ninth class the weakest.

Theoretically, the spiritual energy contained in first-class Acupuncture Points is nine times powerful than of nine-class Acupuncture Points!

On the first floor, there are relatively low-level internal power techniques. If one wants a higher-level internal cultivation method, he must go upstairs.

Kris didn’t go upstairs either. He stayed on the first floor and read one after another of low-level internal cultivation techniques.

In addition, there are relatively low-level refining books like “The First Explanation of Refining”. Of course, they are all relatively simple refining techniques.

Despite their low levels, Kris still got fascinated by these books.

Whether the internal power technique or the refining technique, Kris had never read anything like them before.

These easy-to-understand books happened to be what Kris needed. The more he read, the better he understood the world.

Putting aside the “Preliminary Explanation of Refining Tools”, Kris Chen wondered if there was an alchemy technique. Alchemy required more than refining tools, and alchemy prescriptions were even more precious than internal power techniques.

Kris did not find any books about alchemy techniques, he did find a book collection of hundreds of herbs, which recorded thousands of medicinal materials, some of which were on the earth, and some Kris had never heard of it, but the effect of them was amazing.

On the earth, he was not only a supreme martial artist but also a master of Danzong School. Alchemy was his master’s skill.

If he became familiar with the medicinal materials of the Devil Land and understood their properties, it was not impossible for him to create his own alchemy prescriptions

Seeing Kris watching the book collection of herbs intently, Xuefei became more curious.

What did he want to do?


how is this possible!

Does this little monk think he could make alchemy after reading a Herborist?

It’s weird, it’s so weird.

Xuefei couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

One hour passed, two hours passed, Xuefei stared at Kris intently, without realizing that her attention had been completely attracted by Kris.

Putting down the book, Kris Chen stretches out and suddenly found it’s night already.

Butler Mei knocked on the door, “Sir, it’s dark. The Lord calls you over to have dinner.”


Kris put the book back on the shelf and opened the door. Butler Mei asked “Sir, I heard someone say that you haven’t come out in a day. Do you learn anything?”

“Benefited a lot!” , Kris said.

Butler Mei smiled and nodded, “That’s fine.”

“Let’s go, don’t let the master wait for a long time. Today the master took the ten Futu and killed a fierce beast!”

Fierce beast?

Kris suddenly remembered that he had seen a record of fierce beasts in one of my miscellaneous books.

The beasts of this world can also practice spiritual power. Leveling up to high stages, beasts can even speak out and transform their bodies.

The fierce beast is equivalent to the human back-to-self stage practitioner, and can even stay in the air for a short time to release the beast’s energy.

Soon, butler Mei brought Kris to a side hall. Tiangang Yuan was sitting in the first seat, and the ten buddhas were sitting on both sides. They were covered in blood, but they didn’t care.

Not only did the maids around them not dislike it, but also looked admiring. Each of the ten Futu was a hero and the great helper of the Master.

“Master*, Kris is here!”

Tiangang nodded, “Sit down!”

Kris smiled and glanced around, only to find that none of them were looking at him with respect.

The only place left is a low position.

Even on that seat, there was a bigfoot full of mud on it. The owner of this bigfoot was a big burly man. At this moment, he was staring at Kris with a fake smile and having no intention to move his legs.

Tiangang saw it but didn’t say anything to stop him. For him, the existence of Kris is far less important than ten Futus.

“Move your feet away and wipe the stool clean.”

Kris smiled at the big guy, but his tone was determined.

“What are you talking about? Let me take my feet off?”

The big man seemed to have heard some funny jokes and couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you crazy, do you know who I am? You dare to talk to me like this!”

“I don’t want to know, nor do I need to know.”

Kris still kept smiling.

The ten Futu looked at Kris together, with meaning in their eyes. This kid ran into the tenth Futu, this time there is a good show to watch!

“Want to sit?” The tenth Futu sneered, “Call me grandfather Ten, I’ll let you sit!”

“Let me call you grandfather, are you… worthy?”

Kris said lightly.

Butler Mei’s face changed suddenly, and he hurriedly walked over, “Kris, forget it. I will move another stool for you…”

“No, isn’t there a stool? Why did you need to move another.”

Kris waved his hand and said, “Since you won’t move your feet, then I have to do it by myself.”

Before everyone could react, Kris Chen’s hand caught the Tenth Futu’s foot. Amidst everyone’s the astonished expression, the Tenth Futu flew directly and fell heavily to the ground.


He was a master at the early stage of the Back-to-self stage and was thrown away by a young monk who could only practice kung fu!

This…this made him lose face.

“Asshole, do you dare to attack me?”

The tenth Futu stood up from the ground, although he was not injured, his face was hot.

“How can my movement in front of everyone be called a sneak attack?”

Kris pulled a stool from the side, removed the dirt-stained stool, flicked his robe, and sat down.


The tenth Futu was very embarrassed that he was bullied by such an insignificant person today, and even in front of the owner and his brothers. If he didn’t teach him a lesson today, how could he gain a position in the Yuan family in the future?

“Ten! Enough!”

The first big man sitting on Tiangang’s left hand scolded, “Isn’t it shameful enough?”

“Come here to apologize to the Patriarch*!”

The tenth Futu suddenly woke up, stepped forward, and said with shame: “Sorry Master, I am too useless.”

He was more than useless. He wanted to teach the new son in law some lesson, but his intent was not successful, and it became a stepping stone for Kris.

There was no smile on Tiangang’s face. He thought for a while and said, “You should be punished for breaking everyone’s joys for dinner.”

“Just punish you not able to sit and eat meat, you can only eat while standing!”

When Kris Chen heard it, he sneered again. How’s that even a punishment?

It seemed that he had no weight in the heart of the Master.

“You stupid bastard, why don’t you thank the Master*?”

“Thank the master! I am willing to be punished!”

The tenth Futu grinned as if intentionally, he was standing less than ten centimeters away from Kris, with a bloody stink all over his body, as if he wanted to disgust him.

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