Yvette is suffering.

When she came to the square just now, she saw the situation in the square. She struggled. She had been a teacher in a school for so long, and the company had been here for so long. She saw the changes in the square with her own eyes.

This is Chuck Cannon’s hard work, she knows.

If such a fire is set off, then Chuck Cannon’s hard work will be gone, and she will be particularly heartbroken, but Li Shidao’s strength is too strong, if not, then Chuck Cannon will not have a month to prepare, Li Shidao definitely Will work on Chuck Cannon.

But what if Li Shidao doesn’t keep his promise? Yvette took this into consideration. Such a person, who takes human pleasure for fun, should abide by the rules of the game.

Yvette struggled for that moment, and she did it.

When the fire was on, she shed tears and saw that the fire suddenly grew. This was burning Chuck Cannon’s heart. At that moment, Yvette wanted to put it out immediately, but she held it back.

Suddenly thought of Chuck Cannon and her face turning, the two people have been together for so long, turning face is the last thing Yvette wants to see.

But for Chuck Cannon, Yvette was willing to do anything.

Whether being scolded or beaten, Yvette is willing to do anything.

“Wife, what do you mean by that?” Chuck Cannon loves Yvette the most. What happened to her at this time? Eyes are so red, have you cried for a long time?

Chuck Cannon stretched out his hand and hugged her again, Yvette stepped back, losing a bit of confidence.

“It’s me…” Yvette said frankly after struggling.

“Master.” Betty took a deep breath and walked over. She was surprised when she saw the person who set fire from the satellite image!

Why would Yvette set the fire?

Why is that?

Betty can’t figure it out. You should know that Betty’s impression of Yvette is more vigilant, but in the past few days, Betty’s attitude towards Yvette has changed and he can see that Yvette is sincere to Chuck Cannon. But sincerely, how could she burn the young master’s square?

“Sister Li,” Chuck Cannon was more surprised. Betty suddenly walked over. Who was the person who discovered the fire?

“Who is the person who set the fire?” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, “Find this person, I will never let that person go!”

Yvette’s body was shaking.

Betty glanced at Yvette. After hesitating, “Master, I haven’t found this person yet.”

“Well, keep looking, you must find this person who set fire, no matter what the price! Find this person!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

Betty was silent.

“Husband, don’t look for it, that person is me,” Yvette said tremblingly.

Chuck Cannon was stunned, what? What is Yvette talking about?

Betty stared at Yvette, thinking in her heart: What is your purpose for doing this?

Chuck Cannon turned his head and felt incredible. Why did Yvette set the fire? “Wife, what are you talking about?”

“I set the fire,” Yvette said.

Chuck Cannon took a breath, Yvette didn’t seem to be joking, but what was her purpose for doing this?

Chuck Cannon never thought that Yvette would set the fire. When Chuck Cannon sent Yvette home, the two of them hugged and kissed. When they came back, Yvette would come and set the fire?

“My wife, don’t talk nonsense.” Chuck Cannon was very serious.

“I didn’t talk nonsense.” Yvette was in pain, Chuck Cannon’s eyes told her that he was angry.

“Master, she didn’t talk nonsense, she was the one who set the fire.” Betty took the phone, and Chuck Cannon saw the screen of the phone. This was a satellite surveillance video. Indeed, he saw the fire set by Yvette. This video It’s not clear, but you can tell it is Yvette.

At such an instant, Chuck Cannon was hit on the head, very embarrassed!

Why did Yvette set the fire?

Chuck Cannon couldn’t regain his senses. “Wife, why you set the fire?”

“There is no reason, I just let it go,” Yvette said, biting her lip, biting hard. The tingling kept her awake, or she was worried that she could not help telling the story.

Yvette couldn’t bear Chuck Cannon’s eyes.

“Why?” Chuck Cannon wanted to ask clearly. Chuck Cannon knew that Yvette would never do anything to hurt him. Chuck Cannon knew that.

Nothing for nothing.

“Because your mother killed my dad,” Yvette said, her voice was cold, but her heart was sad.

“So you set the fire?” Chuck Cannon’s face was ashamed. When it comes to this issue, Chuck Cannon can’t speak, mainly because he has no confidence.

“Yes, I set fire to your things, I will continue to set fire to the night hotel!” Yvette said.

“You…” Chuck Cannon was stunned.

At this moment, Yvette saw the anger in Chuck Cannon’s eyes, Yvette was even more sad, Chuck Cannon was going to turn his face with herself, or at least Chuck Cannon could have a month to prepare!

Chuck Cannon felt that Yvette was the one who set the fire, and Chuck Cannon would not have any blame, because this person was Yvette.

Set his square to fire, Chuck Cannon is fine.

But Yvette was going to burn his mother’s hotel, and Chuck Cannon felt he wanted to stop it.

“Wife, what do you want to do? Don’t touch my mother’s hotel!” Chuck Cannon was more serious.

If the hotel burned, Chuck Cannon felt that his mother would not feel bad, but it would irritate her. If she got angry, how about coming over to Yvette, who can’t hold it?

Mom’s fighting strength, is that to kill Yvette casually?

“If I want to touch it!”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, Yvette really burned, what can Chuck Cannon do? Beat her? Chuck Cannon is definitely not willing!

“Wife, don’t think too much, come home with me.” Chuck Cannon walked to Yvette. Yvette must have been suddenly stimulated, so he did such a radical thing. Yvette was at this time, Needs comfort.

“No! I will kill Karen Lee, absolutely!” Yvette said, “I will burn all your things, squares, cars, and houses.”

“My things, you burn it as if it pleases you.” Chuck Cannon has no fluctuations.

This sentence moved Yvette. She thought that Chuck Cannon would get angry with her if she burned the square, but he didn’t.

“But my mother, don’t move her, you can’t move her now, you know?”

Chuck Cannon is in a dilemma, his mother must have nothing to do, nor can Yvette!

“But I want to move, she killed my dad, I must kill her!” Yvette’s eyes became cold.

“Then I will stop you.” This is what Chuck Cannon must do.

“You stop me? Karen Lee is your mother, but she killed my dad, she is your mother, you can stop me but I am your wife, why don’t you help me?” Yvette roared.

This is her emotional breakdown to the extreme!

The grievances, pain and hatred of this period of time broke out at this moment.

Chuck Cannon was silent, Yvette’s roar, Chuck Cannon was speechless, yes, what should Chuck Cannon do if he is caught in the middle?

“I will kill Karen Lee, will you kill me?” Yvette approached.

“Don’t do it.”

“I want, I want to do it!”

“Then I will kill you.” Chuck Cannon was impatient. Without his own mother, where would he get himself?

Yvette burst into tears, “Are you going to kill me?”

At this moment, Yvette’s heart hurts. Growing up with Chuck Cannon, the feelings have been accumulating little by little. When it broke out recently, Yvette liked Chuck Cannon, but Chuck Cannon said he wanted to kill her. The heart hurts, she herself only avenged her father, she was not wrong, but after doing Chuck Cannon, she would kill her.

“Yes, if you touch my mother, I will kill you!” Chuck Cannon said!

Yvette wiped away the tears by himself. The desperate and sad expression touched the chord in Chuck Cannon’s heart at such a moment. Chuck Cannon was distressed. The words just now were too heavy. How could Chuck Cannon be willing to move Yvette? what?

All he can do is stop as much as possible.

“I will definitely kill her! Husband, no, you are not my husband, I will never see you again,” Yvette burst into tears as she turned away.

Of course, Chuck Cannon caught her and wouldn’t let her leave. At this time, Chuck Cannon felt Yvette’s emotions which were greater than the emotions of the day when he killed her grandfather. Will she never see me again.

Chuck Cannon hugged her.

“Let me go, let me go!”


Uncontrollable, Yvette slapped Chuck Cannon. There was a clear slap mark on Chuck Cannon’s face. Yvette was stunned. Did she slap this? Since childhood, Yvette was bigger than Chuck Cannon, but she had never beaten Chuck Cannon before, so she actually beat him today?

Yvette was heartbroken. At this moment, she wanted to coax Chuck Cannon and say I’m sorry, but she bit her lip and said, “Will you let me, let me go!”

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