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Chapter 371: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 371 An Accident

When the plane landed, Yiyao Duan walked out of the cabin and took a deep breath, “I can breathe now, the plane has been a closed space, it’s really uncomfortable.”

Since there was a small incident on the plane, her mood was inexplicably good, the boredom that lingered in her heart these days all disappeared.

“Huh?” While she was stretching , Yiyao frowned and looked at somewhere , Jingyan Ye happened to walk beside her and followed her gaze to see a large group of people walking on the way.

The group of people finally stopped in front of them, and the leader led them to bend down to Tiancheng Yi.

“Young master.”

“Well.” Tiancheng changed his careless and casual, became calm and serious.

“How are things going with the company?”

The leader hesitantly glanced at Jingyan and Yiyao and turned back to see Tiancheng, shaking his head, “Just say.”

“As usual, the president is already busy, but the capital gap is too big, and the Mrs. refuses to help, I’m afraid …… I’m afraid it’s about to be untenable ……”

The leader who into middle age was upset with old face, because he had stayed up late for many days, his eyelids drooped with dark eye circles. So he looked very depressed.

“Got it, take us back to the company.” Tiancheng’s face became even more gloomy after hearing this news.

Although he was anxious, he still smiled at Jingyan and Yiyao, “I guess you won’t be able to rest.”

“Let’s go.” Jingyan did not say much, holding Yiyao’s hand, and walked over to the parked car on the roadside.


“Knock knock knock.”

In the president’s office of the Yi’s Group, Yi’s father was anxiously looking at the documents when he heard a knock on the door and casually said, “Come in.”

The door opened, and Tiancheng walked in, “Man, I’m back!”

“What are you doing?” Yi’s father heard the familiar voice and immediately became serious.

“I came back to see whether you can hold on or not without me!”

Tiancheng reverted to his slovenly attitude, sitting across from Yi’s father and pouring a cup of tea, “Why do not you come in?”

Yi’s father was about to be angry, when he saw someone outside the door, he suppressed his anger and asked, “Who are they?”

“I asked them to help you.”


Yi’s father slapped the table and shouted angrily, he was a veteran in business for decades, but he was completely helpless this time. Just three kids, could they save the company?

“We came just to inform you, it doesn’t really matter whether you agree or not.” Tiancheng clapped his hands and drew a tissue to wipe the sweat on his palms.

He looked back at Jingyan and saw that he was still calm, so he was calm too.

“What exactly do you want?”

Yi’s father gasped for a long time before he calmed down and asked patiently.

Tiancheng spread his hands, he did not know what he was going to do, only knew that if Jingyan helped them, their certainty of success would be greatly improved.

“If you want me to help you, you should listen to me.” Jingyan slowly took a sip of tea before speaking.

Yiyao sat beside him, could not help but want to laugh. Looking at his appearance, he was going to put on airs again, she also did not debunk him, lowered her head and her thoughts began to wander.

“Then we listen to you?” Yi’s father laughed in anger, “Then tell me, what do you want us to do?”

“Give me all of Yi’s Group’s finances, as well as transfer all of the rights to me ……”

“Impossible! There is no difference between that and my Yi’s Group going out of business! You really thinks naively!” Yi’s father was unwilling to listen any further and hurriedly interrupted Jingyan’s words.

“You guys go away, no matter how much my Yi’s is defeated, I will not do such a thing.”

“Dad ……”

“Shut up!”

Yi’s father pointed to Tiancheng with a trembling hand, and said, “Wastrel, you have done this kind of unreliable things, how can I rest hand the Yi’s Group to you in the future?”

“Well, the Yi’s Group is about to close down, what should I do if you give it to me, in the end it’s me to pay the debt.”

Tiancheng pillowed his hands, and disdainful glanced at his father, “I think there is no doubt that hand the Yi’s Group to him. Anyway, it is about to close down. If he succeeds, the Yi’s Group will be saved. If he fails, the Yi’s Group will close down in advance so that you won’t be so tired.”

“You ……” Yi’s father was so angry that he couldn’t breathe anymore, “You are an unfilial son!”

“Come on, only my mother care about you. Do you think my stepmother will care about you? She will be so happy if you died.”

When he said this, Yi’s father was even more angry, “Don’t mention that bitch, when I get over it, I’ll kill her!”

“Now you don’t want to hear her name, but at first you loved her so much!”

Yi’s father covered his chest, lying on the recliner behind him, “You want to kill me, right?”

“All right, all right, I’m not here to anger you, just hand over the Yi’s Group to me, I take charge of it, you will be relieved!”

“I know what you want, don’t even think about it!”

“Well…… it seems that you do not want the Yi’s Group. I came back this time with funds, if you don’t give the company to me, I won’t invest.”

Tiancheng deliberately raised his voice on the word,funds, but also deliberately aggravated the tone.

He was prepared this time, he had expected that his father would not give him the company so easily, that’s why he asked the news of the Yi’s Group as soon as he got off the plane.

After he knew that the Yi’s Group was about to close down, it was possible for him to get the company. If his father was not driven desperate, he wouldn’t care about his money.

However, when he talked about the funds, Tiancheng deliberately glanced at his father, only found that he was a little fascinated. Tiancheng was secretly pleased, knowing that this matter was half done.

“Your money? I don’t care.” Yi’s father twisted his head, not caring how much money he had.

“I know you don’t care, well, I’ll take back the 10 million yuan, it looks like you already have a solution.”

Saying that, he asked Jingyan and Yiyao to get up, “I’m really sorry, I’ve booked the best hotel for you, I’ll take you on a tour around tomorrow.”

Jingyan was silent, nodded to him and led Yiyao to leave, and Tiancheng followed them.


Tiancheng’s feet hadn’t even stepped out when Yi’s father called out, “You wretched child, what the hell are you doing?”

He knew he needed the money, yet he threatened he with it!

“I don’t want to do anything, just do what I just said.”

Turning his head, Tiancheng looked at his father with a smile, “What’s wrong with giving it to me, sooner or later, yours is also mine, consider it a test for me, just train me.”

“You really think so?”

“Of course.” Tiancheng nodded resolutely, with a serious face.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll give it to you.”

Yi’s father slumped his shoulders, he had worked hard for most of his life, as if he could foresee the Yi’s Group’s final downfall, after saying these words, it seemed that he was older.

“Don’t be too desperate, I promise to return you a complete and sound company.” Seeing him that way, Tiancheng was also a little sad. After all, their relationship was not very good, but it was not bad.


The handover ceremony was simple, Yi’s father signed the transfer letter, and then introduced Tiancheng to several company seniors.

Most of the them knew Tiancheng, after all, he was the son of the president, so they knew that there is such a person, so it was not difficult to do that.

Finally, Yi’s father asked his secretary to give the information to Tiancheng, and he went back by car to the villa that had not yet been taken by the bank to mortgage.

Tiancheng sat in the president’s office and turned around several times, “I didn’t expect the old man to agree so easily, I thought it would take a lot more efforts!”

Jingyan sat below him, finishing Yiyao’s skirt, “Don’t be too happy too early, now you have to make a show so that outsiders will think that you are holding up.”

Hearing him say serious things, Tiancheng hurriedly came closer, “What should I do?”

“I read the company’s information and found that you have been fighting for a project, just use the money you have, invest it all in, and then I’ll push it a little more, everyone thinks you have come through.”

“By then, using this project, you will completely get rid of depression, and your stepmother will be nervous ……”

Jingyan said carefully, Tiancheng also listened well, and after listening to the whole plan, Tiancheng could not help but clap his hands.

A simple method, but it was not simple at all used by Jingyan, now he was completely convinced.

After saying that, Jingyan stretched, “The plan has been told to you, and you can complete it very well, I take Yiyao to go back to rest!”

“Come on, in case there are any unexpected accidents, I can’t deal with it!”

“Unexpected accidents? No, there is only a shortage of money.”

“Well, you know that.” Tiancheng touched his nose, is he still a human being? He really can read minds!

“Consider me borrowing it, when the funds turn back, I will pay you back.”

Jingyan faintly glanced at him and took Yiyao’s hand, “Lend me money, the interest rate is very high.”

After saying that, he left without stopping, just the dazed Tiancheng left. After a long time, he reacted, clapped his hands and jumped up.

He meant to say yes!

The voice inside made the secretary outside the door stop knocking, he hesitated to interrupt the young master’s good mood, but he looked down at the document, it was an urgent document that could not be delayed.

So he knocked on the door to interrupt Tiancheng.

“Come in!”

Tiancheng tidied up his clothes, sat on the chair, lowered his head and began to look at the documents seriously, as if the person who was just jumping around the room was not him.

“Young …… president.” The secretary just wanted to call him as usual, suddenly thought that he was now the president of this company, so he hurriedly changed his words.

“Well, what is it?” Tiancheng looked up from the pile of files, the secretary was standing opposite him holding the files.

This secretary was the leader who picked them up at the airport just now, with gold-rimmed eyes, and he was bookish.

“This is the company’s financial statement for the last few months, as well as the competing projects.”

He put all the documents in his hand in front of Tiancheng, rubbed the corners of his eyes tiredly, glanced at the red document Tiancheng was reading, and asked, “President, what is it?”

“Nothing, it’s just a project.” Tiancheng carelessly put the document he sent over on the table and looked at it seriously.

The secretary was still a little hesitant, but seeing Tiancheng was so focused, he could only nod his head and didn’t say anything.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Tiancheng looked up from the file, and took the documents out again.

Jingyan asked him not to leak their plans to anyone, he suspected that there was a mole inside the company, and he could only trust it, although the secretary has been with his father for many years, maybe he had been bribed!

At the moment of crisis, he should be a little more careful, he now only wanted to follow the plan, and made it go smoothly without any mistakes!


In the hotel.

Yiyao walked into the hotel, she was relaxed, “So tired, I didn’t expect that I’m so tired to wear a dress.”

She said while gently pounding on her back, Jingyan walked over and sat on her side, putting his hand on her shoulders.

He used a professional technique to help her squeeze her shoulders, “Is it comfortable?”

“Yes, the force is just right.”

Yiyao closed her eyes, the movement on her shoulders relaxed her mind, as if she was about to fall asleep at any moment.

“How do you feel today?”


Yiyao closed her eyes and said it without thinking, she knew he was asking about her ears, in fact, she couldn’t hear the sound sometimes, that’s why she was so silent.

But she didn’t want him to know and let him worry about her.

“You must recover, Yiyao ……”

After a long silence, Jingyan finally uttered a sentence, only his voice was too small, almost mumbling, Yiyao couldn’t hear it clearly, she could only nod her head.

Jingyan smiled bitterly, just then, you would probably blame me, ignore me, and even leave me …… but I would not allow you to never hear anything.

“By the way, you said you want to help Tiancheng, just tell him a general?” Yiyao suddenly opened her eyes and asked.

“He will understand.”

“Then why are we still following?” It was perfectly possible to tell him the solution on Saipan, so why followed him all the way to over here.

“There are some things that he can’t do.”

Jingyan didn’t say what it was, but Yiyao knew in her heart that it must be Tiancheng’s stepmother. Tiancheng looked like a hangdog, but was actually very affectionate and loyal.

Just because his stepmother saved him from his father who was about to have his legs broken, he had always remembered until now, even to this point, he didn’t want to confront her.

“Well ……”

Yiyao answered, and her eyelids involuntarily sank.

“Want to sleep now?”

Jingyan touched her forehead, since she was pregnant, she seemed to be particularly sleepy and could fall asleep wherever she went.

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