“I won’t let you go.” Chuck Cannon said.

Indeed, it was the first time Yvette beat him. Yvette was five years older than him. She was an older sister according to her age, and it was normal for her older sister to beat her younger brother.

But since childhood, Yvette was reluctant to fight at the beginning. She agreed to what Chuck Cannon wanted to do. She was willing to sleep with Chuck Cannon at night, but at the age of sixteen, Yvette’s mentality changed. Chuck Cannon never wanted her at night, and her mentality changed.

She started to hate Chuck Cannon, but even if she hated it again, she was not willing to fight Chuck Cannon in her bones, not even once.

Now that Yvette is fighting, Chuck Cannon is not really sad, but feels that Yvette is under too much pressure. She didn’t mean it just now.

“Don’t let go, I will hit you again!” Yvette raised her hand, she was about to hit Chuck Cannon’s face. He was a struggling husband in her heart.


Yvette’s hand was grabbed, Yvette was relieved, Betty shot.

She protects Chuck Cannon personally, can’t let Chuck Cannon be beaten like this, just one time is enough, still want to beat him a second time?

Betty couldn’t see this happen.

“Yvette, you are enough,” Betty said.

Betty’s strength was very strong. She grabbed Yvette’s hand and shook her back. Yvette couldn’t help but fell to the ground. She was kicked by Li Shidao just now. The pain and tearing the same as the heart and lungs.

Betty was surprised that she didn’t use much strength, why didn’t Yvette seem to get up?

“Wife,” Chuck Cannon squatted down to help her, “wife, Sister Li didn’t mean it,”

“Not on purpose. Who is she? Who am I? I see.”

Yvette opened Chuck Cannon with her hand, she got up on her own, turned and left, her back, lonely.

Chuck Cannon, he feels distressed!

“Don’t worry about it!” Yvette bit her lip and ran into the crowd of onlookers. Chuck Cannon went in and looked for her, very anxious in his heart, but Yvette disappeared in the crowd, and Chuck Cannon couldn’t find it. When he arrived, Chuck Cannon was in the crowd, and it was useless to worry.

In the crowd, there are many onlookers.

They are shocked!

Isn’t it shocking others, but shocking that Chuck Cannon was able to embrace Yvette?

You know, who didn’t know the teacher Yvette of the school? Many students’ goddesses, dream lovers, but they left this semester, disappointing many boys in the school!

The scene where Chuck Cannon hugged Yvette just now was taken by someone and sent to Moments again!


Immediately fired the school circle!

Many students commented in the middle of the night

Did you read it right? Chuck Cannon, the silk man who actually embraced my goddess?

Shocked, did Chuck Cannon catch Yvette? In the video, I heard Chuck Cannon called Yvette’s wife. Yvette did not refuse. Is this true?

I think it should be true. Everyone does not remember. In the last time, Teacher Yvette often helped Chuck Cannon to speak. Mom, at that time the two were together? No wonder Teacher Yvette will not teach this year.

My goodness! Chuck Cannon? , What are the advantages? Why are the two big colonels looking for Chuck Cannon, and now even Yvette has been conquered by him, ah, envy!

Haha, what envy, haven’t you seen Teacher Yvette hit Chuck Cannon? The two must have broken up, and the sling man will pick it up!

I am coming too!

The circle of friends is on fire again, and it’s almost even more fire than the square just now because they watch the excitement when the square is closed to them, but Yvette is a goddess, which concerns them.

Du Xinye saw the fire in the city square, he smiled, very happy, Chuck Cannon, you are unlucky! Who let you sleep with Ouyang Fei?

And Ouyang Fei also saw the fire in the square through the circle of friends, she sneered, “Your square is on fire, and it must be abandoned. This time it is even more inferior to Du Xinye. Who told you not to like me? Deserve it!! “

Ouyang Fei watched this video repeatedly and felt happier as she watched it. She wanted to go to the scene to laugh at Chuck Cannon. You deserve it!

At the same time, Li Shidao saw such a scene, he laughed and felt very cool. It was fun to play like this! He thought his idea was great.

Just a month? Do you want to spare Chuck Cannon for a month? It’s okay, what about that kind of person, what about one year? It’s not just one rubbish, can rubbish grow? Can’t!

The fire was extinguished, and many students found it meaningless. The crowd slowly dispersed, but the ones who did not leave were Zelda Maine who arrived, as well as Kristen, Lara, and Charlotte.

They felt distressed when they saw the square like this.

Zelda Maine’s restaurant just opened, and it became like this. She thought it was nothing. She was distressed that Chuck Cannon’s square had become like this, and the square had finally become like this.

Kristen was particularly angry, who did this? Who set the fire? When she rushed over, she saw Chuck Cannon standing desperately in a place. Kristen wanted to go to comfort him. The square was on fire. Was he particularly sad?

It must be, otherwise, it won’t be.

“Young Master.” Betty walked over. She just discovered a detail. Yvette seemed to have tears on her face when the fire was set. Why?

“Sister Li.” Chuck Cannon sighed and prepared to drive to find Yvette. She must have gone back at this time.

After all, her mother Yan Li is still there!

Chuck Cannon is going to find her.

“Master, I think Yvette shouldn’t set square on fire because of Madame Lee,” Betty analyzed. Karen Lee still has a high evaluation of Yvette, with high talent, strong willpower, and, to her, her loved ones will be fine.

In this case, even if Yvette had to deal with Karen Lee, how could he take the innocent Chuck Cannon?

Also, she saw the scene just now. When Yvette left, it seemed that someone had left at the same time. What does that mean? It means that Yvette may be controlled by someone, so she did this.

When Betty analyzed this, she suddenly thought of someone, Li Shidao!

He likes playing with people, so did he threaten Yvette and let Yvette come over and set square on fire?

“Sister Li, what you said is true?” Chuck Cannon also wanted to understand. Yvette wanted to deal with his mother, but how could he vent his anger?

“Well, when I pushed Yvette just now, I found that she couldn’t stand up anymore. I didn’t use any force at all. The only explanation is that Yvette was injured just now. Maybe Yvette saw Li Shidao before setting the fire. Li Shidao threatened her with young master, let her come over and set fire, let young master and Yvette break, then Li Shidao will find it abnormal and interesting.” Betty said.

After analyzing this by herself, she felt that Li Shidao’s thoughts were too disgusting!

Chuck Cannon was heartbroken. He was angry with Yvette just now. She must have been very sad just now.

“I’m driving, I’m going to find Yvette.” Chuck Cannon was anxious, he didn’t want to do anything at this time, just wanted to hug Yvette and say sorry.

Yvette must have been particularly desperate when he was forced to set fire.

So her emotions just broke out!

“Then here.” Betty hesitated, the fire in the square was put out, and everything she brought over was clearing the scene. The fire caused great losses to the square!

“Yolanda!” Chuck Cannon shouted, and Yolanda ran over.

“The contact person will come to clean up and repair it immediately. In three days, I want the square to be restored to its original condition!” Chuck Cannon said!

“Okay.” Yolanda will contact immediately, as long as he is rich, then everything is not a problem. Finding dozens of decoration teams over, three days a day and night is enough.

Chuck Cannon and Betty are going to drive! The scene was handed over to Yolanda, who had already called and started contacting the decoration team.

The people at the scene are almost scattered, and the burning is so bad, this square seems to be abandoned, there will be no city square in the future!

Zelda Maine hesitated, Kristen also hesitated, but in the end, no one chased him. In this case, Chuck Cannon needs to calm down!

Lara and Charlotte did not go there either.

Zelda Maine and Kristen looked at each other. Both of them didn’t speak. Kristen turned and left, took out her mobile phone, “Find me the best decoration team to come to the city square. I want the city square to have a new look in three days!”

Betty drove very fast because Chuck Cannon was anxious! When he arrived at Yvette’s new residence, Chuck Cannon opened the door and ran off. He wanted to tell Yvette not to be threatened by others for his own sake, and to tell Yvette that he loved her.

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