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Chapter 372: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 372 Jingyan, I Need Your Help

“I’m a little tired.” said Yiyao Duan.

Jingyan Ye picked her up and put her on the bed, “Then have a sleep. We’ll go out to dinner when you wake up.”

Yiyao nodded and soon fell into sleep.

Jingyan had nothing to do, so he went downstairs to buy her a few sets of clothes. They were all T-shirts and jeans.

She had walked all day in a dress and looked exhausted. Knowing that she didn’t like dress, he would never let her wear them again.


When Yiyao woke up, she found the house empty. She panicked and went around barefoot looking for Jingyan. She searched for a long time but did not see him.

Jingyan carrying a lot of shopping bags cannot take the room card, so he had to use his legs to ring the doorbell.

Yiyao, who was sitting on the floor, immediately got up and opened the door of the hotel.

“You’re back!”

Jingyan was surprised at her enthusiasm. The things in his hand also fell to the ground. He knelt down to pick them up and asked, “What’s up?”

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” said Yiyao. There was anger in her tone that she hadn’t even felt.

Jingyan froze. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll tell you before I go out next time.”

He suddenly noticed that she was barefoot. “Why did you get out of bed without shoes?”

“Oh, I forgot them.” Yiyao said faintly. She deliberately hid her panic because of Jingyan’s departure.

Jingyan put the things in his hand at the door and picked up Yiyao. “What if you catch a cold? A pregnant woman can’t take medicine.”

With that, he carried her to the bed and found slippers for her to put on.

“Where have you been?” Yiyao watched his every move intently and asked in a whisper.

“I went to the mall to buy some clothes for you.”

Then Jingyan remembered the clothes at the door. He brought them all in and showed them one by one to her.

“What do you think of them?”

“Not bad.” Yiyao said. He really picked all the clothes that she liked.

Jingyan was obviously very satisfied with her answer and took her into his arms.

“I know what you’re thinking. Just by looking at your eyes, I understand it all.” Jingyan touched her nose lightly.

Yiyao was about to retort when the phone suddenly rang.

He took the phone and it showed that the caller was Tiancheng Yi. Then Jingyan answered the phone.

“Hello? What’s up?”

“Jingyan, I need your help.” Tiancheng said anxiously.

“What’s wrong?” Hearing his sad voice, Jingyan immediately became serious.

“I’ve encountered a problem. Can you come over now?”

“Now?” Jingyan frowned.

“Yes, please come quickly.” Tiancheng was anxious. He didn’t sound like he was joking.

“Okay, I’ll be right over.” Jingyan replied. And then he hung up the phone.

Yiyao was a little confused. “What happened to Tiancheng?”

“I don’t know. I have to go to his company. Would you want to come with me?” asked he.

Yiyao shook her head. She sat on the bed and smiled at him. “I still want to sleep a little more. I should be awake by the time you come back.”

Jingyan looked at her for a long time before saying, “Then I’ll come back and bring you something to eat.”

She nodded. Watching Jingyan leave, she had a moment of loss.


Arriving at the president’s office of Yi Group, Jingyan pushed open the door and walked in.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I found out that my stepmother is one of the bidders of this project.” said Tiancheng. He handed the file to Jingyan.

“What should I do? If she knew that I keep bidding for this project, maybe she will follow suit and raise the price. By then, there’s no way my ten million yuan will be comparable to her money.”

“She is also interested in this?”

“I don’t know. She never cared about that before. I don’t know why she invested in this project.”

Jingyan held his chin in thought for a while before saying. “If that’s the case, then I’m even more certain that there’s a mole in your company.”

“That’s not possible. The executives of the company all funded the project. The company’s bankruptcy is not good for them,” Tiancheng retorted.

“Since all of Yi Group’s funds have been completely transferred, they definitely won’t care whether Yi Group goes bankrupt or not.” Jingyan said

“Maybe they want Yi Group to collapse and then acquire it.” Jingyan continued.

“If so, then they are really despicable!” Tiancheng said through gritted teeth. “Then what should I do?”

Jingyan poured himself a cup of tea. He had come too fast just now and he hadn’t have time to drink water. He took a sip of tea before continuing. “Don’t worry. Since your stepmother has already participated in the bid, it’s impossible for you to let her back in. Now you can only wait and see what happens.”

Tiancheng sat down in his chair in dismay. Just now he swore to his father that he would return him to an intact Yi Group, but now he can’t even keep the current Yi Group.

“So are we still bidding on this project?”

“Yeah, of course. Since there is a mole, it is impossible for you to avoid the leak anyway. But they will definitely reveal something in the end.”

“What about our funds?” Tiancheng’s mood tensed up again. Now Yi Group was already having a hard time in supporting, let alone taking out extra money to invest in the project.

“I can lend you the money, but there has to be an IOU.” Jingyan said lightly. Then he sipped his tea.

There were some cold sweats appearing on Tiancheng’s forehead. He thought he had a good relationship with Jingyan, but it was hard for him to accept that he had to make an IOU before he borrow money from Jingyan.

However he needed to get Jingyan’s help, so he couldn’t express his displeasure. He looked up and smiled, “Thank you for being willing to lend me money. I feel confident with your commitment.”

“It’s just that the situation is special that I lent you the money. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.” said Jingyan. He put down his cup and faintly glanced at Tiancheng who was overjoyed.

Tiancheng immediately turned serious, “You are so ……”

Before he finished, he saw Jingyan’s icy cold eyes, then shut his mouth.


The two talked for a while. Then Jingyan picked up his jacket and was ready to go back. He walked to the door and said suddenly, “By the way, don’t call me if there’s nothing important, like what happened today, a waste of time!”

“What?” Tiancheng looked at him, puzzled.

“Don’t disturb me and Yiyao.” Jingyan raised his voice to emphasize the point.

Tiancheng picked up his pen again and pretended to read the document seriously. In fact, he was angry with Jingyan for saying that he wasted his time. So what was worth his time? Chatting with Yiyao at the hotel? He could not understand why they had so much to talk about when they had been together so long.

Jingyan closed the door and walked out of Yi Group. He kept thinking about Yiyao.

He was just in time for the rush hour. His car waited on the viaduc. He touched the food on the seat and it was already cold.

Pork ribs soup was Yiyao favorite. If it got cold, the taste would change. Then he put the pork rib soup into his arms and warmed it with his body heat to keep it from getting cold quickly.

An hour later, Jingyan finally arrived at the hotel. He called her from downstairs, but there was no answer.

He couldn’t help but frown. “Yiyao is so sleepy that even the phone cannot wake her up?”

When he stepped into the elevator, he almost spilled his pork ribs on the floor. His eyelids fluttered involuntarily, which made him more and more distracted.

Soon the elevator reached the door of his room, Jingyan walked down the aisle, but his foot tripped over a small stone.

He felt it was somewhat familiar, but he was in a hurry to see Yiyao and didn’t pay attention to the object.

Jingyan was puzzled when he knocked on the door a few times and didn’t hear anyone answer. He took out his room card from his pocket.

The room door opened, but he still did not see Yiyao. The bed was messy, and Yiyao was not sleeping on it.

“Yiyao?” Jingyan called out. “Where did she go? If she woke up from her nap, she must have responded when she heard the door open, but now there is no sound in the house. Could it be that something is wrong with her hearing aid?” he thought. Then he raised his voice and called out loudly, “Yiyao, are you in here?”

He went through the whole room and still didn’t find her.

Jingyan took out his cell phone and made another call, but an icy female voice came from the receiver, “Sorry, the number you have dialed is turned off.”

“What the hell is going on? Why is her cell phone turned off?” he said to himself.

Jingyan became uneasy. He went through the hotel room again, but did not find any traces. He only found a broken cup on the side of the coffee table.

He suddenly remembered the small object he had seen at the door. It seemed to be like a stone.

He looked around the room and found many colored stones in the flower pot. He thought bitterly. Something must have happened to her.

So he rushed out to look for the small stone he had kicked away. But he hadn’t noticed where it had rolled to.

He crouched on the ground and found it carefully. His hands were covered with stains from the carpet, but he still couldn’t find the stone.

“Excuse me, sir. What can I do for you?” The waitress pushing the food cart down the aisle asked.

“Get out of my way!” Jingyan roared. He didn’t have time to talk to her and was angry when he saw that she was in his way.

“I’m sorry …….” The waitress took a few steps back. Then she took out the pager at her waist.

“He is handsome and not dressed like a bad person, but his behavior is weird. Is he suffering from mental illness?” she thought.

Jingyan was looking on the ground when suddenly he glanced at the waiter’s feet and saw a small object. He took a closer look and found that it was the stone he was looking for. He didn’t have time to ask the waitress to go away before he used his hand to pick up the stone, but by chance he touched her leg.

The waitress immediately screamed. Then she rushed to press the pager.

Jingyan picked up the small stone on the ground. He looked at it back and forth, and saw a clue on the back. There were faint scratches on it. He carefully identified it and there was SOS on it.

“Sure enough Yiyao is in trouble. But who targeted her?” He couldn’t figure it out.

“What happened? Who’s causing trouble?” A group of security guards rushed out from the elevator and shouted.

“It’s him, he ……” The waitress pointed at Jingyan who was squatting on the ground. Her voice was trembling.

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