Chapter 373 – 374: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 373: Refine the Medicine Materials in the Gallipot

Kris Chen did not care about it at all. It was not easy to be a son-in-law no matter on the Earth or in the Devil Land. But it’s wrong for them to treat him just like a coward.

He has proved his practicing stage today, even if he cannot give full play to his strength, he still can suppress the ten futus by his body strength.

Sometimes appropriate strut can have a deterrent effect.

For example, Kris could have a seat while he could only stand right now.

“Serve the dishes!”

Tiangang Yuan said faintly.

Soon, dozens of maids came in with steaming cuisines.

Tiger brain, tiger meat, tiger bone, tiger waist, tiger whip…

This was a tiger killed by them in the Middle Period which was rich in fairy aura in its body, so it was definitely an enhancer.

Maybe it would help to open one or two acupoints.

To their practicing stage, it either needs time to upgrade or practice with the first-class spiritual stone in order to the open the acupoints.

However, the stones were too tricky to obtain, even in Yuan’s family, the stones in Middle Period were the extreme hard to acquire.

Everyone on presence desired to have the meal but Tiangang hasn’t take action, so they sat still.

After Tiangang’s first bite, the ten pagoda-men engorged the food like wolves.

One bite of meat, one of marrow soup, the fairy aura in them mounted to the spiritual-stone in low-period. But the most fascinating part was the tiger brain, tiger waist and tiger whip which were full of the aura.

Tiger brain should belong to Tiangang and tiger waist has been occupied by the first second and third brothers already, so only the tiger whip was left.

Kris wouldn’t miss that treasure as well, when he just took out the chopsticks, the tenth brother knocked his hand away and said:” go…go away, you the kiddo shouldn’t eat this in case of over-nutrition.”

Everyone on presence laughed at Kris when he finished these words.

“Brother, you shouldn’t have said this, it’s the very time for him to eat it, after all he has just married though.”

“Lol, I heard that he even can’t move this morning when he woke up.”

Even Yuan’s family was vast, but this news that he can’t move has been already propagandized around the whole family this morning.

The servants called him “scrawny shrimp” in secret.

“Be pleasant to the eye but of no use!”

The tenth brother sneered at him and lost his face even if in face of Tiangang.

The chamberlain Mei was worried about Kris because he had a good impression of Kris anyway, he did not want him to ask for their troubles.

At this time, laying down the phone, Kris said faintly:“we can have battle if you want. And who wins who gets that tiger whip.”


All around were in an uproar after his speaking.

And then laughs rose up.

“Lol, are you kidding me, can you be his opponent!? Don’t be over-conceited!”

“No matter how profound your Kungfu is , you cannot accomplish anything with your body damaged.”

The tenth was also mocking him ,”alright, forget it, the young lady will be widowed if you was killed by accident.”

“It was my fate and duty if I were killed by you.”

“Dare you!?”Kris said in calm.

“You’ll meet your doom, kiddo!”

“He cannot control his strength, so it will be definitely awful if you are injured.”

Simultaneously, the head of the ten futus opened his mouth and said:”let it pass, there is no good result for the insiders’ conflict.“

“And you, don’t pull your rank on him, he is son-in-law anyway.”

Don’t mess up the whole thing so that it would embarrass Tiangang.

Hearing this, the tenth has known that the big brother was in anger.

“Big brother , it was just a joke, I don’t expect him was that fragile. “

Tu Yan mediated this dispute.

“Alright, alright, eat them while they are still warm.”

The people left were also mediating the dispute in a way.

Tieshan took a relief that Tiangang’s face has softened a bit. Even he knew that the

Master didn’t take Kris seriously, it shouldn’t be go too far since he still was approved by Master this morning.

Otherwise, it was slapping his face.

The chamberlain. Mei took a relief for the vanishment this crisis.

Kris put down his chopsticks and didn’t fetch them again, he just continued drinking tea with no expression when everyone left.

“Sir, I have something to tell you.”


“Sir, it’s better not to offend them if you want to live a smooth life here.”

“You don’t how impressive and high-leveled they are in this family, even I have to avoid the brunt of them.”

“Thank you, uncle Mei.”

Kris smiled and asking him: “Uncle Mei, would you bother to fetch some herbal medicine materials for me?”

“Are you injured?”

Chamberlain Mei stunned and said :”did he just ….”

Kris did not explain or deny, just replied :”Nothing matters, some medicines are enough.”


Chamberlain Mei heaved a deep sigh and said:” tell me the medicines you need, I will catch them in the pharmacy, but some kinds of precious types are not allowed to be caught without Master’s permission.”

“It’s okay, just something simple are fine.”

Kris replied: “Chinese Angelica, Polygonum Multiflorum and Wild Ginseng of ten-year.”

He listed about dozens of herbal medicines , nearly all were some common types except the Wild Ginseng.

“Okay, I’ll let the servant bring them to you.”

Chamberlain left when he finished the words.

On the other scene, the little maid Yujie striding into the room watching the young lady Xuefei Yuan lying on the side half naked with her eyes closed.

To be honest, she was so elegant and gorgeous that even the person with the same sex would be into her as well.

The maid had no idea why the lady announced that she was ugly.

“Miss~, I’m back.”

Yujie closed the door and walk towards her swiftly.

“Alright, tell me what had happened.”

Xuefei even did not open her eyes.

Yujie fully repeated the event and said: “Miss, they would have had a battle if it were not for the big brother’s help, Kris probably has…”

“Him!? He did not match the tenth at all.”

Xuefei smiled and opened her shining eyes :”He’s bitten off more than he can chew, it’s definitely silly to provoke a powerhouse only by that ridiculous pride.”

She has thought that he was a smart for taking advantage of other’s power, but he was not.

He’s met his doom to stir up the unconquerable overmatch.

As to Yujie’s saying that he threw the tenth away, she did take it as an accident.

And she has also predicted that there would be no happy life here for Kris. Because she did not want to give him a favor.

The matchmaker today has took that red cloth with blood away, that was to say, Kris has become worthless and useless due to that. Just let him run his own course, because she would not appear in the following days.

“Miss, I felt young Master was not…”

“Shut up, he was not the young Master … Don’t call him in this way later.”

Xuefei shot a glance at her and said:” besides, there is no need to supervise him anymore.”


The little maid was in distress, because she would be much more bored for not censoring him.

After all , Kris was much more handsome than the Jack ,son of the gate-keeping uncle at least.

One man knocked the door furtively soon after Kris’s returning to the room.

“Sir…the materials you needed are here, could I leave if there were nothing?”

Finishing that, the servant departed soon as an escape.

He took them into the room and open the parcel as he released the Divine Thought around 10 meters away.

His needs were complete.

The same herbal medicine on the Devil Land would have 9 times more fairy aura than on Earth, so he even could not imagine what the effect would be of these refined magical pills.

Closing the windows and door, he took out the prepared gallipot and put the medicine materials in.

He has ever utilized the gallipot to refine the magical pills any more since he’s broken through the Back-to-self stage.

But right now, it’s a bit saddening that he had to use it again in order to save the fairy aura.

Releasing the Divine Thought to direct close attention to the outer situation while refining the materials, he was feeling the fusion of various kinds of materials in the gallipot and finally being melted together.

The pot started to make some noise half an hour later, and the fragrance of them were drifting in the air.

Kris hastened to bury the fire, and inside the pot were eight glittering- jade-like magical pills.

Each of them was exquisite and sophisticated.

If there was an alchemist watching it, he/she would definitely be screaming out in exclamation, because these were best magical pills that only advanced alchemists can make.

What were the best magical pills?

They were the sort that had no trace of impurities and rich in fairy aura.

Kris could not wait to take out one from the pot and put it in his mouth.

The magical pills melted immediately right in the mouth, turned into a warm current, flew into the stomach, and finally turned into soft medicinal power, spreading to the limbs.

The broken meridians of the body veins were wrapped in a gentle force, and began to make up and repair!

Chapter 374: The Seven-treasures House


Half a quarter later, Kris took a long breath.

The effect of the Blood Circulation Pill was good, but its grade was too low. If he wanted to completely repair the damaged meridians, a higher level of pulse-protecting pill was needed.

At the same time, the seven pills he swallowed began to work in his body. The powerful medicine instantly melted, moistening the damaged meridians.

By the time the seven pills were totally absorbed, Kris’s damaged meridians had been repaired only by one percent.

In other words, if he wanted to completely repair the meridians, he still needed to refine 100 furnaces of pills. But It’s too slow. He needed some advanced magical pills.

Thinking of this, he put aside his thoughts and began to practice the Magic Refining Method, and strengthen the spiritual little person.

After a night of silence, Kris went to the Scripture Pavilion the next morning after breakfast.

This time, he didn’t stay long on the first floor and went directly to the second floor.

There were a lot fewer books on the second floor. They were about Inner Power Technique, Henglian Martial Art, boxing and sword scriptures, and so on.

And the level of the books was rather high.

After reading every book, Kris had a bold idea in his mind, but he needed more knowledge to prove whether it’s feasible.

Xuefei Yuan was reading on the top floor as usual, but after reading for a while, she couldn’t help looking down secretly.

She saw that Kris was reading ten lines at one glance and knew he did not read it carefully at all; she could not help frowning.

What on earth was he up to?

Usually, a little monk who had no idea about the Inner Power Technique should be eager to practice it when he saw so many scriptures about it.

But what Kris did made her very confused.

Was it possible that he despised these scriptures about Inner Power Technique because their level was too low?

She couldn’t help laughing. So what if he’s given the advanced methods?

His body had been destroyed by Henglian Martial Art, so it’s impossible for him to practice the Inner Power Technique.

Xuefei shook her head, turned back and paid no more attention to him!

Kris spent the whole morning on the second floor and then went up to the third floor.

There were a few thousand books on the third floor, each of which was extremely precious. He even found a copy of Alchemist’s Notebook on the third floor.

It recorded the experience of a junior alchemist, from which Kris learned about the different levels of magical pills and alchemists in Devil Land.

There were different level of magical pills in Devil Land, ranging from the first grade to the ninth grade. The first grade was the most precious and the ninth grade was the least, with each grade containing the top level, the middle level and the inferior level.

Above the first grade magical pills there was Divine Pill, but that kind of pill was too aggressive and it’s easy to draw thunder strikes.

Kris rubbed his chin. So it meant that the Nirvana Pill he made could be a Divine Pill?

The one who could make Divine Pill was considered the Master of alchemy!

Moreover, in Devil Land, alchemists and weapon refiners were supernatural. Although he couldn’t refine weapons, he could make pills!

He squinted his eyes. It’s not enough to focus his attention only in the Yuan House. At the moment his strength had not been fully recovered. Once he’s found out that he could make pills, he would be in trouble.

In a world that’s strange to him, he couldn’t be more careful.

Putting back the Alchemist’s Notebook, Kris picked up the Red Blaze Scripture of the middle level of low grade and started to read it. There were three hundred and sixty acupoints recorded in this book, which was enough to reach the Back-to-self stage.

The acupoints recorded in the book mainly focused on hands and feet. Kris recorded them one by one. Some of them were unknown to him, but there were still some acupoints that were not recorded in this book.

He was wondering whether there was something in common between the acupoints on the earth and those in Devil Land!

If the two were connected, did it mean that they could complement each other?

Take this Red Blaze Scripture for example, there were only three hundred and sixty acupoints recorded in this book, but there were actually seven hundred and twenty acupoints in human body that he knew. In addition, there were at least one thousand hidden acupoints.

Could he get through these acupoints if he mastered the method of opening up acupoints?

Kris didn’t know, and no one could tell him if it’s feasible.

He could only confirm his thoughts through these books.

Not all acupoints could be tried. Some acupoints could cause death when touched. It’s not funny.

After putting the Red Blaze Scripture back, Kris found a book with the attribute of wind, the Vigorous Wind, which was of the top level in low grade. It recorded five hundred and forty acupoints in total, which was enough for Practitioners to reach the Fulfill Period of the Back-to-self stage.

Once again, Kris memorized the above acupoints, and then confirmed again that there were hundreds more acupoints that he did not know. But these acupoints had something in common with the ones he had known.

Kris was getting closer to the answer in his mind.

After reading the books on the third floor, Kris became more and more aware, but it was not enough. He needed to read more books and know more acupoints.

After coming out of the Scripture Pavilion, it was already dark.

Different from the earth, there were three moons rising in the sky, a monstrous red moon, a azure blue moon, then a shining white moon.

Looking at the red moon, Kris felt annoyed somehow.

Back to the house, another bag of herbs was put outside the door.

Kris felt warm in his heart.

He picked up the herbs and went back to the room to start making magical pills.

Days went by like this, until the fifth day when Kris finally finished reading all the books in the Scripture Pavilion. But he did not go to the top floor because housekeeper Mei had told him not to.

The damaged meridians in his body had recovered by 5 percent already, and he could use much more holy aura instead of using his physical strength. At this time, he should be able to exert his strength of the Fulfilled Period of the Back-to-self stage.

He was even stronger than Tiangang Yuan.

He did not just read books during these days. He also had a thorough understanding of the Yuan Family as well as Wuwei City.

He knew a little about the coming Beasts Tide as well.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of wild beasts would run out of the mountains and attack the Wuwei City. If the beasts couldn’t be stopped, Wuwei City would turn into a city of the dead.

The sense of crisis grew in Kris’s heart, and he must recover his strength as soon as possible.

So on this day, he went out of Yuan’s house with Uncle Mei. He also took the Healing Pills with him, which were made secretly by him these days. They were were relatively low-level healing pills.

The Beasts Tide was just around the corner. This kind of pills must be very popular!

Along the way, Kris kept beating around the bush and got a lot of useful information from Uncle Mei.

“Uncle Mei, I have a sudden pain in my stomach. Why don’t you go ahead and I’ll catch up with you later!” Kris covered his stomach and pretended to go to the bathroom.

Mei frowned. “Come back quickly. I’ll wait for you at the cloth shop in front.”

“Remember, don’t run around. If you get lost, I’ll have to send someone to look for you.”

He meant something else in his words. Kris was the live-in son in-law. It was hard to guarantee that he would not run away. Therefore, Tiangang ordered that he be watched closely.

For the sake of safety, Mei sent a servant to follow him.

The servant stood outside the toilet with his nose covered.

With a smile, Kris went straight into the bathroom without saying anything.

He took out a mask as thin as a cicada wing from his pocket and put it on his face. Then he pinched his face. In an instant, he changed from a handsome young man with red lips and white teeth to a middle-aged man with a dark face.

This move was taught by Quan Mu. He did not expect to use it here.

Then his body made a “click” sound, and his figure shrank a lot.

He took off his outer clothes and swaggered out of the bathroom.

The servant outside the door looked at him and said nothing. Kris just left easily.

Actually, if Kris wanted to go, no one could stop him, but he had no plan to leave yet.

Arriving at the Seven-treasures House, he took out another mask from his sleeve and covered his face.

As soon as he entered the door, he attracted much attention.

The Beasts Tide was coming soon. Most of the people who came to the Seven-treasures House were Practitioners who would buy magical pills and weapons here, hoping to survive in the coming war.

When Kris deliberately released the momentum of the early stage of the Back-to-self stage, shopkeeper Wang of the Seven-treasures House changed his face and hurriedly came over, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

“There are a lot of people here. Let’s talk in a private place.”

Kris’s voice had also been changed to be rougher.

“Sure, please come with me!”

There were few experts of the Back-to-self stage in such a small city as Wuwei City.

They came to a secret room finally. looking at Kris up and down, shopkeeper Wang asked, “How do I address you, sir?”

“My last name is Zhang!”

Kris then added, “It’s said that everything could be exchanged and bought here in Seven-treasures House. Is it true?”

Shopkeeper Wang nodded, with a confident smile on his face, “There are chain stores of Seven-treasures House all over Yelang Country. We provide everything the guests ask for. The condition is that you could offer the corresponding treasures!”

“I have some magical pills here. See how much they are worth!”

Kris didn’t say anything else. He just put a small cloth bag on the table.

Shopkeeper Wang opened the cloth bag and was stunned by the thickly stored pills inside.

These were all Healing Pills, and there were still ninety percent of the medicinal power reserved!

Shopkeeper Wang was worthy of being the shopkeeper of the Seven-treasures House. He had sharp eyes and recognized the pills at a glance.

“No, no, you’re wrong. They are not of ninety percent medicinal power, but the best pills of a hundred percent medicinal power!”

Kris said with a smile.

What, the best pills of a hundred percent medicinal power?

Shopkeeper Wang put on his white gloves and carefully picked up a pill, noticing that there was a piece of Propitious Cloud on the surface of the pill.

Rosy Cloud, truly the best pill of a hundred percent medicinal power!

Wang was silent on the surface, but the storm was already surging up and down in his heart.

Could it be possible that the person in front of him was a senior alchemist?

Although the Healing Pills were only primary pills, it required a senior alchemist to make them into the best pills of a hundred percent medicinal power!

There were alchemists employed in Seven-treasures House of Wuwei City, but they were only of middle-level. The highest quality of the pills they made was of the top grade only, and could never be the best pills.

Wang held his surprised emotions and asked cautiously, “Excuse me, are you a senior alchemist?”


Without thinking about it, Kris denied, “It was a friend of mine who asked me to come.”

A friend?

Wang wouldn’t believe this kind of nonsense!

However, Seven-treasures House had its rules. He couldn’t ask customers for private information. He was sure that this person was either an alchemist or directed by a senior alchemist.

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