Chapter 373: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 373 Kidnapping

Jingyan Ye was thinking quickly. Because he was worrying about Yiyao Duan’s safety, he didn’t notice the people around him at all.


The security guard took out his baton and poked Jingyan in the shoulder. Seeing him slowly look up, the security guard took a few steps back in fear, “Who are you?”

“Quickly call your manager over.” Jingyan was very calm but his mind was a mass of clutter.

“Call ……our manager for what?”

The security guard timidly took another step backward, but accidentally stepped on his colleague behind him. Perhaps he felt that he was too embarrassed. He was the party of justice so why should he be afraid!

Thinking of this, he once again raised his chest and his voice, “You brute, you took advantage of a girl and you still want to meet our manager? I tell you this is no way!”

“I say again call your manager over immediately!”

“He still has a temper!” The security guard walked over and poked his shoulder, “What? Want to see our manager? I think you’d better go to jail and see the police!”

Jingyan could not stand it anymore and slowly climbed up from the ground with his arms propped up. He rubbed his wrist and punched the arrogant security guard in the face.

“Ah ……”

The security guard didn’t expect Jingyan hit him suddenly. Because of Jingyan’s tremendous force, the security guard fell to the floor and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

After his colleagues behind him saw this scene, they backed up and the delivery waiters also scared. No one expected him to be the first one to hit someone because he looked so weak.

“For the last time, I want to see your manager!”

“You …… you you you, what do you want?”

That beaten security guard got up from the ground and braced himself with his hand on the wall. The security guard saw his shrinking colleagues behind him and said angrily, “What are you doing? There are so many of us. Are we still afraid of him?”

When his colleagues heard him say that, they also seemed to feel ashamed and all took a step forward. At that moment, the beaten security guard became arrogant again.

“Our manager is not for people like you to meet!”

Jingyan didn’t want to talk to him. He turned around and gave him another punch. This time the security guard was caught by the man behind him and did not fall to the ground, but his cheek was quite swollen.

“Want to continue?”

The security guard was already too beaten to speak and could only stare at him in disbelief. He shook his head vigorously.

With the help of his colleagues, he ran toward the elevator. He turned back to put a harsh word, “You wait for me!”

And then he immediately pressed the button to close the elevator because he was afraid that Jingyan rushed over to pull him out.

The remaining few people retreated to the side in fear and a waiter did not dare to approach him. Although he was very handsome, she was still afraid of him.

Not long after, the hotel manager hurriedly came out of the elevator, followed by the beaten security guard.

“Sir, what can I do for you?” Obviously the manager was impatience but he still asked gently.

“I want to see your hotel’s surveillance videos, now!”

“Sir, I’m sorry. Our hotel rules don’t allow people to look through the internal monitoring at will.”

The manager glared at him disdainfully and his tone was no longer respectful.

Jingyan had a poker face, “No matter what the rules are, I want to see it now.”

“Looks like you’re here for trouble, sir?”

The manager turned back to the security guard and made a glance, “What else are you waiting for?”

“Oh …… oh!” The security guard was stunned for a moment and immediately came back to his senses and commanded the people around him.

“What are you guys waiting for? All of you hit him!”

Those security guards looked at each other. Although they were dissatisfied in their hearts, they still rushed up and began to hit him.

Jingyan did not bother to talk nonsense with them and dodged the first one who struck him. He quickly swung his fist and hit one of the security guards on his nose, and kicked the person behind him with legs, then made the man fall to his knees.

All those who hit him were beaten by his own. They fell to the ground and lost the ability to fight.

“You ……” the manager did not expect him to be so good at fighting. Originally he only thought that Jingyan could deal with one or two people because after all, it was difficult for one person to win so many people. But he just did not expect he used this move.

Jingyan clapped his hands and took out the business card he carried and handed it to the manager, “Show me the surveillance videos now.”

The manager was extremely disdainful, but when he saw his last name was Ye, he immediately stunned. He took the business card and immediately he felt his legs went soft.

“Mr. Ye I’m sorry. I’m too shallow to know that you are here.”

Jingyan did not want to say anything more and repeated the words, “Take me to see the surveillance videos.”

“Yes, I’ll take you to see videos now!”

“Manager ……” The beaten security guard was unconvinced, “Why should we give in to him. We still can fight!”

“Shut up!!!”

The manager glared at the security guard fiercely, “Fight for what! Are you stupid? This is Mr. Ye. Don’t you want to work anymore?”

That security guard did not know what happened but as soon as he heard that he could not keep his job, he hurriedly shut up.

His family was living on this job. If he lost his job, maybe he wouldn’t be able to support his whole family!

“Mr. Ye, please go this way!”

The manager bent down respectfully and guided Jingyan to the VIP channel. When others saw this, they immediately knew that he was not the person they could mess with.

Jingyan had no time to care something else and hurriedly walked into the monitoring room, “Pull out all the surveillance videos for the last few hours, especially the floor where I live.”

“Okay.” Since the manager knew his identity, the manager did whatever he said.

After finding out all the surveillance videos he mentioned, the manager asked apprehensively, “Mr. Ye, are you looking for something?”

Jingyan frowned. After he looked at several videos, he still did not find Yiyao. He casually asked, “Have you seen a young woman, wearing a T-shirt and jeans who looks …… very pretty?”

“No……no.” The manager was a little surprised. He had thought it would be something big, but he didn’t think he was just looking for a woman.

And his description didn’t feature at all!

Jingyan didn’t have much hope for that and he continued to pay full attention to the surveillance videos. In the video an hour before he returned, he noticed something different.

A garbage truck was pushed back and forth twice in the hallway of their floor.

Jingyan frowned. He felt that there was definitely something wrong, “How did this garbage truck get up there?”

“Garbage truck? Maybe the garbage truck came here through the transport aisle, but ……”

“But what?”

The manager rubbed his chin, “But in the past there was no garbage truck to the building because it was too dirty and had been complained about. The hotel then stipulated that no garbage truck could be pushed to the hallway.”

He silently remembered it in his heart. When Jingyan’s thing was over, he was going to chastise the cleaning staff.

The garbage truck couldn’t come to the hallway?

Jingyan was more certain that there was something wrong. Maybe Yiyao was in the garbage truck!

His eyelids jumped straight and his mood was very flustered. He was totally unaware of the other party’s identity and he didn’t know if Yiyao would be in danger!

“Mr. Ye, What’s wrong with you?” The manager couldn’t help but ask when he saw that there was something wrong with Jingyan.

Jingyan waved his hand, “My woman was kidnapped and your hotel didn’t even know anything about it.”

“Kidnapped?” The manager found it unbelievable, “How is that possible! I was in the lobby all day today and I didn’t see anyone strange.”

Although he was contradicting Jingyan now, he was afraid in his heart because if something happened to Jingyan’s woman, there should be no way for their hotel to operate!

Jingyan faintly touched his face and was ready to pull out his cell phone to call the police. Just at this time, an unfamiliar phone call came in.

He frowned and wanted to hang up, but something suddenly came to his mind and he answered the call, “Hello?”

“Mr. Ye?”

The voice on the other side was odd, a husky male voice. Jingyan frowned and he knew that this man used a voice changer.


“Mr. Ye, your woman is with me. I advise you to have a better attitude. Otherwise it’s her who will suffer!”

“What do you want?” Jingyan asked directly.

“I don’t want anything. I just caution you not to call the police. I don’t want to kill the woman you love.”

“Then what do you want?”

“This well …… You will know when the time comes.”

“How long I have to wait?” Jingyan asked calmly.

“It won’t take long. You do not call the police, when the time comes I will tell you what I want. If you agree, I will naturally let her go. But if you call the police, I can hardly keep her safe!”

The tone of the person on the other side was extremely uncomfortable to hear. Jingyan held back his inner revulsion, “I promise what you want. But she’s in poor health. You must make sure she’s healthy, otherwise ……”

“That’s for sure.”

After that, there was no sound inside the phone. After a while, Yiyao’s voice came from the phone, “Jingyan ……”

She only called his name and immediately the phone was taken away, “Hear that? She’s still alive and well. I guarantee she’ll be safe and sound when she comes back for you.”


Jingyan agreed and hung up the phone.

“Mr. Ye, what happened?” The manager asked cautiously. He did not know what was said on the other side of the phone, but he could hear what Jingyan said.

For example, “promise what you want” and “guarantee her safety”. It was obvious that someone was kidnapped.

Jingyan rubbed his forehead and did not speak. His mind was in a mess. On the one hand he worried about how Yiyao. On the other hand, he wondered how to save her.


Yiyao opened her eyes and found that she was tied to a chair, surrounded by gloomy and scary. This time it was her own carelessness that led to her being kidnapped.

“Miss Duan, right?”

A voice came from the darkness, she couldn’t hear it well but she still heard a man’s voice, “Who are you?”

It was pitch black in front of her. She couldn’t see anyone and looked up only to feel a dark shadow approaching her.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. But don’t worry. I don’t want to hurt you. As long as you cooperate with me, I guarantee you will have a pleasant time.”

The man finally stopped in front of Yiyao. He wore a mask and his hat covered his whole face so his face could not be seen at all.

After Yiyao heard him say that, she gradually calmed down, “What do you want me to cooperate with you?”

“Well ……”

This man did not speak any more, but took out a cell phone and dialed a number.

“Is it Mr. Ye ……?”

Yiyao was stunned.


What was he calling him for? Did he blackmail him to do something he didn’t want to?

The latter words made Yiyao more certain of her idea. And by the time the phone was placed to her ear, she thought what she wanted to say.

“Jingyan ……” she was going to say don’t worry about her and don’t listen to him!

But just after she called out his name, the phone was taken away by the man. She heard from the conversation that Jingyan seemed to have compromised.

She couldn’t help but cry. Sure enough, she was the one getting him into trouble and she didn’t know what Jingyan promised him.

“Miss Duan, you don’t have to worry. I will ask someone to help you untie the rope later. You can move around in this villa.” The man put away his cell phone and turned his head to her and said.

“Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t need to know that.” The man stopped and said to her before leaving without looking back.

There were soon several more people in the dark room and they pulled the black cloth surrounding them away. Yiyao suddenly saw the strong light and couldn’t help but close her eyes.

After getting used to the light, she began to look at her surroundings. As he said, this was a villa and the place where she was sitting now was the living room on the first floor.

The coiled staircase led to the second floor. She looked up at the environment and felt intricate and dazzled.

When a strong man approached Yiyao, she leaned hard against the chair, “What do you want?”

The man didn’t reply and didn’t care about Yiyao’s resistance. He took a knife and went straight to her.

Yiyao swallowed a mouthful of saliva and fought hard to back up. But the chair was tied to her body which limited her movement. And finally she was forced to the corner.

“Don’t fool around. You’re breaking the law like this!”

If it weren’t for the fact that she was pregnant, this bit of threat and bondage wouldn’t have trapped her. But the situation was different. She couldn’t resist with too much force now.

The strong man ignored her warning, raised the knife, aimed at her chest and cut the rope tied to her.

Yiyao didn’t dare to look at the knife and closed her eyes, waiting for the cold blade to pierce her body. But after waiting for a while, she did not feel that pain so she had to open her eyes.

The strong man disappeared and she looked down to find that the ropes tied to her slipped to the ground. For a moment she was a little confused.

They just …… let her go like that?!

No way?!

What the hell was going on?!

Yiyao still felt incredible. She moved her wrists and tried to walk towards the gate. Surprisingly, no one appeared to stop her.

She was so happy that she walked step by step, feeling that the whole thing was not quite real, like a dream. When she woke up from the dream, she could see Jingyan sit by the bed and look at her tenderly.

“Sorry, you can’t go out!”

She had just opened the door when a pair of hands reached out in front of her, stopping Yiyao who were ready to leave.

She felt that a pot of cold water was poured on her head and she came to her senses all of a sudden.

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