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Chapter 374: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 374 Attempt To Escape

Yiyao Duan looked around. There were muscular guys around her. She touched her belly and went back. If she was by herself, she would choose to fight. But now she was not alone, there was one more person inside her, so she had to consider it carefully.

Back to the villa, she paced around slowly. Her mind was empty. There was no way out. She walked half a round in the opposite direction. Suddenly when she looked in the direction of the back door, she noticed that there was no one on guard there.

She walked over quickly and turned on the doorknob, only to find that it had been locked from inside.

She stepped back dispiritedly and sat on the sofa feebly. Thinking that Jingyan Ye might have been so anxious like being scorched by flames. She had to find a way to get out of here soon!


On the other side, Jingyan received a call from Tiancheng Yi. He rushed to Yi’s Group, pushed the door open, and Tiancheng sat in the original place waiting for him.

“What’s the matter?” Jingyan frowned and asked as he entered the door.

He was worried about Yiyao. When he got the call, he wanted to ignore it at first. However, on second thought, they were new here and didn’t know anyone. Maybe the kidnapper was his nemesis, so he suppressed the anxiety in his heart and rushed over.

“The project suddenly started bidding ahead of time. We have to get there now.”

Noticing that Jingyan was somewhat pale and anxious, he got curious, “What’s the matter with you? Where is the woman with you?”


Jingyan rubbed his forehead and replied lightly. Since Yiyao had disappeared, he had not slept for several days. He asked private investigators to look into it secretly. Just at the moment of finding some sources, he was summoned here by a phone call.

“Kidnapped?” Tiancheng widened his eyes. They were apart for two or three days, unexpectedly such a thing happened.

“Did you find the kidnapper?”

“We haven’t found the master behind it, but we already find the kidnapper.”

“Don’t you need to go find her now?” Tiancheng didn’t expect that he still had the energy to talk with him here.

“Well, it’s already on its way.” Still calm, he remained rational all the time.

Because he knew that if he was in a panic, then there was really no way out.

Tiancheng’s forehead was streaming in cold sweats. He really couldn’t underestimate Jingyan, who always had his own plan with incredible meticulousness.

“Then we…”

“Wait, of course.” Jingyan picked up the tea cup on the table. Before it was delivered to his mouth, he interrupted Tiancheng’s words.


Tiancheng swallowed the words in his throat. He asked him over to participate in the bidding, but now he had to listen to his words and wait to catch the bad guy, and interrogate the bad guy in his office.

“Knock, knock”

In the middle of their conversation, there was a knock at the door. Tiancheng raised his head and looked at each other with Jingyan, saying, “Come in.”

The man outside stopped for a moment, then pushed the door open, “Mr. Ye, this is the person you are looking for.”

Jingyan turned his eyes to the person. A thin and weak man appeared in front of him, who was held by two guards on his left and right sides.

“You are the cleaner from that day?”

He didn’t ask his name, but straightforwardly asked if he was the cleaner. The man was stunned for a moment and then nodded.

“Who gave you the instruction?”

Jingyan’s eyes were too sharp. The cleaner bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir.”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Jingyan swung his chair and stopped directly opposite him. “My patience is limited. If you don’t give me a satisfactory answer, you will pay for it. I heard that you have a daughter who is going to college…”

“What can you do to her?” On hearing his daughter, the cleaner finally looked up nervously into Jingyan.

“What can I do? Maybe her schoolwork is not good enough and she can’t graduate, or maybe you have no spare money for her to go on to college any more…in short, accidents happen in many ways.”

Jingyan lowered his head to blow the steaming cup, and spoke out his ideas lightly.


The cleaner looked at him in disbelief. The gentle speaker in front of him would really be a man who said those kinds of harsh words?

Jingyan didn’t even look straight at him. “You can choose not to believe me, and I can let you go back, but you need to know, you have only one chance. If you miss it, you won’t have it again.”

“You can do anything to me, leave my daughter out of it!”

“You know that is impossible.” Jingyan’s patience had been used up. “Now I’ll give you ten seconds, think about it, you can choose to leave or say what you know.”

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With that, he signaled to the two men holding the cleaner to let go of their hands. The two men looked at each other, and finally hesitantly let go.

The cleaner couldn’t believe that he got freedom just like that. He didn’t even use three seconds to think but went straight to the door.

The men around reflexively stretched out their hands. With vigilance, the cleaner quickly turned around warily and saw Jingyan shaking his head at the men trying to stop him.

The two men thought for a while, finally unwillingly stepped away. They had a hard time catching him, now letting him go so easily of course made them feel unwilling to give up.

The cleaner tentatively took a step. Seeing that Jingyan didn’t stop him, he ran out of the office in a hurry as if running for his life.

“You just let him go?” Tiancheng, who had been sitting aside and hadn’t spoken, couldn’t help asking until the cleaner fled.

“He will come back!” Jingyan said confidently and turned the cup playfully.

Tiancheng didn’t know what to say. He poured himself a glass of water. Just as he put it to his mouth, there was some noises of movement at the door.

He inadvertently raised his eyes. The mouthful of water didn’t reach his throat yet and caused him choking and coughing.

Wasn’t the man standing at the door the cleaner who had just fled? The cleaner was sweating. When he saw Jingyan, his legs softened and he knelt down on the ground, “Sir, I’m sorry, sir. I’m wrong. I’m willing to tell you everything. Please help me!”

Tiancheng, speechless and surprised. He asked, pointing to the cleaner kneeling on the ground, “You…why did you suddenly change your ideas?”

The cleaner had no time to pay attention to him. He was begging Jingyan, “Sir, please, let my daughter go!”

“Of course, I can let her go, but you need to tell me who instructed you first.”

“I…I don’t know!”

“Oh?” Jingyan gave a cruel smile, “You really don’t know? Don’t forget your daughter…”

“I really don’t know. The person who asked me to do it at that time contacted me by phone. I don’t know his ident!ty at all.”

For fear that Jingyan would not believe him, kneeling, the cleaner took a few steps towards him, “Mr. Ye, I really don’t know. Please let my daughter go! Please…”

Jingyan frowned. The clue here was broken again. Did he need to start investigating again?

“Are you finished?”


“The information you give me is totally useless, so why should I help you out of trouble?” There was no expression on Jingyan’s face. But only he knew, his heart was already in a chaos.

“No, no, no, Mr. Ye, I just forgot, I remembered one thing now.”

Jingyan nodded and beckoned him to go on.

The cleaner swallowed and rolled his Adam’s apple, “On the phone, I heard that there is a bidding for Nanshan project going on. I didn’t understand it, so I didn’t think much about it. I wonder if this is a clue?”

He looked at Jingyan with great care. Seeing that his face was still expressionless, the cleaner was wailing in his heart, seeming to know the bad ending already and feel sorrow inside.

“Mr. Ye?” The cleaner couldn’t help calling Jingyan when couldn’t get a reply from him after waiting and waiting.

Jingyan recovered from thinking, glanced at him lightly, and waved to have him take down.

“Mr. Ye! Mr. Ye!” The cleaner knew that he had lost hope, but when the men who brought him here buckled his wrist, he still couldn’t help but panic.

“Please! Please…”

Jingyan was upset by his noise and interrupted him, “Your daughter is fine, go back now.”

Hearing this, the cleaner immediately stopped shouting. The big stone in his heart fell to the ground and quietly followed the two men to leave.

Tiancheng was turning a pen in his hand. He looked at Jingyan with great interest, “Tell me what you’ve done under my nose to make him come back and beg you?”

“I just greeted his daughter’s school. I found out that she often skipped classes and failed a few lessons.”

“Nothing more?” Tiancheng knew that it couldn’t be so simple. If it was just a few failed lessons, the cleaner would not possibly come back and beg him.

“Of course, the job of a cleaner also need a capable person to do it qualified. I just mentioned it to his leader.”

The corner of Tiancheng’s mouth twitched, what a cruel man!

He cut off the cleaner’s financial resources and made his daughter unable to graduate. Any man, no matter how strong he used to pretend to be, would come back to beg Jingyan.

He didn’t know the concept of money before, but now that the company was going bankruptcy, he started to realize that money was really a good thing, with which many things could be done!

“The Nanshan project he just mentioned seems to be the project we are observing now.”

Tiancheng came back to his thoughts as speaking, “Is it possible that the person who kidnapped Yiyao is my stepmother?”

Jingyan raised his eyebrows and said nothing. This was the only person involved in this project who had contact with them, and she had made the decision suddenly in recent days. If that was not enough, they were being too stupid. He really couldn’t find any more reasons to reject these views.

“What shall we do?” Blue veins on Tiancheng’s forehead jumped actively. He didn’t expect that his stepmother would use this extreme method. They were already weak and disadvantaged, now they had no chance of winning even more.

“Let it be.”

Jingyan, who had been calm all the time, spat out these words unexpectedly.

A sense of powerless rose in Yicheng’s body. The compet!tion would start in the afternoon, but out of blue, such a thing happened. Their chance of success was almost zero.

“You just do as we plan, and don’t worry about the rest.”

“Hum?” Tiancheng was confused.

Didn’t he need to save Yiyao at the moment? Impossible. He didn’t seem to be pretending to care so much about her before. Was his judgement too poor or Jingyan’s acting sk!ll too good?

Jingyan kept quiet, no more words from him. In fact, he was silently planning to rescue Yiyao.


Tiancheng and Jingyan walked into the venue of Nanshan project side by side. It was already full of people inside. Although Yi Group’s business had fallen, its reputation outside was still very strong. Therefore, the positions reserved for it were in the first row closest to the podium.

Tiancheng went ahead, while Jingyan had been observing the situation. He didn’t know if Yiyao could be brought inside here, but it was always useful to observe, and it would become more familiar to him when exiting in advance later.

His seat was side by side with Tiancheng. Tiancheng’s seat was near the south gate, while his seat was closer to the aisle.

He stepped forward quickly, leaned to Tiancheng’s ear and said a few words, then naturally walked in the front and sat in the seat originally belonging to Tiancheng.

No one around had seen him before. They couldn’t help being curious but secretly looking at Jingyan’s position, guessing what his ident!ty was, who could sit in the best position when he showed up here the first time.

Sitting in the chair, Jingyan’s eyes were indifferent, as if he was unaware of the looks on him from around.

When Tiancheng was seated, he talked to Jingyan in a low voice. People in the back suddenly realized that he turned out to be associated with Tiancheng. No wonder he was so arrogant.

All the people had been seated, only the seat next to Tiancheng had not been taken.

Jingyan’s ident!ty was no longer important. People turned their eyes to the vacancy. What kind of a big shot was this person? The bidding was about to begin but he still hadn’t showed up.

“Everybody, excuse me!”

On the platform stood a man with a rich fat face, touching his big belly and clearing his throat, “Now I announce that our Nanshan project…”


A female voice interrupted him. Everyone was excited. They glanced into the source of the voice one after another. They saw that the door behind them was opened a crack and the sunlight outside came through.

A finely-dressed woman went towards the podium against the light. People couldn’t see her face clearly. From the temperament of her whole body, it could be judged that she was definitely not a simple woman.

The closer she got, the darker Tiancheng’s face turned. Because he knew this woman was his stepmother by only listening to the voice without looking at the face.

She slowly walked closer, step by step to Tiancheng, and finally sat down in the empty seat beside him.

“Tiancheng, long time no see!” Qi Lyu greeted him with a meaningful smile on her face.

Tiancheng turned his head, avoiding to see her. If he had some so-called family affection for her before, it had been worn away and long gone by what she had been doing.

Qi didn’t care much. She sat upright in her seat and nodded to the person on the podium.

That person smiled back, then continued what he didn’t finish, “I announce, the Nanshan Project bidding begins now formally!”

The applause off stage was thunderous. Afterwards, someone started to raise their bidding signs. At first, they were all small numbers, 100,000 or 200,000, which were not of importance. Anyone present could raise the sign.

None of the three people in the front row moved. Jingyan turned his ring absent-mindedly, his mind full of twists and turns. Nobody knew what he was actually thinking.

“A million!”

When the noisy compet!tion was energetically on the way off the stage, suddenly, a sound pierced through, making all the noises stop.

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