Chapter 375 – 376: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 375: The Ninth Wing

“Here are 30 Healing Pills. Do you want them?”

Kris Chen pretended to be impatient, “Of course. “

Shopkeeper Wang nodded affably, “The magical pills are very valuable. Though as the eighth grade, the effects of the healing pills are as strong as those of sixth grade. The most important thing is that they don’t contain erysipelas.”

At this time, he seemed to be thinking about how to price the pills, “Mr. Zhang, on behalf of the Seven-treasures House, I’d like to buy at the price of one magical pill and one magical stone.”

Thirty low-grade healing pills need about ten lower-grade magical stones.

Thirty high-grade magical stones were worth 300 thousand lower-grade magical stones.

What a huge profit of tens of thousands of times!

Since Seven-treasure House wanted to buy at such a high price, it meant that there existed another profit.

Anyway, there was nothing to do with Kris. After all, he was the greatest beneficiary in this deal.

With a mask worn on his face, no one knew what Jack thought about, which made Shopkeeper Wang feel confused.

Did he think the price was too low?

Such rare magical pills were rather expensive including healing pills.

The magical pills had already given extraordinary meaning when it condensed into Rosy Cloud.

He even had come up with a method to manipulate these healing pills.

It had to be auctioned!

Only by auctioning would the profit of healing pills be maximized.

Once Kris knew what Shopkeeper Wang was thinking about, he would definitely curse him.

As the shopkeeper Wang was getting anxious, Kris finally said, “Well, I agree!”

“But I only need half of the magical stones. The others should be changed into medicinal materials!”

Then Kris handed over a list of medicinal materials prepared in advance.

Shopkeeper Wang took it over, only to find there were about thirty kinds of medicinal materials written on it, all of which were rare ones.

He must be an alchemist.

The shopkeeper Wang now was more certain that there must a senior alchemist behind Kris.

On the Devil Land, the Weapon Refiner and the alchemist were the most popular professions. If Kris could introduce the alchemist behind the scenes to the Seven-treasure House, perhaps he could complete the annual evaluation ahead of schedule!

“Mr. Zhang, these medicinal materials need only five high-grade magical stones. Do you want the rest to be stored here?”

Of course Kris knew what he meant. He waved his hand, “Okay, lest I have to pay for it next time!”

The shopkeeper Wang was overjoyed to hear that, “Mr. Zhang, I’ll ask a servant to take the medicine for you.”

Then he walked out of the negotiation room to get the medicine. After a while, he came in with nothing in hand.

Kris frowned, “Where’s my medicine?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhang, look!”

Shopkeeper Wang raised his hand to show a bronze ring on his palm, “Too much medicine is not convenient to take. So I puts the medicinal materials in this storage ring.”

He handed the ring over, “It is low-grade storage ring, but it’s out of my sincerity. I hope you would like it.”

Kris didn’t express his curiosity on his face, instead, he pretended to be as calm as possible.

Of course he knew the lowest-grade storage ring was worth at least ten high-grade magical stones. After all, he had read so many related books recently.

“Thanks. ” Kris behaved as if he didn’t care about it at all by pretending to be indifferent.

Kris hexed to find some medicine and dozens of fist-sized magical stones in the storage ring.

The one-square-meter ring might do little to him. But at least he didn’t have to worry about hiding these medicinal materials.

Everything was okay. Kris was about to leave when the shopkeeper Wang took out a purple-gold token hurriedly, “Mr. Zhang, this is a VIP token of the Seven-treasure House. By it, you will enjoy the top service in any branch of the Seven-treasure House. What’s more, you will enjoy discounts when you need magical pills and other materials!”

He didn’t say that it was the first purple-gold token he sent out in Wuwei City.

“Okay. ” Kris put the token into the storage ring randomly and left.

Seeing off him, the shopkeeper Wang thought he must ingratiate himself with Kris.

Out of the Seven-treasure House, Kris went to the washroom hurriedly. The servant outside popped his head around impatiently.

“Sir, are you okay?”

Doggy Wang pinched his nose unhappily.

“I’m coming!”

Tian Xiao shook his body and wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Sorry to keep you waiting. “

Doggy Wang was still unhappy, “Come on, don’t make Butler Mei wait too long.”

Kris walked quickly following him.

Mei looked at the time and felt a little anxious.

Why hadn’t he come? Did he run away?

But where did he go? Wuwei city was fortified and patrolled by the Yuan family this time. Kris couldn’t run away in this case.

“Uncle Mei, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Kris walked in with Doggy Wang who looked not happy.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Maybe I ate something bad. ” Kris made an excuse.

Butler Mei nodded. Nothing better than Kris’s back here.

“Hurry up! There are three hundred shops left to collect rent today. “

Doggy Wang led a horse, following the steward Mei. In every shop, the owner would hand the low- and medium-grade magical stones that they had prepared in advance.

After finishing it, the carriage had been full of magical stones, equal to the income from selling healing pills.

In contrast, magical pills could make much more money!

Low cost, high profit!

“It is just from the north of the city. There are 300 shops in the west of the city and 200 shops in the south and hundreds of shops of Yuan City in the east!”

Butler Mei stroked his beard with pride.

Collecting rent was so boring that Kris didn’t want to be here before. Besides, he had more important things to do. It’s alchemy!

It was not Protecting Pill, but Vitality Pill with a higher grade. In medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions, as the high-grade magical pills, Vitality Pill could not only heal injuries but also fix meridians with more miraculous effects.

According to the classification of magical pills, Vitality Pill should be the fourth-grade magical pill.

Devil Land was short of some kinds of medicine. To make up for it, he had to change them to the medicine materials with the same effects.

In fact, it was very dangerous to change the medicinal materials randomly. Because the refined pill might be a deadly poison instead of a magical pill.

Under the master-level alchemy of Kris, it was easy for him to make a new plan, not to mention a change of two medicinal materials.

No matter how terrible it would be, he could ask Insect to take the pill for a test.

Since Insect followed him to Devil Land, he had been badly thwarted, who was still depressed.

For him, erysipelas was a tonic.

Kris took out the medicinal materials from the storage ring and began to refine the vitality pill.

After closing the door and window, he hexed while observing the surroundings here.

An hour later, the earthenware pot made a sound of thud. As Kris waved his hand to take off the lid, a haze of smoke came out of it.

It exuded a refreshing fragrance, making Kris suddenly feel energetic and relaxed.

Six magical pills were refined this time. There floated auspicious clouds from each of the magical pill with completely full grade of potency!

The medicinal materials of Devil Land were so powerful that Kris refined the magical pills with full potency so easily.

Kris could even feel the strong power in them.

It couldn’t be what belonged to the fourth-grade magical pills! Kris thought the Vitality Pill had reached the best of second-grade magical pills.

“Insect, wake up, wake up!”

After a while, he finally moved.

Suddenly, as cracks appeared on the surface of the cocoon pupa, the Insect Emperor came out.

The golden light began to darken and slim down.

“Look, look!” Insect spoke weakly and opened his mouth to take the cocoon pupa. He finally began to fell better. The first thing he did was to claim credit.

“I know you did a good job!”

“Here is a magical pill. Take it and tell me whether it’s poisonous!”

The Insect Emperor was said to be a legendary creature in The South, which could command all the poisonous insects in the world like the Practitioner of the Heaven-human-oneness stage.

Insect turned into a stream of light and swallowed it at once.

Insect kept rolling around on Kris’s palm comfortably, whose breath gradually became stable. He even got a hiccup. Besides, Insect also recovered finally.

“It’s not poisonous!”

Kris was so excited.

“The left five pills are all for you!”

If Insect took all of these vitality pills, he would almost recover.

Insect then opened his mouth to take all these pills.

He became stronger and stronger, whose body returned luster and so many complicated gold patterns appeared on it.

Insect kept trembling as if something was going to come out from his back!

Did new wings come out again?

If so, the power of the vitality pill was so powerful.

Insect had eight wings. And now he would have one more wing. In that case, Insect had already stepped into the stage of Primal Spirit.

However, Insect was neither human nor beast. Kris didn’t know how to define its ability.

“I know you feel hurt. Believe me, the granulomas is going to form. ” Kris comforted.

As Insect cried, there grew a new wing beside the eighth one, piercing the granulomas.

“Not symmetrical!”

It’s out of Kris’s obsessive-compulsive disorder. Kris asked, “How are you feeling now? Are you sleepy?”

Kris said, “All right, come back to sleep!”

Insect turned into a streamer into Kris’s body. As Insect recovered and advanced successfully, Kris had one more hole card to survive in this world.

Chapter 376: The Healing Pill

Luckily, Kris Chen had prepared an extra lot of the herbs, and he took out the remaining herbs and continued to refine the Pill of Life.

While in the Yuan family’s performance hall, there was a howl of pain!

Dozens of followers laid on the ground with serious injuries.

“Help, Master, save me…”

“I don’t want to die.”

Tiangang Yuan was sitting on the seat of honor, and the ten experts had wounded. They had never expected that there would be hundreds of fierce creatures and three ferocious beasts! It seemed that the fierce beasts and creatures had negotiated to crouch in the dense forest and wait for them to show up to swarm, finally, attacking them by surprise.

This time the Yuan family had suffered heavy losses, with hundreds of disciples of the clan dead, which were the Yuan family’s backbones! Tiangang had invited all the famous and good doctors in Wuwei City.

But when they saw the severely injured people, they all shook their heads, and said, “Master Yuan, too severe injuries, please forgive me for not being able to do anything!” or “it’s in vain to do anything with them now, so please accept the truth!” and all the doctors said that.

“Brother, how about… Give them a thrashing!”

Tu Yan was also wounded, and he was almost cut up by a lynx with a claw, and a terrifying scratch starting from his neck to his abdomen; if not for his quick reaction, he would have died.

Tiangang’s combat strength was also greatly weakened, and he wouldn’t be able to leave the city to hunt beasts soon.

“No, these are all brothers who share the same life and death, how can we give up lightly!”

Tieshan’s eyes were red and he knelt on one knee, ” Master, please save our brothers!”


The ten experts also knelt on one knee, “Please, Master, save them!”

“What are you guys doing!?”

Tiangang walked up to help Tie Shan up, “They are all good brothers we fighting together, so how could I stand by and watch them die!”

“Thank you, Master!”

“Come on, Get up!”

Just then, one of the doctors said, “I heard that Seven-Treasure House bought a batch of extremely high-quality Healing Pills from a high-ranking pharmacist at a high price, full of medicinal power and with extraordinary results. A Practitioner gutted by a wild beast took the Heeling Pill and survived.”

This was Shopkeeper Wang warming up for the auction. This doctor happened to have seen the entire process and even he had stitched up the wound for that Practitioner.

“Oh, magical pills?”

Tiangang even summoned Butler Mei, “You quickly go to the Seven Treasures Lodge and acquire the Restoration Pill, regardless of the price, you must take them all!”

“Yes, master.”

Butler Mei looked serious and left the martial arts performance hall.

Few people in the Yuan family knew that Butler Mei was actually an expert in the fulfilled period of the Return-to-Nature stage.

Although these doctors could not save these injured people, cleaning the wounds wouldn’t be a problem for them.

The servants cooked a hundred-year-old ginseng soup trying to keep them alive.

Half an hour later, Butler Mei hurriedly arrived, with his hands empty!

Tiangang stood up in a hurry from the Chair, “Mei, where are the magical pills?”

“Master, Shopkeeper Wang of Seven-Treasures didn’t sell, and he said that this batch of magical pills was for auction!”

“An auction?”

Tiangang frowned, “Well, I’ll go there myself!”

With that, he turned into a white shadow and rushed out directly.

“You guys stay here, and I’ll follow to check it out!”

Tieshan explained and rushed out.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the Seven-Treasures house at a rapid speed.

As soon as they stepped over the doorsill, Shopkeeper Wang saw the two, “wow, what brings Patrol Yuan here!”

“Shopkeeper Wang!”

Tiangang arched his hands at him, and didn’t beat around the bush, directly said: “I heard that Seven-Treasures House has received a batch of magical pills from a senior pharmacist, and I want to buy this batch of magical pills, so Mr. Wang, please name a price.”

Shopkeeper Wang stroke his beard and shook his head, “Sorry, this batch of magical pills are not for sale, if Patrol Yuan wants it, come to the auction in two days.”

“You shopkeeper, why are you so unsympathetic?” Tieshan’s eyes widened, and he insisted, “We are going to pay, besides, can’t you be accommodating when human lives are at stake?”

Shopkeeper Wang wasn’t annoyed and said with a smiling face, “If you feel that the people of Seven-Treasures are unkind, you can leave.”

His tone was icy cold and without a trace of warmth even though he said with a smile.

“Tieshan, apologize to Mr. Wang!”

“Master, I…”

“Apologize!” Tiangang raised his voice.

The Seven-Treasures House had branches all over the Nefarious Kingdom and even the Divine-Demon Continent, so although that Shopkeeper Wang was only the branch shopkeeper, they couldn’t offend. Even the lord of Wuwei City had to be obedient in front of him, so who did Tieshan think he is? If you annoyed Shopkeeper Wang, he would only need to close the shop for a few days and then let the word out, and the Yuan family would be spurned by the public in Wuwei City. This was the horror of a monopoly market. Tiangang thought.

Tieshan had never seen his Master angry like this before and also knew that he made a mistake, so he suppressed the anger in his heart and arched his hands at the shopkeeper Wang, “Sorry, my brothers are in danger, I was too worried about them.” After saying that, he relaxed his hands and stood beside Tiangang, not daring to say anything more.

“Mr. Wang, today we went out of the city to hunt, and we were ambushed by ferocious beasts and suffered heavy casualties. I would like to ask Mr. Wang to be accommodating, my Yuan family is willing to spend a high price to acquire magical pills to save lives!” with that, Tiangang bowed to the shopkeeper Wang.

“Mr. Wang, please!” Tieshang followed.

Everyone present knew Tiangang and also knew that the Yuan family held the post of City Patrol Ambassador this year.

Just then, someone couldn’t help but speak out, “Mr. Wang, Patrol City Yuan is eager to save lives, please be accommodating!”

“The beast surge is coming, and every one lost is a blow to Wuwei City!”

“Please be accommodating.” Everyone present said in unison.

Shopkeeper Wang looked around and shook his head, “Ok, ok, if I insist, I will be considered a profit-minded profiteer.”

“This batch of magical pills are a total of thirty pills, and I used one to save someone before, and there are still twenty-nine left.”

“For the sake of your sincerity in saving people, one hundred Top-quality Jet for the Magic pills!”


one hundred Top-quality Jet!

Everyone present couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

What an expense!

Some of them would never make that much money in their lives! Even Tieshan couldn’t help but gritted his teeth, and he only got thirty-six Top-quality Jet a year, and it was too expensive for that even if they were magical pills.

“What a generous, thank you, Mr. Wang.”

Although Tiangang thought these pills would cost him an arm and a leg, he still agreed without any hesitation.

The magical pills could not be gotten easily even if it existed, and a hundred Top-quality Jet was not extortionate.

The Shopkeeper Wang took out the jade box from the secret chamber and handed it over, “You’ll know if it’s worth it when you open it, lest others say I’m making undesirable money!”

Tiangang just received the box and he was shocked as soon as he opened it.

Every single magical pill is wrapped with an auspicious cloud.

“Although this Healing Pill is only an eight-grade Magical pill, that senior Pharmacist turned it into a six-grade magical pill unbelievably. One hundred Top-quality Jet for twenty-nine six-grade magical pills, this is probably the most money-losing business I’ve ever done!” Shopkeeper Wang sighed.

Tiangang closed the jade box carefully, and he finally knew why Shopkeeper Wang was reluctant. Not only him, Tieshan as well as the surrounding customers were also suddenly enlightened. They couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to Shopkeeper Wang. They had originally thought that Shopkeeper Wang was a profiteer, but now it seemed that the hundred yuan stone was a bargain. If it was auctioned off, these twenty-nine magical pills would at least fetch three hundred Top-quality Jet.

Of course, they didn’t know that after deducting the capital, the shopkeeper Wang had already made a profit as twice as the capital. Sometimes, it was more important to gain a good reputation than anything else!

“You’re so generous, Mr. wang.”

“Seven-Treasures House is really different from those profiteers. If only everyone else was like Shopkeeper Wang!”

“I’ve decided to only shop at Seven-Treasures House from now on!”


“Thank you, Mr. Wang, my brothers at home are still waiting to be saved, so I gotta go!”

Tiangang made a bow and took his leave.

He desperately wanted to go home, and with these magical pills, those brethren would be saved.

“They’re back. The Master is back!”

As soon as Tiangnag entered, the crowd gathered around.

“Come, take the magical pills to the brothers!”

After taking the magical pills, a miraculous thing happened, those who were seriously injured, and their lives were at stake stopped shouting.

But followed by itch, “It’s so itchy. why is it so itchy?”

One of them couldn’t help but scratch the wound and it was a bloody mess!

“My Lord, wouldn’t the magical pills be poisonous? How could…”

“Don’t worry, gentlemen. It is right to be itchy!”

A doctor with white hair said, “This precisely means that this Healing Pill has magical effects, and it will be itchy when growing new flesh!”

“Yes, it is.”

Another doctor stepped forward and pointed at the wound, “Look at the new flesh in the wound, it’s unimaginable, the potency of this Healing Pill is amazing!”

Everyone looked over, found that some of the wounds that weren’t too serious were already scabbed over!

“That’s impossible!”

Tiangang and the others were all shocked, Just a while after taking the magical pills, and the wounds all healed with new flesh. How strong the potency of the Magical Pills were?

Even the doctors present were shocked.

As an expert, I have been engaged in medical science for decades, and it’s the first time to see such Magical Pills.”

“The Magical Pill, it is worthy of its name. it truly has magic power.”

Even Tu yan swallowed a gulp of saliva, and said, “Master, can I have one Magical pill.”

Such Magical Pills, if he took one, he could skip a long period of convalescence and went hunt for ferocious beasts with them.

After seeing the magical potency of the Healing Pills, Tiangang planned to use the remaining Healing Pills as his latest protection. These magical pills were no longer just pills, but lives.

After half an hour, the injured who were dying all survived. Except for a few seriously injured people who needed to rest in bed, and the rest only needed to rest for a few days. Everyone was shocked by the magical potency of the Healing Pill.

Yan touched the scabbed wounds and couldn’t help but say, “It’s fucking amazing, if only we could invite that pharmacist to the Yuan family!”

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