Chapter 375: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 375 Woman

One million!

It had made the people around unable to bid. They looked at the person who called out the number, and they all found the bidder.

It was the woman who just came!

Some business gossip lover knew about this woman was because she used to be the woman of the old president of Yi Group, then she left the old president without knowing why, and afterwards she suddenly had a lot of money.

“Two million.” Tiancheng Yi was not willing to be outdone. Now that he formally started bidding, naturally he had no worries.

“Five million!” Qi Lyu raised the sigh without pressure at all, and had no patience to add one million at a time.

Tiancheng had a blunt pain in the forehead. The money in his pocket was estimated to last no more than bidding three times. Until then, he wouldn’t be able to bid any more.

Stiffening himself up, he held out the sign, “Six million.”

“Eight million.” Qi shouted easily. Intentionally or unintentionally, she gave Jingyan a glance.

“Nine million.”

“Ten million.”

Tiancheng clenched his teeth tightly. It had reached his critical point. If the bidding continued further on like this, he wouldn’t afford it anymore.

He couldn’t help turning around to look at Jingyan. Seeing that he pursed his lips thinking something, he couldn’t help poking him with his elbow.

“Well?” Jingyan recovered and noticed Tiancheng’s embarrassment.

Tiancheng opened his mouth and covered up his humiliation, “It’s ten million already.”

“Go on.”

Seeing him hesitated, Jingyan raised the sign in his hand, “20 million.”

Upon hearing this number, the crowd who had been holding their breath burst into noisy discussions. They had thought that this young man was a friend invited by Tiancheng, perhaps another rich second generation who dared to speak in such a high-end bidding.

But they didn’t expect him to speak out to bid. What was more, he doubled it!!

Who the hell was he? Doubts and questions raised in everyone’s mind.

The three persons in front didn’t care much about the discussions from the crowd behind. They were still in full swing to raise the sign and shout the number, until it was up to 80 million.

Although both sides were determined to win this project, they didn’t expect to call the number this high, which was completely beyond expectation.

Qi’s forehead was sweating, and her exquisite makeup was slightly collapsing. She turned her head and looked at Jingyan. Seeing that he was still calm like he was going through something irrelevant to him, she put her hand into the pocket of her coat, and her face gradually calmed down.

After a while, Jingyan’s phone suddenly vibrated. He frowned at the number. Then, he handed the sigh to Tiancheng and told him not to care about the money.

Then, without thinking more, he ran out of the hall to answer the phone, “Hello?”

“Mr. Ye.”

The familiar altered voice sounded in the receiver. Jingyan’s voice was light, “Yes.”

“I have something that I need you to do.”

“Go ahead.”

The voice over the other line stopped for a moment and said, “I want you to give up the Nanshan project.”


“I’m sure you’ve heard what I said.”

The man laughed strangely, “You must be obedient, otherwise…I can’t guarantee Ms. Duan’s safety!”

“Stop!” As soon as Jingyan heard about Yiyao, he interrupted in a hurry, “What do you want me to do exactly? Please make it clearer, I will do it.”

“As long as you give up the competition for this project, we won’t do anything to Ms. Duan!”

“OK, I see!”

Taking the phone, Jingyan said anxiously, “I promise you, when do you release Yiyao?”

“As long as you do as I say, I will let her go!”

Subsequently, the voice cut off from the receiver. Jingyan was blown by the cold wind in place. Finally, he took a deep breath and went back to the bidding venue.


In the villa.

Yiyao walked around in the room. She had tried all the methods she could think of. Although she had nearly lost hope, she still didn’t want to give up.

There was too little entertainment in the villa. She could only do some exercises on the stairs after eating. Through the window, she saw the flowers blooming awesomely outside, and there was a piece of loose soil planting with some even grasses.

Yiyao walked up and forth on the stairs. Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration and a new idea came to her mind.

Previously, she had been thinking about how to escape from the first floor. Actually, there were loose restrictions on the second floor. It was also because she was a pregnant woman, so there were few guards except for the heavy guard on the front gate.

As long as she was quiet, she could be out of here without letting others knowing a thing!

She went to the window at the corner, gently pushed it. Finding that it was locked, she felt another burst of despair.

Jumping from the second floor would definitely harm the baby in her belly. Only this exit was the only safe and sound way out.

She searched around and found that there was no opening tool in the room. Furthermore, breaking glasses would be very noisy, which would definitely alert the guards outside. In that case, it would be even harder for her to escape.

Yiyao paced back and forth without thinking of any better ideas. From time to time, she walked over to break the window. Suddenly, the window seemed loosen up a little.

She seemed to see hope. Wasn’t this window unlocked.

With great efforts, Yiyao broke the window to one side. Surprisingly, the window was moving slowly.

It turned out that this window couldn’t be locked from inside, but it was too heavy for ordinary people to open it. However, they underestimated Yiyao. She was a soldier in the army before, and had long practiced a pair of iron fists.

When the window finally allowed her to get out, Yiyao’s heart was filled with secret joy. She controlled her ecstatic impulse to jump. She visually measured the height of the ground from her.

Then, she took a cautious look at the gate. Seeing that there was no movement, she was rest assured to lean out her body.

She was usually served at the meal time when the guard appeared to send her food. At the time now, there should be no one coming in!

She pulled on the wooden frame on the window, slid down slowly, and finally hung on the wall.

Yiyao squinted and examined the distance from the ground to herself. Knowing that she couldn’t jump, she tried her best to grab the big tree by the window. The crown of the tree was luxuriant and flourishing, covering her small figure completely.

“Master.” The guards bend down in unison and greeted.

Yiyao felt a little “clatter” in her heart. She knew there came the man who kidnapped her. She tried hard to go up, just high enough to let herself wear a green coat. The leaves of the tree blocked the her whole body.

“Well,” The man, wearing a facial mask, nodded, “Open the door!”

The burly guard stooped to turn on the lock and moved sideways to let the mask man walked in.

The living room was empty. The mask man felt something was wrong. One by one, he opened the doors in the villa and began to look for her.

He searched all over the first floor, but didn’t see the shadow of Yiyao, he couldn’t help frowning and raised his feet towards upstairs.

Around the corner, he stopped. His eyes swept to the window of the stairway. Startled, he turned to look back at the men behind.

“Where is the woman?”

The man who guarded Yiyao was also stupefied. He had been guarding the door all the time, he didn’t hear anything. When on earth did the window open?

“Bo…boss, maybe I forgot to close it. She must still be somewhere in this villa!” As a weak woman, it was impossible for her to jump out of here. She must be hiding somewhere in a corner of the villa.

The mask man gave him a cold look. With no words, he went straight upstairs and opened the door one by one. In addition to the things originally placed in the rooms, there was no place for people to hide at all

“You’d better give me a reasonable explanation.” The eyes of the mask man were cold. He had searched all the places he could find, but he had not found a shadow.

“Well…well… boss, I’ve been guarding outside all the time, and I didn’t hear any sound… “

“Didn’t hear any sound! How did she get away if she let you hear any sound?” The mask man reached out and slapped him heavily, fire burning in his eyes.

He quickly ran to the opened window and pushed it. He saw the towering tree. His eyesight moved to the branches extending to the window, where there were traces of shoe prints.

His eyes were sharp. It seemed that she had slipped down from this tree. After all, he underestimated this woman exceedingly. He didn’t expect that she could get down from such a high tree.

“What are you doing here? Go find her now!” He turned his head and glanced over the burly man, fire of anger burning fiercely in his chest.

“Yes, yes.” The burly man answered with trembles and then scrambled downstairs to find Yiyao.

The men in the yard had been waiting at the door for a long time. Seeing that their leader was so disgraced, they were scared to death and dared not breathe.

“You, you, you two go over there. You, you, come with me. You must find the woman as soon as possible!” The burly man clenched his teeth in anger and gave out a gnashing command. He swore in his heart that he would make the woman regret to escape when he found her!

The mask man looked at the window again for a long while. Not finding anything unusual, he went down the stairs alone.

Yiyao, who was hiding in the trees, breathed a sigh of relief. She leaned out from the leafy hiding place. For several times, she thought that she was discovered by him. Her fingers were tugging at the branches and shaking. She wanted to give up and showed herself to them. They would not hurt her anyway.

But at the thought of Jingyan’s worrying, she forced herself to endure the physical discomfort and waited until they all left.

Looking down at the ground, the surging in the chest started again. She patted her belly gently. How could she have pregnancy vomiting at this moment? How could she go down like this?

Yiyao crouched on the branch to retch. She had no choice but to gently pacify the baby in her stomach. “My baby, be good, don’t be naughty now. Mommy is going to do a very important thing, or daddy will get worried!”

Before long, her belly calmed down miraculously. Yiyao straightened up, eyes full of loving motherly looks.

Her baby was sensible and considerate of its mommy after all, knowing that this was a time of crisis. The baby stopped its mommy feeling nausea!

Yiyao rubbed her wrists and checked the height visually. Knowing that she could not jump straight off the branch, she had to turn her attention to the sturdy trunk.

She calculated silently in her heart. It only took three steps for her to jump from her current position to the grasses down, but she had to find a good foothold. She could neither slide and fall nor grind her belly. Therefore, she had to be extra careful.


On the other side, after receiving the phone call, Jingyan walked into the bidding hall with a dignified complexion. The biding was in full swing, like a raging fire. The two sides were biting each other tightly, but the gap of calling up the number was getting smaller and smaller.

Seeing Jingyan coming in, Tiancheng showed a joy in his face, “Hey rich man, you finally come back, I can’t hold on anymore!”

“How is it now?”

Jingyan’s face was expressionless, but his difference was still found out by the rigirous Tiancheng. He retrieved back the smile on his face, “What happened?”


Jingyan answered casually, but Tiancheng was not a stupid man. How could he believe such perfunctory words, “Tell me, what happened?”

Being questioned, Jingyan looked him in the eye, “The person who kidnapped Yiyao called me…”

He didn’t say the following words. Both of them knew it well that it must be threatening them to stop bidding!

“100 million once, 100 million twice, 100 million…”

Hearing the man on the stage shouting, Tiancheng turned his head, seeing that the small hammer was held high and about to beat down.

He reflexively raised the sign in his hand. The man on the stage lit up his eyes, and the hammer in his hand was not willing to fall.

“100 million…”

When Tiancheng was about to raise the number, his hand was held by another person. He turned to find that Jingyan was staring at him firmly.


His eyes looked frightened. If he gave up on this, Yi Group was really through! He knew that Jingyan loved Yiyao very much, but he couldn’t watch Yi Group fall down like this!

“You can call up the number, but I won’t give you money.”

Jingyan put his hand down and spoke out his thoughts lightly, as if he was talking about the weather today. However, it let Tiancheng’s body tremble.

“Jingyan! You can’t be kidding! It’s serious!”

“Do I look like kidding now?” Jingyan frowned.

Tiancheng stared at him carefully for a long while, then he released his hand spiritedly. The sigh slipped from the palm of his hand. He also bowed his head, his eyes obscure and thoughts unknown.

The corner of Qi’s mouth twitched with a hint of ridicule. On fighting with her, the stepson was still too young too simple.

The man on the stage saw that the man holding the sign lowered the sign in the end. With a cold hum, his loud voice spread all over the bidding venue, “100 million, deal!”

Everyone was relieved. The project was finally finished. Although they did not get it, instead, they witnessed a dramatically exciting bidding.

Qi stood up triumphantly and nodded to the crowd. Then, like a wining rooster, she headed up to the stage and took over the contract. Without even looking at it, she signed her name.

When she came back with the contract, she took a provocative glance at Tiancheng, “How about it? Mom warned you before. I told you not to participate in it at the very beginning. Now you lose so ugly, why didn’t you listen to me?”

Tiancheng raised his head and said bitterly, “Thanks for your heads-up.”

Qi laughed proudly, and then went to the gate. All the people who were going to leave made way for her, paying special attention to the victorious woman.

She was fully and happily enjoying the process. All the way, she held up her proud neck and walked along the road composed of a group of admirers, not even squinting.

Tiancheng stood in the hall. Until everyone left, he didn’t get up.

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