Chuck Cannon feels speechless, who made this?
If Yvette is still a teacher, then Yvette will definitely be greatly affected. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t do it, otherwise, Chuck Cannon must be in Yvette’s office at this time.
When Chuck Cannon entered the classroom, the male classmates in the class thought Chuck Cannon was upset. Why? How did this kind of hanging silk man catch up with his teacher Yvette?
It’s incredible!
Isn’t this flower stuck in cow dung?
Their male classmates were jealous and hated, while the female classmates felt that Chuck Cannon insulted Teacher Yvette, and it simply lowered Teacher Yvette’s identity!
How could Teacher Yvette choose to be with such a person? Nothing, no attraction, Teacher Yvette must be blind, so she chose Chuck Cannon.
Fortunately, Teacher Yvette slapped Chuck Cannon and strangled him on the cliff in time.
Teacher Yvette must have found that Chuck Cannon was dying of trash, so he took the initiative to break up!
However, the whole class felt that Chuck Cannon took advantage, and Yvette slept! !
This is a teacher!
The man vomited blood with envy. After all, Yvette is so beautiful and her figure is so good that she can make people excited for a long time by pulling her hands. But Chuck Cannon actually did something they could never do. Why didn’t they envy it?
Chuck Cannon ignored these gossips and even more ignored these unkind gazes. He sat in his seat and prepared for class.
“Some people are lucky. They often pick up money and flowers. What kind of school do you think such people go to? Go and be a duck!” Some students said sourly.
“Yes! I don’t know how Teacher Yvette fell in love with him!”
“Maybe Teacher Yvette has poor eyesight?”
“I think someone is lucky. You said that there are many situations, that is, the kind of hanging silk catching up with beautiful women, no money and no power, but there are beautiful women. God is so unfair. What do you say?”
Everyone in the class is mocking you. I said one sentence, Chuck Cannon didn’t care at all. If Chuck Cannon said that Yvette grew up with him, they would definitely not believe it. Chuck Cannon was too lazy to say it.
Lara, who had been in the classroom for a long time, couldn’t stop. She wanted to get angry, but Chuck Cannon didn’t care, she could only be downhearted.
Chuck Cannon ignored them. Their fun changed. They started discussing the fire in the square last night. Many people said that the square should have been on fire a long time ago. After a fire, they would never open again. , It touched Chuck Cannon’s ego!
“The square will continue to open, three days later!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.
“You will open it? Who do you think you are?” Some classmates disdain, what, the square is burnt like that, is it a problem that it can’t be opened, and it will be opened in three days?
“He may be the boss, so he knows the inside information!”
“Haha, boss? You made me laugh so hard, he is the boss of the square? I am going to laugh all day today!”
“If it doesn’t open for three days, do you eat Xiang?”
They talked and laughed!
At this time, a beautiful teacher came in.
Everyone in the class was surprised, why did you change the teacher again? And also a beautiful teacher?
Inferior to Yvette, but also very seductive!
The beautiful teacher first glanced at Chuck Cannon in the corner. Of course, she was invited by the principal to teach Chuck Cannon especially. Her task was mainly Chuck Cannon.
The focus is on Chuck Cannon.
But of course, she wouldn’t express it specifically. She also saw the photos and videos that were circulated by the school, and she felt that Chuck Cannon was very powerful and that the teacher was able to soak up her hands. This was a powerful student.
I just don’t know how to study.
“Hello everyone, I am your new teacher, Duan Yuexin,” said the beautiful teacher.
“Teacher, you have to pay attention, some people specialize in soliciting teachers!” A classmate reminded, but the whole class caused a roar of laughter.
Everyone looked at Chuck Cannon in the corner and laughed ridiculously. They thought it was cool. Who let you sleep with Yvette?
Duan Yuexin smiled slightly, “Thank you for your concern. Okay, the class is now.”
However, she saw that Chuck Cannon’s face was not very good, and after hesitating, she smiled slightly, “Classmates in the corner, what do you want to say?”
“Isn’t it really going to be a teacher?” The classmate laughed.
“Forget about being slapped by Teacher Yvette yesterday? Toad wants to eat swan meat, can you eat it?”
They ridiculed and said that they were really overpowered, thinking that if the luck of shit was soaked in Teacher Yvette, they could continue to take the luck of shit? ?
is it possible?
“Are you people sick?” Chuck Cannon spoke. He really couldn’t help it. After so long, he has been laughed at by them. He changed his clothes and was laughed at. You have to laugh at anyone you talk to. Drinking milk tea, still have to be laughed at, these people are all white-eyed wolves!
Chuck Cannon decided not to stay silent, he has money! !
“What did you say??”
“C! I thought it would be great to drink a cup of milk tea last time, right? What!?”
“Yes, rubbish is not as good as rubbish! You still scold us, try another scolding? I won’t beat you to death!!”
The whole class was very angry! Many boys stood up and glared at Chuck Cannon. How could they bear being scolded by a sling man?
Chuck Cannon looked at them and said lightly, “If you want to hit me, then you guys come together.”
“C! Did you take the wrong medicine today? I will kill you!” The tallest person in the class rushed over. He couldn’t bear this. Chuck Cannon had always been the object of their ridicule. How dare to resist today? Turn it off?
“What are you doing? Stop it!” Duan Yuexin scolded.
She came here for work the first day and came to teach Chuck Cannon especially. Will she see Chuck Cannon being beaten on the first day today?
But where can this classmate hear? Throw your fist and hit Chuck Cannon in the face!
“Ah!!” Lara was shocked, “Chuck Cannon, hide.”
The whole class sneered, hide? Where to hide? Don’t you guys kneel down today and admit your mistakes? Today’s things are endless!
Dare to scold the whole class? You are looking for death!
Just when the class thought Chuck Cannon was about to be beaten, he suddenly grabbed the book on the table and smashed the classmate on the head.
Chuck Cannon smashed it out so fast, he had learned to fight and it was easy, he hit him. This classmate held his head and Chuck Cannon kicked him in the stomach.
This classmate fell to the ground in a panic!
The silence of the audience!
In silence, these students were shocked, and all their jaws fell.
what’s the situation? Was the best person in the class knocked to the ground like this? Hallucinations? It must be an illusion!
Duan Yuexin was also shocked, covering her mouth.
Lara was stunned. She thought Chuck Cannon was going to be beaten, but she didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to beat them back!
“Oh, my stomach hurts, it hurts.” This classmate was kicked by Chuck Cannon, clutching his stomach, and his face turned pale. Chuck Cannon didn’t stop it much. If it wasn’t for this classmate, I would change to another classmate. Just fainted.
“Aren’t you going to hit me? Let you guys come together!” Chuck Cannon took off his clothes, revealing fascinating lines of muscles. The wheat-coloured muscles exude an attractive lustre.
“Wow, he actually has muscles…”
“Really, why didn’t I see that he was so powerful before? There are so many muscles, how did he train?” A female classmate was shocked. Usually, Chuck Cannon wore clothes. They had never seen Chuck Cannon. How could they think of it when Chuck Cannon took off clothes, is this kind of muscular man who looks so comfortable?
The other students in the class looked at each other!
“C, still undressing? A little muscle is great, isn’t it? Rubbish, hit, let everyone go together, teach him a little lesson,” a classmate took the lead.
Several male classmates rushed up angrily. Chuck Cannon was just getting started in fighting, but he still had no problems with such a person who often played games. He knocked down a few classmates in a few punches, which was not challenging at all.
Their physical fitness is too poor.
“Oh,” five or six classmates screamed in embarrassment, there were no other voices in the class, they were all dumbfounded.
They were stunned by Chuck Cannon’s punches one by one. Everyone came up with an idea, that is, has Chuck Cannon ever practised? How else is he so powerful?
“Come on, don’t you want to beat me? Today I will accompany you to fight enough!” Chuck Cannon said, there are really few people so popular today, these people actually say their own square? Time to fight!
“Come on! Where are the most screaming ones just now? Come here!” Chuck Cannon waved, but no one in the audience dared to speak because Chuck Cannon shocked them.

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