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“Don’t dare? Then what did you just pretend to be? You said you want to hit me and teach me a lesson, you are just rubbish?” Chuck Cannon is ironic. These people are just bullying and fearing hard things.

Think you’re used to being bullied and won’t resist? Chuck Cannon really didn’t care about these people, otherwise, all these people have to get out!

After all, with Chuck Cannon’s phone call, everyone in this class will have nothing left in the family, and even debts are just a matter of Chuck Cannon’s one sentence. These people have no money, then they still go to school?

Lara’s eyes glowed. How does Chuck Cannon have so many muscles?

She was shy in her heart. She felt that Chuck Cannon’s figure was really good, and he was also pretty. Her previous boyfriend Conrad was a spare rib. Lara thought Chuck Cannon’s figure was great.

The beautiful teacher Duan Yuexin blinked a few times. She didn’t expect the sophomore student to have this kind of figure, which is very good!

The other students in the class are angry and feel that Chuck Cannon is shameless!

“Hey, Chuck Cannon, you are too shameless, have you learned boxing, right?”

“No wonder, Lao Tzu was beaten by you. You are so insidious. You hit us with aggressive tactics. We are all classmates. Conflict is inevitable. You actually killed me? Is this her mother called classmate?”

“Chuck Cannon, go to death!”

“I was beaten by you, you lose money!!”

“Yes, lose money! If you don’t lose money! I will call the police! Let you go to jail! My mother didn’t plan to beat you just now, so you beat me so hard?”

“Losing money!”

These beaten classmates stood up by themselves, and they glared at Chuck Cannon. They were really embarrassed and lost their homes today. They were overturned in the gutter. If you don’t lose money today, you will definitely not be able to find the place!

“You are too much!” Lara scolded, “Is it you who besieged Chuck Cannon? Is it good? You were beaten, so Chuck Cannon should lose money?”

“Lara, you are a wicked pen. Recently, you have been helping Chuck Cannon to speak. Have you been played by Chuck Cannon? You are really not picky!” One of his classmates sneered.

Lara blushed, “What nonsense are you talking about? It’s obvious that you are wrong. If you lose, you have to lose money? You are the one who is shameless!”

“Damn pen, shut up! Chuck Cannon hit us, this is what the classmates should do? So heavy, I still feel dizzy now, is it possible to get a concussion, shouldn’t you lose money?” A classmate scolded!

Lara was annoyed and rushed over to fight these people.

Chuck Cannon grabbed her, Lara was wronged, “Chuck Cannon, they…”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, Lara stopped talking.

“How much to lose?” Chuck Cannon said.

“What are you pretending to be? Do you have her for any money? How much do you want to pay? I have one thousand! You punched me just now and I lost one thousand.” A tall classmate said.

“One thousand?” Chuck Cannon was a little weird.

“A thousand you have said that you are horrible, and how much do you want to pay? I don’t care, give money, or I will call the police!” The classmate scolded and took out his mobile phone.

It is definitely impossible not to lose money today!

“You just punched me, Lao Tzu’s face was swollen by you, two thousand!”

“I’m three thousand, he beat me to blood!”

These few students who were beaten kept talking, each one was one or two thousand, and each was more than ten thousand. The other students in the class watched the excitement and made you fight with your classmates and kill you, right? Lose money! !

“Hurry up, have you heard of losing money? Still, her mother pretending to be stupid, right?” These people were impatient.

Chuck Cannon took out his cell phone, “Sister Bernard, give me some cash.”

In less than half a minute, Betty came in from outside with a bag in her hand. She walked up to Chuck Cannon, glanced at these classmates, put the bag down and went out.

The people in the class frowned. How much is it for such a big bag? It’s all one piece and two pieces!

“Here you are,” Chuck Cannon took out ten thousand from the bag and threw it to a classmate.

He caught it, discerning suspiciously, is this fake money? But it seems to be true, where did he get the money? Did you find it again? I go, why is he so lucky? ?

The other students in the class were stunned, why is Chuck Cannon so generous? Give ten thousand? Doesn’t this classmate only need one thousand?

Want to pretend again?

“You paid me this ten thousand! If your conscience found out, I accepted it.” The classmate quickly collected the money.

The other students who were beaten were so excited that he actually lost 10,000! Chuck Cannon is going to pretend, how much will Chuck Cannon pay them?

Chuck Cannon came over, and the classmate who took the money was wary, “It’s mine if you give it to me, you beat me, this is the money you paid me.”

“I know,”

“Then what are you doing here? Don’t worry, I won’t call the police.”

“Didn’t you say that one punch is 1,000? I gave you 10,000, and there are nine punches left.” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly. The classmate was shocked. He backed away, but Chuck Cannon had already hit him with a punch.

“Oh!” How could someone be able to hold it with a punch of Chuck Cannon? Suddenly he was hit on the ground, and Chuck Cannon punched him again, and he screamed and passed out.

The class was stunned.

“So casual? Only two punches!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

He looked up at the other students who were beaten, walked to the place where he put the bag, took out 20,000 yuan, and threw it directly to one of the students who had a swollen face, “You three thousand for one punch, right? Well, 20,000 yuan for you. .”

“Ah? I don’t want it anymore,” the classmate was frightened. He was punched a few times, do you want to have his face?

“No more? How can you do it?” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to talk to him and hit him with his fist.

Two punches fainted him, and his nose was bleeding.

The whole class is silent!

Chuck Cannon took out another 30,000 yuan and threw it to another classmate, “Yours.”

The class was shocked, how much is in Chuck Cannon’s bag? Is it all money? No way? How come there are so many, there are five to six hundred thousand, right?

How could Chuck Cannon have so much money? Picked it up?

Many people think this subconsciously, but who is so lucky to be able to pick up money one after another? How can this be possible with hundreds of thousands of picking up? Thought it was Dubai?

Everyone denies this idea because it won’t be picked up, then… Could it be that Chuck Cannon has never picked up money before? The previous money was his own? Asking the whole school to drink milk tea is his own?

Is Chuck Cannon the rich second generation?

These people came out with this idea, and they were even more shocked!

“Ah! I don’t want it, I don’t want it! I’m your classmate, don’t hit me, ah!” A classmate was knocked out, and Chuck Cannon threw him twenty thousand.

There are three more people who are shocked that he spend money to beat people. Who are these people? Rich second generation?

They rushed to the back and were beaten like this. They didn’t want to!

“Chuck Cannon, don’t mess around! I called the police!” a classmate scolded!

“Report, you guys who clearly marked the price let me fight.” Chuck Cannon didn’t care. In this case, Chuck Cannon had nothing to fear. Chuck Cannon walked over and beat them, stunned them severely!

After dropping tens of thousands, Chuck Cannon returned to his seat with the bag. This process is too cool, it seems that more than one hundred thousand, but the alms to these students, there is no heartache at all.

The whole class was already in shock, and it took more than ten seconds before they came back to their senses. Is this still Chuck Cannon?

“Chuck Cannon, where did you get so much money? Are you a rich second-generation?” A classmate spoke in disbelief. His complexion was complex and he didn’t believe it, but the facts were before him.

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

It’s so unpredictable, so many people in the class are complicated, but the class is still silent, and there is a rich second generation hidden in the class?

This is something that no one expected.

Duan Yuexin feels normal. If Chuck Cannon is not a rich second generation, how could this school pay her a high price to teach Chuck Cannon specifically?

Duan Yuexin went to call the school doctor.

Otherwise, how can the class continue? When Duan Yuexin went out, the class was still quiet. Someone asked, “Chuck Cannon, you are a rich second generation, how much money does your family have?”

“Yes, talk about it, everyone is a classmate.”

“Yes, we won’t do that to you in the future. I hope you don’t mind. You would have said earlier that you are a rich second generation.”

The classmates are flattering, and there is a rich second generation in the class, so it is a good thing for them, at least they don’t have to pay for themselves after going out?

“Who is your classmate?” Chuck Cannon said lightly. The whole class was silent again, and many of the faces blushed. Yeah, with this attitude, Chuck Cannon didn’t deal with them.

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