Chapter 376: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 376 Come Back To Me

“We should get going.”

Jingyan Ye stood up and shook his sweaty hands. He was quite nervous.

Not hearing any reply from the others, Tiancheng Yi hurriedly stood up and patted Jingyan on the shoulder, “Whew! I am about to be suffocated! How was I? Did I perform well? Wasn’t it good?”

Jingyan pushed Tiancheng’s hand off his shoulder and made no comment on his performance.

Not getting any compliment, Tiancheng kept chattering by Jingyan’s ear, “With such a handsome face and such good acting skills, I should be in the showbiz. The world owes me an Oscar trophy!”

“When the Yi’s Group goes bankruptcy, you can enter the showbiz, then you can help your family rise again,” Jingyan took no glance at him at all and walked past him directly.

Tiancheng was left there alone, trembling on the thought of being made to do something and kissing someone when he’s unwilling. He quit the idea and followed Jingyan hurriedly.

“Ah…no! I’d better run my own restaurant and be my own boss.”

Yiyao Duan rubbed her sprained ankle, then she picked up a cobblestone and threw it far away angrily.

She had got off the tree successfully, but unfortunately, she stepped on a little cobblestone that’s standing and sprained her ankle.

Yiyao heard men’s voices and hurried hid herself behind the tree, then she saw two men walking over. She may not have good ears but her eyes are quite sharp. She saw a familiar face and recognized he was the guard outside of the Villa. Then she panicked.

She hurriedly moved to the opposite direction.

“Damn it! How come she disappeared like that? How can we find her?” one man spat and cursed loudly.

“She ruined our lunch! What a bitch!”

Yiyao heard their words and started to observe the two guys – they were not that rough and macho. She was confident that she could take them down so she waited for the right time.

“Damn it! I’ve gotta pee! I need to pee first.”

The man in front of him frowned, “Go ahead, hurry!”

Then the man covered his lowered part of the belly with his hands and ran towards Yiyao’s direction. As soon as he reached the corner of the wall, his eyes met with Yiyao’s. He hurriedly stopped running and started to shout, but Yiyao did not give him the chance at all.

She kicked him hard on the belly and flashed to his back and covered his mouth. Then she kicked him on the leg and he fell on the ground on his knees.


Yiyao took her hand away from his mouth and before he could make a sound, she patted him hard on the neck and he passed out.

The other man had been waiting for quite a while and got a bit curious, so he walked over to see what the first man was doing. But as soon as he got to the corner, he saw a shadowed flashing in front of his eyes and the next second, he fell in to endless darkness.

Yiyao walked out from behind the wall and tapped the dust off her hands. Then she kicked away the man who was by her feet and left without looking back.

“Mr. Ye, what to do next?” Tiancheng was driving. He raised the corner of his mouth, looking proud.

Jingyan looked at the cars that were quickly passing out of the window and replied lightly, “Nothing, we will wait for her.”

Tiancheng held the wheel and nodded, “Shall we go back and wait now?”

“No, Yiyao is in danger now. We have to hurry and save her!”

Tiancheng couldn’t see Jingyan’s face in the mirror so he turned around directly, “But we don’t know where she is!”

“I do,” Jingyan watched the surrounding buildings carefully and when they reached a turned, he finally said, “Here, take the turn!”

Tiancheng got the sudden instruction and immediately turned to another path which leads to the suburb. Did they take Yiyao out of town?

Thinking of this, Tiancheng’s eyelids started to twitch – did something nad happen to Yiyao?

He turned around secretly and saw Jingyan’s calm face, then he was relieved.

Jingyan kept silent the whole way. Tiancheng had no idea where they were heading so he just kept driving ahead.

As Tiancheng was turning, his eyelids started to twitch again, so he rubbed temple. Right at this time, a shadow appeared in front of his car.

“Beep beep”!

The sharp honk and the sound of tires rubbing the ground got Jingyan’s attention. He opened his eyes.

He looked around and saw nothing. Then he leaned forward and asked Tiancheng, “What happened?”

Tiancheng finally recovered himself from being shocked and said, “I…I hit someone.”

Jingyan got out of the car hurriedly. Tiancheng was trembling because of fear and tried several times before he finally decided to go out.

When they got close, they saw a woman lying in front of the car. Jingyan was stunned and said, “Yiyao?”

He voice was quavered. With both hands covering her head, Yiyao heard someone talking but she didn’t hear her name being called.

She saw someone familiar from between her arms and struggled, trying to stand up.

She tried once but failed, so Jingyan hurriedly reached out his hand and held her by the arm, “How are you? Your legs hurt?”

She felt the pain when she tried to put strength on the sprained ankle, so she stood with one foot and left the other hanging, which made Jingyan worried so much.

“Jingyan, why are you here?” Yiyao was very surprised. She was so exhausted and was resting by the road but this car just ran to her all of a sudden.

She tried to dodge but it was too late. Lucky that she was quite swift because she was once in the army, or she would have been thrown far away already and got seriously hurt.

Jingyan held her by the wrist and saw a big piece of scratch that was still bleeding, “Look at this!”

He was a bit angry – she really can’t take good care of herself. Why does she have to pretend to be alright? She’s just a girl, and it’s okay to be weak in front of me!

The wound was exposed in air and Yiyao felt a bit awkward, “jingyan, I am fine, really. It looks serious but it doesn’t hurt at all…”

Yiyao was still trying to say something but in the blink of an eye, she found herself in Jingyan’s arms already.

“Be still.”

She struggled to get rid of Jingyan’s arms but she heard the strict voice above her head, so she stopped.

Tiancheng just watched them quietly by the side without making any noise to disturb them. When the two got in the car, Tiancheng slowly got in, too.

He didn’t want to get in the car if he could, after all, he had no wish of being the third wheel.

“Now, where do we go?” Tiancheng looked around and took a glance at Yiyao’s arm.

They were on the way to saving Yiyao. Not that yiyao had escaped by herself, there’s no need to march forward any more.

“The hospital.”

Jingyan had locked his eyes on Yiyao ever since they met again. Yiyao waved her hand hurriedly, “No, no, no, no need. It’s just a scratch!”

But Tiancheng ignored her totally. He turned the wheel and drove the car to the hospital.

In the hospital…

The dense smell of disinfector made Yiyao nervous. She really wanted to avoid coming here if she could. Unpleasant things happened everything she was here.

But this time, it went more smoothly than she thought. The doctor just cleaned and wrapped the wound and then they left the hospital.

The man in mask went back to the villa. Seeing the two guards lying on the ground. He got furious.

“Get up! Get up!”

He kicked the two guys hard and the two felt the pain and got up hurriedly.

“Who dare kick me, damn!”

The hot-tempered guy rubbed his butt and cursed angrily.

“I did it!”

The guy turned around. Seeing that the man in mask standing behind him, he got wussed out, “Boss, you are here!”

“I asked you to find that woman, but how come you two are sleeping on the ground? Are you really tired?”

“No no no!” the two hurriedly waved their hands, “Boss, that bitch has got something on her. She knocked us down!”

“You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

The man in mask kicked them again and said, “You got beaten up by a woman!”

They were kicked by Yiyao first, and now by their boss, so they fell on the ground on their knees.

“Sorry boss, we won’t underestimate our enemies next time!”

“Next time?”

“Yes, we will be very careful next time!”

“What happened?” Qi Lyu walked out of the Ferrari and leaned against the man in mask.

“How come the gate’s open?”

“She took off,” the man in mask held her on the waist and was still furious.

Qi took a glance at the two guys on the ground, “Let it be. The the two go. They are of no use.”

“Okay,” the man in mask then asked her, “did you get the contract?”

“Yes,” Qi took out a file from her handbag and waved it at him, “he ran away, but never mind. We’ve got what we need and she’s no longer useful.”

“You are right. Let me see,” the man in mask showed a smile in his eyes.

He took over the file and started to read it. But as he read, he frowned.

“Have you checked this file?”

“No, I was too excited. Why?”

Qi’s heart beat violently – is there something wrong?

“Nothing. Some of the terms inside the contract are a bit strange.”

“What about them?” Qi leaned closer and asked.

“Look at this – everything in the project should be paid by Party B. we have bought this project and we are supposed to pay for everything in it. But why does it have to be marked out?”

“Eh…it’s not a big deal. They are just being cautious. It looks fine to me.”

Qi patted herself on the chest, “Quit making a fuss about it. Now that we’ve got the contract, let’s get ready for the project.”

The man in mask was still critical of it. But he said nothing because he agreed with her.

“Off you go. Ask your salary from the butler,” Qi and the man in mask were about to leave when suddenly Qi thought of the two guys kneeling on the ground.

The two was stupefied and hurriedly kowtowed, “Sorry boss! So sorry! Please don’t let us go!”

It’s a relaxing and highly paid job, and they had no wish of losing it. No way!

“Go get your salary.”

Qi turned around and left with the man in mask. The two got up from the ground immediately.

“Bitch! Fine! We quit! You treat us like slaves, shouting at us and intimidating us all day! It’s better to do another job!”

The other said along, “Yes, we two big men can still survive without this job!”

The two guys had to go back to pack their things up while Qi and the man in mask went into the villa.

As soon as they got in, they hugged each other. Qi leaned her lips close to the man and said, “When you are moving in? I can’t wait any longer!”

“In a few more days, when the Yi’s Group collapse! Then we will be free to do what we want!”

“They are more or less an empty shell now. Why do you have to be so catious!”

Qi was breathing hard by his ear and he could no longer control himself. He took off his mask and kissed her red sexy lips.

The two made out for quite a while before the man finally let go of Qi, “You don’t understand. I have to see it with my own eyes. I have to see to it that nothing will change the result.”

“Two kids can’t change anything! They will only make Yi’s Group fall faster!”

Qi was unsatisfied. She started to unbutton his shirt.

“Stop it!” The man held her hands, “I am going back to them. I don’t want them to suspect me!”

“Let them suspect!” Qi pouted, but her hands stopped.

The man kissed her lips and said, “I’ll make it up for you. I have to go now1”


The man turned around and heard Qi say, “Take my car! Yours is wasted!”

“No, I am just an office worker. It’s not proper to drive your fancy car. This broken car suits me well.”

Qi pouted and said no more words. She just stood there and watched him leaving.

In the office, Tiancheng buried himself in the contracts, holding a pen in his hands. The figures were not big but they got Tiancheng hard to breathe.


The secretary walked in with a file in her hand.

“This contract was signed last month. But now the company wants to terminate it. Please have a look.”

Tiancheng took over the file and frowned. It’s like another disaster to him – this contract was worth more than the other contracts but it needed to be terminated!

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