Chapter 377 – 378: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 377: Miss Xuefei Or Mr. Fei

Tu Yan had spoken the thoughts of the crowd, and Tiangang Yuan had such thoughts, too. That was a high-grade pharmacist, if he could invite him to the Yuan family, the Yuan family could definitely overwhelm the City Lord’s family and become the number one in Wuwei City! But that was just a wish because he that was impossible that such a pharmacist would come to his house to refine medicines. Such a higher pharmacist was rare in Wuwei City, and even the King of the Yelang Kingdom would have to treat him with courtesy when he met him. It was simply because pharmacists were simply too rare.

Why was the Seven-Treasures House in a superior position? That was because Seven-Treasures House had the only pharmacist in Wuwei City, and was just a Vantage Pharmacist, and although the other big family had invested in pharmacy, they only had Pharmaceutical Apprentice and even unable to refine the lowest-grade ninth-grade magical pills. Even so, they were still the family’s guests of honor, and families were gambling on future benefits. Once the Pharmaceutical Apprentice succeeded in advancing to the Junior Pharmacist, the family that supported the Apprentice would be bound to a top position in Wuwei City.

Tiangang prudently put away the remaining ten Healing Pills, because these pills present lives. Once the beast surge broke out, these Healing Pills would be of great use. It was expensive, but it was worth it, what was the use of great money when people were dead?

At the same time, the news that Tiangang led a team of hunting beasts was attacked by ferocious beasts and suffered heavy losses spread out. The Wuwei city was on tenterhooks, everyone felt deep pressed, and no longer could the children playing in the originally lively alley be seen. They were all at home helping their parents dig a cellar, stocking up on food so that if the beasts broke through the Wuwei City, they would have a chance to live if they hid in the cellar.

Every time the beasts stormed Wuwei City would result in corpses everywhere, what’s more, some people would be eaten by the beats, with no single bone left. The surviving rate was 1% during a beast surge in Wuwei City, and the people survived summed up their experience that to dig cellars to prevent the beasts.

Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Tianxiong Ning was sitting on the chair of authority, and the martial general was reporting on the attack on Tiangang. After the martial general finished reporting, Tianxiong waved his hand, and the martial general took his leave proactively.

“Advisor Guan, what do you think of this matter?”

A thin middle-aged man with a chevron beard came out from the side and arched his hand and replied, “my Lord, the anything we need to do is wait!”

Tianxiong laughed and said,” Yes, we will wait and see what will happen next,” He insisted, “ Now you are responsible for this matter.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Advisor Guan replied with a smirk.

Now, outside the City lord’s Mansion.

Tiangang was waiting outside with his ten professional Slaughters.

Yan said with an impatient look, “Master, is the City Lord’s poison so high so that even we people don’t have the qualifications to meet him?”

“Bro Yan, no recklessness in City lord’s place” Tieshan said in a deep voice.

They were here asking for help, the Yuan Clan had suffered heavy casualties, and if they wanted to continue hunting beasts on a large scale, they would have to borrow troops from the City Lord!

“Bro Yan, never whines, and it won’t do us any good to offend the City Lord!” Kui Zhang spoke up.

“I was just worried.” Yan scratched his buttocks and muttered, adding, “fine, I won’t say anything.”

Tiangang stood by with a blank expression, after all, he was a city patroller, but now he couldn’t even enter the door, and were they looking down on him?

Just then, the door of the City Lord’s Mansion opened, and the Advisor Guan came ou and said, “Oh my, Patroller Yuan has been waiting for a long time.” Then he turned to the gatekeepers and said, “ You fool gatekeepers, how dare you to keep Patroller Yuan outside the door?”

The Advisor Guan looked apologetic and arched his hands to show respect to Tianggang, “Sorry, Patroller Yuan, I will definitely punish these menials hard later!”

Even Yan could see the hypocrisy of Advisor Guan, so how could Tiangang not see it? They stood outside the door for an hour, so what was it if they didn’t do it o purpose? How dare these gatekeepers to open the door without an authorization?

“No, it’s ok. Advisor Guan,” Tiangang didn’t beat around the bush, so he insisted, “We Yuan family had a big loss during this hunting, and we came here to borrow troops from City Lord, so I was wondering…”

The Advisor Guan interrupted his words, “Patroller Yuan, the beast surge is raging, more serious than that in previous years, and the City Lord has sent a large number of troops to support the front line. The number of the troop is inadequate, and you know it well.”

Hearing that, the look of Tiangang and his fellows changed, because that words meant rejection.

Yan was hot-headed, so he took a step forward and said, “Bullshit, what an excuse! All in all, you don’t want to lend to us!”

The Lord of Wuwei City recruited at least 30,000 soldiers every year, only no more than 20,000 for the security of the four cities, so what about the remaining, where they were?

” Tu Yan, shut up!” Tieshan usually called him Bro Tu, but now he was calling him by his first name, so obviously he was really angry.

But Advisor Guan was not annoyed, shaking his head and said, “This dude, I am telling the truth. it’s not that I don’t lend troops to you, and actually, I do want to lend troops to you, but we don’t have enough troops either.”

Tiangang held back his anger, “excuse me, I didn’t mean to, but Master Guan, Are you people just going to stand by and watch my Yuan family’s sons die one by one, and without regardless?”

“Patroller Yuan, don’t worry, although the City Lord can’t borrow troops, there are other ways!” Advisor Guan’s eyes flickered, taking out a conscription order from his sleeve, “This is a conscription order written by the City Lord himself, Patroller Yuan, you can take this conscription order to the clans to recruit soldiers, and it is stamped with the City Lord’s throne seal; the order represents our Lord of the city, and if one doesn’t follow it, just report to us!”

Tieshan’s look changed dramatically, “Master, never…”

Tiangang reached out his hand to interrupt him and took a rough glance at the conscription order, the content was precisely the same with what Advisor Guan said.

What a scheme! This conscription order was literally like roasting Tiangang over the fire.

“What? Patroller Yuan is not satisfied with that?”, said Advisor Guan with narrowed eyes.

“Yes, very satisfied!” Tiangang put the conscription order away without any complaining and arched his hands, “Bother the Advisor Guan to relay it to the City Lord that Yuan is extremely grateful!”

“No big deal, these are the things we should be doing.” Advisor Guan laughed, smiling like a treacherous old fox.

Tiangang said, “Goodbye!”

“See you.”

As soon as Tiangang turned around, his look changed pale.

Tieshan and the others followed behind without saying a word. After arriving at Yuan’s house, Tieshan couldn’t help but ask, “Master, we can’t this conscription order!”

“The city lord is really cunning. He didn’t lend us a single soldier and still remained his reputation. “

“The beast surge is coming, and each clan is hiding their soldiers. Those soldiers could be the foundation of their security. Forcing to recruit soldiers from the clans is like trying to kill them, it’s going to be a big deal!”

To go recruiting in such a time, wouldn’t that make the Yuan family offend other families? Even if Tiangang had survived, could he stand the retaliation of the people of Wuwei City? Tiangang took out the conscription order and torn it into pieces in a split second. This conscription order could not be issued, not even for outsiders to see. Once they felt that the Yuan family had plans, the Yuan family would become the enemy of all the clans, which resulted that not the Yuan family would not receive any aid from other clans, but would be betrayed by them.

Difficult, It is too difficult. They said that beasts were ferocious, but Tiangang felt that people were ten times or even a hundred times more ferocious than the beasts, since they could kill people without claws, without sharp teeth, and even without weapons.

In the hall, the crowd sat around. A look of fatigue was on Tiangang’s face. How hard it was to be responsible for the whole Yuan family himself ……

On the top floor of the Book Collection Pavilion, hearing Jie Yu’s report, a firm look flashed across Xuefei Yuan’s face.

While the little girl was chattering, Xuefei said, “Go fetch the scissors.”

“My dear Lady, what do you need the scissors for?”

“Just go get the scissors, and don’t be noisy!”

Jie replied and turned around to run to get the scissors.

Xuefei took the scissors and cut off the dark and shiny hair in Jie’s horrified gaze.

“My Lady…”

Jie was terrified, so he stepped forward to grab Xuefei’s hand, and said with tears, “My Lady, what are you doing, how do you cut your own hair!”

“Let go of me!” Xuefei’s voice was soft, but her tone was ten thousand percent firm.

“I won’t let go!” Jie shook her head heavily.

The little girl was bounced away by a soft force as Xuefei gave a shake.

“Chug, chug.”

In three or two strokes, Xuefei’s dense dark and shiny hair became short, and her face showed with resignation, “Why am I not a man so that I can help my father relieve the pressure instead of doing stitching work every day at home.”

“My Lady, please…” Jie knelt on the ground and picked up the hair scattered on the ground, and her delicate face was full of fear.

“Go, find me a white cloth!”

“My lady, please don’t do things fool…”

“What do you think about every day with your little head?” Xuefei looked helpless and said, “Just do what I said, and I’m not doing things fool!”


“If you don’t do what I say, leave me!” Xuefei said firmly.

“Ok, I will go get the scissors.”

The little girl had grown up with Xuefei since childhood, and although they had a relationship of master-servant, they were more like sisters.

Soon before Jie fetched a long white cloth, and Xuefei directly used scissors to split the white cloth into two segments! Removing the gorgeous clothes on her and unbuttoning the bro to reveal her milky white skin, the sight of that moment made Jie slightly distracted.

Their lady had definitely been blessed by both the gods and demons, or why would she be so perfect? She couldn’t even help love her. Her slim and tender fingers traced over the body, then she gritted her teeth and wrapped her boobs tightly with the white cloth, round, and round again… She wrapped them tightly, even a little too tight, but it was the only way to cover her pride.

Then she removed her blouse and put on the object that made her blush. She wiped off rouge, lipstick, drew on thick eyebrows instead, and even her throat grew slowly with an Adam’s apple as she urged her Genuine Energy. Her voice became deep; her skin became coarse, and she also put stubble on her lips. Finally, as if the pretty Xuefei had transformed into a vulgar man.

All parts of her body had changed, except for those nice beautiful eyes, which hadn’t change at all. They were still so gentle, like water that shone into the heart.

My Lady, You…”

Jie was stunned.

Xue Fei said in a deep voice, “From today on, there is no Miss Xuefei, but Mr. Fei instead.!”

Chapter 378: Can you tell my gender

Yujie knew what her lady wanted to do. She gritted her teeth, picked up the scissors on the table and cut off her long hair with a “click”.

“If my lady cuts her hair, I’ll cut mine; if my lady wraps her chest, I’ll wrap mine.”

She took off her clothes, picked up the white cloth and wrapped it around her chest directly. She had never done it before, and it really didn’t feel good.

Lady Yuan had much bigger breasts and she wrapped herself tighter. She must feel worse!

“Yujie, Yujie, can you do better than this?”

The little maid said to herself in her heart.

“What are you doing?”

Xuefei Yuan was surprised to see Yujie like this.

“My lady, do you want to go hunting animals?”

Yujie saw through Xuefei’s mind, “I want to go with you.”

“And from now on, there will be no Yujie, only Jie!”

Yu means Jade (usually a girl takes Yu as her name). The little girl had been with Xuefei since she was little so she had been influenced by her knowledge.


Xuefei deliberately put on a serious look, “With regard to your accomplishments the Fulfilled Period of The Required Stage, you want to die there?”

“I’m not afraid of death!”

Yujie held her head high. Although they were master and maid, they were like sisters. “Even if I can’t kill the wild animals, I can be of help when you are in danger!”

The servants of Yuan Family also had martial arts skills. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be qualified to be the servants.

Yujie was talented, but she was too lazy.

With hard training, she might be able to make great achievements in the future.

Xuefei took a deep look at Yujie. She was gratified and helpless, “OK, come along. I just can’t do anything with you, can I?”

“My lady, I can go with you?”

Yujie jumped up excitedly.

Looking at the innocent little girl, Xuefei shook her head and didn’t know whether this decision was right!


At the same time, Kris Chen’s second batch of Vitality Pills had been produced.

He couldn’t wait to take one out and put it in his mouth.

As soon as the Vitality Pill entered the mouth, it turned into a stream of liquid and flew into the stomach.

A feeling of a tremendous vitality started to spread.

It’s so powerful. It’s dozens of times as powerful as the Blood Circulation Pill. Kris felt warm all over, as if he’d immersed in a hot spring.

The damaged meridians in the body had been repaired little by little.

This process lasted for quite a while. The Vitality Pill not only repaired but also strengthened the damaged meridians.

One pill repaired ten percent of the damaged meridians, and there were five more left, which meant that most of the damaged meridians could be repaired today.

He grabbed the jar, and poured the rest of the pills in his mouth.


Powerful Vitality Pills began to repair the meridians and at the same time supplement the holy aura in his body.

The primal spirit inside the belly felt the strong aura and became active. Holy spirit and vitality were absorbed by him continuously.

An hour later, all the magical pills were consumed. Most of the damaged meridians of Kris had been repaired, and his primal spirit had been strengthened by thirty percent.

The gravity of the Devil Land had been ineffective to him. Now he should be able to reach the Middle Period of the Heaven-human-oneness stage, or we should say, the middle period of the Pill Formation Period.

In this dangerous world, Kris finally had the power to protect himself.

But that’s not enough. He had to get back to his best status.

He only needed to refine another furnace of Vitality Pill, and then the Stablizer Pill and Concentration Pill.

The former restores the primal spirit, and the latter restores the mind.

These two kinds of medicinal pills were considered as high-level pills in Thousand Golden Prescriptions, and some of the missing medicinal materials could also be replaced by other corresponding medicinal materials.

It was still not dusk yet. Kris made a batch of Healing Pills. This time, he did not use pottery pots. Instead, he directly took heaven and earth as the furnace and used holy aura to generate fire. The medicinal materials were directly melted into liquid in the air.

Kris also collected more holy aura of heaven and earth and mixed them.

He was trying, trying to continue to upgrade the level of the Healing Pills.

These herbs themselves were full of holy aura. At the moment, with the aura specially collected by Kris, they even emitted a bright light.


Kris hummed in a low voice and a dozen magical pills were condensed in the air.

When finished, the magical pills gave out shining red lights, setting off a red glow.

There was no sound, but Kris seemed to have heard a subtle voice whispering in his ear.

Medication Transformed into Sound and Medication Transformed into Formation were the unique phenomena of medicinal pills when they were condensed to the extreme.

With a flick of his sleeve, Kris brought the pills closer, and there were three red propitious clouds formed on the milky-color pills.

There was only one propitious cloud before, but at the moment there were three!

What could that mean?

Kris had no clue, but he felt vaguely that there was a big secret hidden in it.

He decided that this batch of pills be kept instead of sold.

Kris took a pill and put it in his mouth.

The power of the pill began to spread in his body.

He carefully concluded that the pill with three propitious clouds were thirty percent stronger than before!

Kris didn’t dare to underestimate the thirty percent of increase. What if Kris had had the Nirvana Pill instead of the Healing Pill?

It wouldn’t have been that hard when he went through the judgement.

Were three propitious clouds the limit?

Kris didn’t know.

There were still enough herbs to make another furnace of pills. He started to do it immediately. This time, he used his spiritual consciousness and carefully mixed the holy aura into the liquid pill, and then observed the change.

When his strength was recovered to the Middle Period of the Formation Period, Kris no longer had to keep a low profile, so he directly collected a lot of aura from heaven and earth.

It’s funny that he could gather aura but he couldn’t absorb it. The rules of the world were bullshit!


The liquid continued to expand and started to boil in the air.

Oh, it’s the limit. Kris stopped mixing more aura into it.

Kris stopped just at the right time.


A burst of white light flashed, and there were eight magical pills in the air.

The eight pills were slightly larger than the previous ones. The most important thing was that five propitious clouds were on the body of each pill this time!

He tried one pill, and could feel that its power had increased by fifty percent.

It had barely reached the inferior class of the fifth grade.

Though there’s only a small gap, its price was even several times higher than that of a top class of the Sixth grade.

The highest level of magical pills in Seven-treasures house was only of middle class of the fifth grade!

It was the highest level of magical pills that could be refined by the alchemists of Seven-treasures House.

After operating in person, Kris concluded that aura could be able to be integrated with pills, but was limited by the medicinal material itself.

The medicinal materials were commonly used to refine Healing Pills, but they were not as good as those precious herbs in terms of mixing with aura.

Aura-Pill Integration!

What a good name!

What Kris didn’t know was that he had learned the method of Aura-Pill Integration by mistake, which could only be acquired by the Great Master of Danzong School.

That was to say, Kris had already become a half-way Great Master of Danzong School, which he didn’t even notice.

If the shopkeeper Wang of Seven-treasures House knew about this, he would be crazy.

If a senior alchemist was greatly honored by the emperor, then the emperor would definitely worship the Great Master.

Yelang Country had a population of ten billion, and the senior alchemists were no more than ten. The Great Masters were even fewer.

Unfortunately, Kris still learned too little in the Yuan’s Scripture Pavilion. He only knew that others should never know the fact that he had already acquired the method of Aura-Pill Integration, but he had no idea what great stage he was in.

Kris put the pills into the storage ring, so he wouldn’t have to worry about losing the power of the pills, because there was no concept of time in Buddha’s world.

After putting the pottery pot into the storage ring, Kris sat on the futon with his knees crossed and began to think about the harvest during this period. He had read thousands of books about human Inner Power Technique, hundreds of books about ground level skills, but he had never read a book about heaven level skills.

He had already known about more than two thousand acupoints, which was enough for him to break through the Formation Period in theory.

However, Kris should be in the Primal Spirit State, as for how many acupoints were needed was still a mystery, and the Yuan’s books didn’t mention it, either.

He thought about it and decided to go to the Seven-treasures House again.

He had to either have a systematic understanding of the world, or directly leave Wuwei City when he’s fully recovered.

There are six major schools in this world. He should be able to sneak in one of them and learn something.

After disguising himself, Kris left Yuan’s House with floating skills.

Floating skills made no difference from flying.

The process was smooth and no one could notice him.

Wearing a mask, Kris once again came to the Seven-treasures House.

Ever since Tiangang Yuan bought twenty-nine Healing Pills with a hundred spritual stones, manager Wang had been expecting Kris to come.

The first day to expect Mr. Zhang!

Well, on the next day, the familiar figure with a mask appeared in front of him again.

“Mr. Zhang!”

Manager Wang’s heart was full of joy. He quickly came up and welcomed, “There you are!”

He laughed so much that his eyes narrowed. He said something quickly to the waiter then he took Kris into the secret room.

Instead of beating around the bush, Kris directly showed him a piece of paper, “Prepare double copies of these herbs for me, please!”

Picking up the list, he saw there were hundreds of kinds of magical pills on it.

All of them were valuable and rare medicinal materials, which had a life of more than fifty years.

After a cursory glance, manager Wang took a cold breath in his heart. The mysterious senior alchemist wanted to refine some high-level pills this time?

His hands were shaking while holding the list. That was to say, there might be a secret prescription for high-grade pills hidden in the list!

If this list was given to the alchemist of Seven-treasures House, was there a chance that he could know the prescription?

Kris knew exactly what manager Wang was up to. But he didn’t care.

This list included the prescription of Concentration Pill and Stablizer Pill. He also deliberately disordered them. Hundreds of kinds of medicinal materials could form at least several million kinds of permutations. Who would do such a stupid thing!

“Why, what’s wrong with these herbs?” Asked Kris.

“No… no problem. We have all the herbs you need, but the price is not low.”

Manager Wang said, “The spiritual stones you left here is not enough to pay…”


Kris directly took out fifteen pieces of first-class spiritual stones and put them on the table. “Is this enough?”


Wang nodded. Honestly speaking, although there was a senior alchemist behind Kris and all the herbs he listed were very precious, business was business. He couldn’t flatter people without a bottom line.

On the one hand, it was too obvious and it might make people uncomfortable; on the other hand, it’s unnecessary!

Wang was very straightforward in his work and said to Kris, “Mr. Zhang, wait a moment. I’ll get your herbs right now.”

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