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Chapter 377: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 377 Everything is a lie (1)

Tiancheng Yi rubbed his forehead, put down the file and said, “I get it. You can go now.”

The secretary took a glance at the table and nodded, then she left quietly.

Tiancheng put the file under the other files, still annoyed at other matters.

Jingyan Ye and Yiyao Duan went back to the hotel and decided to transfer to another place since their address had been exposed. So they moved to another place which could provide better security.

“How do you feel?” Jingyan poured Yiyao a glass of water and sat beside her.

Yiyao shook her head, “Nothing…”

Then she felt a huge pain in the stomach and hurriedly rushed to the bathroom.

Seeing her suffering like this, Jingyan was very concerned. When she stopped vomiting, he passed her a glass of water.

“Yiyao, what’s wrong? In what way are you feeling sick?”

Yiyao sipped the glass of water, held the urge of wanting to vomit again and said, “Maybe I ate too much. I don’t feel comfortable in the stomach.”

“You ate too much?” Jingyan frowned. Ate too much while being kidnapped?


Then Yiyao started to vomit again. This time she even shed tears. Jingyan couldn’t bear seeing her suffer any more, so he came up to Yiyao and held her hands.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

“No need!” Yiyao pulled her hands away, “I just need some rest.”

She gets afraid whenever she hears the word “hospital”, as if the hospital would do harm to her baby.

But Jingyan didn’t listen to her. He went up and grabbed Yiyao, “I am worried about you!”

Pulled by him, Yiyao’s weak body fell into Jingyan’s arms.

She frowned and struggled, trying to get rid of Jingyan but she had lost almost all her strength because of vomiting. As soon as she stood up, she fell into Jingyan’s arms again.

“Let’s go,” Jingyan held her up.

Lying in Jingyan’s arms, Yiyao felt so relaxed. Tiredness of these days struck her and she gradually fell asleep.

Seeing that Yiyao stopped struggling, Jingyan smiled gently. He felt so blessed and content seeing her asleep in his arms.

Soon they arrived at the hospital. He never let go of her hands until the nurses came and placed her on the bed.

“Doctor, how’s she?” Jingyan leaned close to the doctor and asked. But she doctor didn’t seem to pay attention to what he said because he was busying checking Yiyao.

“How’s she?” seeing that the doctor didn’t reply to him, Jingyan leaned closer and asked louder.

The doctor rubbed his ears, “Oh boy, easy! You are deafening me!”

“How is she?” Jingyan was extremely anxious, afraid that the doctor wouldn’t take it seriously.

The doctor rolled his eyes, “What! You don’t trust me? Am I that kind of irresponsible doctor?”

“The stability of her womb was affected for doing some fierce exercise. Do rest well, or she might lose the baby!”

Jingyan was stunned. When the doctor left, he showed an angry face, “The stability of your womb was affected, how come? How in the wprld did you escape?”

“Eh…I escaped when they were not noticing,” Yiyao dared not tell the truth. She’s afraid Jingyan might get worried and angry.

Jingyan didn’t buy it at all. He looked at her with suspicion but did not say anything. Since she didn’t want to tell, there’s no need to force her any more. He knew she must have fought her way out so fiercely.

In the Yi’s Group, Tiancheng was exhausted after arranging all the documents.

When the old master Yi came in and saw Tiancheng resting on the table, he hurriedly came up and pushed him on the arm.

“Get up.”

“What happened?”

Tiancheng felt the shake and thought it was an earthquake. He looked up in confusion, only to see old master Yi standing in front of him, then he became more confused.

The old master Yi saw that Tiancheng’s awake, he sighed in relief. He thought Tiancheng passed out because of overwork. Turned out that Tiancheng was alright except for the dark circle around his eyes.

“Old man, what are you doing here?” Tiancheng rubbed his eyes and asked.

“I’m here to see what happened. The project of Nanshan was taken away by someone? How come?”

Tiancheng knew this was what the old man came for, “It’s natural. We don’t have enough money to get it.”

“How much?” the old master Yi frowned – just as he expected – it’s because of money.

“A hundred million.”

“A hundred million?”

The old master Yi exclaimed. Good as the project was, it’s not worth that much money, nor could anyone make much money out of it.

Seeing the old man’s reaction, Tiancheng added lightly, “It was my step mother who bought it. She was rather aggressive from the starting price of a hundred thousand.”


The old man only watch the news on TV that Tiancheng failed, but did not notice who he lost it to.

“There’s no need to get surprised. She is the last person that wants us to rise again.”

It’s just, Tiancheng couldn’t figure out what made Qi Lv transfer the Yi’s property so mercilessly and boldly!

The old master Yi looked so frustrated sitting there. He treated her so well, but it turned out she was fooling him around!

He covered his mouth and coughed. Then he said with frustration, “Let it go, if you can’t hold it tight!”

Truly, there’s no need to struggle any more. The company would fall sooner or later. It’s better to let it go and set everyone free.

Unexpectedly, Tiancheng said seriously, “Now that I am back, I won’t watch it fall!”

Seeing how determined Tiancheng was, the old master Yi swallowed his words.

Tiancheng was about to find some topic to break the silence when suddenly the phone rang.


“Hello, is that Mr. Tiancheg Yi?”

Tiancheng looked up and exchanged a look with the old master, “This is Tiancheng Yi speaking. What can I do for you?”

The woman’s soft voice went, “Mr. Yi, there’s a problem with the financial condition of the Yi’s Group. Considering you can’t pay the debt that you owed the bank, we’ve decided to take your villa. Please come to process as soon as possible.”

Tiancheng hang up the phone and looked serious. It’s really one disaster after another.

“what happened?” the old men didn’t know what they said on the phone but he guessed it was nothing good, judging from the serious look on Tiancheng’s face.

“Someone wants to terminate the contract?”

Tiancheng put down the phone and said, “The bank wants to take our villa for the debt we owe.”

“Ah…” then wouldn’t have a place to sleep!

Tiancheng gave him a determined look and buried himself in work again.

Bang bang bang!

The secretary knocked at the door then came in. She put a pile of documents in front of Tiancheng and said, “Mr. Yi, these are the documents for today.”


“You have to sign them today!”

The secretary handed the file with yellow cover to Tiancheng.

Without taking over the file, Tiancheng rubbed his kneaded his forehead, “How long do you think we can hold?”

The secretary was at loss by his question and had to say something nice, “I believe you can lead us out of trouble!”

Tiancheng laughed, “Alright, off you go!”

The secretary took a glance at the old master and saw the frustration on his face. She immediately lowered her head and left the office quietly.

“Let me have a look at that file,” the old master Yi said to Tiancheng.

Before Tiancheng could react, the old master already took the file in his hand. It was only an ordinary file but it needed Tiancheng’s signature.

The old master Yi was curious and started to look through the file. It turned out the last part of the file had nothing to do with the front part – it’s a transferring agreement which required Tiancheng to give up half of him shares!

“Have a look at this,” the old master Yi passed the last few pages to Tiancheng.

“What’s this?”

“Transferring agreement of your shares.”

Tiancheng was so stupefied! If the old master Yi hadn’t come today, he would have signed his name without looking through the file!

Chapter 377 Everything Is A Lie (2)

At that time, the company would collapse without even struggling.

“Who can it be?” Tiancheng Yi immediately thought of the mole that Jingyan mentioned. He was wondering who that mole could be.

The old master Yi thought for a while and said, “This file is delivered by the secretary. Who else do you think it can be?”

“The secretary?”

It shouldn’t be! He won’t be that stupid. It’s easy to guess because he’s the one who delivered the file.

The old master Yi shook his head, “It can’t be him. He’s been with me for twenty years. I trust him. He couldn’t have done that!”

Tiancheng then fell into a predicament. Bad things happened one after another. He had no idea how long he could still hold…

It took Jingyan Ye a long time to finally put Yiyao Duan to sleep. As soon as he got up, he got a call from Tiancheng, asking him to come over as soon as possible.

However, Jingyan dared not leave Yiyao alone any more, for fear that something bad might happen to Yiyao again…

So he waited until Yiyao woke up and left with her.

By the time they arrived, the old master Yi had already left. As soon as Tiancheng saw them , he jumped up from his chair.

“What took you so long!”

“We got delayed by personal matter,” then he ran his fingers through Yiyao’s hair gently. Her hair was a bit messy because they left in a hurry.

Yiyao looked a bit shy and guilty, because Jingyan couldn’t bear to wake her up while she’s sleeping.

Judging from their looks, Tiancheng knew it was nothing big deal, so he asked no more.

“Mr. Ye, the mole has taken actions!”

“Huh?” Jingyan didn’t expect that Tiancheng really asked him here for something important. He asked, “did you find out who?”

Tiancheng shrugged, “No clue at all.”

“That person put the share-transferring agreement inside the contract, wanting me to sign it when I am not noticing. Lucky that I paid extra attention and saw it.”

Jingyan was doubtful but thought it’s not the time for this. He put his hands against his chin and thought for a while.

“Let’s begin out plan in advance!”

“Now?” Tiancheng was surprised, “isn’t it a bit too early?”

“We have to act now, or we will be made to act.”

Tiancheng knocked at the table. He looked hesitated. Then he thought for a while and finally decided to fight. The situation couldn’t be worse anyway.

“Alright, let me make the call.”

Jingyan nodded and took Yiyao to the sofa and sat down, waiting for him until he finished the phone call.

“Okay…fine, alright!”

Tiacheng kept repeating these words. A few minutes later, he finally hang up the phone and signed in relief, “Done.”

“Then let’s wait and see,” Jingyan picked a strawberry and put it in Yiyao’s mouth.

Tiancheng was embarrassed and eyeballed Jingyan, “Shouldn’t we go and have a look?”

“There’s nothing worth seeing,” in Jingyan’s eyes, Yiyao was always the most beautiful, and he had no desire to pay his attention to anything else.

“If we don’t go and have look, how will we know where we are at?”

Then Tiancheng turned to Yiyao with a poor look. Yiyao was a bit embarrassed. She touched her nose and said, “Eh, I’m a bit curious, shall we go…”


Before Yiyao finished talking, Jingyan answered her softly.

Look, that’s the difference between Tiancheng and Yiyao!

Tiancheng was so embarrassed at their display of affection. He even dared not breathe. Because every breath he took, he smelt the overwhelming romance in the air.

The tree drove to the spot where the Nanshan project lies. From the distance they saw Qi Lyu standing there wearing a safety helmet and waving her hands up and down. They could not hear what she was saying but they could feel how smug she was at the moment.

As Qi was wiping her sweat off her forehead, she turned around and saw Jingyan and his party walking over to her.

“It looks nice,” Tiancheng said. Though he had no wish of being the third wheel between Jingyan and Yiyao, he had to suck it up and make a team with them.

“What are you here for?” Qi was exhausted. And when she saw Jingyan, she got mad. There’s no smile on her face at all.

“We’ve come to check how’s the project going.”

Tiancheng looked around, pretending he’s really checking, “Ah, how come the buildings collapsed? We can’t deliver the goods on time, can we? How much should we pay for the liquidated damages?”

He raised his chin and thought for a while, “Hmm, ten times of the auction price!”

Qi gritted her teeth, “You…you knew this, didn’t you?”

Tiancheng pretended that he did not understand her words, “what are you saying?”

Tiancheng had no concerns any more when he’s talking to Qi. Qi had crossed the line so many times. He already stopped calling her step mother.

“Tiancheng Yi! It’s you! You did it! The buildings don’t just collapse for no reasons!” Qi was so emotional and she came down from the platform directly and pointed atTiancheng’s nose.

Tiancheng had no idea that an angry woman could be so terrible like this. He had to retreat for a few steps to take his fear under control, “What did I do? You are here everyday. Did you see me do anything?”

Qi thought that he got a point so she quit the idea. But on thinking of Tiancheng’s smug face, she got angry again.

Afraid that Qi might scratch him on the face, Tiancheng turned to Jingyan for help, only to see Jingyan and Yiyao flirting with each other again. He got speechless immediately.

“Get out of here, all of you!” Qi was getting angrier. She bought this place so this place belonged to her, and she wanted them out of here!

Her scream was very sharp and it even made Yiyao uncomfortable. Yiyao’s reaction drew Jingyan’s attention.

He frowned and looked at Qi, “What did you say?”

Jingyan had that overwhelming coldness around him and it made Qi tremble, “What…what do you wanna do?”

“Nothing. I think you are overreacting. We are only here to check our goods. We are not here to see a play.”

Jingyan held Yiyao in his arms and he still looked cold. Qi heard his words and pointed at him, trembling, “You…you own the project?”

Jingyan did not say anything but Qi got the answer from Jingyan’s eyes. “You planned this!”

“Or how could we fool you?” Tiancheng giggled. He felt so great.

Tiancheng asked his old man how on earth was the money transferred to her, and he was told that Qi had been using the same old trick.

She registered a company with her money, then she advertised around to make it known. When the old man believed it’s profitable, he invested a big amount of money.

And when the investment went wrong, the old man had to put in more money, wanting to get the previous money back, but he got trapped deeper and deeper. By the time he realized something went wrong, Qi had already taken away all the money.

“You…you are so tricky, and shameless!” Qi was furious, but there’s nothing she could do because she’s alone.

“We are shameless?” Tiancheng laughed coldly, “how do you feel about yourself when you did the filthy thing? We are only doing the same hing that you did to us.”

Qi was so angry that she lifted her hand and tried to slap Tiancheng, but her hand got stopped half way.

“Wanna slap me?” Tiancheng put more strength and it made Qi’s wrist so painful.


Qi’s face twisted. There were some wrinkles on her face, because of the tiredness these days. “Tiancheng Yi, let go of me!”

Tiancheng wanted too say something but got interrupted by Jingyan, “Let her go, or where can you get the money back?”

Hearing him mention money, Tiancheng said nothing and let her go.

Qi rubbed her painful wrist and still threatened, “you wait! There are a few more days before the deadline. You won’t succeed! I won’t allow!”

“Let’s wait and see,” Tiancheng argued, not wanting to be humiliated.

Qi hummed and went back to the construction site. Her legs were shaking while walking in her high heels, no longer looking elegant.

Tiancheng stood there until Qi went far away. Then he turned around and interrupted Jingyan and Yiya who had been flirting with each other this whole time, “Now what?”

Qi had left, and there nothing more to watch here. Tiancheng started to feel bored.

Jingyan ignored Tiancheng. He lowered his head and asked Yiyao gently, “Are you tired?”

Yiyao shook her head. She had been resting quite well since she came back. She didn’t feel tired at all.

“Shall we stay here longer?”

Yiyao nodded and watched Jingyan who was about to make a phone call.

While she was curious who he’s calling, a big truck came over and it scared Yiyao. She grabbed the corner of Jingyan’s coat. Jingyan patted her lightly on the wrist to calm her down.

The truck soon stopped in front of them. A big table and a giant umbrella were taken out from the truck.

“Where would you like to put them?”

Jingyan pointed at an empty space, “There.”

“Jingyan, what’s going on?” Yiyao still held Jingyan’s hand tight and wouldn’t let go.

“Let’s sit down and enjoy.”

Tiancheng’s jaw almost dropped on the floor – the two really don’t know when to stop! Have they considered my feelings? I am still single!

Jingyan smiled and took Yiyao to her seat, then he turned around and said to Tiancheng impatiently, “Why are you still standing there!”

“I am invited?” Tiancheng was overjoyed, “thanks for your consideration, knowing I am tired, too.”

But when he went inside the umbrella, he was stunned. He rubbed bis eyes and said, “You sure it’s for me?”

Jingyan asked back, “Who else’s can it be?”

Tiancheng raised his fist angrily, “There’s no seat!”

“Find a seat yourself if you wanna sit!”

Tiancheng was frustrated. How come Jingyan treated him and Yiyao differently?

Yiyao could stretch her body on the chai and drink juice, like going on a vacation. She felt that a pair of eyes that were full of love had been following her no matter what she did and wherever she went.

She looked up and saw Tiancheng’s poor look, “There’s nothing I can do.”

“Yes there is, “Tiancheng ran to Yiyao, “we can sit together on this chair!”

Jingyan heard this and gritted his teeth, “What the hell did you say?”

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