Chuck Cannon suddenly spent money on beating people in the classroom today. All the students in the class had a radical change in Chuck Cannon. You know, how could they have the courage to beat people like Chuck Cannon, a man who used to be hanging silk?

Absolutely impossible!

But today, all the students in the class know that Chuck Cannon has one more identity, and no one can be compared to him!

That identity was none other some are rich second generation!

Chuck Cannon is actually the second generation of the rich, and this sudden appearance of identity seems to hit them with a big blow!

Let them be confused, let them be ashamed!

In these few classes, the whole class has been silent, because Chuck Cannon’s new identity is shocking to them!

Many classmates watched Chuck Cannon secretly when they were in class, because Chuck Cannon, who seemed ordinary, was mysterious.

Get out all of you. Class is over!

Chuck Cannon took the money out, and Lara hurriedly followed.

As soon as the two left, the whole class boiled over, and everyone expressed what they had seen, all voices of doubt!

“Let me go, guess how much money does Chuck Cannon’s family have? He was too low-key before!”

“Who knows? Chuck Cannon is really surprising!”

“I know that bitch Lara has always looked down on Chuck Cannon before. Why has she been helping to speak nicely to Chuck Cannon recently? The bitch Lara must have known that Chuck Cannon is the second generation of rich! That’s why she was so good to Chuck Cannon. Change! Lara, that bitch, must have taken the initiative to get into Chuck Cannon’s bed!”

“Sure! It must have been a long time since the two of them were pulling and pulling, I am not surprised, anyone with money can do it! Lara’s figure, really, I see, envy!”

“I see, Chuck Cannon’s family is rich, definitely not as rich as the school grass Du Xinye family! This is beyond doubt!”

“I think so. Chuck Cannon was generous just now. In his family, there are tens of millions at most. Now tens of millions are the rich second generation?”

“Yes, I see, everyone, don’t think of Chuck Cannon too much. A rich second generation, is it worth it for us?”

Someone in the class started to say so, and everyone gradually became rational.

“That’s right, I think Chuck Cannon, what about money? Just hitting his classmates so hard and still playing such a heavy hand, I see, he is so arrogant, sooner or later someone will take care of him!”

“Wait, didn’t everyone pay attention to detail?” Someone analyzed and suddenly said that it was a male student with glasses.

When this voice came out, all the students looked at him.

“What details?”

“Just now when we mentioned that the square was on fire, Chuck Cannon was very angry. He also said that the city square will reopen in three days. You said, the reason why he said so, is it possible for the owner of the square? Is it really him?” The classmate pushed his glasses and said suspiciously.

When the male student with glasses said these words, the whole classroom was silent again. The next second, everyone was boiling!

“This is impossible! The city square is so big, how could it be his own if it is not hundreds of millions?”

“I don’t think it’s possible. Chuck Cannon’s family can be tens of millions at most, and it is impossible to have hundreds of millions. Would the rich second generation of billions be so low-key?

“He said that. I think it’s really possible. I often see Chuck Cannon in the city square and come out from the manager’s office in the square, but the last time he invited the whole school to drink milk tea, why did he choose to go to the square? In order to drive the flow of people? If he is not the boss, why would he really do it? I think Chuck Cannon is the boss of the square! He hides too deeply!” said a female classmate.

She said so, the class was quiet again, as silent as death!

Yes, no one can be sure how much money Chuck Cannon’s family has, so a series of actions by Chuck Cannon really lead in the direction that Chuck Cannon is the owner of the square!

If Chuck Cannon is really the owner of City Plaza, how much money does his family have?

The whole class was stunned because this analysis shocked them too much.

“Go, let’s go to the square and have a look.” A classmate suggested.

“Let’s go, I’ll go too, I’ll also see if the boss of the square is Chuck Cannon. I think Chuck Cannon walked so anxiously just now. If it’s really the boss of the square and his square caught fire last night, then he must go to the square to command now. If we go to the square and do not see him, then he is not the owner of the square!”

“This analysis is good!”

Many students in the class walked outside to verify that Chuck Cannon is the boss of the square.

Many classmates took buses to the city square. They were stunned because they were all isolated and sealed off. There were a lot of decoration sounds inside, and there were constant construction vehicles coming in and out at the door. Isn’t this work efficiency too fast?

They were shocked beyond words!

“At this rate, it’s really possible to reopen in three days! It’s shocking!” Some students said, after all, they thought that the square was on fire and it would take at least one month. Maybe it would go bankrupt directly, but I didn’t expect it. In just one night, he actually surrounded the entire square with such high efficiency.

Without a lot of money to burn, it is impossible to have such high efficiency!

“What about Chuck Cannon, why didn’t I see him?” Some classmates waited and watched.

“I think we are thinking wrong? Chuck Cannon is not the boss of the square at all?” The other classmates shook their heads, it seems that they are thinking too much!

This square is not big, but when other students are bored, they have estimated that this square should be worth 700 to 800 million yuan. Chuck Cannon is so shabby, can he be the owner of such a big square?

He is just a sophomore, so will it be his. Isn’t there tens of billions in the family, and a family with so much money will go to such an ordinary university? Definitely noble school!

They all felt that they were thinking too much, and they laughed at themselves. What are they thinking about? This is simply impossible.

“Look, it’s Yolanda, right?” A classmate’s sharp eyes suddenly saw Yolanda driving back and went straight inside.

“Yolanda is the manager of the square. She must know who the boss is, so we can just ask?”


These classmates walked to the door in groups, but they were stopped by security, “Sorry, please come over in three days. The square will reopen.”

These students were shocked because, in the square, hundreds of people were working at the same time, cleaned up, rebuilt and rebuilt, so many construction teams!

And what made them even more shocked was that they saw Yolanda coming out of the car and walking towards a person, this person was not someone else, it was really Chuck Cannon!!

What information Yolanda was holding to report to Chuck Cannon? This scene appeared like a fist, slamming them in the face.

Yolanda, the manager of the square, reported to Chuck Cannon? At this time, even a fool can know what’s going on.

Chuck Cannon is really the owner of the square!! Otherwise, why would the square manager report to Chuck Cannon?

This is amazing!

“Oh my God! Chuck Cannon is really the boss! Too amazing, too amazing.” Some students were stunned.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect him to be so rich, so low-key, I never thought of it!”

These classmates were so dull that they couldn’t speak. They just stood there, watching what Chuck Cannon said to Yolanda. Yolanda kept nodding. This was exactly the order. Yolanda drove out and where she was going.

However, Chuck Cannon went straight upstairs.

The work of these hundreds of people continues, and the square will reopen in three days!

They recovered from their shock and immediately took photos and posted them to the class group, saying that Chuck Cannon is really the boss!

This time the group is boiling, and the screen is constantly refreshing

“Really, my mother!”

“Chuck Cannon local tyrant! There are squares, does he have other things?”

“Will Chuck Cannon have more money than Du Xinye?”

“I don’t think…”

The class was boiling. Someone here reposted this news. The square boss was actually a school student. The news spread like wildfire. The school was boiling, shocked, the square boss! The school hides a super-rich second generation! Who is this guy? ?

In Ouyang Fei’s car, she saw this circle of friends, and she sneered, “I have burned this kind of thing, and I want to open the business in three days. What is it?”

Ouyang Fei didn’t think that would be the case. She thought it was Chuck Cannon’s retribution. Who made Chuck Cannon not like herself? This is the consequence!

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