Ouyang Fei wanted to go out to celebrate, and even wanted to show off in front of Chuck Cannon, asking why your square burned? Why are you so careless?

The square burned, are you badly injured?

When Ouyang Fei thought of asking like this, she was proud and very happy.

She deliberately drove past Chuck Cannon’s square and saw that the outside was actually wrapped up, and the inside was still rumbling non-stop, which was so noisy.

Ouyang Fei is angry, can he really reopen in three days? Ouyang Fei felt it was impossible.

At least one week!

Ouyang Fei hummed and left, but suddenly, her mobile phone pierced, it was WeChat, she clicked and read it, it was Du Xinye, and asked where she was, Ouyang Fei hummed, “Do you think I will give you a chance, you actually did that then to me! No chance for you! You men, all are my i.e. Ouyang Fei’s toys!”

Ouyang Fei sneered and drove away without paying any attention at all.

Du Xinye here smiled gloomily and ignored me, hehe!

Du Xinye was looking for Chuck Cannon’s WeChat for the past two days. He messaged Luyao and asked for Chuck Cannon’s WeChat account. He had already sent a request just now.

“Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon, although you said that you went to Ouyang Fei first, but I want you to appreciate it. I have seen the woman you went to and played with my hands…”

Du Xinye sneered, how to say he wanted to see Chuck Cannon upset, then he would feel good!

Here, Chuck Cannon’s phone rang. He thought it was a friend’s request from a stranger. He thought about it and agreed to it. As soon as he agreed, Chuck Cannon was dumbfounded because this person actually sent a few photos of the fruit. .

Chuck Cannon was particularly surprised. What’s the situation? WeChat selling movies? Chuck Cannon opened the watch and looked even more dazed because this is actually Ouyang Fei’s, what’s the situation?

Why does this person have a picture of Ouyang Fei? There are all kinds of poses, like a toy. When someone poses for a photo, Chuck Cannon thought, Ouyang Fei must have been unaware of this situation. This was taken by Du Xinye?

He is also a bit perverted. Last time he fainted Ouyang Fei. After playing with her for a whole night, he still took photos and missed it. Chuck Cannon was refreshed with his cognition.

It’s just that Chuck Cannon is strange, why did Du Xinye send the photos to himself? To show off me with Ouyang Fei?

Chuck Cannon’s Three Views are completely destroyed!

But, Ouyang Fei’s figure is really hot, and Chuck Cannon took a few photos in succession. Du Xinye’s photography skills are good, and the shots are very tempting. Chuck Cannon has to admit that this school flower Ouyang Fei is one of the best.

Chuck Cannon didn’t return to him, anyway, looking at the photos, Du Xinye posted a lot of them. Chuck Cannon laughed. It’s really good. Chuck Cannon is thinking, next time if Ouyang Fei pretends to be in front of him, If she asks whether he like her, he will show her this picture by himself and will see if she is still pulling.

Chuck Cannon is happy.

“I’m surprised, Chuck Cannon didn’t reply to me!” Du Xinye was a little annoyed and sent so many photos to show off that he had played Ouyang Fei, but Chuck Cannon actually ignored himself, what is the situation?

He was a little confused, what Ouyang Fei said before, didn’t he say it, was it by Chuck Cannon?

Isn’t it??

Du Xinye murmured, no matter what, anyway, I showed off with Chuck Cannon. I played school fairies by myself. Can you play it? Haha!!

Du Xinye’s sense of superiority reappeared.

Chuck Cannon is more embarrassed here because when he saw Ouyang Fei’s photo just now, he was so absorbed that he didn’t see Kristen, she was in the underground parking lot.

Kristen mainly came here to check the schedule, because she also asked someone to come over, which is good, as the boss, Chuck Cannon is actually looking at that kind of picture! !


Chuck Cannon knew that Kristen had called for someone to come over, so he was more moved by her. After all, we see the truth in adversity, and Kristen is a woman worthy of deep friendship.

Chuck Cannon was busy putting the phone away, and the atmosphere was awkward.

At this time, Chuck Cannon wanted to speak to ease the atmosphere. After all, it must be embarrassing to let a woman see this kind of thing.

It’s just that the door of the Ding elevator opened, and there was a sound of high heels. Chuck Cannon looked back and found that it was Zelda Maine. Chuck Cannon was a little panicked and pulled Kristen into her car.

Chuck Cannon saw Zelda Maine sighing all the time, holding the phone to call him? Chuck Cannon was surprised. Fortunately, Zelda Maine stayed in the car for a while and drove away.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to look at Kristen and found that he was so close to Kristen…

Kristen was shocked just now, because she had a dream before, and dreamed of what Chuck Cannon did to her in the car, but now the situation is that the dream has come true?

Kristen was very embarrassed in her bones, but she was weak and felt that at this time, she looked so much like the one in her dream, she couldn’t tell the difference.

I felt that this atmosphere almost made her unconscious.

Kristen bit her lip and leaned in madly, Chuck Cannon was stunned…

Five minutes later, Chuck Cannon was stunned. Kristen bit her lip and put down her clothes. Chuck Cannon was dumbfounded. What happened just now? Was Kristen forced to do that?

Chuck Cannon couldn’t imagine that Kristen was so crazy just now that she actually kissed himself directly? This is something Chuck Cannon never expected to happen. His first reaction was that was Kristen stupid? Drugged? What’s the situation?

Chuck Cannon’s mind was confused and he suddenly sighed. Chuck Cannon admitted that he had resisted just now, but Kristen’s figure is so good that even men can’t resist. Chuck Cannon is also a normal man. How can he resist?

He actually did something he was sorry for Yvette, and Chuck Cannon looked at Kristen stupidly.

Kristen put down her clothes, biting her lip almost to break.

“President Kristen. Just now…” Chuck Cannon felt that this was a mistake. He didn’t resist much just now, so this time the matter has reached this point. He and Kristen are partners in co-investment, but now they have such a relationship. , Chuck Cannon was unexpected!

Chuck Cannon’s mind turned into a pan of porridge. Thinking of the time with Queenie, Queenie was pregnant. Chuck Cannon said bluntly, “President Kristen, what happened just now… did you buy medicine for yourself, I…”

“What are you talking about?” Kristen glared!

“Have you bought medicine?” Chuck Cannon felt extremely guilty. You must know that Yvette helped herself last night, and today he did what he was sorry for Yvette. If Yvette knew about it, she would definitely be very sad.

So Chuck Cannon’s first reaction was to let Kristen take the medicine, otherwise, Kristen would get pregnant again, so he still had it?

“Get out!” Kristen scolded with red eyes!

“President Kristen,” Chuck Cannon feels guilty to her. What happened just now?

“Forgetting my blindness, I actually took the initiative to give it to you. Do you think I gave it to you to get pregnant and to coerce you? Do you think Kristen is that kind of person? Get out!” Kristen got heartache, Chuck Cannon’s words hurt her heart Up.

You know, Kristen has always hated contact with men younger than him. But Chuck Cannon was an exception. She saved herself twice and changed her attitude towards little men. She was a woman like her, who took the initiative just now. This is something Kristen has never done before. Under this situation, she breaks through her heart. The defence line was given to Chuck Cannon, and Kristen herself was impulsive.

“Go!” Kristen pushed Chuck Cannon out. Chuck Cannon reluctantly opened the car door and came out. Fortunately, there was no one nearby, and Zelda Maine also left, otherwise others would see it, so it would be harder to say.

Chuck Cannon put on his clothes, “President Kristen, I’m sorry for what happened just now. If you need anything, anytime…”

“Get out!!” Kristen’s eyes flushed, Chuck Cannon sighed and went to the place where he parked. He wanted to stay, but he did not do so. This situation was originally a mistake. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to make mistakes again and again if he stopped. Then Chuck Cannon would definitely not be able to leave.

If he disconnected from the car and left, he was sorry for Kristen. What happened today was just an accident.

Don’t let Yvette know. It’s just an accident. Then it will end, otherwise, the video will develop to an unimaginable level. What Chuck Cannon wants is Yvette and Yvette is his wife. Other women, Chuck Cannon can only take it as an accident, including this time.

Kristen saw Chuck Cannon leave like this, and her sad tears came out.

It’s been many years. It’s the first time she cried like this. She took the initiative. In exchange for such words, Kristen was so sad, she was extremely sad, “Asshole, you asshole!”

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