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Chapter 378: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 378 The Fitting Room Thing

“Forget it. Forget it.” Tiancheng Yi waved his hands, walking a little faster.

Jingyan Ye stared at him for a long time before looking away and gazed tenderly at Yiyao Duan, “Let’s have a rest here.”

“OK.” Yiyao blushed and looked down. Nobody knew what she was thinking about.

In the distance, the construction noise was harsh, making Yiyao get a headache after a while, so she frowned and said, “Why don’t I go back first?”

“OK.” Jingyan answered with tenderness with his eyes fixed on her.

“What? What about me?” Seeing that they were ready to leave, Tiancheng stretched out his hand to stop them.

Tiancheng, of course, didn’t want to stay here alone. It’s so boring. If they went back, then no one could k!ll the time with him.

Jingyan took a glance at him, “This is originally your business. If you don’t work harder, then there is nothing I can do.”

Tiancheng was speechless. He knew that once he talked to Jingyan, he would never win, so he looked at Yiyao for help.

In order not to look him in the eyes, Yiyao bowed her head, but she said the same words as Jingyan, “It’s your family affairs and it’s not good for us to get involved in. why don’t you stay here and watch? I’m afraid something might happen…”

Tiancheng’ s l!ps twitched. No wonder she was Jingyan’ s woman, who was also so straightforward. Therefore, he put down his hand, not to look at them with his head turned away.

He thought this would make Jingyan and Yiyao feel sorry, or at least hesitate, but no. The two just past him as if nothing had happened, and did not even turn their heads back!

When Tiancheng had realized they were leaving, who had been out of his sight. He kicked a stone on the ground to vent, but it hurt him.

Qi Lyu, of course, had noticed this. Seeing him be alone, he walked to him by little steps.

“What the hell do you want?” Before he came to him, he had asked with a loud voice.

Tiancheng spread his hands, “Nothing. I just want you to return all my family’s money to me!”

Gasping, he was obviously angry, “I just borrow some. As long as this project is done and we earn some, I will give the money to you.”

“Impossible.” Tiancheng read between the lines, so he coldly shook his head, “It’s not that I don’t let you finish the project, it’s just that you don’t keep it in check.”

“Impossible! If it’s not you, how could it collapse overnight?” Qi Lyu didn’t believe him, so she didn’t sound nice.

Tiancheng pursed his l!ps, not wanting to talk to her any more. He’d better keep an eye on the construction, instead of arguing with her.

Seeing he didn’t deny, she finally lost her patience, “Does your father know this? By doing something completely shady?”

Tiancheng snickered, “He doesn’t know it. Even if he knows, he cannot agree more.”

He did the same thing as she did, so it was not shady at all. If she really thought so, she just admitted she was despicable.

Qi Lyu was so angry that she stomped. She should not have come over to talk to him, for he eventually pissed her off. But the construction site was too hot to stay and this canopy was a good place to cool off.

Knowing this, Tiancheng didn’t say anything about it. Then he lied on the chair, having a rest with his eyes closed. Noise were still around him, making him frown. After getting used to it, he started to think something else.

Jingyan and Yiyao were in the car, driving aimlessly. .Jingyan looked at Yiyao, who was asleep, “Where are we going now?”

Opening her eyes, Yiyao tried to fresh herself, “I don’t know.”

Although she slept a lot these days and wanted to tell Ye Jingyan to just go back to the hotel, her sanity told her not to say so.

During these days, she only remembered night, without seeing any sunshine. If she continued this, she would probably get sick…

Not knowing that she had thought so much, Jingyan was very satisfied with her answer, so he smiled and said, “You stay in the hotel all day and it’s time to go out to have some fun!”

Yiyao hesitated for a moment, but nodded in compromise, “I’ll follow you!”

“You’re pregnant, so let’s shop for clothes.”

Yiyao looked at belly, where there was a bump, so she knew it’s the time to get some new clothes. What she wore before were all tight jeans and after a few more days, they wouldn’t fit her.

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He stopped at a shopping mall. Jingyan opened the door and waited for Yiyao to get out, like a total gentleman.

Yiyao stretched out her hand and held Jingyan’ s hand. The two of them attracted numerous people’s attention once they got out of the car.

Beautiful men and women always attracted others’ attention and there were more and more people around them. Jingyan frowned and moved closer to Yiyao, for he was afraid that the crowd might make her out of his sight.

In the past, he wouldn’t have to worry so much, but now she was injured and pregnant. If she fell down, that would be very bad.

The more cautious they got, the more curious people got, for they thought that they were stars. With more people getting around them, some even asked them for autographs.

It’s a short distance, but it cost them 5 minutes to get in the mall. When they finally reached the mall, they were sweaty all over.

There were security guards at the entrance, and after they entered, the people behind them were cleared, but there were a few following them in.

A bold woman, despite the gaze of the people around, got to Jingyan, “You…Hello, can you give me your phone number?”

Other women around her who did not dare to go forward all snorted, for she was such a b!tch. There was a lady beside the gentleman and she even dare to tempt him. Besides, she was so ugly. What a weirdo.

In fact, that woman was not ugly, but the jealousy was terrible. They were so timid that they didn’t have the courage to do anything to Jingyan, so once someone did, they could just envy.

Jingyan frowned and didn’t give her the number, just letting her stand awkwardly in front of him.

Yiyao gently touched him with her elbow before he looked down and gently asked, “What?”

“Are you going to keep standing here like this?”

“No, let’s go.” Saying that, Jingyan put his arm around Yiyao and passed the woman who wanted his phone number.

Being ignored, she gripped her phone tighter and people around her was saying something harsh to her.

Yiyao could not hear what they were saying, but she just thought they were noisy. She turned her head to look at them and saw that the woman who asked for Jingyan’ s phone number was surrounded by others, being made fun of or being disdained.

She tugged on Jingyan’ s sleeve, “Why are you so indifferent today?” Actually, he was always righteous and helped others…

Yiyao then stopped saying, for Jingyan knew what she was going to say next.

Jingyan, of course, also knew it. He held her hand tighter, “It will bring you trouble, so I prefer to ignore it to make you safe.”

Yiyao froze and then felt warm inside. He was thinking of her, but she thought he was afraid of pissing her off.

As the two talked, they came to the maternity. Jingyan wanted her to buy something here, so they walked in.

“What can I do for you, madam and sir?”

Seeing they were in expensive clothes, the assistants scrambled to serve for them, and eventually a woman with short hair got the opportunity.

Yiyao turned around and was about to ask her to introduce the stuff here, but she found she was staring at Jingyan, touching her nose shyly.

Jingyan also noticed her gaze, so he frowned and said to the waiter watching at the door, “I don’t want her.”


Before the short-haired woman staring at him could know what’s going on, Jingyan was already walking towards the door with Yiyao in his arms.

“Sir, I’m sorry. Is there something Xiaoxi did wrong?” The woman with the manager’s sign pinned to her clothes walked to them.

Jingyan did not even turn his head back, but that manager didn’t want them to leave and stopped them.

Jingyan was annoyed by being kept asking and answered coldly, “I don’t like people who keep staring at me.”

Hearing this, that manager was a bit shocked, and when she reacted, Jingyan and Yiyao had already walked away.

Yiyao was awkward. Now in this situation, what were they doing here?

At the corner, there was another shop. The people inside were secretly watching them before, and when they heard Jingyan say that, they quickly pretended to ignore him.

Taking a look at it, Jingyan found the decoration inside looked much more comfortable to him. Thinking of Yiyao, he stopped walking more and took her inside the shop.

The two came to the children’s clothing area, but Yiyao could not walk any more. The clothes hanging there were small, with superior workmanship, making her want to be a mother immediately.

“It’s so pretty.” Yiyao touched the clothes, with joy and love in her eyes.

Jingyan was following her. Seeing her so happy, he was also very pleased, “Just buy it.”


When Jingyan was going to ask the shop assistant wrap up the clothes for him, Yiyao stopped him.

The shop assistant was a little confused. Seeing Yiyao like it, she said to her, “Let’s see something else.”

The assistant nodded and took a few steps back, following them carefully, for she was afraid that they would not be satisfied with her.

They couldn’t offend customers, or they would be chastised by the manager, and what’s worse, they might be fired. Xiaoxi, next door, was now being reprimanded because of offending them.

Jingyan didn’t say anything, and he kept selecting clothes with Yiyao.

Suddenly, Yiyao asked, “Do you want a boy or a girl?”

She always wanted to ask this, but she always couldn’t find a right time. It was said that women tended to be melodramatic when they were pregnant, she also wanted to try this kind of feeling.

Just now, the reason she didn’t let the assistant wrap the clothes up was because she wanted to know his answer. She just touched a lot of clothes, both boys’ and girls’, and if they bought all, she was afraid that most of them would be wasted.

Jingyan didn’t know how to answer her. He had thought about it before, but because of her hearing, he didn’t want to think too much. Once he started to think about it, he told him to stop.

Looking at her, he found Yiyao was watching him with expectation. Jingyan cleared his throat and said, “I don’t care whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

“You must choose one.”


“Oh…” Yiyao bowed her head in disappointment, for she thought that fathers would like daughters, but it turned out that Jingyan liked boys!

Jingyan forced a smile. How could he not like girls? But due to her current physical condition, if it was a girl, how could he let her daughter suffer the pain at birth?

Boys…although it was hard for them too, but it would be better.

After knowing this, Yiyao only picked the clothes for boys, as well as other supplies. Bottles had pink and blue ones and since Jingyan wanted a boy, she chose the blue one, although she liked the pink one.

Yiyao stood there for a long time and finally couldn’t help but turn back, “Which one do you think is better?”

Jingyan had found her hesitation and directly pointed to the pink milk bottle, “This one is better!”

He felt no difference about these things. Anyway, the child didn’t know anything at their birth, so he wouldn’t resist.

Yiyao, of course, did not know that he was thinking like this. Seeing he chose to the one she wanted, she thought he liked boys, but he did not notice, so she smiled and asked the waiter to wrap it up.

Later, she chose something more, like cribs, small apron… Jingyan had the same choice as her.

When Yiyao turned around again, the assistant had been completely unable to hold them, pushing a cart behind them.

Jingyan took a glance at the things they bought, all of which were supplies for children, and none of them were for Yiyao.

“Okay, it’s time to buy yours!” They had come here for her, but now they completely forgot it.

These could be bought after his born, but she needed her things now.

Yiyao laughed, for she was so engrossed in shopping that she had forgotten the purpose of their coming.

Hearing their conversation, she began to introduce the things for Yiyao, “Let’s see something over there. It’s for mom.”

The assistant was no longer upset. What they bought were not cheap and her this month’s performance bonus would be doubled or even more.

Yiyao glanced at Jingyan and nodded, “Show us, please.”

With the cart, the assistant led the way. Yiyao walked around, looking at the small objects, while Jingyan followed her.

There were many things in the mother’s area. Expect for maternity clothes, there were many other things. They were all new to Yiyao and she was curious about them.

After all, it was the first time she got pregnant, so she was curious about everything.

Seeing that Yiyao was hesitant to start, the assistant introduced to her, “These are the new goods and there is only one piece of each, which are made of the best fabrics, so you can take a look, madam.”

Touching the clothes introduced by the attendant, she felt it’s comfortable, like silk, soft and smooth. She then looked at Jingyan, who was behind her.

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