Chapter 379 – 380: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 379: Taking pills unceasingly

Kris Chen was overjoyed and took the Concentration Pill.

He felt so calm at the moment. His brain and his thoughts were unprecedentedly clear.

His consciousness expanded outward, 15 meters, 20 meters, and 30 meters.

He saw the servant and maid dating in the dark corner of Yuan’s mansion, and saw housekeeper Mei scolding the servant who had done something wrong.

Then his consciousness continued to look outwards, 50 meters, 100 meters, and 200 meters.

When reaching 500 meters, he stopped.

He could see as far as a kilometer on earth, but 500 meters was a great improvement here.

He wrapped his body with his spiritual consciousness and left the ground with ease, not feeling too hard. Soon, shopkeeper Wang came, and the herbs he brought over almost covered the whole table.

Each herb was full of aura, and each one was the best elixir of more than 100 years!

Kris nodded, “Thank you for your consideration.”

Wang smiled and didn’t say anything. Kris’s a smart man. Now he owed Wang a favor naturally.

The Storing Ring in Kris’s left hand flashed, and all the herbs on the table were collected into it.

The storage space of the lower class Storing Ring was still too small. At the moment, there was not much space left.

The newly refined Healing Pill couldn’t be sold yet, because Kris was afraid of being targeted.

“Mr. Zhang, what else can I do for you?”

Wang’s eyes were full of flames of desire, looking at Kris.

Kris thought for a moment, “There’s indeed one thing. I want to ask if Seven-treasures House has any skills above the Heaven Level.”

The skills above Heaven Level?

There was a glimmer of light in the eyes of Wang. Why did Kris ask this question? Was it for him or for the senior alchemist behind him?

Above the Heaven Level was the Divine Level. Those who could practice the Divine Level skills were at least the strong ones in the Pill-Condensation Field.

Could it be possible that the alchemist behind him was a strong one in the Pill-Condensation Field?

In Yelang Country, Pill-Condensation Field was absolutely a powerful existence.

For example, Tianxiong Ning, who was only in the early stage of Formation Stage, was strong enough to defend a city.

Being a senior alchemist had been dignified already, now Kris’s even a strong man in the Pill-Condensation Field. Wang felt he had to reexamine Kris.

Kris didn’t know his casual question caused Wang to think this much.

Wang was silent for a long time, and then replied, “Yes, there is Divine Level above the Heaven Level.”

“How much does it cost?”

“The cheapest Divine Level skills could take tens of thousands of high-class spiritual stones.”

“What about the first-class Divine Level skills?”

“Over a hundred thousand!”

Kris was silent. The Healing Pills he had refined was wroth one spiritual stone. If he wanted to buy the first-class Divine Level skills, he needed to refine a hundred thousand Healing Pills?

This would take forever! No way!

“I have some forth-class even second-class Healing Pills, how much would you pay me?”

Was he going to keep selling medicine?

Wang was pleased and said in a deep voice, “A forth-class Healing Pill is worth between ten and thirty spiritual stones, and a second-class Healing Pill is worth between three hundred to five hundred spiritual stones.”

“What about a first-class Healing Pill?”

“At least a thousand spiritual stones!”

Wang thought and said.

Kris nodded. It would take only a few hundred first-class Healing Pills to make the spiritual stones he needed.

However, Kris did not intend to sell magical pills frequently, because it would make Wang suspicious.

After learning about the situation, Kris arched his hand and said goodbye.

They walked out of the secret room one by one. Wang was disappointed, but he didn’t say anything.

Because of the questions that Kris had asked earlier, Wang was wondering whether Kris would bring some high-class Healing Pills when he should come next time?

He could make more profits with high-class magical pills.

“Shopkeeper, the Lord’s house has sent a large number of beast materials.”

The waiter came over and said, “There are tens of thousand pieces of wild beast fur, a thousand Beast Pills, a hundred thousand grams of teeth, claws and bones of fierce beasts, as well as 80 Beast Pills, 3000 grams of beast teeth, claws and bones of murderous beasts!”

Shopkeeper Wang stroked his moustache, “The fur of the wild beast is worth ten low-class spiritual stones, and a fierce Beast Pill is worth 100 high-class spiritual stones, the tooth, claw and bone of the murderous beast are 100 high-class spiritual stones.”

“Murderous Beast Pills, 800 high-class spiritual stones, animal teeth, claws, animal bones are 100 high-class spiritual stones.”

Kris happened to be listening on the side. How could the materials from the killed beasts be sold at such a high price?

He was so active in his mind that he could make money by hunting animals out of the city instead of selling pills with no limits.

By the time Wang finished adding up the figures, Kris had already disappeared.

Wang hoped Kris could surprise him next time!


Kris returned to Yuan’s House like a ghost with no one noticing, using his flying skills.

It had been several days since he came to Yuan’s mansion. In addition to the first two days, he seemed to have been forgotten by them completely.

However, that was exactly what Kris wanted. He would feel sick in his stomach as soon as he remembered the disgusting appearance of Lady Yuan on the day of his wedding.

Thank goodness that she didn’t come!

Kris couldn’t wait to take out the medicinal materials. He let out his consciousness to observe the surroundings for him. A spirit fire rose in the palm of his hand, and the temperature in the room was greatly raised. The best divine herbs were put into the fire one by one, and were burned into spirit liquid by the burning flame.

He gathered a lot of aura of heaven and earth. Lucky that his house was rather remote. In addition, there was enough fairy aura in the Devil Land, so the aura he collected was like a ladle of water in the sea. No one could notice what he did at all.

If on earth, he would definitely raise appalling attention by collecting the aura of a hundred miles.

How good would it be if such abundant aura could be absorbed by him!

He managed to resist the idea of opening the acupoints. He was thinking either to refine pills or to absorb the aura. He chose the former, as he wanted to absorb the best fairy aura when he should have to one day.

Having those distractions under control, Kris began to concentrate on refining the magical pills.

He first refined some Vitality Pills, then the Stabilizer Pills, and finally the Concentration Pills.

What’s more, the medicinal materials prepared this time were all top-notch herbs, so the magical pills he refined were super effective!

They almost reached the first-class pills.

There were only three pills out of each furnace, but each one was as powerful as the previous ten pills.

After taking two pills, Kris’s muscles and veins were repaired and he was stabler than before.

His skin became whiter, and his bones became crystal clear when he transferred his spiritual thoughts inside his body He could even see the bone marrow flowing inside his veins.

The bone is like crystal, and the body generates fragrance. This is the highest level pursued by tens of generations of Tianmo School!

He pinched the air gently and there was a dull noise. Even the air was crushed by him.

This kind of feeling was so strong, he picked up the knife used for cutting herbs and cut it hard at his own hand.

“Bang, bang”, the knife broke from the middle, and there was not even a mark on his hand.

It’s tough. It’s really tough.

Whether it was internal or external practice, he would never forget to practise his physical strength.

He once saw it in a travel book that some physically powerful practitioners could break the sky and tear the earth, and move mountains and seas by virtue of their physical strength. Maybe one day he could reach that level!

Kris was giving out an overwhelming fragrance, which was too strong. He had to close his pores and the aroma disappeared instantly.

After getting familiar with the power of his body, Kris began to swallow the Stabilizer Pill.

There were seven propitious clouds Stablizer Pills as a result of the method of Aura-Pill integration. It was definitely one of the best of the first-class magical pills.

When the pills enter the abdomen, the dispirited little person inside his belly began to absorb the power of the medicine.

Kris didn’t have to worry about toxicity and side effects. Because they were all top grade magical pills.

This was the benefit of taking magical pills.

After swallowing the Stablizer Pill, Kris’s primal spirit got stable, and was no longer in the illusory state of collapse.

If it went on like this, Kris only needed two more furnaces of pills and he would recover to his original state!

With ten times the gravity, he could now easily lift thousands of pounds with his mind.

He swallowed the second Concentration Pill, and his consciousness extended to 1000 meters, then the third, 1300 meters!

In the Mud Pill Palace, the body of the spiritual little person had been solidified a lot, compared to the previous weak status.

He estimated that he had recovered about 70% of his peak strength.

Kris lay in bed and felt relaxed after several days of tension, but he was not quite used to it.

When he recovered to his peak status, he would leave the Yuan Family; he thought so.

He did not forget his original intention of breaking the void. He wanted to become more powerful, powerful enough to break the barriers of the Devil Land and the earth, and bring all his wives and family members over.

And live long here.


Recently, there had been so many strangers in Wuwei city. They were experts who had been hired by the big families.

The Beast Tide was getting closer and closer, which could be seen easily from the frequent occurrence of wild beasts outside the city.

In a few days, the experts would not be able to enter the city. Because at that time, the overwhelming number of wild beasts would crowd in on the official road, and Whoever entered would die!

Among them there were also bounty hunters who went out of town in groups to hunt animals and sell the fur, pills, teeth, claws and even meat.

Every day, countless dead beasts were transported inside Wuwei City, while the wounded and the dead hunters were in a large number!

However, the wild beasts were too many and they kept coming up.

As a city patrol inspector, Tiangang Yuan’s pressure was increasing day by day. There were just too many of them.

He predicted that the scale of this Beast Tide would not be small.

He hoped the formation of the city wall could be endurable enough to defend the whole city.

Tiangang with his men was patrolling along the city wall. Under the wall, Xuefei Yuan and Yujie quietly came to a gate guard.

Ordinary people were not allowed to leave the city, only the powerful warriors and practitioners were.

There were many people in the queue in front of them who were ready to go out of the city to hunt wild animals.

“Come on, hit here!”

The garrison officer pointed to the dynamometer stone.

“The third stage, the Middle Period of The Acquired Stage, 300kg, release!”

Then the officer took out a pass. The warriors who passed the test only needed to show it when leaving the city next time. It recorded the stage and strength of the practioner.

Soon, it was Xuefei and Yujie’s turn.

The little girl had never been out of the city, and she was excited and nervous.

“Young… Mis..Mister, I’m so nervous!”

“If you are scared, you can go back now.”

Xuefei said in a coarse voice.

“No, I’m not scared!”

Yujie bit her lip, took a deep breath, clenched her right hand, and hit the stone hard.

“The fourth stage, Fulfilled Period of The Acquired stage, 400kg, release!”

Chapter 380: Bastard

Yujie got the pass, on which her name and her stage were written: “Yujie. Fulfilled Period of the Acquired Stage.”

“Sir, I got it!” Yujie was so excited. It was her first time to get out of the city since she was born.

Xuefei Yuan shook her head. She walked to the strength-testing stone and punched it.

“Ninth level. Later Period of the Return-to-Nature Stage! A thousand kilos!” The guardian gave her a pass respectfully.

“Thank you!” Xuefei took the pass and walked out of the city.

“Miss, why are you only at ninth level? I thought you were……”

“It is just a pass. I don’t need to use all my strength to get it.” Xuefei shot a sideways glance at her. Xuefei was actually at the initial period of Back-to-Self Stage. She kept it a secret, and even Tiangang Yuan didn’t know that.

They crossed a vast plain, and got farther and farther away from Wuwei City. The people they met on their way were getting less and less, and soon, they arrived at the edge of Shiwan Moutain.

The vast plain gave way to a forest with numerous mighty trees. They couldn’t see where is the end of the forest. They walked inside it, and found the leaves blocked most of the sunlight and they could only see things by a dim light. It was also much colder in the forest.

Roars and growls of the beasts were heard from inside the forest. Yujie followed Xuefei closely because she was bloody nervous. “Miss, are we really going in?”

“How many times do I need to tell you to call me Sir!” Xuefei’s face set in grim lines. “For one last time. If you are afraid, we can still go back!”

Yujie bit her lips and said: “I’m not afraid! They are just some animals! I can also kill them!”

They were at the edge of the mountain. The signs of struggles were everywhere. Foot prints of the beasts covered the ground, and dead bodies were all over the place. The smell of blood was wafting through the air.

They kept moving forward, and the farther the went, the less signs of struggles were to be seen.

Xuefei met a few beasts on the way, and she killed them with her first class weapon–Ice Sword. Yujie gradually got used to the killing.

The meat of the beasts wasn’t worth of anything, but their skin could be used to make some low-ranking tools. So Xuefei began peeling the beast. Her skill was very sophisticated and soon a complete skin was removed from the beast.

Yujie threw up immediately. She couldn’t even kill a chicken in normal times.

Xuefei said coldly: “From now on, you will be responsible for peeling. I don’t want you to fight, but this is the least you should do. If you can’t even do this, tomorrow you shouldn’t come with me.”

Yuan Family basically spent all its wealth in order to defend the city from the beasts. So they needed money desperately, that was why Xuefei was trying her best to make more money.

Yujie held her breath, grabbed a knife and began peeling. She kept telling herself: “You can do it! Yes you can!” Soon, her hands were covered by stinking blood of the beasts. She almost broke down, but a strong willpower got her through that horrible process.

Seeing Yujie was gradually getting used to it, Xuefei then focused on killing the beasts. They got deeper into the mountain, so there were more beasts around them. At one point, ten beasts rushed out of the woods at the same time. Xuefei killed all of them with her genuine energy.

The worst situation was to be attacked by the beasts from the front and from the back. In that situation, Xuefei had to fight the beasts while protecting Yujie. They also met some beasts that possessed some intelligence. These beasts were more dangerous, and in order to kill them, Xuefei’s genuine energy was finally drained. She is powerful, but she didn’t have much experience in the battle ground.

All color drained from Xuefei’s face, and Yujie said: “Sir, let’s go back now! I don’t want to keep going!”

Xuefei nodded. Her energy was exhausted, and the most sensible thing to do was to retreat! Yujie stank of the smell of blood. Her hands were shivering and her knees were weak. It must had been very hard for her considering how gentle and timid she was in normal times.

“Let’s go back!” They then began returning along their own track. Many beasts appeared and got slaughtered by Xuefei.

And then, they found a lame beast. When that beast saw them, it looked frightened and began escaping. It’s leg was broken by a practitioner so it feared human beings a lot.

“Follow it!” Xuefei chased the beast.

“Sir, stop chasing!” Yujie got nervous and followed up closely.

“Die!! You bloody beast!!” Xuefei threw her sword at the beast and pierced its body. The beast moaned and collapsed on the ground and died. And Xuefei also realized her genuine energy was totally drained.

She wished she had taken the Energy-Boosting Pill with her. The pill was created by the pill makers in Yuan Family, and its function is to make the practitioners regain their genuine energy thirty percent faster.

They took a rest, and then, they heard steps from the woods. The steps were getting closer to them, and then dozens of beasts the size of cows rushed out of the woods and surrounded them.

“Come here!” Xuefei stood up, picked up her sword and was ready to fight.

“Sir……” Yujie stood behind Xuefei. She panicked when seeing so many beasts.

Xuefei looked at them, and realized these beasts were not average beasts. They were beasts with intelligence. Xuefei’s eyes widened in disbelief. How could they meet so many of them, cause they were already at the edge of the mountain.

Then, the beasts moved aside and made a way. And a vicious wolf whose fur was sliver white appeared.

Xuefei recognized that wolf to be a beast with even greater intelligence. She bit her lips and she didn’t make a sound. She knew she couldn’t necessarily kill this beast even though she was at her best condition. Besides, it was not alone. There were so many beasts around.

That wolf seemed to be the leader of the herd. Xuefei looked at it, and she felt she could notice a flicker of contempt in its eyes.

“It is laughing at me? Why is it laughing at me? Is it because I am pointing my sword towards it or is it because that lame beast we just saw was actually a trick and we fell for it.”

That wolf has the intelligence of an eight-year old boy. Beasts like the wolf are very cunning and they are very hard to be caught.

A few days ago, Tiangang Yuan killed such an intelligent beast, and they celebrated it, which only proved how hard it is to kill one of these.”

Xuefei also remembered two days earlier, Tiangang took a team to hunt, and they were attacked by an intelligent beast, and dozens of hunters were killed.

Xuefei felt so regretful. She should have just left the place instead of chasing the lame beast.

But the wolf didn’t seem to be very eager to eat them. He walked around the two girls and even sniffed them.

Yujie was so frightened that she felt her knees were weak. She could even smell the stink of the wolf. It’s teeth were sharp, and some fragments of meat and bone were stuck between the gap of its teeth.

“Sir, are we going to die here?” Yujie grabbed Xuefei’s hand tightly. She then said determinedly: “Sir, later I’ll attract their attention, and you can escape when they chase me.”

“Nonsense. Your size is not big enough to fill the gap between their teeth!” Xuefei said. “There is no way to escape. We must fight!”

During the time when they were talking, Xuefei regained some of her genuine energy. And that is the advantage of having the Erpin acupuncture point opened. Not only could she contain more genuine energy, she could regain her energy faster than the others.

“Go to hell!!!” Her Ice Sword worked perfectly with her Icy Genuine Energy. She exerted all her Genuine Energy and waved her sword, and then, a sharp wave was sent out by her sword and it charged towards the wolf.

And then, the wolf was hit by the wave.

“We hit it!!” Yujie shouted excitedly. But her excitement soon subsided and her face soon set into grim lines.

“How is that possible?” Xuefei couldn’t believe what happened.

The wolf only lost a few hairs after being hit by her sword wave. Even its skin remained perfectly tact.

“It’s defense is unbelievable.”

Xuefei looked at the wolf, and saw the wolf was staring at her with undisguised contempt, as if it had already predicted that she would attack.

“Now we are seriously doomed.” Yujie said.

Then, the wolf opened its cavernous mouth and bit the Icy Sword in Xuefei’s hand, and the sword was immediately broken into pieces.

All the beasts roared in unison, and the birds in the woods were frightened and flew away.

Saliva dripped out of its mouth, and its eyes were murderous, as if it wanted to break Xuefei’s head with its teeth.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the wolf widened its eyes, and its body collapsed heavily on the ground. The other beasts all moved backwards. Obviously these beast had no idea what happened.

“Sir, what happened to the wolf?” Yujie was so confused. Xuefei wished she could help her with her confusion but she was also confused.

How could such a vicious big wolf just fell on the ground and die like that! That was just too weird.

The strongest fear is fear of the unknown. Xuefei thought something even more terrifying would soon appear. Both of them were numb with fright. Then, all of a sudden, all the other beasts collapsed just like the wolf, and stopped breathing in an instant.

“Sir…” Yujie cried. “Are we going to die like these beasts?”

It was just terrifying. None of them could believe they would encounter something so weird the first time they got into the mountain.

Xuefei sunk in despair. She really thought they were gonna die there.

“It’s really working.”

When they were in despair, a male voice was heard from behind them. Then, before they turned their head around to see who was there, an average looking man appeared in front of them.

The man was of medium height, and of average looking. You wouldn’t notice him if he was in a crowd of people. He wasn’t strong either. Instead, he looked rather skinny.

Xuefei and Yujie looked at him in astonishment. Xuefei then recovered herself from shock and said: “Sir, did you just save us?”

That man didn’t say anything. He squatted down and looked at that wolf carefully and said: “It’s such a beautiful beast!”

Then, he noticed some hairs were missing on the wolf’s neck. He shouted: “Which bastard cut the hair off my beast!!”

Xuefei’s face darkened.

Yujie saw that man didn’t answer Xuefei’s question. She said: “Hi! My master is talking to you! Did you hear that?”

“Don’t be rude!” Xuefei looked at her. She then said to the man: “I’m the bastard you were talking about.”

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