Kristen was in the car, and she was sad. She was very sad. She was so proactive this time. How could it be?

She hated herself for being so impulsive just now, that men didn’t have a good thing.

Kristen wiped away her tears and put on her own clothes. Nothing happened just now, nothing happened.

Kristen warned herself that she absolutely must forget what happened in the last few minutes, it was just a dream.

As in this period of time, it was just a dream of spring.

Kristen recovered her calm, but there was still a crazy smell in the car. She opened the door, sat in the driver’s seat, and was about to leave here when she drove, but she was absent-minded and hit a pillar while turning, and the front of the car hit.

Kristen slapped the steering wheel vigorously. She didn’t feel sorry for the car, but knew clearly that what happened just now was not a dream, not a dream!

She had a relationship with Chuck Cannon. She herself didn’t want Chuck Cannon to do anything, nothing at all. Everything just now was that she couldn’t help it.

Kristen never thought about making Chuck Cannon responsible, because Kristen is an adult. What responsibility can Chuck Cannon bear?

If Chuck Cannon didn’t need to say anything just now, and just hugged Kristen affectionately, then Kristen would feel very good, but what Chuck Cannon said just now has completely hurt her. Chuck Cannon was just anxious to clear the relationship, is it necessary??

Kristen’s hands were hurting. She lay on the steering wheel and was sad for a long time. She decided not to come here again.

“Is it President Kristen?” Suddenly, a voice appeared.

Kristen looked up and saw a handsome boy.

Yes, this boy is Du Xinye.

He came over to see if Chuck Cannon was here, but Chuck Cannon didn’t see it. He just heard the sound of a car crash, so he came over to take a look. Unexpectedly, there was a beauty lying on the steering wheel, and Du Xinye walked in and took a look. , Only to realize that it was Kristen who had been particularly moved by his glance before.

It’s this superb beauty!!

Du Xinye didn’t want to know what Kristen was saddening. He only knew that this was a chance to get in. If he seized this opportunity, then he could get Kristen tonight!

It’s really wasteful to not sleep with such a super product!.

“It’s President Kristen, are you okay?” Du Xinye was concerned.

Kristen stared at him, she had never seen this person.

“President Kristen, I’ll help you withdraw the car, okay.” Gentleman Du Xinye walked to the door, his eyes almost showed Kristen through, Kristen opened the door and Du Xinye smiled. It’s so easy!

Her sister Du Peixin also said that Kristen doesn’t like men younger than her own, isn’t he succeeding now?

Du Xinye is too confident about his appearance, Kristen still likes handsome and stylish people, and women like him.

“President Kristen, wait a minute, I will help you…” Du Xinye smiled slightly.

But Kristen stared at him and slapped Du Xinye’s face with a slap.

Du Xinye was dumbfounded, dumbfounded.

what’s the situation?


Kristen slapped such a slap, entered the car door, and skillfully rolled and left. The roaring engine roared, Kristen left.

Du Xinye was stunned for a long time, with a fiery pain on his face before Du Xinye realized that he had been beaten, “c!!!”

Du Xinye couldn’t figure it out. He was so handsome and couldn’t figure out Kristen. So how did Chuck Cannon get close to Kristen?

Sick face?? Definitely is! Du Xinye’s evil spirits appeared. After being beaten like this, Du Xinye’s mentality changed and became even more abnormal. He stared at Kristen who was leaving, “Do you dare to beat me? Well, I will make you regret it!”

He took out his mobile phone, “Find me where the license plate number is, and follow her after you find it!!”

Du Xinye put down his phone and smiled coldly, “Dare to refuse me? See how I can clean you up!”

Chuck Cannon feels more guilty in his heart. Just now, when something like that happened to her, he actually left like that. Chuck Cannon didn’t think it should be. Fortunately, Betty was waiting outside in a hurry, otherwise, Betty would see it. It’s really hard to tell!

Chuck Cannon received Betty, she got in the car and saw Chuck Cannon’s expression awkward, “Master, what’s the matter with you?”

Chuck Cannon was sweating profusely. It can be said that the situation just now was different from Queenie. Chuck Cannon just relaxed, and Kristen was the same. The feeling was indescribable.

In fact, he struggled for a long time and wanted to go back to comfort Kristen. After doing this, he must have fallen out with Kristen. Before Chuck Cannon, his investment with Kristen was nothing. It was just a fallout, Chuck Cannon felt. It feels a bit unspeakable.

After all, how can Chuck Cannon forget what happened just now?

“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon sighed and drove back to the hotel. Forget it, everything happened, so this can only be done, otherwise how?

Apologize to Kristen? That’s even more sorry Yvette.

Betty can rest assured that she thought Chuck Cannon sweated so much because of someone who had just encountered a sneak attack. Now, she thinks that she thinks too much.

When he arrived at the hotel, Chuck Cannon returned to the room. Betty was still taking personal protection. Yvette saw Chuck Cannon downcast, “Husband, what’s the matter with you? Is the class too difficult? It’s okay, I will teach you, what do you not understand? ?”

Yvette feels distressed, what happened to Chuck Cannon today?

Chuck Cannon was even more guilty. He just hugged Yvette and didn’t let go. Yvette blushed and was satisfied. Her husband was tired. It must be a matter of the square. Thinking of this, Yvette was also guilty. What did she do? She actually burned the square and made Chuck Cannon so tired…

During these three days, Yolanda basically did not have any rest. He was fully supervising the work. Chuck Cannon came here after class. The progress was very fast. Not only did he repair the burnt area, but he also took the opportunity to change a few other things to make the whole The square has a new feel.

Chuck Cannon didn’t know what to say. Kristen did not come, and her decoration team did not come after leaving the next day. Chuck Cannon knew that Kristen had a complete break with him. It was just a few minutes in the car that Chuck Cannon would remember.

People with Kristen’s personality would definitely take medicine. Chuck Cannon didn’t need to worry about this, he was just guilty.

Unspeakable feeling, where will Kristen be at this time? Do you want to make a phone call? Chuck Cannon wanted to fight, but in the end, he didn’t act, so let’s do it… Let the few minutes in the car become a memory.

In three days, the things around the square were opened, and many people were attracted to it. They were all shocked. They posted crazy moments in the circle of friends, saying miracles, and it really reopened in three days! And become more beautiful than before!

It reopened on this day. Chuck Cannon watched it personally and held an event like the opening ceremony. Many people were curiously attracted. Many people took photos. The traffic came back. Chuck Cannon felt relieved. He stood on the top floor watching. Below, he feels emotional.

“How is it?” Zelda Maine walked over, this is a congratulation, her store had little impact, and everything was repaired.

“very good.”

“Then, why didn’t Kristen come here?” Zelda Maine bit her lip. She saw Kristen exerted a lot of strength after the fire broke out in the square. She seemed to understand that this Kristen might be interesting to Chuck Cannon, otherwise what? Knowing that there is a fire, would she come here most of the night? ?

“She, I don’t know.” Chuck Cannon definitely couldn’t tell Zelda Maine about that day. He knows, he and Zelda Maine are also entangled.

“Well, maybe she’s busy,”

Chuck Cannon is quiet, busy, not necessarily, but not showing up here must be because she hurt her heart that day.

“Chuck Cannon, can you do me another favour?” Zelda Maine said in a tangled voice. Her mother has driven her crazy, she must come and see, she must say that she broke up with Chuck Cannon, and she must come over and see. Zelda Maine really had no choice.

I can only ask Chuck Cannon!

“Well, sister Zelda, just say it.” Chuck Cannon knew that when Zelda Maine couldn’t help it, he wouldn’t say that. Chuck Cannon also thought of what Zelda Maine would like to help himself.

Zelda Maine was relieved and moved. Chuck Cannon was still willing to help herself, but she was surprised when she heard a great movement below. Many people suddenly came over, all of them were students from the school, and they were very excited.

Chuck Cannon also noticed, what is the situation?

Chuck Cannon looked down and suddenly saw a beautiful woman. Chuck Cannon was suddenly surprised that she was here.

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