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Chapter 379: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 379 My Father Has Been Kidnapped

“What do you think?”

“Try these on.” Jingyan Ye sat on the couch behind him, pointing to a rack of clothes beside him, “Try all of these here.”

Yiyao Duan twitched her mouth, “Are you sure? All of these?”

There were at least dozens of pieces. She would be exhausted if she tried on every single dress .

Jingyan also took a glance at the dresses, realizing it was indeed a physically demanding work for Yiyao. He then got up to pick out several pieces which were aesthetically pleasing to him.

Yiyao was hesitating with these dresses in her arms. She hadn’t forgotten how embarrassed she was while wearing a skirt last time.

Luckily, these dresses were long enough to cover her ankles, which enabled her to move freely. After the accident happened last time, all the dresses Jingyan picked were very conservative with elbow-length sleeves.

Yiyao walked into the fitting room to change the cloth, but there was no one to help her zip up the dress after she put it on. She then peeked out the door, and couldn’t find the attendant.

Jingyan happened to stop reading the newspaper and looked up. Seeing that Yiyao seemed to need help, he frowned and asked. “What’s wrong?”

“I……” Yiyao stood behind the door, hesitating.

Before she could manage to answer, Jingyan had already stood up from the couch directly, walking towards her.

“Stop! Don’t come over here.” Yiyao shouted.

Jingyan frowned, “What the hell is going on?”

“Why doesn’t she want me to go over? She’s looking at me as if I am a beast.” Jingyan thought.

“Nothing! Just call the attendant for me!”

Jingyan finally realized why she didn’t want him to help her, but instead of doing what she asked him to do, he moved directly to the door and said, “Show me.”

Yiyao was going to shut the door, but Jingyan had already walked to her and blocked the door. Seeing that he was so insistent, Yiyao turned around and said shyly, “Can you help me zip up my dress?”

Yiyao’s skin was soft and supple, coming into Jingyan’s view. Jingyan caught his breath a little and asked, “You want me to help?”

“Yes!” Yiyao turned her head and looked at Jingyan curiously since nothing happened behind her.

Just now she was a little shy, but seeing that Jingyan wasn’t feeling embarrassed at all, she also felt relieved. However, now it was his turn to feel awkward.

Jingyan shook his head, then zipped up her dress immediately.

Jingyan was so close to Yiyao that she could actually feel his breath. Yiyao looked up and bumped into Jingyan. Feeling her face reddening, Yiyao gathered her composure and caught her breath, “Let’s go outside.”

Jingyan didn’t answer, staring fixedly at her with his deep dark eyes. Yiyao looked gorgeous in that dress, which showed off her figure to perfection.

Yiyao’s lips were close to Jingyan’s and her breath tickled his nose. He was about to lose control, lowering his head to kiss her.

“Well ……” Yiyao was overwhelmed by the sudden kiss. A groan escaped her lips, and then she indulged in his seduction.

The atmosphere in the fitting room intimate, which ignited both of their lust for sex. Yiyao felt that her whole body was sore and weak, she clasped Jingyan’s shoulder tightly to keep herself from falling to the floor.

After a long time, Yiyao felt dizzy. Realizing that she was running out of oxygen, she quickly reached out to push Jingyan away.

Jingyan was concentrating on the kiss when he was suddenly pushed away. His back hit against the wall.

He rubbed his back and frowned, “Yiyao, what’s wrong?”

“……” Yiyao took a big breath of fresh air and didn’t answer.

At this time, a knock at the door was heard. The attendant had returned, “Madam, have you finished?”

Yiyao felt her heartbeat quicken as the voice of the attendant sounded. She turned her head to Jingyan for help, “Well …… what should we do?”

“Let’s go out.” Jingyan wetted his lips with an ambiguous smile.


The attendant is right outside. If they go out like this, she will definitely guess what has happened in the fitting room. Yiyao didn’t want to be treated as a weirdo.

Jingyan remained calm and composed, “What are you afraid of? Just admit it! We’re having…”

“No! We’re not!”

They were just kissing! That’s it!

Apparently Jingyan had guessed what she was thinking, “Kissing is also an intimacy!”

“Well……” Yiyao didn’t know how to respond, “Then do something! What should we do now?”

The attendant outside heard their conversation and frowned. At this time, the manager passed by, the attendant immediately whispered to her, “There seems to be two people in the fitting room!”

The manager took a wary look at the fitting room, “What happened?”

“There are too many dresses, I’m afraid that one rack may not be enough, so I went to get another one. But the gentleman sitting here just now disappeared, and when I knocked on the door just now, I heard two people conversing inside.”

The manager went to the door and knocked three times after hearing this, “Madam, are you in there? Madam”

“Ah? I’m here!” Hearing another strange voice, Yiyao got more anxious.

“Do you need help? Do you want me to come in and take a look for you?”

“No…… I’m fine!”

Yiyao immediately rejected, turning her head to glare at Jingyan, whispering, “Do something! Don’t just stand there! “

Jingyan moved away and said innocently, “I told you to go out directly. If you insist on staying here like this, probably everyone in the store will gather here later.”

Yiyao thought for a moment and found his words made sense, then coldly snorted, “It’s all your fault!”

Jingyan did not deny, waiting for her to make the decision.

“You …… you go first!” Yiyao jabbered.

Jingyan stretched out to open the door before she caught on.


The two people waiting outside were stunned, they didn’t even move. Could it be that she can see through the door to see what they are doing?

Inside the fitting room, Jingyan turned to Yiyao, “There you go again.”

“What are you going to say when you go out?”

“Tell them I’m helping you with the zipper thing!”

Yiyao stared at him in shock, “Who would believe that? How can it take so long to zip up the dress!”

“If you don’t let me go out now, they will probably assume we are really doing something!”

Yiyao closed her eyes, knowing that he’s being serious, “OK! Go out!”

Jingyan nodded, opened the door without hesitation and walked out from the fitting room.

The attendant and the manager, seeing a man come out, were both stunned. A moment later, Yiyao also came out. They exchanged glances and realized what was going on.

Seeing that they had misunderstood, Yiyao explained immediately, “The zipper of this dress is too tight, I can not pull it up on my own……”

Her explanation did nothing but made the atmosphere more intimate. The manager and the attendant were more confident in their conjecture.

The attendant was considerate and quickly got Yiyao out of embarrassment, “I just went to get a rack. Luckily, this gentleman was here, otherwise you would have had to wait for a while!”

“Ha ha…… Yes.” Yiyao scratched her head and smiled in embarrassment.

The attendant continued to say something, but Yiyao was listening absentmindedly, so she stopped talking.

Yiyao kept looking around, trying her best to ignore the strange gazes around her. But she couldn’t get rid of the thought that they were laughing at her.

“Let’s go.” Yiyao whispered in Jingyan’s ear.

She was not in the mood to shop; the only thing she wanted to do was escape from this place.

Seeing how embarrassed Yiyao was, Jingyan slowly moved towards the door and nodded in agreement, “OK, but we have to check out first.”


Yiyao still didn’t dare to raise her head. While standing next to the counter, she listened to their conversation intently to see if they were talking about her rumour behind her back.

“Sir, 57,000 in total. Will you be paying by credit?”

“Yes.” Jingyan nodded and handed her a credit card.

After everything was packed, Yiyao finally breathed a sigh of relief and followed Jingyan out of the store. Jingyan’s hands and arms were full of bags and couldn’t even see his feet when walking.

“Let me take some!”

Yiyao hurriedly reached out to get those bags, but was stopped by Jingyan, “I’ll take these. Just take care of yourself.”

Yiyao withdrew her hand, turning away to peep at the entrance of the store. Those attendants were gathering together. She couldn’t help worrying if they were talking about her affairs.

Ah …… it’s so embarrassing!


CEO’s office of YI’s Group.

Tiancheng Yi was reading the files. Hiss secretary was standing beside him, handing him new documents on and on.

“How much is left?” Tiancheng wiped his sweat on the forehead and looked up to ask the secretary.

The secretary came back to his senses and pointed to the piles of documents, “This is all.”

Taking a look at those documents, Tiancheng could not help feeling exhausted already. It would take him three days to finish checking those documents without sleeping.

Having a headache, he rubbed his head and asked, “How’s it going over there?”

Though Tiancheng did not exactly say what it was, everyone working in the company knew what they were referring to.

The secretary answered, “Nothing special, I just heard that she hired a famous architect to replan the project.”

Tiancheng sneered. He knew that nobody could help them since there was an internal spy.

He looked up and saw that the secretary was looking at him with a strange look, knowing that he was not his usual self, he covered his mouth and cleared his throat.

“Well …… I was just relaxing the muscles in my face. You know, I’ve been working for too long.” Tiancheng explained.

The secretary sighed, “I thought you had thought of a good idea to deal with her!”

“I wish I could…… but I am quite perturbed right now.”

Tiancheng buried his head in the files, but couldn’t devote his mind to it. Jingyan said there was a spy in the company, but who was it? The enemy was a snake in the grass, while he was standing in the light. He had to bottle the whole plan up, and it was all his decision. There was no one for him to discuss with.

Jingyan, the man who neglected his friends when smitten by beauty, didn’t even answer the phone as he followed Yiyao everywhere once she needed him.

“Right, Mr. Yi, I almost forgot, just now a man sent you a parcel. I’ll go get it for you.”

Tiancheng nodded and couldn’t help wondering. “Who would send me a parcel?”

Jingyan Ye?

It can’t be him! It only took a few steps if he wanted to give him something. Why would he bother to hire someone to deliver it.

During his thinking, the secretary had already opened the office door, holding the parcel, which was bigger than the secretary’s head.

“President, this is it!” The secretary tried to put the parcel on the desk, but there were too many documents to spare a space for this big parcel.

He could only put the parcel on the floor. Tiancheng then stood up and walked over to take a closer look, it was tightly wrapped by the tape, which was hard to untie it. Countless ideas flashed through Tiancheng’s mind.

It was so big, can it be a bomb?

He approached the parcel with caution, touching the box and trying to tear the tape, but the tape was too thick to tear off.

Tiancheng realized he was not able to open it with his bare hands, so he turned to his secretary and said, “Get me a paper knife.”

The secretary went out, and in a short time, he ran back with what Tiancheng needed.

Tiancheng took the knife and cut around the gap at the edge of the box, which then can be easily opened.

“Step back.” Tiancheng gave the secretary a look. He didn’t know what was inside there, he must make sure that people around him wouldn’t get hurt. God knows what will that woman do if she gets crazy!

Though knowing nothing, the secretary still did what he asked him to do and stared fixedly at Tiancheng’s behaviour.

Tiancheng closed his eyes and opened the box decidedly. When he opened his eyes, he was completely dumbfounded by the stuff in there.

It was very quiet. The explosion that he expected didn’t happen, only a camera lying at the bottom.

Tiancheng was puzzled. Isn’t it wasteful to put this small camera in such a huge box? He slowly picked the camera up.

Frowning, Tiancheng turned on the camera as he got increasingly curious about what was in it.

As soon as he opened it, a picture immediately appeared on the screen. Tiancheng goggled in astonishment. It was his father. He was tied up and blindfolded, with a white cloth stuffed in his mouth.

“What’s wrong, president?” The secretary, seeing that Tiancheng didn’t make any response for a long time, moved closer to see the camera in his hand.

“God ……” the secretary exclaimed, “How’s this happening?”

Tiancheng put down the camera and turned his head calmly, “What did he say? The one who sent you this box.”

“He didn’t say anything.”

The secretary scratched his head and thought it over, “No, it seems that …… right, he did say something to me.”

“What?” Tiancheng caught him by the arm emotionally, which made the secretary could not help but howl.

“President, I …… I ……”

“Tell me! Right now!”

“He asked you to stop what you were doing.”

Tiancheng shouted angrily with bloodshot eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I thought it was nothing. He only wanted you to stop working and take a look at this parcel ……”

Tiancheng kept staring at him for a while, and didn’t let go of the secretary’s arm until sweat poured down his forehead.

What happened?

He was pretty sure that his father had been staying in the villa. The security system was very difficult to crack, so it was impossible for those kidnappers to get in. Qi Lv had divorced the old man, all the passwords inside the villa had been completely changed, how could she get in?

The current situation had thrown Tiancheng into a tizzy. Finding out the company’s spy was an urgent task which brooked no delay!


“Hello?” Jingyan was reading the newspaper on the hotel recliner when he received the call from Tiancheng, frowning.

He knew that Tiancheng’s call couldn’t be a good thing!

“My father has been kidnapped!”

Tiancheng didn’t mess around with him like he generally did, but came straight to the point, telling him the current situation.

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