Chapter 38: A slap in the face – mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Since the last time at the Muse Bar, she knew the real identity of Kris. She had rarely come to the Su family to see Mary. She was afraid to encounter Kris.

She chatted with Mary on WeChat yesterday and learned that Kris was not at home for the past few days, so she dared to come over.

“Well, he came back earlier today,” Mary said softly.

Mina was about to say something like, why don’t you tell me in advance so that I won’t come. But at this time, Kris had already come down from the stairs, so she swallowed back those words on the tip of her tongue.

She lowered her head and dared not stare at Kris.

Who was there? Kris wondered it turned out to be Mina.

Looking at Mina, Kris showed an unpredictable smile on his face.

“Why do you stand there, smirk? Go pour tea for Mina!” Jane shouted at Kris.

Kris stood there still, looking at Mina with a smile.

“Thanks…No, I’m not thirsty. I’m not thirsty at all.” Mina shook her head: “Auntie, don’t trouble Kris…”

After she finished speaking, she carefully looked at Kris to see if he was angry.

She didn’t dare to let Kris pour water for her. He was the Young Master of the Chen family. The scene of kneeling on the floor and calling him “Dady” last time in the Muse bar is still vivid in her memory. She was really afraid.

Mary frowned because she felt Mina was really abnormal today, she said, “Mina, what’s wrong with you today?”

Mina quickly shook his head and said: “Um…nothing, it’s…, I didn’t sleep well these days.”

Jane stared at Mina, now she finally noticed something strange:

How does Mina seem to be afraid of this jerk, it shouldn’t be like that.

“By the way, I remember Mina seems to be a clean freak.” Jane thought: “It must be that Kris look sluttery, so she is not willing to let him pour tea.”

Jane thought that she had found the reason, but Mina felt like being on the anxious bench.

The shadow of Kris in her heart was really too heavy. After sitting for a while, Mina couldn’t sit still. She stood up and said to Mary: “Mary, I suddenly remembered something very important, I needed to go back, see you later.”

“But, you just arrive,” Mary also stood up, “and I didn’t see your car at the door. How did you come?”

“My car was lent to my cousin, and I just took a taxi.” Mina took his own bag: “I can just call a taxi.”

“Hey, that’s a waste of money.” Jane pointed at Kris: “Just ask him to drive you home.”


Let Kris drive her home?

Mina trembled and quickly shook her head: “No no no, don’t trouble Kris.

“I can call a taxi.”

“Mina, this jerk is idle at home anyway, so let him drive you. It’s more convenient,” said Jane, she glared at Kris.

Hearing Jane kept calling Kris “the jerk”, Mina felt her toes curl.

Could it be that Mary and Jane still don’t know Kris’s true identity? As Mina guessed, Kris came over and said, “Let’s go.”

Mina didn’t dare to refuse him, she had to follow him.

A few minutes later, when Kris drove out of the community, Mina said, “Young Master…, please drop me here. I can just take a taxi back home!”

“What do you call me?” Kris looked at her with a smile: “Did you forget what you said before?”

Mina shivered.

She will never forget what happened in the Muse Bar that night.

She bit her lip and murmured: “Daddy…”

“Good, don’t let me remind you next time,” Kris smiled: “Well, since I had driven out, Where are you going?”

“Thank you… Young… Daddy…” Mina quickly changed and said: “The pedestrian street.”

“Okay, fasten your seat belt!” Then, this Mercedes-Benz S350 sped up.

After a while, we reached the most prosperous pedestrian street in Westriver City.

This imported Mercedes-Benz S350 was comfortable to drive, and at a glance, it was known that the price is high, plus his new car had just been brought up, and there was no time to film, the outsider can easily see the beautiful Mina in the car.

The fancy car with beauty attracted the attention of passers-by. Males hope it was themselves driving the car, and females hope they were Mina, “Yo, isn’t this our homeless son-in-law Kris?”

Kris just held the car steady, hearing a strange voice suddenly sounded from the side.

Kris suddenly looked unhappy.

It’s Hai Su!

He showed up anywhere Kris went.

However, Kris noticed there was a beautiful woman in professional attire behind Hai, she was carrying a few shopping bags in her hand and stood beside Hai with respect.

Damn it, she must be his personal secretary. He went out for shopping with the secretary during work hours, that’s so self-willed.

Kris sneered and ignored him, and would leave here now.

However, there were too many pedestrians coming and going here, and they will not be able to leave at all after a while.

Seeing Kris ignored him, Hai sneered and said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days. You have bought Mercedes-Benz, imported Mercedes-Benz! And you got such beauty with you, You can really do it.”

Mina surprised Hai. He put his hand on the window and smiled: “She’s so beautiful, what’s her name?”

Although Mina was Mary’s best friend, she had never seen Hai, so they don’t know each other.

She didn’t know Hai or what’s the relationship between the person and Kris, so she didn’t dare to talk randomly.

“None of your business,” Kris sneered coldly.

In front of Mina, Hai was so embarrassed, he pointed at Kris with his finger and scolded: “Kris, you are just the son-in-law in my family, imported Mercedes? I think this car may belong to this beautiful lady rather than you.”

He knew Kris well. How can a jerk that was supported by his wife afford an imported Mercedes-Benz? Needless to say, this car must belong to that beauty.

As for why he drove the car, the answer was already clear.

Seeing Kris not speaking, he thought he was right. Hai ridiculed: “Kris, you are really good at it. Even you rely on your wife financially, now you are still cheating on Mary, My family would rather keeping a dog, which is better than supporting you…”

At this time, the passers-by stopped to watch them, and when they heard Hai’s words, the people around them were shocked in an instant. Everyone was whispering.

“He is not a decent guy. He just didn’t expect that he is caught cheating by his acquaintance!”

“Yeah, this guy seems to be a son-in-law of a family, that’s really indecent!”

“This son-in-law was spoiled, even dogs know reciprocation!” At this time, a fat woman said: “I have experience on this, and in my family, there is also a son-in-law, but he was obedient, I called him to go east, and he would never dare to go west.”

“Come on, how the hell did you do that!”

The fat woman soothed her throat and pointed at Kris: “A man like him should be hanged up and beat, and then use salt to wipe his wounds, from then on he will not dare to do that next time.”

Hearing this, everyone was horrified and took a sudden breath…

This fat woman actually considered him as a bad guy, teaching people around her on the spot.

This made Kris a little irritated.

Every time he saw Hai, Hai was either taunting or ridiculing him. As time goes by, he made Kris more frustrated and mad, now he began to treat him with personal attacks and fabricated facts.

Surrounded by so many people, Mina was also very angry.

It was the first time that she was smeared in public.

Even if she looks for a lover, she won’t go after Kris…

Hai saw that people were judging Kris and their opinion fell to his side. He was about to say something worse, at this time, Mina got off the car.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were on her and wondering:

What was she going to do?

Under the watch of everyone, Mina walked towards Hai step by step.

“Beauty, now you know the real Kris, ha, you come to thank me…”

Before Hai finishing his words, she slapped him in his face.


Hai covered his face and looked at Mina in disbelief: “You… why?”

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