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Chapter 38: The Active Charlotte – My Billionaire Mom

Hearing his father’s words in public, Wilbur felt even more embarrassed. He gritted his teeth and stood up. “Dad, you’ve gone too far today!”

He glared at Chuck with hatred, turned around, and left.

“Bastard, if you walk out of this door today, I’ll disown you!” Harold was extremely pissed that he snapped and lashed out at his son. He kept observing Chuck’s expression to see whether he was angry or not. Would he call that person if he was?

Wilbur stopped in his tracks and turned around angrily, “Dad, who is he? How dare you call him a young master? This sickens me! Our family has more than one billion dollars. Why should we call him a young master?”

Harold was both annoyed and furious. Indeed, one billion dollars is a lot of money, but it is only a drop in the ocean in that person’s eyes. How could his son still show off?

He held back his urge to beat his bratty son to death. “Listen carefully, I call him a young master because we…”

“Forget it!” Chuck came over and interrupted Harold.

“You shut up! Dad continues, what did we do? And what does it have to do with him?” Wilbur glared at Chuck and asked.

Harold really wanted to say: Bastard, our square was taken over by him, and he even knows that person. Our family’s one billion dollars is nothing in his eyes! You were only able to say so much because he allowed you to. If I don’t call him a young master, then what should I call him?

However, Chuck had already said last night that he didn’t want others to know his identity. If he said it now, with a mouth like his son’s, everyone would know within an hour. Wouldn’t that be more offensive to Chuck?

However, knowing Chuck, Harold sighed and said,

Wilbur frowned. Although he was still upset, since his father had taken a step back, he still walked over to him. After all, his father would not be so respectful to ordinary people. Was Chuck Cannon really richer than his family, and had a lot more money? Is that why his father called him a young master?

Wilbur doubted it since Chuck really didn’t look like it! “Dad, I don’t want the cheapest car!” Wilbur tried to reason with his father.

“What are you still blabbering about? If Young Master Cannon drives that car, you should drive the cheapest one. Do you hear me?” Harold’s words didn’t budge at all.

Wilbur was about to snap back, but when he saw his father raising his hand, he gritted his teeth and nodded. “Yes.”

“From today onwards, if you dare to be disrespectful to Young Master Cannon, I’ll disown you straight away!” Harold threatened coldly.

“Dad, don’t hit me. I will keep that in mind.” Wilbur said in a hurry. Hearing this, Harold sighed in relief.

“Director Wendel, are you sure you want the cheapest one?” Charlotte confirmed once again.

“Yes, how much is the cheapest one?” Harold nodded in response.

“We’ve got a discount for the BMW one series. It’s worth less than two hundred thousand in total, but it has the lowest specs…” Charlotte said.

“Okay, I’ll get one! Here’s my credit card!” Harold took out a credit card and passed it to Charlotte to proceed with the documents. However, she remembered that he had already paid the deposit yesterday, so she informed him about it. Upon hearing this, Harold became even angrier.

Was his useless son really trying to compete with Chuck in buying cars?

Harold really wanted to give his son a good kick! He put the card away.

Wilbur’s expression was complicated. He thought that he was going to drive the BMW seven series, but now he is degraded to the BMW one series?

This was seriously unfair!

“Young Master Cannon, would you like to have dinner with us?’ Harold invited.

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already made an appointment tonight.” Chuck glanced at Charlotte, who was standing in the distance.

Charlotte turned her head and was pleasantly surprised. He still remembered. Should she…repay him today?

Although they didn’t order two BMW 7 series cars today, at least she still had some commissions since she still managed to strike a few deals.

“Alright.” Harold was slightly upset since he didn’t get to eat with Chuck tonight. He was still perturbed. Was Chuck angry at him?

Charlotte settled the documents quickly. After a while, she returned the extra money to Wilbur and asked him to come and pick up the car the day after tomorrow.

“Young Master Cannon, we will go back first,” Harold said politely.

“0kay,” Chuck took one last glance at Wilbur and made a gesture of making a phone call. Wilbur nodded as a sign of understanding what Chuck was trying to say. After all, he had promised to do Chuck a favor.

Then, Harold dragged Wilbur outside the store, Wilbur taking one last look at Chuck complicatedly.

As the two of them walked out, Wilbur couldn’t help asking, “Dad, who is that person? I checked, and there is no such person in the rich people’s list! Did you make a mistake?”

“Of course, he wouldn’t be in the rich people’s list. He comes from a super-rich family!” Harold revealed, straight away.

This came as a surprise to Wilbur. A super-rich family? Wouldn’t that mean he was much richer than his own family?

He felt ashamed when he thought of the fact that he was competing with a super-rich family.

“Dad, who are his parents?’ Wilbur continued asking while chasing after his father.

“I don’t know, but he knows that person Logan…” Harold lowered his voice and told him the full name of that person.

Wilbur froze in his spot as if he had been struck by lightning. He trembled and broke out in cold sweat…

“Thank you,” Charlotte whispered.

The envious look in her colleague’s eyes made her very happy. This month, she would definitely have another bonus!

“It’s almost time for you to get off work. Let’s go for dinner. I said I would treat you to dinner yesterday, remember?” Chuck said.

“Okay, just let me inform the manager.” Charlotte blushed and went to ask the manager to let her off early since it was not the time to get off work yet.

Before she could even tell the manager her circumstance, the manager waved his hand and dismissed her, “take good care of him. He will be a big customer of yours in the future!”

He had witnessed everything just now. Last time, Chuck had already surprised him. Yet today, he was utterly shocked by whatever Chuck had done!

Who was this person for the boss of City Square to even address him as “Young Master”?

Charlotte went to the lounge to change into her usual clothes. She wore casually to work today, dressed in only shorts and a plain T-shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror and was satisfied with her outfit despite looking extremely normal.

Would Chuck Cannon like them?

Charlotte’s heart raced. Well, it was all or nothing!

Chuck was already waiting in the car when he saw Charlotte walkout. Her two legs were slender and attractive. Not to lie, Charlotte had a really amazing figure, despite not being very curvy, but she was still quite slim and pretty.

She had a contrasting figure when compared to Yvette Jordan. Yvette looked like the type of girls that looked slim at first, but in truth had a curvy and sexy body shape. Comparing the two of them, Chuck still felt that Yvette’s figure was better!

Ultimately, Charlotte wasn’t that bad, just that she was slightly inferior in looks when compared to Yvette.

Charlotte opened the car door and sat in.

“What do you want to eat?” Chuck asked since he was also hungry.

“It’s up to you,” Charlotte said.


Chuck drove away. What were they going to eat then? On the road, he noticed a restaurant that looked pretty neat by the roadside and asked if that place looked good to eat there. Charlotte was extremely shy, were they going to have a couple meal?

“Well, it’s up to you.” Charlotte took a glimpse at Chuck secretly. She was obsessed with good looks, and she noticed that Chuck’s facial features indicated that his mother and father were of a different nationality. His aura was charismatic and attractive. If Chuck was going to do something to her today, she knew that she wouldn’t push him away. In fact, she was actually looking forward to him doing something to her!

Chuck drove the car inside the parking lot. Indeed, driving a luxurious car subjects people to preferential treatment. When the security guard saw it, he immediately led the way respectfully until Chuck had parked the car.

Charlotte noticed a washroom not far away and gave an excuse that she needed to go to the restroom. Chuck agreed and waited for her in the same spot. In truth, she had left to buy something, something needed if they were to do something tonight. She noticed that Chuck didn’t have it in his car. Since she didn’t have it on her as well, what would she do if Chuck decided to do it in the car?

There was a need to prepare some protective measures in advance. Otherwise, Chuck would lose interest quickly, and that couldn’t happen.

Chuck was just waiting at the same place, not thinking much since he was only here to have dinner. He noticed that the design of this restaurant was quite nice, but was also thinking about how to manage the square well. After all, he already took over the square. He had to be serious about handling the business well to avoid disappointing his mother.

He was deep in thought for some time. After waiting for a while, Charlotte ran over to him and said, “Let’s go.”

“Okay, let’s go in then.” Chuck brought Charlotte inside. She subconsciously looked at Chuck nervously. She didn’t know which size to get, so she bought a big one. All men would be proud to get this, right? The more she thought about it, the more she blushed. Was she going crazy with lust?

The waiters inside immediately welcomed them, but after Chuck and Charlotte walked inside, they did not realize that someone had just passed by and recognized Chuck …

Yes, it was her best friend Moon Cherise and her boyfriend who had been invited to dinner by Lara last time. Lara was going to dupe Chuck into treating them before, but…

“Did I see it, wrongly? That person is Chuck Cannon, who didn’t pay for the meal last time, right? How dare he come out for a meal!” Moon was angry.

Her boyfriend was also not happy. It was an extremely awkward situation last time in the hotel, and all of it was because of Chuck. “Call your best friend, Lara Jean, and tell her that we saw that bastard!” Her boyfriend said.

“Hehe, alright!” Moon immediately took out her phone and dialed Lara’s number.

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