Chapter 380: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 380 Hostage, Rely on Themselves

Jingyan Ye sat up, “Kidnapped by that woman?”

“I’m afraid you’re right.”

He told him not to make any sudden moves and he couldn’t think of anyone else who could benefit from this.

Jingyan slowly put down the newspaper, thinking. This was different form the last time that Yiyao Duan was kidnapped and Mr. Yi had not much to do with him, so he had enough time to think about how to save him.

“Say something!” Tiancheng Yi was nervous on the phone, but he didn’t hear anything from Jingyan, so he urged.

“Then stop now.”

“What?” Tiancheng couldn’t believe what he said. If they stopped, it meant they had no chance to turn over. What they could do was waiting for her to release Mr. Yi.

Mr. Yi, having no temper, would suffer more if he stayed longer.

“Of course we won’t completely stop. What you need to do is to eat and sleep and calm her down. And I’ll handle the rest.”

Looking out the window, Jingyan was staring into space. He wouldn’t go for him, while he was planning something. It seemed that he needed to find the traitor in the company…

Hearing the noise at the door, Tiancheng hung up the phone and at the same time, the secretary opened the office door.

“Mr. Yi, what about these documents?”

Tiancheng rubbed his forehead and waved his hand to signal him to take away, “From now on, don’t give me any documents!”

“Mr. Yi…” The secretary froze, “What about the company?”

“My father has been kidnapped! I don’t care the fucking company.”


“Alright, stop. Off you go.”

The secretary still wanted to say something else, but Tiancheng already looked away, so the secretary chose to shut up.

After he left, Tiancheng turned his head away to stare at the door. The secretary had served his father for more than twenty years and had always been loyal, so this time, it had nothing to do with him.

He shook his head. The secretary was dedicated, not leaving at the moment of danger. It’s really crazy to think so.

“What should we do now?”

Tiancheng received a call from Jingyan half an hour ago, so he rushed over from home.

His hair was messy. Since he learned that Mr. Yi had been kidnapped, he had never left the house, and all the company’s affairs had been handed over to the elder shareholders in the company.

Yesterday, when he thought of these shitty things, he drank some, making him not sober yet.

Sitting on the soft couch by the window, Jingyan was not surprised to see Tiancheng in this state, “It’s almost done. That woman will probably make a move in the next two days.”

“What can we do?” Tiancheng did not know what to do at all, even if he knew she was about to make a move, he didn’t understand what she was actually going to do.

“We have to find the traitor before she does, or we’ll have to wait for Yi’s company to be over!”

Hearing that he could finally take action, Tiancheng immediately cheered up, “Then what are we going to do?”


“Wait?” Tiancheng was a little confused. Didn’t he say time was running out? How come he had to wait again?

“Two days ago, I have let out some news that you actually still have some money and it’s not that easy for the company to go out of business.”

“This is apparently a lie and they will find.” Tiancheng didn’t believe that Qi Lyu would be so stupid. After all, she had been with Mr. Yi for so long, so of course she knew that he didn’t have much money.

Jingyan was tapping the cup with his slender fingers, “You don’t need to worry about this. You have always been curious. I just let out a little, which seems to be true. They might believe this.”

Falling silent, Tiancheng did not know if they would believe, for he just worried that Mr. Yi would suffer a lot. He was not in a good condition, so if something happened…

Thinking of this, Tiancheng stopped. Thinking more about this at this time would only make him more panicked, so he could only wait for Jingyan to finish.

After waiting for a long time, Jingyan didn’t say anything. Tiancheng couldn’t help but look at him curiously, “Is that all?”

“That’s it.”

Tiancheng looked at him incredulously, “Even if they believe it, what can we do? Can we catch the traitor?”

“Since the traitor is still here now, it means he wants more. Probably his aim is the company, so when he knows that this company will not be over and he cannot get it, he will definitely get panicked…”

Then Jingyan took a sip of the tea, “Then what we need to do is to wait!”

However, Tiancheng didn’t get his point, but he nodded, “I trust you.”

… Three days later

Tiancheng was again in the chairman’s office, with a Jingyan leisurely sitting beside him, while Yiyao wasn’t here.

“What the hell do you want?” Tiancheng was the first to speak and opposite stood the secretary.

These days, he didn’t come to the company and Jingyan’ s rumors kept spreading, making all the employees full of motivation, so the traitor was about to expose himself.

But what he hadn’t thought was that it would be the secretary. How could this faithful and honest man be the one who kidnapped his father?

Actually, Tiancheng still couldn’t believe it. If it’s not Jingyan that asked him to come, he wouldn’t see the secretary change the documents in his office. How could his secretary be the one who betrayed the company?

The secretary stood in the hall, head bowed, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Why don’t you say something?” Tiancheng frowned. Was he wrong?

The secretary suddenly raised his head and looked Tiancheng in the eyes, “I have nothing to say!”

“Then you admit it?”

The secretary was undaunted while looking at him, without saying or moving.

“Why?” Tiancheng stood up with disappointment. Didn’t his father treat him well?

The secretary thought for a long time before saying, “People always wants more.”

“What do you want? You can just tell me. Why do you have to…”?

“Will you give me what I want?” The secretary snorted, “I don’t want you to give to me. I want to rely on myself to get what I want.”

“I like Qi Lyu, but because of money, she chose your father. I want to buy a house, but I have to beg like a beggar!”

The secretary was almost out of control, and by the end he was roaring. All these years, he had repressed too much inside, and now he finally let it out.

Tiancheng never thought that he was thinking in this way. He tried to explain, “Twenty years, we all treat you as our family. Maybe for you, what we’ve given to you seems like charity, but for us, it is a kind of help for our family!”

The secretary sneered, “Is it also a kind of treatment for a family when you ask me to do all kinds of shitty things?”

“I…” Tiancheng wanted to retort, but he didn’t know how to speak. He had never treated him as a serve man. Was it their tone that made him mistake it for an order?

The secretary turned his head, not wanting to hear any more, “Now you’ve found me. I’m already your enemy, and when we meet again in the future, I won’t be merciful.”

“Wait.” Tiancheng stopped him.

“I will not dig into the thing what you did, but you should let my father go!”

The secretary answered, “Mr. Yi is having a good time with us, and when it’s all over, I will release him.”

Tiancheng got mad, “What do you mean?”

“Can’t you see? When I get the company, I’ll release him.” Then he was about to leave.

Before the secretary could leave the office, Tiancheng stopped him.

“What do you want?” The secretary turned back and looked at Tiancheng warily.

Tiancheng took a sip of tea, “Nothing. If I cannot see my dad back, I cannot let you go.”

The secretary tried again to get away from him, but was blocked back again. Though he was keeping trying, he couldn’t let Tiancheng loosen his hand.

Tiancheng, leisurely drinking his tea, turned around, and saw Jingyan standing there.

“What do we do now?” Tiancheng turned back and looked at Jingyan blankly.

“Call Qi Lyu and let her know that her lover is with us.”

Jingyan was still a master. A life for a life, that’s fair. Whether she agreed or not, they at least could negotiate with her.

Fearing that his father would get hurt, Tiancheng took out his phone and called her.

“Hello?” Her voice was clear, sounding as if she was in a very good mood.

When Tiancheng heard such a voice, he began to worry, “Where is my father?”

Qi Lyu froze, and only after a moment did she realize who’s on the phone, “You are…Tiancheng?”

“Yes. Where is my father? Give him to me!” Tiancheng said in a cold voice.

How dare this woman pretend as if nothing had happened? Now her voice made him sick. And he didn’t know she had slept with the secretary.

She laughed, still trying to show her charm, “Your father is not here. Why do you ask me for him? Will an old man get lost?”

“Cut the crap. The secretary is with us. If you want him, release my father.”


Qi Lyu trembled and the popcorn on her lap fell, “What did you say? Say it again.”

Tiancheng didn’t want to say anything to her and handed his phone to the secretary, “Talk to her.”

Taking the phone, he answered with a hoarse voice after pulling himself together, but his hand was trembling, “Qi qi.”

“What’s going on?” As soon as she heard his voice, she immediately got serious, “What the hell happened?”

The secretary laughed awkwardly, “They found me.”

“How could this happen!”

“I…” Before the secretary answered, Tiancheng had taken the phone back.

“Do you hear that? Now you and I both have hostages, so make a choice.”

Qi Lyu’ s voice was full of worry, “What did you do to him? What happened to him?”

“I didn’t do anything to him, but if you do anything to my father, I’ll do the same!”

“Don’t!” She shouted, “I’ll let your father go and you have to keep your word.”


Tiancheng hung up the phone and took a glance at Jingyan, who was making tea. It seemed that he had heard everything.

“Jingyan, do we need to wait now?” Tiancheng excitedly patted Jingyan, as if he had got a victory.

Jingyan shook his head, “It’s starting now and we need to cheer up.”

“What else do we need to do?”

Tiancheng was sad to hear so, “What else do we need to do? She’s going to give my father back. Shouldn’t I wait here?”

“She won’t care the work now, so we should take back that project. Don’t forget, the contract is tomorrow.”

The secretary, who was originally standing in the office, immediately turned his gaze at Jingyan when he heard this.

“What did you guys do?”

Tiancheng laughed mysteriously, “You’ll know when the time comes!”

Tiancheng and Jingyan took the secretary to the place they agreed, a wide road with endless void, a right place to exchange hostages.

Soon, a red Ferrari came to them. Qi Lyu, in sportswear, instead of her usual high-heeled shoes and dress, appeared.

She got out of the driver’s seat and went to open the back-seat door, taking out something wrapped with ropes.

After taking a close look at it, Tiancheng found it was his father. God knew what he had gone through. With dirty clothes and white hair, he looked terrible.


Hearing him call him, Mr. Yi raised his head and glanced at Tiancheng. Seeing he was able to move, he breathed with relief.

Luckily, he was still able to move. Thank God.

Qi Lyu clapped her hands and stood half a meter away from Mr. Yi, “I’ve brought the man you want. You should let him go!”

“How do I know if my father is injured or not!”

Yi Tiancheng took a few steps forward wanting to check whether the old man Yi was injured or not.

“Hey! What are you doing? Don’t come over!” She hurriedly stood in front of Mr. Yi and grabbed him by his neck.

She was a woman and she couldn’t possibly defeat two men, so she could only threaten them in this way!

Finding she was with a knife, Tiancheng hurriedly stepped back, “OK, OK. I stay here. You let him go!”

“Back off!”

Taking a look at each other, they compromised and took a few steps back. Anyway, they wouldn’t let a woman take Mr. Yi away from them.

Qi Lyu waved at the secretary, “They cannot do anything now. Come here.”

The secretary was a bit helpless, for his legs were tied and he could not walk but roll over.

“Let him go now!”

Tiancheng was ready to lift his feet, and he only needed to take a few steps to catch up with the secretary.

“OK, don’t come over!” She cut the ropes that tied up Mr. Yi with a knife.

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