The person who caused the people in the square to come over was someone Chuck Cannon didn’t expect, Zabrina, why did this woman come over?

The movie is over?

Chuck Cannon was a little surprised, after all, the two are not familiar.

The sudden appearance of Zabrina attracted the attention of many people. After all, this is a big star.

This reopened the business and created an even greater sensation. Zabrina also sang with a microphone, causing many people to take pictures and post to friends.

It can be said that the sudden appearance of Zabrina ignited the atmosphere of the square.

It’s just exploding!

Everyone saw the reopened square, and they were all tempted by the temptation to restore the square to its original shape in three days. Who thought Zabrina would come over!

Today, Zabrina was so beautiful, her clothes were sexy and generous, and attracted the attention of the audience. The square was too crowded.

Zelda Maine’s beautiful eyes have doubts, “Chuck Cannon, to her you invited over?”

“No, she came here by herself,” Chuck Cannon shrugged. He didn’t even think of this at all. Zabrina came uninvited, and Chuck Cannon felt that he had to treat her to dinner.

Zelda Maine was more curious, came by herself?

She looked at Zabrina below. This is China’s big star. She can come here without an invitation and spending money. Chuck Cannon is very capable.

Zelda Maine became more curious.

Chuck Cannon looked at Zabrina below, with a nice voice and a good figure like this.

“Cough.” Zelda Maine coughed.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were wrong, isn’t he by her side?

Chuck Cannon was a little embarrassed. He just looked at it subconsciously. After all, this angle is different. From a condescending look, you can see a little bit. Men will look at it, right?

“Sister Zelda, you look good,” Chuck Cannon flattered, really. Today, Zelda Maine wore skinny jeans, and the lines of the long legs were so easily outlined.

It is particularly perfect. It can be said that in Chuck Cannon’s mind, Yvette’s back is the most perfect, followed by Kristen and Zelda Maine. The lines of the backs of the two of them are very beautiful and the bumps are very good. It is really hard to stop watching!

Of course, because Logan didn’t wear jeans like pants, Chuck Cannon couldn’t comment on it, but Chuck Cannon knew that Logan’s figure was definitely not inferior to Yvette. It’s just that Logan’s personality is like that, so it’s unlikely to wear that kind of pants. Chuck Cannon was thinking, can he mention Logan? What if she wants to?

However, this kind of proposal should be cautious. If Logan gets angry, then Chuck Cannon doesn’t know what to do.

Zelda Maine blushed, “I want you to say it?”

She was shy and charming, Chuck Cannon looked a little dazed, Zelda Maine was very beautiful, this woman, but opened her own new world, the world of women.

Chuck Cannon was all moved. To be honest, Chuck Cannon was really impulsive at such a moment, but when he thought of Kristen’s affairs, he fell out. This impulse gradually calmed down and his reason was restored.

Chuck Cannon felt that if he and Zelda Maine didn’t stick to that line of defence, what would it be like?

Will it turn your face too?

“What’s wrong with you? I’m not angry,” Zelda Maine whispered. She felt that Chuck Cannon was wronged, but Zelda Maine couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“It’s nothing,” Chuck Cannon calmed down, “Sister Zelda, I’m hungry.”

Zelda Maine smiled. “Come here, I’ll cook for you,”

Zelda Maine listened to this request comfortably and happily. At least Chuck Cannon liked to eat what she made. Chuck Cannon followed Zelda Maine to her restaurant.

In another place, Logan watched all this from a distance. She called Zabrina. She had to let Chuck Cannon’s square have a re-opening atmosphere. Letting a star come over is the best way.

Looking at it now, the effect is still very good.

Logan was a little bit lost, why the square was reopened, such an important matter. Why don’t you call me?

Chuck, did you forget me!

The reopening of the square caused a great effect. What a rapid recovery!

The square has changed in three days!

The big star Zabrina appeared and the student’s circle of friends in several nearby schools was upset, especially the emergence of the big star Zabrina. At that time, Zabrina said that she was a friend of the square owner and said she would come here often. This is undoubtedly a hot spot.

Who is the owner of this square? How can there be such a great ability? Suddenly, it became a topic for many people after dinner. Some people said it was a college student, sophomore, what Chuck was called,… Some people said it was Du Xinye, and some even said that the owner of the square was a beautiful woman. , Anyway, there are many different versions, and there are different opinions.

But the more so, the better.

The topic is enough, and the flow of people in the square has increased. Because the publicity has been good, this is a surprise to Chuck Cannon, but for Li Shidao, it makes him a little irritated. He decides to be true to Chuck Cannon…

Because Yvette broke his trust, how could he let Chuck Cannon go on? This is impossible! He came here to play Chuck Cannon!

Recently, Chuck Cannon has been learning to fight with Yvette in the evening. In the evening, Yvette was obedient. She blushed and agreed to Chuck Cannon’s request. She was the last line of defence and refused to give up. Chuck Cannon knew Yvette worried that if that happened, Yvette’s pressure would be much greater.

Her mother still has the hurdle in her heart, so Chuck Cannon did not force it. Although it must be possible to force it, Yvette couldn’t refuse her, she said it herself. As long as Chuck Cannon mentioned it several times in a row, Yvette will agree, but it is not necessary. Chuck Cannon certainly can’t bear to put pressure on Yvette!

It is very good to be able to maintain this and to go further, Yvette must be willing to do it wholeheartedly. I don’t know if there will be a day that Chuck Cannon has been looking forward to.

On this day, the freshman’s opening ceremony arrived. Chuck Cannon still drove to the school to Betty, personally protected, but was too lazy to participate. Seeing the freshman, with many other students, Chuck Cannon did not go to join in the fun.

But seeing Du Xinye show off the limelight, he was sought after by freshmen and even by many girls in the school. He was handsome and rich. That’s how he was treated.

Chuck Cannon felt amused when he saw him, but he posted a picture of Ouyang Fei over. This kind of show off is also inexplicable. Chuck Cannon has been ignoring him and doesn’t know what his mood is.

It should be very superior anyway.

“Hey, your square is pretty good. It really allowed you to open in three days.” It was Ouyang Fei who was talking. She was really annoyed, but Chuck Cannon would not chase after her. I am so beautiful and in good shape.

Several days later, Ouyang Fei appeared, and Chuck Cannon actually wanted to see her. Of course, it’s not looking at her face, but Chuck Cannon looked at Ouyang Fei through the photos. He wanted to see the comparison. Chuck Cannon was funny in his heart. This woman came here to show off, she doesn’t know that you are being seen by me. Finished?

“Then you can go and sit more.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“You are so calm, you are not ready to come and chase me? You absolutely like me.” Ouyang Fei sneered, she especially wanted to hit Chuck Cannon in the face. She really couldn’t wait, but Chuck Cannon did not appear in front of her recently. She couldn’t help it anymore, she had to let Chuck Cannon recognize her, she definitely had ideas about her!

Chase yourself, then refuse by yourself, hit him hard, Ouyang Fei will feel good!

Chuck Cannon is speechless, this wicked woman actually came to talk about this again? Chuck Cannon thinks he should show her her photos, she has been played with, and he actually doesn’t know the situation.

Chuck Cannon felt it necessary to let her know that she herself was a self-righteous man.

“How much do you have on WeChat, let me show you something,” Chuck Cannon said.

Humph, do you finally want me to WeChat? Ouyang Fei smiled, this kind of man must be beaten to know what to do and she should make him her own toy!

“Why should I give it to you?” Ouyang Fei proudly, “If you ask me to give it, I will give it to you?”

“I’ll show you something,”

“Look at things? Your excuses are really bad. Can you tell me this kind of reason?” Ouyang Fei was very happy, very proud, slapped you in the face, right? Hey, Ouyang Fei was extremely happy.

Haha, swell your face!

Chuck Cannon couldn’t stand her self-righteousness, so he took out the phone and said, “Forget it, you are optimistic about it.”

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