Chapter 381 – 382: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 381: Divine Spiritual Power

That man was none other than Kris.

Kris didn’t say anything. He rubbed his nose, and took out a knife, and stabbed it into the wolf’s body. He did it with so much ease as if he stabbed a piece of tofu, which surprised Xuefei a lot, because the skin of the wolf is very hard.

Xuefei’s eyes widened in disbelief. She thought the knife Kris was holding was must a magical weapon or it wouldn’t be that sharp. She knew that man was not the average because he possessed a magical weapon and he killed so many beasts in an instant.

Then, Kris began skinning the wolf. The contrast between the way he peeled the beast and the way Yujie peeled the beast was stunning. Yujie’s way was absolutely barbarous, but Kris’s way was rather artful.

Then, he stabbed the knife directly into the beast’s head, also, with ease, despite the beast’s skull was as hard as a rock. Then he gauged a hole on its skull, and found the Beast Pill. He took the Beast Pill out ant put it into his pocket. Then, it was its teeth, its bones. He didn’t miss anything. He was so immersed in peeling and cutting, and he took no notice of the two women standing beside him at all.

“Hey! You are so rude!” Yujie said.

“My name is not ‘hey’.” Kris said without looking at her.

Xuefei took a deep breath. She walked up and asked again: “May I know your name?”

“Before you ask someone else’ s name, don’t you think you should first tell me your name?”

He stood up. And in his hand there was a small round stick. He put it into his mouth, lit it up and sucked on it. Then he exhaled a white smoke. Surprisingly, the smoke was not chocking at all. It smelt very good. And Xuefei was very curious what was it.

That stick was a cigarette made by Kris himself with some herbs that is abundant in Fairy Aura.

Xuefei said: “My name is Xuefei Yuan. This is my brother, Yujie. Thank you so much for helping us. May I have your name please? So that when we get back, we can repay your kindness.”

“Call me Dong Zhang.” Kris said. “But you don’t need to repay me. If you insist, please help me to peel the beasts.”

Xuefei froze for an instant. Yujie shouted: “What? You want us to do that? You are trying to exploit us.”

Kris crossed his arms in front of his chest, with the cigarette in his hand. He said flatly: “Didn’t you want to repay me? Then why do you react so strongly when I only asked you to do me a favor? Then forget it. Just leave, like nothing happened.”

“Yujie! Apologize to Mr Zhang!” Xuefei’s face was grim and her voice was high-pitched. “Right now!”

Yujie bit her lips. Xuefei had never talked to her in this tone in front of a stranger, so she knew she was really angry. She said unwillingly: “I’m sorry.”

Kris laughed and waved his hand. “Forget it.” Then he put off his cigarette, and got back to his business.

“Please forgive her Mr Zhang.” Xuefei glared at Yujie.

Her Ice Sword was broken, so she took out another weapon from her Storing Ring. It was also a sword but it was not as good for her as Ice Sword. She then began peeling the beasts, and looking for the Beast Pill for Kris.

Yujie also joined reluctantly when she saw Xuefei was doing it.

Xuefei asked some questions when they were peeling, but Kris only answered with words like: Yeah, sure, right and so on, which annoyed Xuefei a little. How could he be so cold. She thought.

Xuefei got a strange feeling when she saw his face in profile. She shook her head and asked: “Sir, how did you kill these beasts so quickly?”

Kris looked at her coldly and didn’t answer.

Xuefei got nervous. She said: “I’m sorry, sir, I…..” She soon realized she made a stupid mistake. How could she ask about the others’ special technique.

When she was feeling embarrassed, Kris opened his mouth and said: “It is not a big deal. I can tell you that.”

He smiled and continued: “Before I met you, I had been chasing the beasts. And I dropped poison in one of the pools they drank from. And then I came here when the poison began taking effects.”

Of course he didn’t use poison. He crushed these beasts’ souls with his Spiritual Power. He invented this technique himself, and he got his inspiration from the time when his acupuncture points were blocked by Shengyuan Yao in Five Poisons Sect, and he used his Spiritual Power to open his acupuncture points. And then, his Spiritual Power got stronger and stronger, and so he created this technique.

It would be more accurate to call it Divine Spiritual Power instead of Spiritual Power.

Now, Kris was able to use his Divine Spiritual Power to create any weapon he needed. He tried many times, and he never failed.

Yujie pouted her mouth slightly when she heard what he said and mumbled: “I thought he was really powerful, but turns out, he was using poison. It was ignoble.”

Using poison was indeed considered as a base practice in the Devil Land.

They were very close to each other, so Kris obviously heard what Yujie said.

Xuefei scolded her directly. She said: “Yujie! Keep your mouth shut!” Tomorrow you are not coming with me.”

Xuefei was really angry. She couldn’t understand why would Yujie pick on him all the time. She knew Dong Zhang’s attitude was cold at first, but it was forgivable because he didn’t know them at all. Besides, he saved them!

They were in Shiwan Mountain, and dangers were everywhere. Dong Zhang could chase the beasts alone, so his ability and courage should never be underestimated. And how could Yujie, who didn’t even reach the innate-power stage, mock someone so powerful? It was in the wild, what if he killed her? Why wouldn’t she think twice before she talked?

That’s why, Xuefei decided not to take Yujie out anymore. She would become a big trouble sooner or later.

Xuefei took a deep breath and said to Kris: “Mr Zhang, my brother is a silly man. I apologize to you on behalf of him. Please forgive him.”

Kris’s anger subsided a little bit when he heard her sincere apology, He said: “Be quick. I need to go into the mountain later.”

Then Kris stopped talking and focused on his work. His speed was stunning, and the knife moved along the beasts’ body nonstop. The meat was also worth of something, but Kris’s Storing-Ring’s space was limited. Next time, he would change for a ring with a bigger storing space from Seven-treasures House.

“That’s it. See you.” Kris stocked the materials in his ring and left for Shiwan Mountain without looking back.

“Mr Zhang…..”

Xuefei stared after him as he left, and she felt so sorry. She then glared at Yujie and said angrily: “Come back with me!”

“Miss, I’m sorry. I know I was wrong, please don’t be angry.” Her eyes were moist. “I was just too angry with him, and that’s why……”

“Alright, stop crying.” Xuefei had a soft heart. She said: “You must remember! Do not mess with anyone you meet here. This is Shiwan Mountain, not home! Everyone you see here are super powerful, and fierce. How do you know whether they are good people or bad people?”

She continued: “If you said more. That man named Dong Zhang would surly attack you! He is able to poison so many beasts to death, and you really think I could stop him if he tried to kill you? When my genuine energy is exhausted?”

Yujie shivered nonstop with fear. She finally realized she almost got the two of them killed just now.

“Mis..Sir, I know. I will never do that again.”

“Good! Remember! This is not home. People won’t forgive you all the time.” Xuefei said. She knew Yujie was really frightened, so she stopped talking. What she just said was mainly meant to scare her. Because she knew they would be killed long ago if that man really wanted to kill them, after all, it was pretty obvious that Xuefei’s energy was drained.

But she was of course really angry. Because she could feel that man was getting angry when Yujie said the last sentence. If she kept insulting him, he would absolutely got angry.

But anyway, that man didn’t get angry, and he didn’t even curse once. When they asked to repay him, all he asked was to deal with the beasts with him. So Xuefei was sure that Dong Zhang was a good person.

Xuefei’s eyes sparkled. She looked into the woods and thought: “I hope we can meet again. Good luck.”

Then she and Yujie began walking out of the mountain. An hour later, they could see more people on the way, and they were getting less nervous. They wouldn’t be in much danger even if there were beasts.

Soon, they passed the plain, and arrived at Wuwei City. They showed their passes, and got inside.

Xuefei directly sold the stuff she got to the Seven-treasures House. And they earned thirty Medium Spiritual Stones. They were so excited. Thirty Medium Spiritual Stones were not a lot, but they earned them all by themselves.

“Let’s go home!” Xuefei was excited, but she looked pretty calm, because she knew what she earned was hardly comparable to what her father was earning.

“We must learn some lessons from this experience, and tomorrow, we will go farther!!”

When they got back to Yuan Family, Yujie began practicing, which was pretty rare. She finally realized the importance of improving her ability after this experience. She knew if she didn’t improve herself, she would be of no use to Xuefei in the battle.


At that time, Kris was going deeper into Shiwan Mountain. He didn’t burn the grass to attract the beasts, like what the other practitioners were doing, because that was too slow.

He used his Divine Spiritual Power, and then he could see everything within a thousand square meters. He would ignore the normal beasts, and he would kill the beasts with intelligence.

He could use Mayfly Power to walk nimbly in the woods, and he could use his Divine Spiritual Power to kill the beasts. There were too many beasts, but his Storing Ring’s space was too small, so he abandoned the skins and the bones, and only took the Beast Pill, which is the most valuable thing.

Chapter 382: Qibaoluo Mushroom

Kris found the deeper he went into Shiwan Mountain, the richer the Fairy Aura was. He could see there were many precious herbs, thanks to his Divine Spiritual Power. There were mushrooms, ginseng, and Genuine Yang Plants, and these herbs had all been living for more than a hundred years. So Kris completely ignored the other herbs which were less than a hundred years old.

This mountain was a nightmare for the other people, but for Kris, that was a treasure land, from where he could find unlimited resources. There were precious herbs to pick, and there were great beasts to kill. Kris was so excited, and soon, he was very deep into the mountain. No practitioner had gone that far, and no hunting groups had gone that far. Because for them, that place is a forbidden area. The Fairy Aura was so dense in the air, and the beasts were lurking everywhere. Bugs were creeping around aimlessly, and bongs were scattered randomly. It was a terrifying place.

Kris slowed his pace down. He knew he’d better be careful in a totally strange place.

To avoid dangers, he jumped onto the top of a tree, and flew between the trees.The forest was so vast that he couldn’t see the end of it.

All of a sudden, he felt something in front of him was sending out a strong wave of Fairy Aura. He used his Divine Spiritual Power and found it was a red mushroom that looked like an umbrella. It was an extremely precious herb, because it had been living for five hundred years. It’s called Qibaoluo Mushroom. It’s major function was to make the beasts get to a higher level.

For example, if an intelligent beast eats this mushroom, it will become a Beast King. If a Beast King eats it, it will become a Supreme Beast.

If a practitioner eats it, his life expectancy will be increased by fifty years.

Kris remembered he once read a book, which says that herbs this precious will always be guarded by a great beast. This Qibaoluo Mushroom had absorbed lots of Fairy Aura, and obviously it was getting ripe.

Kris held his breath, so that his presence wouldn’t be noticed, and then he used his Divine Spiritual Power, and just like he expected, he found a snake on top of a tree that was beside the mushroom. That snake was as thick as an adult’s arm. It was four feet long and it had a small horn on its head. The brownness of the snake acted as camouflage, and Kris wouldn’t notice it had it not been for its golden eyes and its pink tongue which it poked out from time to time.

The snake was staring at the mushroom, and obviously, it was waiting for the mushroom to get ripe.

Then Kris noticed that snake was already a Beast King. If it ate that mushroom, it would become a Supreme Beast.

Kris knew he wasn’t necessarily able to defeat a Supreme Beast even though he was at Primal Spirit Field. Once a practitioner at the Pill-Condensation Filed got bitten by this kind of snake, and he melted within a few minutes. So the poison of the snake was fatal.

Kris hid himself among the trees, and the snake didn’t notice him because he was far away from it.

At that time, a beast walked to that mushroom. It was a few meters long. Its fur was matted. It has a big head, but its eyes were rather small. Its nose is flat, and Kris couldn’t find its ears. It looked absolutely funny.

Kris studied it carefully, and found it was a honey badger. He was truly surprised to see a honey badger there.

When the badger appeared, the snake curled up. Fear and anger flickered across its cold eyes.

The badger also noticed the snake. It sneezed, and looked at the snake with contempt and showed its sharp teeth.

The badger was also a Beast King, and no wonder it had no fear for the snake. Besides, the badger is the natural enemy of the snake. It’s fur is very thick, and it contains poison antibody. The snake was in trouble. It would have to fight for the mushroom with the badger.

It was much more difficult for a beast to get to a higher level. That is to say, if the snake lost the mushroom to the badger, it would probably never become a Supreme Beast.

That’s why, Kris knew there was going to be a fierce battle between them, and all he needed to do, was to wait beside, enjoy the show, and when the battle was over, he would take the trophy.

The snake kept hissing to threaten the badger, but the badger ignored its threat, and moved faster towards the snake. When it got very close to the snake, it breathed out thick black smoke towards the snake to conceal itself and to confuse the snake.

The Beast Kings were as intelligent as human beings. They were very cunning. So the snake didn’t wait to be attacked, instead, it shot its body out like an arrow. And then, its body expanded rapidly. It became as thick as a bucket, and it’s length grew to ten meters. It then swayed its tail and dispersed the smoke. And when the smoke was dispersed, the badger charged towards the snake.

Its claws were as sharp as Kris’ dagger, its strong teeth were all exposed, and its eyes were murderous.

The badger tried to dig its claws into the snake’s skin, but the snake’s skin was as hard as rock after absorbing lots of Fairy Aura. And a shower of sparks was sent up when the badger attacked its skin.

Then, the snake coiled around the badger and tried to strangle it to death. At the crucial moment, the badger roared and its claws became gold in color. And then, it successfully dug its claws into the snake’s skin. The snake hissed because of pain, and blood spurted out of its body.

The snake was irritated. It coiled up its body even tighter, opened its mouth, and sucked a huge amount of Fairy Aura out of the earth, and then, the Fairy Aura gathered together in its mouth. The snake then shot the Aura towards the badger, and the badger was hit, and a hole appeared on its body.

Kris enjoyed the battle very much. Honestly speaking, Kris didn’t know whether he would win against these two beasts or not, because he didn’t know his real power because he hadn’t unlocked his full potential yet.

But he guessed he could win against them. Because his Divine Spiritual Power could alone crush their souls and make them two empty shells.

Kris decided to try it out some time. Then, his attention went back to the battle.

These two beasts were still grappling with each other. So many trees were knocked down by them, but the mushroom was not touched at all. Because they were all there for the mushroom, which could gave them more intelligence and more power.

After being severely wounded by the snake, the badger also went mad. It gave out an almighty roar, and it’s body began changing. At first, golden lines appeared on its body, and then, a huge amount of Fairy Aura gathered around it and changed its color to complete gold.

Then, every attack the badger launched was fierce and brutal. Soon, many cuts appeared on the snake’s skin, and blood poured out of the cuts and streamed down its body.

The snake hissed sorrowfully, but the badger was obviously determined to kill it. Then, the badger bit into the snake’s crucial part, crushed its bones, and pierced its liver.

The snake knew he wouldn’t survive this battle, and it exerted all its strength and coiled itself around the badger. Then, a drop of black liquid dropped into a cut on the badger’s body. That drop of liquid was the snake’s most deadly poison.

The poison then burnt the badger’s body so badly that a black smoke curled up and a burnt smell floated in the air.

After a long time, the light in the snake’s eyes dimmed. It’s head tilted aside and its body shrank to its earlier size.

The badger gasped. It poked out its tongue, and it’s body was also reduced to its initial size. It never expected the snake to be so dangerous. It would be killed had it not been for the fat that it was also a Beast King.

The badger then took out the liver of the snake and swallowed it. But the poison of the snake was too powerful, and after eating the liver, it fell down beside the snake, and its eyes were shut. No one knew whether it was alive or not.

Kris smiled, and flew towards the mushroom. The mushroom was sending out an elegant aura, and it gathered so much Fairy Aura around it. It would soon be ripe, and Kris was waiting beside it patiently.

The two beasts’ bodies were sending out a strong and unique smell, which would intimidate the other beasts nearby. So Kris had nothing to worry about. No beast would dare to come near.

When the Fairy Aura around the mushroom got dense enough, Kris took out the jade box given to him by the owner of Seven-treasures House for buying herbs from him. The jade box was made from some jade which was of low quality, but it was perfect for keeping the herbs.

Kris dug the mushroom out of the earth, and placed it carefully into the box, and then put the box into his Storing Ring.

Kris then walked to the snake. The snake was dead. Since it was a Beast King, every part of it is very valuable. The other beasts were hardly comparable to it.

Then Kris tried to put the badger into his Storing Ring with his Divine Spiritual Powder. But he couldn’t move it into the ring.

“Is it full?” Kris thought to himself. Then he threw away some staff he collected earlier, and tried again, but the badger was still motionless.

Kris was confused. He was sure there was enough space in his ring.

Then he thought there was only one explanation: the badger was still alive!!

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