Chapter 381: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 381 Why Are You Not Jealous?

After Tiancheng’s father got free, he was a little overwhelmed.

Fearing their retaliation, Qi Lyu hurriedly got into the car. The secretary immediately started the car.

Tiancheng stared hatefully at the red Ferrari as it went away, and then he went over to his father. His father looked healthy except for a few minor injuries on his body.


“Now we know who the mole is. Tomorrow we’ll wait for them to fall for our scheme.” Jingyan sat on the sofa in his office, leisurely crossing his legs.

Tiancheng nodded his head. He glanced at his father worriedly. Since he came back, he had been silent until now.

“How do you feel?” Tiancheng asked in a gentle tone.

His father looked at him blankly, and only after a long time did he speak. “I’m okay.” He didn’t expect that Qi Lyu would take so much money from him ungratefully and also kidnapped him. What he didn’t expect more was that his secretary would betray him.

Tiancheng knew he was sad, so he did not ask more questions, and then sent him home.


Soon it was time to hand over the project. This day Yiyao was woken up early by Jingyan. She kept yawning as she sat on the chair.

Qi Lyu and the secretary arrived at the venue at the exact time. There was no expression on their faces, but after seeing Jingyan, Qi was a little upset.

At this time, the venue was already full of people. The press had already been waiting at there. Once Jingyan entered, the reporters kept taking pictures of him. Yiyao deliberately walked to the side of Jingyan, and the reporters just missed her.

“Let’s start now.” Tiancheng said to the host beside him. The host nodded and picked up the microphone. “Everyone, please be quiet. Today is the handover ceremony for the Nanshan project. According to what Ms. Lyu signed before, Nanshan project should be completed at least ninety percent ……”

The people present were more or less involved with this, so they all knew these rules. When the host said this, they all yawned. It was only when he announced the start that they perked up.

Qi was about to get up, while the secretary stood up one step before her.

As soon as he appeared, some of Yi Gtoup’s shareholders covered their mouths and whispered. They were all guessing why he came here with Qi.

They thought that the secretary was too loyal to Yi to betray them, so they could only guess that he was a spy arranged by Tiancheng around Qi.

The secretary took the documents and hurried them over to Jingyan. The project was nominally Tiancheng’s, but Jingyan was the one who bought it, so he didn’t even think about it and walked directly to Jingyan.

“There is no way we can finish this project.” Just after walking up to Jingyan, the secretary said directly.

Tiancheng was not sitting far from Jingyan, and the secretary did not lower his voice, so he heard what the secretary said. He just smiled faintly.

“Then sign to pay for it!” Jingyan held Yiyao’s hand and replied casually.

The secretary didn’t expect him to directly ask him to pay for the money. Although Yi Group’s was worth billions, that was the market value of the entire company. They only transferred out a billion or so, and now they lost it all to Jingyan. Now that much money was a heavy blow to them.

“Sign it.” Jingyan urged. He was not willing to waste too much time on this.

Seeing that there was no room for negotiation, the secretary signed his name on the contract. The money was gone, but they still had house and car, which were worth some money. He believed that he would definitely have a chance to rise again himself.

The reporters were curious about what they were talking about. Seeing that one side was complacent and the other was despondent, they also knew the general picture of what was going on.

Soon the project handover was over.

Tiancheng happily patted Jingyan’s shoulder. “Thanks, buddy!”

In addition to expressing his gratitude to Jinyan in words, Tiancheng could not find a better way to thank Jingyan, for he was neither short of money nor lack of women.

Jingyan took Tiancheng’s hand away from him. “It’s too early to thank me. It’s not over yet.”

Tiancheng was surprised. “Do you have any more plans? But the money is already back, what else will you do?”

Jingyan smiled.”Their house and car are not their own either, right?”

Hearing Jingyan, Tiancheng realized what he was going to do. “You …… are preparing to make them lose everything?”

Jingyan smiled wickedly, but Tiancheng had already gotten the answer from his expression. He couldn’t help but shiver. He was glad that he was friends with him, not enemies.

As the two were talking, Jingyan’s cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone and found that it was Chuxue Ye calling. He frowned, and then answered it.

“Brother?” Before Jingyan could say anything, Chuxue called out.

“What’s up?” Jingyan asked patiently.

“Where are you? Why aren’t you back yet?”

“What the hell is wrong?” Jingyan asked impatiently.

“I ……, in any case, you come back quickly.” Chuxue stammered, making Jingyan a little confused.

“Where are mom and dad?” asked he.

“They …… are not with me right now.”

Jingyan rubbed his forehead, “I’ll be back in a couple of days.”

“Please come back now.” Chuxue said anxiously. “I need your help.”

“Tell me, what happened?”

“Please do not ask now, come back quickly!” said Chuxue.

Jingyan was uneasy, “I’ll be back after I finish my business here.”

Then he hung up the phone before she said something.

Yiyao looked at him and was a little curious. She asked in his ear, “What happened?”

Jingyan smiled gently. “Nothing. Do you want to go back?”

Yiyao thought for a moment. After all that had happened, she really wasn’t in the mood to stay outside anymore, so she nodded her head.

“Then we’ll go back after we finish this.”

Yiyao gave a soft “hmm”, and her hand was held a little tighter by Jingyan.

“You’re going back now?” Tiancheng was talking to someone else, and when he heard Jingyan’s words, he hurriedly stepped between Jingyan and Yiyao and asked. “My problem is not completely solved.”

Jingyan pushed Tiancheng away from between himself and Yiyao, “I’ll help you out with your problem.”

“Thanks then.” Tiancheng let out a sigh of relief.


Yiyao felt uncomfortable with the limelight on her eyes, so she stood to the side. Jingyan noticed her, then said goodbye to Tiancheng and left with her.

When he got into the car, Jingyan skillfully steered the wheel. He saw Yiyao lying on a chair taking a nap in the rearview mirror, so he slowed down his driving speed.

When they returned to the hotel, Yiyao was already asleep. Jingyan waited in the car for a while, but saw that she was not awake. He gently got out of the car, picked her up and walked towards the elevator.

Yiyao rubbed against Jingyan’s arms. Then his expressionless face put on a smile. He lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“Why are you kissing me all of a sudden?” Yiyao woke up at that moment and asked him.

Jingyan turned his head. “No. I didn’t. I just saw something on your face and wanted to take it off for you, but I couldn’t move my hands, so that’s why ……”

He said so much, which made Yiyao even more puzzled. She reached up and touched her face, “What’s on my face?”

“You just moved a little. Now the stuff has fallen off.” Jingyan said calmly.

Yiyao, however, did not believe it and asked, “I clearly felt you kiss me.”

“That’s you dreaming.” Jingyan said, and then he smiled smugly.”Yiyao, I didn’t expect that you dreamed about something like that.”

“I ……” Yiyao stuttered.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Jingyan smiled.


Two days later, Tiancheng sent Jingyan and Yiyao to the airport.

“Mr. Ye, thank you!” Tiancheng patted Jingyan’s shoulder and said.

Jingyan habitually tried to take his hand away, but Tiancheng was unhappy and said, “You are all set to go. Let me give you a hug, can’t I?”

He then looked at Yiyao and said deliberately. “Mr. Ye’s shoulders are so wide. I like it so much.”

He deliberately said this to make Yiya jealous, while Yiya didn’t react to his words and behavior. She just thought his behavior was strange.

Tiancheng saw that Yiyao had no reaction, so he put down his hand. “You’re so boring. I hug Jingyan, why are you not jealous?”

Yiyao laughed. “You are a man. Why would I be jealous?”

Jingyan smiled. Then he looked at the watch. “It’s getting late. Let’s go wait for the plane.”

Tiancheng waved to him reluctantly, “Bye.”

Jingyan nodded to him, and then walked in with Yiyao.

Yesterday, Jingyan gave Tiancheng all the information that the private detective had found out. Qi Lyu had registered a shell company. Their tax evasion was clear to see, so they had to compensate by selling their house and car. And no company would ever hire the secretary again because he betrayed Yi Group.

When the plane roared, Tiancheng looked up and saw the plane flying across the sky. He was also a bit depressed when he said goodbye to Jingyan in a hurry.


At the airport, Chuxue Ye saw Jingyan and Yiyao, and rushed over.


Jingyan heard the sound and turned his head. He saw his sister running towards him, but then he found that she was followed by Zhao Nangong.

He avoided Chuxue’s hug and asked seriously, “Why does he come here with you?”

“I just came to pick you up and Zhao happened to be on the way, so he sent me over!” Chuxue explained apprehensively.

“Really?” Jingyan obviously didn’t believe her. He stared at Zhao.

Zhao’s heart beat faster and went forward and explained. “I …… ran into Chuxue on the road and brought her here by the way.”

But Jingyan knew that Chuxue must have been with Zhao all along. From the day she called him, he knew Chuxue was hiding something from him.

“How long has it been since you’ve been home?” He suddenly asked Chuxue.

“Three …… three days.” Chuxue could only tell the truth.

“You are too wayward.” Jingyan roared in anger. “I am very disappointed in you.”

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