Chuck Cannon handed over the phone, Ouyang Fei frowned, “What are you doing? Who said you want to see your phone?”

Ouyang Fei disgusted, what kind of garbage phone is this? How old is it? Sure enough, it’s one thing that Chuck Cannon has money, but it’s too much. Can’t he change to a better phone??

A few hundred dollars of the old model, still in use? Isn’t it shameful to take it out?

When Ouyang Fei saw the rubbish phone in Chuck Cannon’s hand, she didn’t want to look at it.

“Look at it.” Chuck Cannon handed it over.


Ouyang Fei raised her hand in disgust and knocked off Chuck Cannon’s phone.

The phone fell on the ground, and the screen suddenly broke. Chuck Cannon was annoyed.

Chuck Cannon picked up the phone and stared at Ouyang Fei.

“You should have replaced this kind of rubbish mobile phone long ago, and you want to show it to me. Are you insulting my eyes with the rubbish resolution?” Ouyang Fei snorted and said proudly.

She doesn’t even look at this kind of mobile phone. If there is this kind of mobile phone on the ground, she will pick it up instead of asking for it, but throw it into the trash can.

Chuck Cannon didn’t bother to care about the phone with her. This phone is really worthless. Chuck Cannon has used it for more than two years, and he hasn’t changed it.

“I’ll show you the picture.” Chuck Cannon handed it over again, Ouyang Fei frowned, “I don’t see it, what do you want to show me? Your bank deposit? Or the real estate certificate you photographed? You think I rarely see these. Your show off point is too rubbish.”

Chuck Cannon laughed suddenly, slightly mocking, “Is there a mole on your leg?”

The photos sent by Du Xinye are very rich. Chuck Cannon has appreciated it several times. It can be said that Chuck Cannon knows all the details of Ouyang Fei’s body.

“How did you know? Are you peeping at me?” Ouyang Fei was angry and shameless! !

She usually wears a skirt, but the mole that Chuck Cannon said is on the top. It must be peeping and shameless. Dirty!

“Hey, I don’t know how to spy on you. I will look at it openly and show it to you now.” Chuck Cannon handed the phone over again.

Ouyang Fei grabbed the phone in annoyance, and looked at it impatiently, “This rubbish phone, you can’t see it clearly, you should change your phone, huh, you are so nasty, you show me pictures with colours? You are perverted, you!”

Ouyang Fei was annoyed to throw the phone to Chuck Cannon, but suddenly, she saw the face of a photo.

At this moment, Ouyang Fei was stunned, she seemed to have been struck by lightning as if she was stupefied.

This was a photo of herself, what’s the situation? I closed my eyes, this is asleep, and this background is actually a hotel, and it is still a night hotel! !

Ouyang Fei suddenly became annoyed, “Chuck Cannon, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You actually took pictures of me when I fainted, and you actually took off my clothes, you…”

Ouyang Fei said that her eyes were red. At such a moment, she wanted to kill someone, because, in these photos, she was taken as a toy of other people, and she burst into tears.

When has she been played like this? She is still intact!

Ouyang Fei was about to throw the phone, but Chuck Cannon had thought about it a long time ago and took the phone back. Chuck Cannon saw that Ouyang Fei, who was usually arrogant and domineering, suddenly cried, Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “Don’t you make a mistake, the person who took your photo it’s not me,”

“You still said it wasn’t you?” Ouyang Fei waved her fist and hit him, she was extremely ashamed, but Chuck Cannon didn’t care about this strength.

“I fainted. When you sent me to your hotel, you treated me like this. You go to die!” Ouyang Fei cried and said, desperately hitting Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon smiled, “Are you mad? What fainting can make you unconscious all day and night?”

Ouyang Fei was suddenly stunned. She actually thought about why she was in a coma? And how can you be in a coma for so long? Ouyang Fei thought about it, but she didn’t break anything, so she didn’t think much about it.

But suddenly Chuck Cannon reminded her, she thought, was she drugged?

“Are you actually drugging me?” Ouyang Fei continued to cry and beat Chuck Cannon.

There is no arrogance at all, she must collapse!

“You’re really crazy, don’t you know what you ate before you fainted?” Chuck Cannon despised, what kind of brain was this crazy?

Ouyang Fei cried, and she stopped. She tried to think back and ate with Du Xinye, but he also ate. There must be no problem with the meal, then… Ouyang Fei suddenly thought that Du Xinye seemed to gave her a bottle of water. She felt uncomfortable after drinking it, and then she couldn’t remember everything.

Is Du Xinye drugged her?

Ouyang Fei was dumbfounded, her scream was Du Xinye!!

He was so to herself, thinking that Du Xinye contacted her just now, what else would he want to do?

“It’s Du Xinye!”

“Are you not silly?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“You took these pictures of me?” Ouyang Fei’s eyes were blood red.

“I’m not that boring, it was taken by Du Xinye and shared with me,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, thinking this method is good, at least seeing Ouyang Fei crying and breaking down, Chuck Cannon thought it was pretty good.

“Shared with you? How many did he share?” Ouyang Fei panicked. If this spreads out, how will she see people?

“How do I know? He is showing off that he played you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Ah!!!” Ouyang Fei burst into tears, she was actually recruited, but her own was not broken. Is Du Xinye unable to do so? So take pictures?

Ouyang Fei’s emotions were hard to control, and Chuck Cannon felt that it was almost done. He had to keep these photos well. As long as this shameless pen appeared in front of her, Chuck Cannon would show her for herself.

“Don’t go, delete the photo for me,” Ouyang Fei took Chuck Cannon and didn’t let go. She couldn’t let Chuck Cannon look at her body when she was fine! This cannot be tolerated.

“Be obedient, otherwise I will share your photos with others,” Chuck Cannon chuckled.

He felt that he was suddenly abnormal. It was a bit, but it was not Chuck Cannon’s fault. If Ouyang Fei had not provoked him all the time, he would be too lazy to talk to such a person.

“Ah!!!” Ouyang Fei slumped on the ground, crying.

Chuck Cannon’s perverted smile made her feel like she wanted to die.

Chuck Cannon walked to the classroom, Ouyang Fei got up, grabbed him, and pleaded bitterly, “Chuck Cannon, I’m sorry, I don’t want you to like it anymore, can you delete the photo for me, OK, OK, please, please,”

Ouyang Fei was so sad that she thought that Chuck Cannon would threaten her with photos. What if he threatened her to accompany him?

“Not good.” Chuck Cannon is too lazy to care about her, his goal has been achieved. If Ouyang Fei does not appear in front of him, then Chuck Cannon will not share it. After all, before Lara, Chuck Cannon also thought about doing that. , But eventually stopped.

“No, please,” Ouyang Fei cried, “Don’t do this to me, don’t.”

“Let me go,” Chuck Cannon struggled to throw her away, and Ouyang Fei fell to the ground.

He went to the classroom, Ouyang Fei sat on the ground by herself, she was desperate, her eyes quickly became cold, “Du Xinye, Chuck Cannon, you two kill a thousand swords, actually dare to play with me, I want to fight with you!”

Ouyang Fei got up, she wiped away her tears, staring at Chuck Cannon who was going away, she chased after her.

Chuck Cannon came to the classroom, no one in the class dared to say, Chuck Cannon, they all looked at Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon feels relieved, these people just have to do so!

Chuck Cannon sat down, but Ouyang Fei walked in and walked to Chuck Cannon under everyone’s gaze.

The whole class was stunned. Ouyang Fei, the new school flower, unexpectedly came to look for Chuck Cannon again? Sure enough, money can do anything!

Chuck Cannon shrugged and looked at her like that. He wanted others to see her picture, even if he did something. But to Chuck Cannon’s surprise, Ouyang Fei smiled close to herself and actually wanted to kiss herself.

Chuck Cannon frowned and stepped back.

This move made the boys in the class so envious that they vomited blood, so he refused Ouyang Fei’s kiss??

Chuck Cannon is awesome!

Ouyang Fei had resentment in her eyes. She smiled and continued to kiss Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon stepped back, “What are you doing? Get out!”

“What? Chuck Cannon let the school flowers roll out! Oh my God!” The whole class was stunned.

But what made them even more shocked was that the school girl Ouyang Fei actually obediently walked outside. For a moment, the class was silent!

Is this an illusion? ? Ouyang Fei is so obedient?

Chuck Cannon sat down and said lightly, “Excuse me in class.”

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