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Chapter 382: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 382 We Are Not Married Yet

“Brother, don’t be angry, I ……”

“When did you have a fight with mom and dad?” Jingyan suddenly asked.

Chuxue glanced at Zhao Nangong and spoke in a low voice. “It was the day before I called you.”

“Go home now.” Jingyan tried to suppress his anger. He led Yiyao to walk past the two of them.

“Brother, wait ……,” Chuxue hurriedly called out.

“If you don’t want to go home, then don’t go back.” said Jingyan. Then he got into a cab.

“Chuxue, watch out.” Zhao caught up with Chuxue and pulled her away from the side of the cab.

“What should I do? It’s all your fault!” she said to Zhao angrily. She had called her brother back to help her, not to fight with him. But now it seemed that everything was beyond her expectations.

“Jingyan, why are you so cold to Chuxue?” Yiyao asked. She looked at Chuxue crying in the distance.

Jingyan, of course, saw her sister crying too. He said, “I can’t be too gentle with her, or she will be more capricious.”

Yiyao snickered. It turned out that he was obviously very worried about her sister, but he still had to put on a serious face.


At Ye family, Kerry and Venus were sitting on the sofa, staring at Chuxue at the door with a serious face.

“You’re finally willing to come back?” Kerry asked. He had been helping her daughter put in a good word in front of Venus, but he didn’t expect her daughter to not come home for three days.

“Dad, I was wrong!” Chuxue didn’t dare to look at Venus, and could only stare at Kerry pitifully.

Seeing her like this, Kerry’s heart softened. He was about to say something, but then he saw Zhao walk in from outside.

“Mr. Ye, Mrs. Ye, how are you?” Zhao called out.

Seeing him, Kerry was instantly angry.

“Who told you to come?”

“Jingyan told us to go home.” said Zhao. Then he turned his gaze to Jingyan, puzzled.

“I just told Chuxue to go home, not you.” Jingyan said coldly.

Zhao scratched his head. He explained, “When you said this, you were looking at me, so I thought brother were talking to me.”

“Why did you call me brother?” Jingyan asked.

“Chuxue called you brother, so I should also call you brother.” Zhao replied.

Jingyan was speechless.

“Dad, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have embarrassed you by going to the party with him.” Chuxue continued.

Her apology made Kerry soft again. “It’s good that you know you’re wrong, but don’t do that next time.” said Kerry gently.

However, hearing Chunue, Zhao was puzzled. “Chuxue, why do you say that going to the banquet with me disgraces your family?”

“Be quite.” Chuxue gave him a cold stare.

Venus put down her teacup and suddenly said angrily, “You don’t listen to me. And I also don’t want to care your affairs either. You guys go away.”

“Mom, I really know I was wrong. I swear I’ll never contact him again!” Chuxue hurriedly turned to Venus and hugged her, “Please forgive me, mom”

Venus sneered. “You don’t have to pray for me to forgive you.”

“I was wrong. I know I was wrong.” said Chuxue. Then she turned her head to look at Jingyan and winked at him, begging him to speak for her.

Zhao wanted to speak up and help her, but seeing that she kept winking at him, he could only stand there.

“Mom, it’s already lunch time. Let’s talk it after the meal.” Jingyan said.

Venus took a look at the clock on the wall and didn’t say much, “Fine, let’s eat first.”

The nanny hurriedly brought out all the dishes from the kitchen.

Chuxue sat beside Venus.

Everyone found a seat, only Zhao stood awkwardly in the doorway

Kerry saw how awkward he was and said to him, “Come and join us.”

Hearing Kerry’s words, Zhao hurriedly walked to the table and sat in the chair next to Chuxue. As soon as he sat down, he approached Chuxue with a smile.

His actions caused Kerry and Venus to take offense at him. Kerry knocked on the table and pointed to the empty seat next to Jingyan, “You sit over there!”

Zhao stared at Chuxue, and then reluctantly walked to Jingyan’s side. He extended his hand and wanted to shake Jingyan’s hand.

Jingyan reached out to hold his hand. He felt that Zhao was silly and was afraid that he would say something he shouldn’t say again during the meal. So he said to Zhao, “Please keep quiet.”

Thankfully, what Jingyan feared did not happen. Zhao was surprisingly quiet at dinner. He just quietly listened to the others’ conversation.

Yiyao was a little uncomfortable. She had felt sick in her stomach ever since she smelled something greasy, but in front of Jingyan’s parents, she didn’t want to show it too obviously.

“Are you okay?” The attentive Jingyan noticed Yiyao’s difference and asked her with his head down by her ear.

Due to her poor hearing, Jingyan spoke a little loudly. The people around also noticed them

“What’s wrong?” Venus asked in a gentle voice.

Yiyao hurriedly waved her hand, “I’m fine. It’s probably because of jet lag.”

Venus nodded.”In that case, go rest after eating,”

Yiyao bowed her head and resisted the urge to feel nauseous. But her stomach kept churning. In the end, she couldn’t hold back and ran to the bathroom.

“Yiyao!” Jingyan hurriedly pulled away his chair and followed her.

At the table, they all looked inexplicably at the direction Jingyan and Yiyao left.

Yiyao vomited in the washroom for a long time. Jingyan finally said to her, “Come with me to the hospital.”

Yiyao had just straightened up. When she heard Jingyan speak, she couldn’t help but vomit again.

Jingyan looked at her and was very worried about her. He didn’t know what it was like for others to be pregnant, but he recalled his mother didn’t seem to be like this when she was pregnant with Chuxue.

“What’s wrong with her?” Venus was sitting in the living room, worried.

Venus walked over and handed Jingyan a glass of plain water, “Is the food not to your liking?”

“No, I….” Yiyao turned around, but she couldn’t stop vomiting halfway through the sentence.

Venus frowned, “She is pregnant, right?”

Jingyan didn’t say anything. Venus took his silence as a tacit acknowledgement. She clapped her hands and laughed, “I didn’t expect you to get her pregnant so quickly. Well done, son.”

Jingyan was speechless. He couldn’t believe his mom would be so happy to know that he had gotten her girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock.

At this time, Yiyao had already thrown up so much that she had no strength. By the time she got up again, Venus had already left the bathroom.

Jingyan helped her out. When they sat down, Chuxue said to Yiyao, “Yiyao, are you really pregnant?”

Yiyao hesitated.

“Great, I’m going to have a nephew.” Chuxue immediately stood up from the table. She carefully touched Yiyao’s belly. Suddenly, her hand felt a faint tremor, “He’s moving. he’s moving!”

Chuxue happily took Venus’s hand, “Mom, he’s moving.”

Venus nodded happily. She sat next to Yiyao and patted her shoulder affectionately. “If you want to eat anything, you just tell me.”

Yiyao moved her body a little uncomfortably. It was really uncomfortable for her to have so many people paying attention to her all of a sudden.

“I want to see it too.” The crowd gathered in a huddle, only to hear a person behind them say something. They all turned around and looked in the direction of the voice, only to see Zhao awkwardly scratching his hair.

“What did you say?” asked Jingyan. He hurriedly pulled Yiyao into his arms.

Zhao waved his hand. “I’m just curious about what you guys are looking at, so I come over.” He said awkwardly.

“You can’t see it.” Jingyan said seriously. He couldn’t let his wife’s stomach be shown to another man.

“Fine, fine.” Zhao glanced at Yiyao’s stomach and said.

“All right, let’s eat.” Kerry suddenly said.

Hearing his order, the crowd returned to the table. However Yiyao then suddenly stood up and rushed into the bathroom again.

Venus froze and turned his head to look at Jingyan. “Why is she throwing up so badly from pregnancy?”

“Well, I’m also puzzled.” Jingyan said. But he wondered if it had something to do with her ears.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was possible. The time for the surgery was near, but and he didn’t know how to tell Yiyao about it.


After lunch, Zhao still stayed at Ye family and didn’t leave.

Venus had all his attention on Yiyao and didn’t care about the two of them. Chuxue was a little upset. She hugged Venus’s arm, “Mom, don’t be angry with me anymore, okay?”

“If you keep this up, it’s only a matter of time before you drive me crazy.” Venus said.

“Mom, I was wrong. Please forgive me, please.” Chuxue continued.

“Don’t do it again.” Venus said

Chuxue nodded, then gave Venus a kiss on the cheek, “Thanks mom, I won’t.”

Being overjoyed, Chuxue moved too much and accidentally bumped into Yiyao, making her almost fall from her position.

Fortunately, Jingyan reached out to hug her in a hurry. He turned around and stared at Chuxue angrily, “What’s wrong with you? You almost made Yiyao fall.”

“I ……” Chuxue was caught off guard by his stern voice. She pouted and was about to cry.

She hadn’t been yelled at by him yet. No matter what happened, her brother had always been gentle with her, but now he was being so mean to her.

“I’m just telling you to be careful.” Seeing her eyes tearing up, Jingyan lowered his voice.

Hearing him say that, Chuxue’s quickly stopped crying. She ran to Yiyao with a smile and said happily, “You are finally my sister-in-law. I’m so happy.”

Yiyao was standing up with Jingyan’s help. Hearing her call her sister-in-law, she nearly lost her footing again.

Then Chuxue winked at Jingyan. Jingyan was satisfied with her words and nodded to her.

“We’re not married yet.” Yiyao suddenly said

Hearing her, Jingyan face changed. “Could it be that Yiyao is blaming me for not proposing to her?” he thought.

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