Chapter 383 – 384: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 383: Ironhead, the Gold-swallowing Beast

This beast was still alive after being shot through the body and poisoned with snake venom. “I know you play dead,” Kris said faintly.

He pulled out his dagger: Kill Qin. This dagger absorbed a large amount of grievances and gradually recovered as well.

Whether it is human or beast, as long as the soul existed, it will have grievances. There were countless beasts being killed by the beast or human Practitioners being killed by the beast every day in Shiwan Mountain. His dagger can clearly sense the dense grievances within the mountains and absorbs them for its own use.

Now his dagger hung in the air and pointed at the beast. “I’m going to count to three, and if you don’t wake up. I’ll cut open your head, dig up your demon energy orb, and peel your skin.” Kris said.

After he finished, the beast opened his eyes weakly. He liked fighting, but he knew he didn’t have the ability to kill human practitioner.

He grimaced at Kris, but didn’t dare to move. He could feel how terrifying the dagger hanging from his head was.

The resentment of the dagger almost froze its soul.

“You… What are you going to do?” The beast said to Kris through his mind.

After a voice sounded in Kris’s head, Kris was surprised. “This beast can use his mind to convey his words to me.”

“It’s a piece of cake, no big deal.” the beast said indifferently.

Once one becomes the king of the beast, then he can cultivate and become a beast demon. Demons have human nature and have their own distinct characters and their power is even stronger.

That’s why the Beast King can command these beasts. The Beast King of will make his first return to his ancestors. That is a gift from the ancestors. The bloodline is irresistible to those low ranked beasts.

“I advise you to let me go. There are tens of thousands of Demon Kings within the Shiwan Mountain. If I ask them for help, you’ll have no chance to run away.”

“Are you threatening me?” Kris laughed, “You think I’ll give you a chance to ask for help?”

His dagger went down little by little, and the beast sensed the growing danger, its hair standing up suddenly.

He knew that the human practitioner in front of him would definitely dare to kill him

“Stop, please don’t let it kill me” the beast cried.

“Ok. Maybe I won’t kill you.” Kris snapped his fingers, his dagger stopped, “Now, tell me your name.”

“I am the supreme Gold-swallowing Beast.” His tone was proud, “Foolish human practitioner, I advise you to let go of me, or else….It hurts me… Please stop.”

The tip of the dagger was already against his head. His hardest part was the head, but he could still feel the tip of the dagger piercing through his fur and was against its skull.

“Tell me, what’s your name?” Kris glanced at him.

“I… I’m Ironhead.” After saying that, sadness and anger appeared in his eyes. He was the most handsome king in the Gold-swallowing Beast community, but it was an absolute disgrace that he had such a bad name.

Kris laughed outright, “Your name is Ironhead.”

“You’re laughing at me?” he was furious. If it wasn’t for the dagger above his head that would pierce its head at any moment, he would have fought Kris long ago.

Kris laughed for a moment and narrowed his eyes. If people knew him well, they would know that someone was going to be unlucky if he showed that expression.

Ironhead was trembling, “You… What do you want?”

“Now I’m in charge of your life.” Kris said with a smile. “You surrender your soul and acknowledge me as your master, and I won’t hurt you.”

“A beast won’t be human’s slave” Ironhead held his head high, his voice sad, “You just kill me. Someone will avenge me after I die.”

“You have a backbone.” Kris grinned, “Since you want to be killed, I can do this for you.”

The dagger went down bit by bit, a hint of cold penetrating the ironhead’s body, freezing it’s brain and mind. He could hear the sound of the sword cutting through his skull. The tip of the dagger was inserting itself into his skull. It wouldn’t take long for the dagger to reach the marrow of his brain, and then he would really be dead.

In Ironhead’s eyes, this human practitioner was a devil. He was definitely targeting him like this on purpose. The dagger was so sharp that it could kill him in the blink of an eye, but he just tortured him so much.

Ironhead is the most handsome king of the Gold-swallowing Beasts for thousands of years and is loved by his people. Countless female Gold-swallowing Beasts guarded his nest just to spend the night with him.

He is also known as the most talented king with the hope of reaching the stage of Beast Demon.

“I can’t die,” Ironhhead was very hesitant, “but if I have to offer my soul to him, then I’ll be his pet. That’s too ashamed.”

Kris wasn’t in a hurry and waited quietly. He believed that this beast knew what it had to choose.

In fact, even if he didn’t give his soul to Kris, there would be no loss to Kris. Kris was just interested in this beast. But if the beast wouldn’t surrender to him, Kerry wouldn’t let him go easily.

“Does he have to make me surrender to him?” Ironhead was furious, “I can’t do this. It’s a crying shame.”

At that moment, Kris took out some magical pills and ate them like eating candy.

When Ironhead smelled the sweet smell, he instantly stared at Kris, “What a sweet scent. What kind of treasure is this?”

In fact, all the beasts have their own natural prowess. Ironhead’s natural prowess is treasure hunting, which is why it only took ten years to stand out from the Gold-swallowing Beast community.

“What’s that in your hand?” Ironhead swallowed. His instincts told him that it would be good for him.

“You mean this?” Kris spread out his palm with a few magical pills, “If you want to know, hand over your soul, then I’ll tell you.”

Then Kris ate another magical pill.

Ironhead looked at Kris furiously, watching him put the magical pills into his mouth one by one, and just when he thought the pills didn’t have any, Kris had a few more magical pills in his hand again. And this time, the sweet smell was even stronger.

“What should I do? I want to eat it so bad.” Ironhead’s mouth was watering.

“I know you want to eat it?” Kris picked up a magical pill and showed it to him, “but I won’t give it to you.”

Watching the magical pills being ate by Kris one by one, Ironhead was on the ground, angry and furious, while he could do nothing about it.

“Only the last one left.” Kris hiccupped.

The main function of the Healing Pills was to heal wounds, yet it didn’t affect the fairy aura it contained. Right now Kris’s body’s fairy aura had become incomparably abundant. He was in the Divine Demon Land and the only thing that was now hindering him was the absorption of fairy aura.

“Hand over the soul or not?” Ironhead was very hesitant.

“If I hand over my soul origin, I can eat these magical pills?” Ironhead asked.

Kris smiled, “I’ll give you as much as you want. The premise is that you have to be loyal to me.”

“What you have in your hand should be high-level magical pills.” Ironhead said.

Ironhead had lived in Shiwan Mountains for a long time, so he knew that these magical pills were expensive and ordinary people couldn’t afford them.

“It’s the Healing Pills. It is just a relatively low grade magical pill. As long as I have the medicinal ingredients, I can make it at my fingertips.” Kris laughed, “I’m actually an alchemist.”

“Alchemist!” Ironhead was surprised to hear this, “You’re an alchemist?”

“According to the rank of alchemists, I should be a grandmaster alchemist!” Kris said.

Ironhead was shocked, “A grandmaster alchemist. How is this possible?”

“You don’t believe me?” Kris laughed. He directly took out the herbs he picked from Shiwan Mountain, then used his palm to build a fire and started refining magical pills.

He was about to make the Healing Pills, but these medicines he used this time were all hundred year old herbs. The medicinal power was ten times stronger than those herbs before.

On Earth, the more advanced the magical pills are, the more herbs it requires. But in the Divine Demon Land, as long as the aura is abundant and the herbs are high-grade, Kris is confident in refining even low-grade Healing Pills into high-grade one.

Ironhead, as the king of the Gold-swallowing Beast, couldn’t understand what Kris was doing. He had never seen an alchemist refine magical pills without the alchemy furnace.

He was going to mock Kris, but when he saw the magical pills being turned to liquid by fire, he just shut his mouth.

“Can he really make magical pills with his hands?” Ironhead was shocked.

After the medicine turned into liquid, he used the abundant fair aura within the Shiwan Mountain to refine the medicine. After about two minutes, the liquid slowly solidified. But at this moment, the electricity struck the liquid.

Kris was puzzled by the fact that the Nirvana Pill was only an eighth-grade magical pills and it can cause electricity.

He allowed the electricity to strike the liquid, and then the liquid became purer and purer.

Kris was happy that the Healing Pills would have different effects after it was refined this time.

Chapter 384: Ironhead gave in finally

Soon, the electricity disappeared, as if nothing had ever happened.

Ironhead was lying on the ground, trembling. Just now, he felt the danger.

Before beasts with greater intelligence became Beast King, he would suffer from lightning calamity, and Ironhead was almost killed by lightning on that occasion.

With a wave of Kris’s hand, several Healing Pills that emitted light flew into his hand.

Kris couldn’t wait to count up the auspicious clouds printed on the pills. There were nine of them.

“Does this mean that the potency of these magical pills has been raised to its limit and cannot be raised any further?” He thought about it and threw a Healing Pill into his mouth.

The magical pills instantly melted in his mouth, and he instantly assessed the power of it. The power of this pill was three times more powerful than the pills he had made before.

Ironhead’s saliva ran down as he watched Kris. “I promise you. I’ll give my soul to you.”

He eventually failed to resist the temptation, and then the glittering stuff flew out from his body and directly merged into Kris’ body. This was the Ironhead’s soul. Now Kris only needed one thought to make Ironhead die.

“You can remove the dagger now, right?” Ironhead said.

“You need call me master from now on.” Kris smiled and with a wave of his hand. Then the dagger flew back into his hand.

“It isn’t important.” Ironhead came over with an expectant look and stuck out his tongue, “I want to eat this.”

“Open your mouth.” Then Kris threw a magical pill into Ironhead’s mouth.

“Yummy!” Ironhead said happily. His pierced body quickly recovered.

Ironhead was now completely convinced that Kris was a grandmaster alchemist. He sat on the ground and said, “If you had told me earlier that you are an alchemist, I would have succumbed to you long ago.”

Then he continued, “I’ll have endless magical pills to eat from now on. I won’t be afraid when I’m going through a tribulation”

Kris laughed, “These magical pills are not cheap cabbages. They are very expensive.”

Ironhead glanced at Kris with disdain, “You come with me. I have plenty of herbs enough for you to make these magical pills.”

Kris was following behind Ironhead. He was very fast. He didn’t care if Kris could keep up with him, and he kept running forward.

At the cliff, Ironhead stopped and turned to look at Kris, “Follow me!”

This was one of his many caves, and it was tainted by his scent, so no other beasts dare come near it within a thousand meters.

The cave smelled like a pigsty, and Kris closed off his sense of smell, but the smell still made him feel terrible.

The cave was deep and wide. It was also covered with glowing stones, but Kris didn’t feel any fair aura from them, which meant that they were similar to ordinary pearls. Kris thought if they were auctioned on Earth they would definitely be worth a lot of money. However, they were just worthless stones in the Divine Demon Land.

After walking a dozen meters, Ironhead stopped, “This is my temporary residence.”

Kris fixed his eyes on the side of that his nest filled with all sorts of herbs, some of which were only half gnawed.

There was a hundred years old of Polygonum multiflorum, a hundred and fifty years old of Yuanteng herb, a hundred and eighty years old of Red Ginseng, and two hundred years old of Angelica.

There was still something as thick as a lotus root left on the ground. It was a three hundred year old Ling lotus.

Kris’ fists squeezed tightly, and he had the urge to punch Ironhead.

“Are these enough?” Ironhead said with a smug look. “These herbs are the ones I find when I go out for a walk, so if you don’t think it’s enough, I have more….”

Before he could finish his sentence, Kris hit its head.

“Why are you hitting me?” Ironhead was puzzled.

After his cultivation was further, Kris wasn’t sure how strong he was himself. With a little force, he punched the Ironhead so hard that it cried out for mercy.

“Please stop. Please don’t hit me.” He cried, “Master, I’m sorry…”

After hitting him, Kris felt much relieved, while Ironhead lay on the ground on all fours, breathing heavily.

Ironhead felt aggrieved. He had offered his treasure to Kris, so why was he still being beaten?

And his defense was useless in front of Kris. Kris only used his force without power, but he hit Ironhead to the ground easily. Thinking of this, Ironhead was fear of Kris now.

Although the herbs had Ironhead’s teeth marks on them, they could still be used after they were washed. Kris needed to send these herbs to the Seven-Treasures House when the time came.

With hundreds of the finest herds, Kris was in a good mood. He walked up to Ironhead and asked, “I heard that you say you have many more of these caves, right?”

“Did I say that? I didn’t say anything.” Ironhead shook his head in panic. He told Kris about one cave, and he got beaten up for it. If Kris knew he had dozens of these caves, he thought he’d be crippled by Kris.

“You sure you didn’t say anything?” Kris smiled wickedly, “I’ll give you magical pills if you take me to your other caves. I also have Qibao Mushroom. If I give it to you, you can successfully become Supreme Beast.”

Ironhead swallowed. Kris’s words shook him, but he shook his head again when he thought of Heavenly Tribulation.

Kris’ face instantly sank and he squeezed his fist, “Take me to your other caves now or I’ll beat you again.”

Ironhead was in tears and finally gave in to Kris’s fist. He had to take Kris to the other caves, but because these caves were so far apart from each other, Kris didn’t go to Ironhead’s other caves after he went to Ironhead’s ten caves. Now Kris’s Storing Ring was full of all kinds of herbs.

He had to put all those beast bones and fur in Ironhead’s cave.

When Ironhead saw these beasts’ bones, he couldn’t help but shudder. He wondered if one day he would be skinned by Kris.

He panicked even more when he saw Kris smirking. “Why is he laughing so frighteningly? Is he planning to kill me after taking my treasure?”

He suddenly remembered the rumors about the human practitioner in the Shiwan Mountain. Some evil practitioners often kill beasts for treasure. “Could Kris be such a person?” he thought.

If Kris knew what he was thinking, Kris would have kicked him in the face.

Looking at so many herbs, Kris was glad that he had saved large amount of Spiritual Stones. Now, all the herbs for the Concentration Pill and Stablizer Pill were in stock, and the potency of these herbs was much better than the ones from the Seven-Treasures House.

Unfortunately, it was late now, so he had to go back. He was worried that if Housekeeper Mei suddenly couldn’t find him, Housekeeper Mei would be in trouble.

“I have to go back now. I’ll come back for you tomorrow.” Kris thought about it and left two of the Healing Pills for Ironhead.

After saying that, Kris flew and then disappeared from Ironhead’s sight.

“He can fly. Only the practitioner in Primal Spirit Field can do this.” Ironhead was surprised. He knew that Kris was a grandmaster alchemist and also a Practitioner in Primal Spirit Field. He was happy that he had a very powerful master.

Looking at the Healing Pill in his palm, he was so happy. Looking at such delicious pills, of course he had to eat them.

He just swallowed it without tasting it before. Now, he wanted to taste it slowly.

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