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Chapter 383: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 383 I Will Not Give Him Up

Venus coughed deliberately and then said, “We’ll pick a good day. You guys just get married.”

“I don’t mean that.” Yiyao hurriedly waved her hand, “That’s not what I meant.”

Venus looked at Yiyao, signaling to her not to worry about getting married.


When Yiyao and Jingyan came out of the hospital, the driver was already waiting outside.

Yiyao was about to reach out and open the car door, while Jingyan took a step ahead and opened the door for her.

He and Yiyao went to the hospital to see the doctor. The doctor didn’t find anything wrong with her health and finally concluded that her vomiting was just an ordinary reaction to pregnancy.

But Jingyan still didn’t relax and did everything himself. Even when Yiyao opened the door by herself, he was afraid that Yiya would be hit by the car door.

Yiyao waited behind him and watched him open the door. She knew he would be unhappy if she didn’t let him do it.

The driver turned back to see them and smiled.

Once Jingyan and Yiya were in the car, the driver put his foot on the gas and they soon left the hospital.

Jingyan turned his head and saw that Yiya was very tired and let her lean on his shoulder.

“Take a nap!” he said gently.

They had a long flight to get home and then another ride to the hospital, so Jinyan knew she must be very tired now.

Yiyao leaned on his shoulder. She was really too tired. The vomit had left her with little energy, so she collapsed on Jingyan’s shoulder and was asleep in a few minutes.

Jingyan carefully turned his head and saw her long eyelashes moving. He touched her nose lightly. Now she looked like a kitten.

“Sir, we’re home.” The driver stopped the car and reminded.

Jingyan made a “shhh” gesture, indicating him to get out of the car first. The driver then opened the door.

“Please help me get a jacket.” He suddenly said.

Only then did the driver realize that Yiyao was already asleep in Jingyan’s arms. He instantly understood Jingyan’s intention and got out of the car. It didn’t take long for him to come over with a suit jacket.

Jngyan took it and put it over Yiao.


The driver was about to close the door when a person was already one step ahead of him and got into the car.

Jingyan looked up and saw Ziying.

Yiyao had felt that someone was covering her clothes and was jolted awake when she heard a shout. She lifted her head and looked around blankly.

“You’re awake, why don’t you sleep a little more?” Jingyan asked as he gently stroked her hair in front of her forehead.

Yiyao rubbed her temples. “I heard someone calling you.”

“It’s me!” Ziying said in a hurry.

“Why do you come here again?” Jingyan only felt a headache. If he had known she was so troublesome, he might as well not have known her.

“My father has a project over here, so I came along. Jingyan, I miss you so much.” Ziying looked at him and was afraid that he would say something mean.

Jingyan gave a faint “hmm” and turned to look at Yiyao, “You must not have slept well. We’ve already arrived home. You can get some more sleep later.”

Yiyao looked at Ziying and wanted to say something, but was too tired and only nodded her head. Then she got out of the car with Jingyan’s help.

In the living room, Kerry was sitting on the sofa. There was another person sitting there too. The man looked familiar. Yiyao looked at him for a while, remembering that she had seen him before.

Ziying followed them in the door and jumped into the man’s arms, “Dad.”

Yiyao then realized that this man turned out to be Ziying’s father.

He rubbed Ziying’s hair. “Where have you been? It took so long.”

“I went to look for Jingyan.”

The smile on Ziying’s father’s face froze. He looked up to see Jingyan walking in through the door.

Thinking of him canceling the wedding with his daughter, Ziying’s father didn’t want to see him. If it wasn’t for this project that he needed to talk to Kerry, he definitely wouldn’t have come to Ye family.

Since the wedding did not take place successfully, he no longer wanted to have dealings with the Ye family. But if he broke the contract, their family couldn’t afford to pay the exorbitant breach of contract.

Jingyan frowned. Originally, he wanted to take Yiyao upstairs directly, but his father had given this matter to him, so he had to stay in the living room.

“Mr. Duan. I heard that you are here to talk about the project. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Ziying’s father gave him an angry look. He was already prejudiced against him. Now that he saw Jingyan with a woman by his side, he became even angrier. He could feel that these two people were close.

“Mr. Ye, I still have things to take care of today. I’m afraid I must be going.” Ziying’s father said to Kerry. Then he got up and pulled Ziying to leave, but Ziying didn’t move.

“Come home with me!” Ziying’s father ordered.

“Dad ……” Ziying looked at Jingyan, hoping he would keep her. She didn’t believe that he would be so heartless to her. But Jingyan didn’t even look at her.

Ziying’s father was annoyed and angry. His daughter had asked Jingyan, whom he considered a heartless man, for pity, which was simply ironic for him, who had a high self-esteem.

Ziying knew that her father was really angry. She glanced at Jingyan and finally followed her father away.

She felt as if her heart had been crushed by something hard and shattered into crumbs piece by piece. She remembered that Jingyan had said he would marry her, but soon he was with another woman.

Chuxue stood at the door of her room, watching everything that was happening downstairs. She knew her brother did not love Ziying, but in her eyes he was cruel to Ziying. She remembered Ziying used to be a smiling girl, but now Ziying had changed a lot.

Jingyan looked up at Chuxue upstairs and walked towards his room with Yiyao.

He also knew that he was cruel to a girl, but being friendly to her would only make her keep pestering him. And her being around him all the time would also hurt Yiyao. He didn’t want Yiyao to misunderstand his relationship with Ziying again.

Chuxue saw that her brother was indifferent and hurriedly went downstairs to chase after Ziying. Since he wouldn’t explain, she would help him to explain clearly to Ziying, so as to avoid more trouble later.

“Ziying, please wait a moment.”

Ziying was about to get into the car when Chuxue called out to her.

She turned her head and saw Chuxue running over. Then she closed the car door and followed Chuxue to the lawn.

“Did Jingyan ask you to bring me a message?”

Chuxue sighed. “My brother didn’t say anything.”

Ziying’s eyes flashed with disappointment, but quickly asked, “Then why do you come?”

“There’s something I want to make clear to you.”

“What’s it?” asked Ziying. She guessed from Chuxue’s eyes that what she was going to say was definitely not good.

Chuxue hesitated for a long time and then said “My brother is going to marry Yiyao soon, so please don’t ……”

“No. How can that be? You must be lying!” Ziying interrupted her. “Did Yiyao ask you to tell me that?”

Chuxue looked at her sympathetically. “My mother has already picked out a wedding date for them. They’ve already started preparing for the wedding.”

“So soon?”

Chuxue nodded. Actually, the wedding was only casually mentioned in the afternoon, but her mother had almost set the marriage in a few hours.

“I don’t believe it.” Ziying shook her head desperately. Then she suddenly laughed, “As long as they’re not married yet, I have a chance. Don’t forget that I almost got married to Jingyan too. Who knows what will happen before they get married?”

“Just give up!” Chuxue reminded. “The person my brother loves is Yiyao. I told you that at first, but you didn’t listen to me, and now it’s like this.”

She remembered that she had advised Ziying not to chase her brother when they went out together, but Ziying did not listen to her advice. At that time, everyone thought that Yiyao had left Jingyan, so they let her do those things.

“No, I will not give him up.” Ziying shook her head. “Happiness is something you have to earn. If I haven’t tried, how can I know it’s impossible?”

Chuxue saw that she wouldn’t give up, so she finally said, “Well, there’s no way you and my brother will ever be together. I’ve had my say. I wish you know what you’re doing.”

After saying that, she turned around and walked back. Hearing Ziying choke, she stopped in her tracks and handed her a tissue.

“Don’t be too sad.” said Chuxue.

Ziying took the tissue, wiped away the tears on her face, and forced a smile, “I’m fine.” Then she left the lawn and opened the car door.

Chuxue stood there, watching the car go away, sighing.

At this moment Jingyan was standing in the doorway. Chuxue walked towards him.

“How is she?”

“I’ve had my say, but I don’t know if she’ll listen to me. She looks sad.” said Chuxue.

Jingyan nodded his head. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he also didn’t want Yiyao to be sad, so it had to be her. Now he hoped she would figure it out soon and not keep pestering him.

“She must hate me. You didn’t see the way she looked at me just now. I felt like she wanted to strangle me to death.” Chuxue said.

Chuxue couldn’t help but tremble a little when she said this.

Jingyan only thought she was joking and rubbed her hair, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

In his impression, Ziying had always been the cute girl. She was definitely not as scary as Chuxue described.

“What I said is true. When I handed her a tissue, she looked at me with hatred.” Chuxue retorted.

“Okay, I’ll take your word for it. I’ll ask the nanny to make some more dishes you like to repay you.” said Jingyan, but he still did not believe her.

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